Maybe it's weird. Maybe it's scary. Maybe it seems downright impossible to just be—to just let people know you want them, need them, feel like, in this very moment, you will die if you do not see them, hold them, touch them in some way whether its your feet on their thighs on the couch or your tongue in their mouth or your heart in their hands.

But there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate.

And there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care.

- Rachel C. Lewis.


He could feel the pressure of warmth enveloping against his chest; as the large, soft body lay across him, the teen could feel a slight resistance as an arm pressed against his own, absorbing his wrist and intertwining their fingers with his even though his own digits were spread far apart.

Hiro soaked in the initial heat on his chest, when, it shifted.

He moaned a little.

It repositioned.

His breath hitched.

And then, it settled down in a secure snuggle around his heart.

The teen suppressed a loud moan into his best friend's shoulder and felt a hand brush his hair back with a softer one; Hiro felt himself smiling against the squishy vinyl. His eyes drifted up and he could see from the round window in the small nook that the sky was turning a pearly gray outside.

He was wondering briefly what it might be liked to go flying around the forest when he felt something round apply down onto his mouth. With a shudder, he closed his gold-red eyes.

"Are you all right?" A soft, concerned voice said.


The round softness snuggled over his lips.


His situation was dire.

Even though he could feel the newness of this, in his heart, he was aware that it was like red cords connecting from his chest into Baymax's. He willed them to enter every inch of inner mechanism inside of his best friend, to understand more, and as he did this he could feel Baymax trying as well.



"We are connected," he almost breathed.

"Mmm," a helpless voice agreed.

Hiro believed movement would never again be possible as he and Baymax solidified together.


"You think we should wake them?" a curious voice asked.

"Hmm. Maybe they're dead," someone else mused, "Oh, hey, Gloob, instead of just transforming into Krei, you could just slip yourself into his body and reanimate the poor stiff to run Krei Enterprises."

There was a husky chuckle.

"Oh, all right, that's DISGUSTING."

Tatics changed.

"Everyone, just make sure this place is secure. We don't want anyone breaking in."

Moaning a bit from her place inside Alistair's arms, Cassandra stirred.

"What?" she said blurrily.

"Oh, hey Ms. C," Yama's broad face was before her as he and Momokase gazed down at them and a peculiar-looking, purple goop was poking around, obviously enthralled to be there in the penthouse.

"Hey, if I could afford this place, you wouldn't see me scrounging at the city dump."

Cassandra shrieked as she stood and Alistair's eyes flashed opened, he glanced at her and then nearly stumbled back over the couch as his entire home was being sealed up. Members of the Resistance were literally barricading anyway into his home and him and Cass had slept right-

"WHAT IS GOING ON?! What are you doing here?"

"There's no need to thank us," Yama waved dismissively, "it's the least that can be done."

"Hey, you guys going to eat this?" Globby pointed down at last night's dinner.

Without waiting for a response, he curled into it, sucked its contents through his stomach and then patted it happily. Momokase grinned at Cass who found herself immediately blushing and then tried to go for her phone. Yama shook his head as Alistair complained of them welding his glass.

"I wouldn't be trying to contact Hiro right now."

"Why not?" she gave him a skeptical look.

"Interception," The reformed villainess told her, "No doubt the RRC and all of their correspondence will be monitoring. Honestly," she crossed her arms as her colleague was still consuming his weightlessness in free food, "if all sentient robots turn out to be like Baymax, I think we'll survive."


"Morning," Hiro said as he stumbled down to the kitchen where Wasabi was cooking breakfast.

"Hey, little man," he nodded at Hiro, "didn't know why you took off."

His tone suggested he was pleasantly affronted.

"It was just feeling kind of...crowded in the-"

"Great room?" He gestured with his kitchen knife to the wide, open space.

"Uh... The what?"

"Or...not so great room," Bi turned back around with a frown.

Hiro moved closer, his hand trailing along the countertop.

"Where's everyone else?" he prompted him, trying to bridge the awkwardness.

