Chapter 1: Welcome to the ORC

When I saw my stomach and neck bleeding like crazy, I thought for sure that this is the end of the road. It's not like Rias will reincarnate me into her peerage. Aside from my basic martial art experience, I'm nothing special. Just a dime of a dozen. She wants stronger than average individuals to help her take on the fire chicken. I think my mind is half-awake in the afterlife. Hopefully, I'm good enough for Michael to let me enter heaven. Giving a sigh, I just continue to wait and find eternal pea-...

... Wait a second, do spirits have a mouth to sigh?

After some debating, I tried shifting my body. Difficult but manageable. 'I'm alive!?'. I instantly got up from a bed, but immediately regretted as the phantom pain returns to my closed injuries. 'Aaah, wish I have some water to sooth my throat.'

After rubbing the sore spots, I looked around and saw that I was in an average size room, nothing too fancy, a medium size table with some drawers below a mirror, a closet, and...

... I looked down and... 'yup, a comfy bed', but going back to sleep wasn't an option. Despite expecting it, I'm still a bit surprised that I'm naked. After much debating, I hesitantly looked to my side and saw something... or someone is definitely sleeping right beside me.

'Why did she revive me? There's no guarantee that she's just this kind. The timing for Rias' arrival on the time of Issei's death in the anime is too coincidental. Besides, there's a chance that this is an alternate version of the world of dxd that Rias is an insufferable bitch. Not to mention, how am I gonna explain myself?'. After some brain storming, I might as well get this over with. 'If I die again, at least it's not through cowardice or regret!'

My shaking hand reached for the blanket as sweat dropped from my face, finally I saw who was under the sheet and boy was I surprised.

"What the..."

The first thing I noticed is that her hair was NOT crimson, the second thing I noticed was that she was completely butt-naked. 'I really need to think things through more'.

The girl was absolutely gorgeous, I know I haven't watched High-School DxD for a long time, but I'm sure she was never this beautiful in the anime. My eyes were as wide as saucers. Long black silky hair, angelic face. And as my eyes trail down involuntarily, very voluptuous figure, flawless pale skin, long curvy legs with thick thighs, but my attention was drawn to the biggest breasts I've ever seen. Seriously, supernatural or not, how the hell does a high school girl can have such ridiculously impressive breasts.

She yawned, got up and stretched her muscles, which caused her breasts to bounce. Her pretty violet eyes opened and she sent me an sultry look if my red face was of any indication. "Ara, ara, do you enjoy the show." Very few things can make my brain shut down and this is one of them. After rebooting, I shook my head and turned to the other side. I don't trust myself to not look at the bountiful beauty.

'Focus you idiot, you need a good cover story, otherwise you'll be sent to Ajuka to have your brain dissected like a frog!' I took a deep breath as I heard her giggle behind me. 'She finds this amusing, at least this will make me less suspicious. Here goes nothing.'

"Uh... umm... who are you? And why were you s-s-sleeping with me" Make her think I don't know the general situation with some stutter to add the effect.

"Ufufu, are you saying that you don't remember what we did darling? I'm hurt." To my confusion, my answer was 'huh?' She continues to take the lead and said "Well, I guess I can't blame you. After all, we were drunk. However, there is a problem..." She then leaned towards my left ear, her bare breasts pressing on my back, and whispered "You've inseminated me too much."

Okay, this time I was not acting, "Wh-wh-wh-what do mean!? We had s-sex and I don't remember anything about it!? I-I-I..." Were my memories yesterday just my drunken-induced hallucination, I knew getting thrown into an anime world was too ridiculous to be true. At least until I remembered something, 'Wait a fucking second, I don't drink.' My ranting was stopped as I saw her shoulders shaking, using her hand to cover her mouth to stop her from laughing. Annoyance replaced my embarrassment as my right eye twitched like crazy. I got up, pointed at her and yelled.

"Dick move lady! Joking about fucking each other is not funny!"

She recovered her composure after a while, but she looks down and her sultry look returned ten-fold. "Ara, ara, but it seems your little friend finds it funny."

Stunned for a moment, I followed her gaze and my face turned as red as a tomato. Quickly sitting back down and covered myself as I grumbled to myself, "Can't believe I got played like that. This means war."

Akeno: 1

Me: 0

Deciding that she had enough fun, she got up and dressed. Meanwhile, I looked for my most probably blood stained pajamas, but instead I found what looked like the male Kuoh academy uniform. They even got my size right, how they did that, I do not know. After I finished dressing myself, I heard her asking me "Could you please hook my bra for me?". Rolling my eyes, making sure I don't fall for more of her traps, I went to do so. Once she was done, she turned to me with a gentle smile.

