Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.


"Mr. Hamada?"

With a spreadsheet of designs out on his slant sided desk, a pair of red orange eyes flashed up to the man walking up to him. Firm, frustrated... But a fair man.

"Yes, Professor?" Taku said apologetically and slid his project into his satchel.

Callaghan's brows lowered. "Let's be sure of that," he insisted, turning back to his work at the enormous light board.

When the young man was sure that his professor's chrome-capped head was turned, he proceeded to slip out some more of his work, sketching about model prototypes he knew would revolutionize the world.

"Can anyone tell me the First Law of Robotics?" The man said without looking. "And, though I appreciate your ability to multitask a class Mr. Hamad-"

"The first law states that a robot is not the equivalent of humankind."

"Very good."

He casually wrote what everyone treated as sacred doctrine along the top of the board, the man then proceeded to reach for his days lesson.

Taku glanced around at the heads peering over their assignments. He looked at his own assignments. His eyes then rolled over to the pausing teacher.

Professor Callaghan's arm lowered.

The writing piece touched metal brim.

"This isn't like you, Taku," he muttered but still somehow said clearly. The man turned to face his now-standing pupil.

"I'm...I'm just wondering."

"Yes?" The Professor offered.

Taku cleared his throat.

"You don't usually hesitate, son."

"Well, I can understand... I think we all can understand the first 15 laws of Callaghan's Laws of Robotics..."

He could feel the cold sweat starting to trickle down his neck, he could sense what his father, a well-respected doctor, what think of his son confronting his own teachers and trying to persuade-

"Which of my laws are we disputing?"

Callaghan was very patient, an almost lazy smile lingering on the corners of his mouth. Taku suddenly saw that this was a man who always won his debates.

"Sir, what if robots could be... Companions?" He didn't quite get the gasps he was expecting, but he did have peoples' attention. "In everyday life."

The professor thought about this only a moment...and then nodded once. "Yes, Mr. Hamada, that's exactly what we plan on for the future. Robotic assistants, aids, workers to make our lives, whether they be in the home or outside, more efficient."

Discussion concluded, the man turned back to his work. No one lingered on the topic and returned to theirs. Everyone return to business as usual. All in the room commenced with their everyday-

"That is all, sir," Professor Callaghan glanced back at him briefly. "You may return to your normal lessons now."

Taku braced his hands on the lower desktop. "I was thinking... Professor-"

"You may have a seat now, Mr Hamada."

"Machines that could do more...be a source of comfort to those who have problems socializing or maybe-"

"You may sit down now, Mr Hamada."

Taku leaned forward. "Hear me out! I have a friend who was in a very bad accident, well, I was able to build her an inexpensive robotic prosthesis..."

"Then you would have been performing an ethical practice without licensing."

Professor Callaghan had taken the floor.

Yet... all eyes were on his top student.

Taku proceeded to take out all of his files and hold them up for the teacher to see. "See, I got this... This vision in my head of a world where people who needed specialized care could obtain the help they need through A.I. designed to assist in more than just activities of daily life, who could support them in and out of their homes... on a personal level."

"Mr. Hamada, the only thing I see-"

"Sir, you're always encouraging us to take new chances and risks..." Taku beseeched softly. "Push the boundaries."

The professor sighed, running his fingers along his face as he turned away, thinking.

"Professor Callahan, if you would just give me some time after class I could show you the prototypes I've been working on for weeks, I could really-"

"If you would like to wait after class to discuss the events that took place in it today, we can more than do that afterwards and in the dean's office."

He returned to his work, as did everyone else... and then, the snaps of something closing and locking. They all watched in horror as Taku Hamada deliberately got up and walked right out of the room.

The Professor watched him as he went, not saying anything though they all knew what this would mean. Taku did not refute him any longer but turned on a dime, bowed, then cut right out of the lecture hall. He was just about halfway to the door when someone came running out, trying to catch up to him.

"Hey, wait!" a red-haired boy ran up.

"Ranny?" Taku said in confusion.

"You were-" he gasped, clasping his knees. "You were right! I mean, the Professor shouldn't have set aside what you were saying! And, hey I totally agree! I mean, I always wanted a robot for a best friend!" He grinned, talking fast.

Taku blinked and smiled back.

"Well, Ran, I wouldn't put it that way..." He sighed quietly, then slid the medical books he'd need next class aside and pulled out his chart. "See, what I have in mind is a sort of...therapy or personal companion that an advanced A.I. could eventually take."

His friend's blue eyes brightened. "Hey, why not just combine both of those with what your dad wants? A personal robot healthcare aid!" He said imaginatively.

Taku chuckled. "All right, now we're getting a little ahead of ourselves..."