"Well, Gogo went out to chop some firewood, Fred's trying to super heat my hot tub and I think Honey's trying to make some kind of a hammock thing on the roof, I don't know," he was inspecting the high-beam ceiling as he was talking but then he shrugged and went back to mincing onions for omelettes. Hiro rubbed at his neck before he moved closer to him, then, he started again to appeal.

"You don't have to tell me twice; it's none of my business what you and Baymax are doing."

"I didn't say that," Hiro shook his head, "but I don't think-"

"I should tell you how to treat your friends," Wasabi met his eyes, then he slid the contents of his mincing into a large frying pan. "I see it's not my place to tell you how the rest of us are affected."

"Wasabi!" Hiro's felt his rare temper with him rise. "I NEVER said-"

"Actions say enough. And just so ya know, that was my parents' loft you were sleeping in last night."

He turned down the knobs on the stainless steel range and left a red-faced Hiro as he walked past him and out onto the front porch as Baymax had just finished clambering down the oakened ladder and placed his hands on Hiro's shoulders when he wrinkled his forehead and determinedly started taking out something in his pocket; He narrowly missed catching his finger on a thorn when something red was enclosed in his hand. Hiro looked up at a thornless rose and then up at Baymax.

The oval head shifted.

"I hope you like it," he said hopefully. Like when he'd first shown Hiro his drawings.


He was nuzzled confidentially.

"Should I see what is troubling Wasabi?"

"Actually," Hiro found his Baymax's fingers and laced them, "I think we should get ready to go to Ji's."

Baymax picked him up and hugged him.

"Are you having any doubts?'

The teen chuckled, "Not at the moment," then he snuggled into the tender place on Maxie's chest.


"Well, maybe this will work..."

Honey exhaled and surveyed her work, her purple-gloved hands resting on her hips as she craned her neck back to look at the long network (literally) connected between all of the towering timbers.

"Hey," Gogo said behind her, arms full of wood.


"Whoa, hold on!" She tossed two logs out to break her fall.

Honey Lemon literally found herself about to go airborne backwards when Gogo caught her wrist.

"Little rusty," she grinned down at her, then eyed her friend's wrist, "Huh, my old pair?"

"Maybe," Honey shrugged and made sure the hammock-like structures were secure.

Gogo watched her guiltily as she tried to make sure that the sheets of sun-reflective material were tight as ropes, "Why don't I help?" the girl said as she came closer, reaching over Honey's right side.

"Maybe, I think I've got it," She refuted her.

A pause.

"Stubborn?" Gogo said with no sense of battle.

"MAYBE," Honey turned.

They looked at each other.

Gogo took a breath and Honey finished for her,

"We're sisters! We're always there for each other."

Gogo nodded humbly.

"Now, both of the people who raised you are gone, our entire city has fallen and I... I couldn't reach-"

She felt two arms go around her.

Honey Lemon embraced her tightly back, she sensed Gogo listening...

"I know you have a best friend I didn't even know about, and I'm trying be, well, oh, jealous."

Gogo sighed, "That was years ago," she tightened her hold, "but you are always my sister."

Honey stepped back, smiled, then took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes with her finger backs.

"Besides," Gogo accepted the two logs back, "Mary Beth already has a sister."

Honey chuckled a little bit and the two were about to go down to find the others when a hard jostle unrooted them; Fred was immediately on the roof to catch them and Gogo instinctively looked up in fear as Fred and Honey took her hands and maneuvered her away as Wasabi shouted up to them,

"They're trying to break through the barrier! You've gotta GO."


"We're Big Hero 6!" Hiro kept complaining as he swung a leg over and climbed up behind Gogo.

" 'Hiro-"

"Honey-Lemon, this is madness!" he argued as Fred tried to tie his luggage on the back of the bike.

Gogo nearly rammed her helmet over his head as Honey eased the items back into Fred's arms.

"This is like when I first came back after 6 months-"

"Don't remind us," she shot him a look. "I still have nightmares."

Baymax came up to him.