"I know you have some questions, but please wait for the others to gather. Then, we'll give you the all the answers you need." She must have been surprised that I'm so cooperative as I just nod my head, but she continued nonetheless. "The shower is across this room, and the meeting room is down the hall to your left. Please go there once you've finished." Then she leaves, probably to find her king.

Left alone, my body automatically went to the bathroom and I looked at the mirror. An average boy with black eyes, equally black short spiky hair, warm ivory skin tone, about 175 cm tall. Due to my martial arts practice, I have a tone body, not too fat but not too skinny either. Just average. I check for any noticeable injuries on my body but I found none. Ajuka must be ingenious to be able to create something that can revive, heal and reincarnate almost anyone. The phantom pains are mostly gone. Decided to not waste anymore time, I finally went to have a nice, warm shower.

The water falls onto my body as I think back about my earlier conversation with Akeno. She seems nice enough, I don't think she has malicious intent either. Back when she switched from teasing to gentle nature actually helped. Now that I think about it, was her teasing just a way to help ease my nerves. I... can't say that I don't appreciate that. I know it's wishful thinking, but maybe I can actually trust these guys.

After I got my bearings, quite some time has already passed. Didn't know I stayed in the room for so long. Guess I was lost in thought more than I realized. Knocking the door just in case, I heard a soft voice of "come in", went inside and I saw the club meeting room interior is a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style couches and chairs along the walls, the only light source was the candle lamp in the middle of the room. 'Definitely looks like a place for occult.' One side is set up to be able to be used as a bath, and a large Gremory Family magic circle, I think. 'That must be the circle they use to teleport.'

There, sitting behind the largest desk must be the president. Long knee length crimson hair with an extra pluck sticking out on top, blue eyes with a taint of green, beauty comparable to Akeno's, exuding an aura of pride and nobility with a smile on her face. No doubt about it, that's her alright.

"Hello, sorry for being sudden, my name is Rias Gremory, student of Kuoh Academy and president of the Occult Research Club or ORC for short." Just as she finished, the fallen-devil hybrid emerged from another room with a tea set, and placed it on the table in the middle of the room. "And I'm sure you have already met Himejima Akeno. She is a student of Kuoh Academy as well, and vice-president of the ORC." As I turned towards the black-haired beauty, she gave me kind smile, and I awkwardly smiled back. Rias continued "There are three other members who will arrive shortly, so please have a seat and wait, then I will answer all your questions." She then got up and went to the shower in the room.

Feeling awkward with the sound of a super hot girl showering, I just did as she asked. I tried the tea and, to my surprise, it was pretty good. "It's delicious, thank you Himejima-san". Akeno smiled, happy with my compliment. About four minutes passed, and I heard a knock, a petite cute girl with snow white hair and hazel eyes entered. like Rias and Akeno, she also wore the female Kuoh uniform. She stopped and looked at me with a deadpan expression and gave me a nod, I nodded back. Then, she sat on the couch next to me and ate her sweets. 'How does she not get cavities from eating those everyday?'

Approximately another three minutes later, a handsome guy with short blond hair, blue eyes and another guy with short brown hair and light brown eyes arrived. It seems everyone is here and it wasn't long before Rias finished her bath. Eyeing Issei with a deadpan expression as he goes on how this place is heaven (I ironically snorted at that). He then saw me and his expression said that his mind clicked on something.

"AAAAAHHHHH, you're from yesterday!" Getting in my personal space, "Did you remember Yuuma-chan from yesterday! Please tell me you remember that I had a girlfriend!"

I wasn't sure if I'm impressed by his vitality to recover from yesterday, or concern about his lack of self-preservation instinct. Ultimately, I just decided to throw him a bone. "You mean the pretty girl with you at the park? Yup." Before he could jump in joy, Rias decided to exit her bath with just a towel around her body. I tried to look away but Issei had no such reservations.

"OOOOOUUHHH, Rias-sempai and her beautiful oppai are as beautiful as ever!" I tuned out the rest until it was time for business. At first Issei didn't believe what they said and thought it was a joke, but he reconsidered when Rias showed him a photo of himself and Yuuma. She then explained the fallen's purpose of killing Issei, until I decided to cut in.

"Excuse me," All eyes turned to me but I ignored them, time to get some information, "how did you get this photo?" I asked with a confused look on my face for effect. However, her answer wasn't what I expected.

"This was taken when we detected a foreign supernatural presence near Kuoh Academy". She then showed me a folder with more photos of Yuuma with other people, mostly male students. "These were taken several weeks ago when she infiltrated another school. We try to compile every bit of information we can about our enemies just in case we need to fight. However, nothing strange occurred whenever she was seen in public, so we just maintain observation and try to learn more what her purpose is. Unfortunately, we were too late to stop her".

