Midoriya, Bakugou, Kawaii-chan, and All might sat in the slightly cleaned part of the beach. It was pretty funny watching how Bakugou and Kawaii-chan were acting, looking at All Might in his new form. They weren't told much yet so the must've been pretty confused. They then turned their attention to him, now all of them were looking at him, waiting for him to start. It was almost funny, he'd asked all might to come to help him explain, but even all might was clueless to his birth quirk. He mentally prepared himself as he began to explain.

" Let's start with the most important thing, my quirk," he started, taking a deep breath. " My quirk is called Irene's quirk, weird as it sounds. It can not be passed on via DNA, rather, it's a jump quirk. It sticks with one person till their death, than jumps to someone else. People who have had Irene's quirk, sometimes even get other quirks, since its not with them since birth. There are even people who have the second joint in their pinky that have had it.

It's a very complicated quirk, as it has many components. So much so that I don't even understand it all. From what I've experience, I can summon a sword, and my wings. I'm aware that Irene, is also very aware of what I am doing, and can even communicate with me sometimes. While she's made it clear enough we share this body, she hasn't enter feared as of now."

" Irene?" Kawaii-chan asked, confusion clear on her face " Who is Irene?"

" Oh?" Midoriya perks up, it was actually pretty fun to talk about all the stuff he's kept inside. " Irene is a goddess, from about 2,000 years ago. it's actually a huge debate between the Irene believers if she was actually the first person with a quirk. One strange thing is that most of the people who have had he quirk, were either in her blood line or just straight up descendents. I'm actually a descendents myself.

But back to the quirk, the things the doctors have told me include, extreme healing and Even the ability to see the past or future, though I'm very unsure about the whole future thing." he finished, taking a deep breath.

" That…..was a lot" Bakugou said after a few minutes of silence. Midoriya chuckled and nodded.

" Imagine having to actually deal with this confusing mess of a quirk." he shook his head. Good grief, why did his quirk have to be so complicated?

" Young Midoriya," All might said, catching Midoriya's attention " When we first met, you said your quirk was only more trouble than it's worth, but from what I'm hearing it sounds like an amazing quirks with no drawbacks. So please tell me what it's trouble is?" he asked calmly, kawaii-chan and Bakugou nodding as well.

Midoriya cringed, he knew he'd have to tell them but he was still scared All might would drop him on the spot." Well, it does have drawbacks, I just haven't experienced any yet. all I know is I get very tired, and could even pass out." he said, waving his hand, trying to buy himself more time." Because of its powers, villain's all around the globe are searching for it. And if they find me..." he didn't need to finish, as all their faces said their own understanding. Despite this, he continued to talk.

" The Irene Quirk is obtained through a relic. The only other way to get this quirk is to have the relic. The relic….. is inside of me. If anyone wanted this power..."

"...They would have to kill you for it " Bakugou finished. Midoriya nodded slowly, analyzing their reactions.

" That news report was aired all across Japan." Kawaii-chan said, staring at him with worry.

Midoriya nodded again. " I've been taking training since I was 8, I'm capable of protecting myself." He said sharply, leaving now room to argue. He did not want to deal with anyone saying it was too dangerous to become a hero.

He stood up and stretched, hand above his head. He needed to get all the attention of that topic. " Soooooo, all might, one for all?" he said, plopping back down into the sand. A self satisfied grin on his face at All Might's disheveled one.

" Young Midoriya! you shouldn't push that on me so fast." he yelped, blood spilling out.

" Gha! All Might, your bleeding" Kawaii-chan and Bakugou yelled in unison. Midoriya playfully rolled his eyes and handed him a handkerchief.

" It's from a fight a couple years back. You haven't heard of it since I did everything in my power to keep it underwrap. I was horribly injured and lost my stomach. I can only do 3 hours of hero work a day." All Might explained

the two of them calmed down slightly. " Okay," kawaii-chan mumbled " but what's this One for all?"

All Might sat up straight. " One for All, it is my quirk. there has been many speculations of what my quirk could be, but the real name is one for all." he said " one for all is a special quirk that cannot be passed on through genes, rather DNA. As I said I'm very injured and my days are becoming limited. Midoriya here," he made a vege hand jester at the greenette. " Will be given my quirk. And for the next 10 months he will be training to accommodate my quirk, thought it should take much as he does has a little muscle. He has chosen to tell you his so please, do not repeat anything you've heard today."

After the two of them nodded, All might stood. " By the way, call me Toshinori in public" with that, he powered into his hero form, and with a quick goodbye, he left.

The three of them sat in Silence. Finally Midoriya stood up and yawned. " Well guys, that was a lot" he mumbled, rubbing his eyes. " I guess it's time to go home"

" w-what?!" kawaii-chan asked in confusion, jumping up. " We just found out about this!"

Midoriya nodded " and we can talk tomorrow, now please, I'm very tired" with a sigh, they both agree and let Midoriya go home.

Midoriya quickly walked into his house and went straight to his room. " Fuck….." he groaned as he tore off the tight binder strapped to his chest. He took a shaking breath as he looked at himself in the mirror. His chest was still purple and blue from the day prior. He moaned in pain as he flopped onto his bed. " Moooooooom~" he called " How do you live with boobs?"

His mother walked in, a tray of chocolate and juice in hand. she smiled softly as she sat at the foot of the bed. " Don't worry, honey. Just few more months and you'll be able to get top surgery" she handed him a chocolate and he grachisly took it. He smiled and hugged her, careful not to bump his chest