He took Hiro's face gently, "Do you remember on the turbine when you asked me if I would accept you back?" Hiro stared. "When you asked me to make a decision if I wanted to be a Healthcare Companion or not?" The familiar dark eyes resolved in a head tilt. "I am making the decision now that is safest for us and trying to put up a fight against the RRC is something we cannot win at."

Right now?

But Hiro hugged him as Baymax enveloped him, Gogo reached out to Max and they both gripped hands tightly. Fred and Honey smiled hopefully at each other when - Bachhhhhhhhh! It got closer.

"I will see you very soon," Maxie promised Hiro.

"Yeah, buddy, love you," Hiro said, feeling completely useless but still reassured.

"I love you, too," his hushed tone hit Hiro's heart, both for-

"If you guys are leaving, better do it NOW," Wasabi yelled over the calamity of noise.

Hiro was almost got off the bike. "Ya know, if I just-"

"HOLD ON," Gogo commanded.

Not taking her sudden authority lightly, he grabbed onto her solid waist and was catapulted off. Yeah, he was used to flying on Baymax, he was even used to flying on his own in general but to have such razor-sharp acceleration, such accuracy, still made him tears come flying from his eyes.

"Baymax is going with Honey," Gogo called back to him.

"And Fred is staying with Wasabi!" Hiro told her.

She sensed his distress, something three weeks of living with Baymax had instilled in her.

"They're big boys," Gogo reminded him.

Hiro scoffed.

"Look down and hold tight, cousin," she chortled and Hiro, chuckling now, obliged.


"One more good, clean shot..."

Sanny sighed as Lin-Jon picked up on the weak spot she'd already detected, then traipsed herself down to breach the break invisible to the naked eye; a clear strike into the plasma grid with her magna spike and green lasers shot out in every direction, bolts striking treetops with precision.

"At least that's one good thing we recovered from the Hamada home." She heard him murmur.

The latern bots floated along after her, relaying what he was saying as Sanny landed lightly on her feet and took a moment to appreciate the great, wood structure outside in the dense timberland.

I wish Dad would update, she thought of her own totally unmodern cabin as she tapped her wrist.

Someone suddenly appeared to her left and she had to quickly rebrandish her spike.

"Whoa!" she said, quickly flipping her red hair back as a member of Big Hero 6 bore down on her.

"Wait!" His brown eyes widened behind his light green visor. "Is that Hiro's?!"

"Huh? Oh. Yeah. It's a detector for Care Bots but it's great on plasma. We've repurposed them for-"

A clean slice to the tip was narrowly avoided.

"HOLD ON." She flipped away in a spin. "My safety wasn't on. You almost shocked me! I'm here to-"

He had quickly spun her back around with his own gloved hands and had her on her back.

"I know what you're here for," he said ominously.

The alarm in her face almost turned to fear.

"I thought you were the good guys." She breathed.

Wasabi's brows lifted and he considered her.


It was like something lifted then and he held out a hand to her...

But she was genuinely scared.

"It's okay," the man said gently, kneeling, "A little overzealous. I'm sorry."

Hesitating, Sanny accepted his offer and was easily brought to her feet.

"But you're on private property." He told her seriously.

"And you sort of attacked us first," Fred led Lin Jon over in a headlock.

"ATTACKED?" The man was outraged. "You hold no permits, no licences, only self-ENTITLEMENT-"

"We were securing the perimeter," Sanny explained, hand-on-hip and showing her I.D.

"Dude, you're committing home invasion," Fred told her, his arm slackening.

"Yes, and you are both tampering state and government procedure." Lin-Jon maneuvered out.

Fred and Wasabi, guilty, looked at each other...

"We have orders to secure a rogue robot," the young woman finished, "So..."

Her bots flew the perimeter.

"You can't just do this!"" Wasabi grabbed hold of one.

It came apart in his hands and then reconnected behind him.


"Perfect programming," Lin-Jon folded his arms, "Incapable of any override."

Wasabi was in his face.

"Excuse me?!" The thinner man had to step back.

"Dude, what about the movie tie-in?!"

"Kaiju Studios are a big supporter of ours," Jon agreed, taking another step back. "We supply them."

Wasabi started.

"What about friendship?" He glared at Fred.

