~ Shards of Opal ~

After having various things explained to her by Dracula, Junior had one question left that could only be answered by her parents.

"Papa, when are you going to turn into a vampire?"

Hector seemed startled by the question and did not answer immediately. When he finally managed to say something, it was: "Uhhhh... I'm not sure. I haven't really thought about it that much. If I even decide to get turned, I think I'd want to wait at least until after you grow up..."

Junior frowned herder the more her father spoke, so by the end of his answer, her little face was scrunched into an exaggerated scowl.

Although she had never made her opinion known on this matter before, Carmilla laid her hand on her husband's shoulder and said, "You know, it would solve a lot of our problems if you just let yourself be turned now."

Hector was quiet for a moment as he contemplated this. He wouldn't particularly mind becoming a vampire himself, even considering the loss of his Forgemaster powers. On the other hand, while it would indeed solve several problems, it also presented several others.

"If we're both vampires, then who is going to look after Junior during daylight hours?"

"I will," Carmilla replied.

"And if she goes outside the castle during the day to get away from you, then what?"

"Don't say that in front of the kid! She might not have even thought of doing that before you mentioned it!"

Junior - who was able to understand the concept that sunlight kills vampires, and did not want either of her parents to die, and also had thought of the idea of leaving the castle during daylight hours when she was angry with her mother before - looked up at her father with the sweetest, most innocent-looking expression and said, "I promise I won't go outside in the sunlight when you're a vampire, unless Uncle Isaac is with me."

"Sounds... like a plan?" Hector replied uncertainly, looking to his wife for confirmation.

"That's settled, then," Carmilla said, sounding satisfied with the solution.