"What about you?" Randolphus prodded. "Top of the class, heavy expectations from your dad... Kicked out? What're you gonna do?" He asked his friend who they considered this, glanced at his fourth finger and then started to walk outside.

The door flew open and sunlight from a beautiful May day poured into the overly air-conditioned, laborious institution.

"What am I going to do?" Taku Hamada stood silhouetted in the door frame, then turned with a grin to his friend. "I'm gonna go live my life... And my dream."

He entered the world.

18 years later, Krei Tower...

It was a beautiful January day and Krei, in his crispest suit, walked out with two of his new security personnel and personal bot assistant. The small device was white and capsular in nature; both new additions to his entourage a good antidote for the lack of assistant robots in the city.

The security part of it, of course, was for anyone who had any ideas of retaliation to where his allegiance had previously lied when the city had been "occupied" by the Rogue District, as it was still mostly called. Suffice to say, the man was taking no chances when it came to safety and-

"Evening, Al." A tall, broad-shouldered man with black hair said to him.

Shoulder to shoulder, Krei saw the young guy was harmless enough. He leaned with a short sleeve t-shirt that only the most fit could manage on this cool day and in a long pair of jeans lounging outside of his building. This, of course, meant that he should definitely have an appointment.

"No appointments logged," His P.A.T told him.

"Oh, no! I'm not here for a job or anything..." the 20-something man said quickly, waving his hands in front of him. "I'm here because... well, see, I know you know about Baymaxine."

Krei raised a brow and simply strolled around him.

"No, no hold on! You might know someone else I know, too."

His attention was granted.

Quickly, the younger man snapped up his phone and a picture of a shaggy haired boy appeared on the screen. Grinning, he indicated their profiles side by side for comparison sakes.

"Huh? Huh?" He said.

Krei was a little surprised. "Hiro Hamada?"

"Uncanny, isn't it? He's my little brother." The stranger smiled, slipping the phone into his back pocket. "Taught the little squirt everything he knows...SO! Callister Craig-"

"Alistair Krei," he was corrected dryly.

"Right, right, you were the one who loaned Baymaxine to Hiro, right? See-"

"I don't have time for this," Krei stepped into his limo, flanked by his entourage.

"No, no you don't understand! See, I really need to...well, temporarily acquire her. Legit reason."

The older man, paused, considered something and then snapped for his assistant pod. He indicated for it to go over to his interloper, where the machine proceeded to stab him in the finger.

"OWWWW," he screamed. "Ow ow ow ow OW."

As he muttered about needing Baymax and how the sting was sharper than a bee, Krei went to work casually collecting a sample from Hiro Hamada and comparing the two once the bot brought it back over. His subject hopped around and whooped loudly.

"Actually, it's sharper than a bee sting," he told him mildly, waiting for the results.

"Positive match," the fembot voice answered.

Krei was floored. "I don't believe it! You really the brother of Hiro Hamada!"

"Actually, Hiro Hamada is the brother of me."

"Incredible." The man said quietly... speculatively.

Hiro Hamada's brother was estatic. "I told you!" he strolled right up to him and shot out his hand.

"Mr. Alistair Kreiā€¦ Ha-Jun Tanaka."

"Never heard of you."

"Are you-?! I was at the memorial. I gave a great speech on Baymax!"

"Baymax..." Krei didn't allow another moment before pulling Ha-Jun along. "Climb in," he said. His new acquaintance was all too thrilled to get in with him. And, in his own personal experience with people like this, maybe a little too thrilled to get in, Krei noted.

Sitting parallel from him in a single leather seat, Ha-Jun tapped the sides of the back and smiled with approval around himself. Clearly, this was something he was enjoying...

"So," he addressed him. "About Baymaxine.."

"I'm not sure who that is," Krei said.

His Personal Aide Traveller offered him a drink and then went over to promptly serve Ha-Jun some champagne. The man nodded to this treatment. "Hey, if they can fight than they can serve, right?"

Krei, interested but cautious, studied him a moment.

"So you know Hiro Hamada well?"

"Like I raised him," Ha-Jun responded solemnly.

"How about Tadashi? Were the two of you... close?"

His guest was staring carelessly out the window, leg folded on knee.

"Tadashi? Who's that?"

Krei's eyes went wide.

"Youre Hiro Hamada's brother and you don't know who Tadashi is?"

"It's his cat, right?"

Not quite.

Reality started to dawn for the brother of Hiro Hamada and suddenly he tapped on his phone again with his thumb. "Ji," he said in an aside with his older brother, trying for nonchalant.

"What?"the man said impatiently as he was walking down the long steps of a building.

"What's Hiro's cat's name?"

"Mochi," Ji-Min said flatly.

"HA. Mochi," he said out quickly, triumphant. "MOCHI is his brother's name."