Sanny looked between the three as more agents arrived.

Wasabi and Fred stepped back stonily.

"We have a job to do," she told her team in prep for another raid.


"Haven't been home much and just started renting," Ji said, running his fingers through his dark hair.

"I guess they... found something?" Hiro ventured.

"Yeah," the 24 year old blinked fast for a second and then cleared the top shelf in the fridge to look for something edible, "Hey, hope you don't mind Chinese takeout for tonight. Tomorrow we'll shop."

"I have a list of meals that are Hiro's favorite," Baymax indicated his chest.

Hiro chuckled and butted the tuna salad with a head snuggle.

"As long as there's no peanut, we should be fine." He said.

Ji-Min smiled limply. "That would make two of us."

"You have a peanut allergy?" Hiro hopped up on a bar stool at the counter island.

He glanced with appreciation at the apartment, seeing things he might have in his own room.

"Oh yeah, flared up like a puffer," Baymax patted Hiro's arm when he looked down in a brief, deep thought and Hiro sighed. "OK guys, well anyways, bathroom's down the hall, we've got your basic Wifi, uh... I don't really have much of a lab but there's a tool shed-" Hiro waved away his concerns.

"It's okay, I haven't really gone back to work yet."

He felt Baymax's hand pat his arm again and smiled knowingly at him;

His best buddy wasn't exactly pulling in Care Companion hours, either.

"But hey, if you both want to come listen to us try to push for some new guidelines..."

This garnered their attention.

"You know," Ji placed his large arms on the island, "about rightful search and seizure."

"Yeah, that definitely sounds like-"

"I have been following reports," Baymax started pointing at the different articles that appeared on his chest. "They are still doing impromptu investigations on any leads that might be Bot activity."

"This is pretty serious stuff," Hiro said but Ji-Min and Baymax were already discussing things that Hiro suddenly didn't really understand; he really didn't know his best friend was into politics of any kind... a reassuring arm around him made him feel included. "Yeah, it''s total frontline material."

"It's better than sitting around here," Ji-Min concluded.

"So you mean...?"

"We're fighting for robot rights, you better believe it."

"Oh? Uh..." Hiro knew he should be galvanized.

"You are still tired," Baymax touched his head with his own.

"Oh! Nah, I'll go... Um-?"

"You can wait in the car," Ji smiled at the two.

"Nah, that's okay. Uhh... Hey, where's Jun? Don't we need to talk about...?" Hiro hesitated.

Ji shrugged, and accepted a hug from Baymax.

"He's not coming," he told Hiro without looking. "I'm corresponding with the RRC mutually for that."

"Ji-Min," the sixteen-year-old tried.

"Yeah, I know."

Baymax tilted his head wonderingly at Hiro, to gauge his thoughts.

"Yeah, let's going," Hiro took his buddy's hand and the chubby vinyl digits squeezed his own.

He squeezed back.


"No word?" a man with a grizzly red beard almost growled into the phone.

His teenage daughter tried to hide hers off speaker,

"No Dad, nothing, if you'll remember, most of our high profile statesman are on pending bail."

He had to put the cradle away from his mouth so she wouldn't hear one word in particular.

"Oh, and you'll know that they found the former head of California and his wife's..."

"JINSU?" His outburst phrased this as a particular word.

"Yep," Mar's nailfile was scritching, "conspiring with crime bosses, now, pretty much unrecogniza-"

"Have you talked to Leiko? The boys?" He asked quickly, clutching the phone booth for support.

There was a pause. "I let them know about 2 hours after everyone else knew..."

He didn't seem to catch her sarcasm... Or the fact that he, the Leader of the RRC, was last to know.

Randolphous shook his head sharply, leaning against the small, white building he reported to.

"Where are they now?" the man inquired.

Sounds of loud chopping in the distance was calming, chainsaws and a backfire of a pick up.

"Last Jon and San reported, Ji-Min was sheltering San Fransokyo's most galliant of fallen-"


"Hello? Dad?"


"DAD? Are you being attacked? Daaaaaaad!" The sounds of clambering were heard.

To be continued...

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