Izuku was probably the kindness, sweetness, most caring boy on the earth. At least in Inko's opinion. He cared for the people around him without even thinking about himself. His heart was too big for his body. He would help clean the school, even if no one had asked him to. he'd give others his food if they forgot or dropped theirs. He loved to help those around him, he cared for each and every one of his fellow classmate. He kinda reminded her of a lord taking care of their village. That's where the nickname lord zuku come from. (though only Inko called him that) Even funnier is that his favorite hero next to all might, was a normal woman named Aphmau. She didn't have a quirk, but she was brave and fearless. She protected her village no matter what. After working hard, she was granted a power. Midoriya always looked up to her.

While other kid would only want things from others, Midoriya was just fine giving. He loved planting flowers and cleaning the street. The other kid seemed to flock to such kindness. Kids kindness towards Midoriya started to Fade at the age of five. Kids quirks seemed to pour in. Leaving poor Midoriya behind as his quirk had not come yet. It didn't matter to little Midoriya though. He keeps a bright smile on his face at all times.

Today, Inko and Midoriya sat in the doctor's office, waiting to see why his quirk hadn't shown yet. , the doctor, walked into the down she read from her clipboard. "Everything seems to be normal. There's no real reason his quirk hasn't shown. There's the possibility he doesn't have quirk altogether, or he just hasn't had an opportunity for it to show. All we can do is wait and hope." Inko smiled at the young woman as her and her son got up and left.

Midoriya was often tested for being quirkless. It hurt, it hurt a lot, but he never let them know that. He just smiled through the pain as if it wasn't there. He had to be strong. He would get his quirk one day and become the greatest hero ever! He would sometimes sit and think about what kind of quirk he would have. His mom's? His dads? Maybe both! Maybe he would be able to shoot fire from his hands or bring thing's to him with his breath. It was exciting to think about! He never gave up hope on getting his quirk. It would come one day and he knew it. He would wait as long as it took.

That waiting lasted three years

It was his eighth birthday and his mother decided she would cook dinner for the both of them. Then they could eat some cake and watch some All might movies. Midoriya sat with his mother at the dinner table, eating the wonderful food she served (its katsudon) He gave her a heartwarming smile "Thank you so much, mom" he watched as his mother lit up at the compliment. "Oh thank you, sweetie. What did I ever do to get someone as sweet as you, lord zuku" she said, smiling bright and happy. Midoriya returns the smile. After finishing their food, Inko begins cleaning up the plates. She users Midoriya to go enjoy himself but of course, he offers to help anyway. As they were quietly washing the dishes aloud bang startled to two. Midoriya turns around, confused as to was could make such a sound. His question was quickly answered as there was another loud bang. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere in the house. "Mom?"

Just then the front door was blown open. The force causing the door the slam into the wall. A hole appeared where the point of impact was. Both Midoriya's streaked with fear as two large men entered the house. The biggest one grabbed Inko, who was screaming not to hurt her baby. "Let her go!" Midoriya screamed as the guy began to drag her away. Inko tried to bring a knife towards her but failed as the guy then took her arm and broke it in half. Midoriya didn't know what took over him, but before he could even think about it he ran up the guy and plunged the blade that had somehow appeared in his hands into the guy's stomach. With a flutter, he was flying with white wings. The man screamed in agony as Midoriya pulled the sword from his stomach. The guy dropped Inko in favor of calling out to the other guy while running out of the house.

The Sword he had been holding just a minute ago disappeared and he fell to the ground. All he could do was stare at his blood covered hands in confusion. He really couldn't believe what just happened. He, Izuku Midoriya, the biggest coward ever, just stabbed someone "I-izuku? Are you all right?" Midoriya ran over to his mother's side tears falling from his eyes "Its ok mom, I'm gonna call 911. Their gonna make you feel all better" he said as he ran to grab the house phone before running back to Inko. He quickly dialed the number and was met with a female operator on the other end.

"911 What's your emergency"

"The bad guys came to my house and they hurt my mommy" Midoriya blued out

"How badly did they hurt her?"

Midoriya looked over at his mom and saw her arm. It was at an odd angle, definitely not normal

"I think her arm is broken"

"Do you think you could give me your address?"

"Yes! Its..."

The next few hours happened in a blur. The police and ambulance came and took Inko and Midoriya to the hospital. Inko was taken to the ER the get her arm fixed, while Midoriya was questioned about the guys. There wasn't much he could tell them honestly. They were male, big, hair black or brown, and had deep voices. Silver eyes.

Midoriya spent the night at the hospital waiting for his mother's injuries to heal. Midoriya sat by his mother's side, waiting for her to wake up. As he sat there lost his thought, a realization hit him. When that sword appeared in his hands, that could have been his quirk. Jumping up he walked to the middle of the room. Holding his hands out in front of him, he concentrated hard on bringing the sword back. Sadly nothing happened. He began mumbling. "I wonder why it isn't working. Maybe it only works in an emergency. Why did I have wings? What kind of quirk gives you wings and a sword. I've never heard of a quirk like." A soft murmur across the room brought attention back to his mother. he screamed as ran to the side of the bed. Inkos eyes slowly began to open. She looked over to him "Izuku...?" she says questioningly. "Yes, mom it's me!" Midoriya practically shouted, tears filling his eyes. "Izuku my baby, are you ok?" Inko asked worriedly, grabbing his hand with her left one, her right arm currently in a cast. Midoriya wrapped his arms around her as he began to cry into her chest. Inko just sat there, petting his hair and softly telling him how brave he was until he calmed down. After a few minutes, a group of doctors came in to check on Inko. While they were there one of them seemed a bit confused on just what happened. "If you don't mind me asking, just how did you get those guy to leave?" a male doctor asked as he cleaned up the scratches on her legs. Inko thought for a moment before simply shaking her head. "I'm not too sure myself. All I remember is blacking out and when I came to, Izuku was by my side calling the police. The doctor then turned to Midoriya " Do you know what happened?" Midoriya nodded as he sat up "I think I was my quirk" he said proudly. Inko looked at him dumbfounded, since when did he have a quirk? What was this quirk in the first place? The doctor finished with Inko. Sitting in the chair, the doctor urged (whose name is kami) to tell them what exactly what happened. "Well when I saw him hurt my mom, I got really angry. So I ran up to him and then out of nowhere I have a huge sword (its huge to an 8-year-old) And cut him. Him the other guy ran away." he finished a smile across his face. Inko seemed even more confused. "Do you think I could see?" the doctor asked. "Um, I can't make it happen anymore, it just won't work," he said shyly, looking down into his lap. "That's ok, don't worry, we're not mad" his mother said comfortingly. "Did anything else happen ?" dr. Kami asked, still trying to understand the child's quirk. "Um. Oh! I had wings! Like an angel" nodded his head. Slipping out his phone he made a quick note before bounce up. "Well, that will be all. Thank you for the information you gave me" with that he swiftly exited the room. As Midoriya and Inko talked, a light bulb dinged in Midoriya's head. "Mom! I just remembered something" he said suddenly, jumping onto the floor. "What is it dear?" Inko asked a soft smile spread across her face. "I'm just like Aphmau!" he yelled enthusiastically throwing a fist in the air. " only gaining my power in the face of danger" she smiled. "You really are my little angel" Inko said, scooping him up with her good arm and cuddling him close. After a few moments, the two fell asleep in holding each other.