"No... Tadashi."

"That's what I said, too. Tadashi." Ha-Jun grinned and then tapped the phone off. "So, getting back to about Baymaxine..."

"I find it rather odd that you would be a brother of Hiro Hamada and not know who the rest of his family is. I mean, what's life like without family?" Krei speculated heavily.

"Pfft! Family who needs them." Ha-Jun said dismissively, "Especially when you have kind of family I have... Like, don't even get me started on my little cousin, Leiko."

"Leiko?" Krei was momentarily confused. "Gogo?" he tried.

"Yeah, growing up with her...always wailing on me and my brother."

"Hiro?" Double take. "Gogo is Hiro's COUSIN?"

"I mean, the only ones you can really trust is friends." Ha-Jun considered to himself.

Krei folded his hands. " They're your friends?"

"Weeellll, friendly associates. Family you can do without, friends you can't."

"I see," the other man said, clearly in disagreement.

"Oh man," Ha-Jun almost grinned. "Don't even get me started on Baymax..."

A shadow cast over Krei's eyes. "What about Baymax?" he said dangerously.

"Well, aside from him humiliating my mom on her own ship, he and Hiro go AWOL robot freedom fighters or something, almost ruined their own friendship over that AND my friendship with Ji."

"So you're talking ill about your family as well as Baymax?"

"Ill? Well, he doesn't do that Healthcare Companion stuff anymore..."

"I'm not sure what you mean..."

"Oh yeah, it was a total cover up. That's what they've been doing the last two weeks; Baymax actually overrode his programming and I guess he's back after being deactivated by my dad who I don't even TALK to... it's, it's just too complicated."

"Baymax," Krei's eyes were the size of saucers, "overrode his programming?!"

"That's what I said," Ha-Jun blathered on. "It was a big cover-up by the district, as well as the majority of RRC personnel, the government, keeping a low profile but you know how that goes."

Krei started hammering into his phone murderously.

Ha-Jun looked out lazily onto the sidewalks, tapped the sides of his chair again and then smiled at the man. "So," he broached the topic casually, "about maybe loaning me Baymaxine...?"

"You keep mentioning that name, what do you mean?"

"Oh man! She's slim, she's red, she's-"

"The Liger XL7?"

"Absolutely! See, my brother was kind of mad at me and so I thought if I used her..."

"I think that our time is done here," Krei concluded.

"What?!" Ha-Jun said, distressed, "You mean, I've had to put up with Hiro and his annoying little friends and that big, fat robot buddy of his and I don't even get so much as a SELFIE with Maxine?!"

Krei levelled with him, "I find it difficult to believe you really know them at all."

"How can you not know them? They're all members of Big Hero 6... or yeah, they used to be."

He wasn't quite aware that the man before him was growing redder and redder in the face every passing moment, not that the limousine happened to be speeding up now.

"Hey, maybe should crank down the windows. Let some of that winter air in."

The limo shot to a stop at a sidewalk, the door slid open fast and Ha-Jun was tossed out onto his butt indignantly. Krei leaned out, thanked him for the information and then unsympathetically slammed the door to a sliding shut as they pulled away. Ha-Jun jumped to his feet quickly.

"Hey!" Ha-Jun caught the intersection's pole.

He watched the black limo roll off.

He waved after him. "I can tell you where Baymax and Hiro are right now! They can tell you how tight we all are and that we hang and chill and I don't know what other words the kids use these days! Um, come on, PLEASE, I just... " he looked down at his phone at a picture of Ji-Min and was reminded what his inevitable place in life right now was, "I just wanna be cool with my brother..."

Through Kawaiipe..

"How long have they BEEN in there?" Fred asked, kicking his feet impatiently.

He watched in fascination at the robots passing by Honey-Lemon.

"Wish we could be there, but the three weeks we were gone..." Wasabi frowned.

"Yeah, I'm still trying to re-register for the Spring semester," Honey said.

Gogo appeared in the frame with a pouting lip, to which her sister giggled.

"Ji should be there anytime." She reminded her.

"Your cousins have really been a big help, Leiko."


"Let us know as soon as you're done," Wasabi said, "Not sure how people in the city would react if they knew Baymax was...the same Baymax from the RRC occupation." They all shared looks of concern. Gogo sighed, and stepped away in a huff. She didn't have to tell them how she felt about their uncertain reactions to Baymax developing his free will again after inserting the white chip.

"Maxie is still Maxie," Wasabi smiled at them all.

He gathered their nods and smiles of agreement...

Of love.

To be continued...

A/N: Guess who's back, baby?

I should like to point out this will be a primarily team fanfic.

How they adapt after the events of the last story, as well as some new characters and fun!

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