My eyes widen. Of course, in the anime, Amano Yuuma wore a different uniform from Kuoh Academy's. She must have never tried to get Kuoh's uniform because she might get in Rias' and Sona's radar more than necessary. The flyer wasn't for keeping an eye on Issei, it was for keeping an eye on Yuuma! These photos must be something akin to a bingo book in the Naruto world to stay updated!

Rias' eyes narrowed in suspicion, "You seem to be awfully calm about this." She thinks I'm a possible enemy. Shit. Okay, stay cool and do as you planned.

Here goes nothing, "Actually, I already know a little bit about the supernatural world." This caused everyone to be surprised. "I've heard rumors about angels and devils when I got here, but I've never seen one before until yesterday." I shrugged my shoulders to give a nonchalant attitude.

But Rias' wasn't satisfied yet, "What do you mean 'when you got here'?"

Alright, luck don't fail me now. I grabbed my head with one hand, "I-I woke up in a middle of a park, but I tr-tried to remember how I got here or why I got here, my head starts to hurt." If they weren't surprised before, they're definitely surprised now. "I can b-barely remember my name, but the harder I try to remember something else, the more my head starts to hurt. The only other things I could remember are math, science and other information that isn't involved in my personal life."

The best way to lie is to throw in some half-truths. I did wake up in a park and tried to find out more information, but I didn't loose any memories prior to that. I even tried to calm my heartbeat just in case Koneko could tell I'm lying. Rias locked eyes with mine for several more moments, but finally dropped it for now, though for some reason she had a sad look for a second before it vanished. "In that case, what else do you know about us devils?".

Safe! "Well I heard something about taking human souls and eating children." With that, Issei started shivering in fear and looked ready to run to the exit. Everyone else, on the other hand, had amused expression.

With a chuckle, Rias explained "No, we do not do those anymore. Now we merely satisfy a human's wishes and in exchange, we received a reward of equal value like money". The exclamation managed to calm Issei before he continues to half paying attention, and half ogling the girls.

"And we are not some hideous monsters in disguise either if that is what you are thinking. Devil physiology is almost the same as humans' except for one small detail." Rias exclaimed with a slight smirk, and sprouted her wings. Everyone except Issei and I followed. The pervert managed to barely comprehend in time for him to feel something from his back and freaked out. After that, Rias' cheery expression returned.

'Hold on, she didn't think I was an enemy. She just wants to have her theatrics!' The thought left a deadpan on my face, but something else invaded my mind.

Curiously, I tried to do the same. There is definitely something extra on me. Just below the shoulder blades. I tried imagining two extra arms appearing from my back. And behold, two anatomical bat-like wings emerged from my back. Black as night, probably to stay undetected at night time, with a wing span of roughly 1.5 meters. I tried touching them and they feel leathery. There's some kind of thin layer of protective oil on the surface, and the shape has a slight depression to make the wings as aerodynamic as possible. I feel ecstatic and can't wait to practice flying. And speaking of flying.

Issei's trying to test out his wings and manage to rise above ground. "Holy shit, this is totally badass. If Matsuda and Motohama can see this, they'll-". Before he could finish, he flew too high and hit his head on the ceiling, lost consciousness, and dropped onto the floor like a rag doll. Huh, I don't remember that happening in canon.

All was silent until Koneko muttered "Idiot". Everyone else was at a lost and Rias looks a bit annoyed with her theatrics suddenly needed to be put on hold. "Ufufu Buchou, should I help our little kohai wake up?"

I'm no mind reader, but even I can tell what the sadist's plan is. With haste, "Actually, let me try something." Even if they can hear what I'm about to say with their devil's enhanced hearing, I quickly leaned into the pervert's left ear, cupped my mouth with one hand, and whispered "Psst Issei, free oppai to your right." The result was instantaneous.

Issei bolted right up and frantically searched for his free breasts with a perverted look and drool on his mouth, "Where, where? Oppai here I come!" Only to look sad and dejected.

The room was descended into an awkward silence once again. And so I coughed into my fist to break the silence "To be honest, I wasn't sure that would actually work."

Akeno looked like she wanted to continue teasing but saw a look from her best friend that the red-head was about to have a headache. "If there are no more interruptions, may I continue?" It wasn't a question, but more like a request to finish what she started. Rias then finished explaining about the devil's history, the existence of evil pieces and Sacred Gears, advantages of being a devil, high-class devils having harems, and finally to activating Issei's Sacred Gear. Although the last part took a while since he was more focused on the president's body.

"Dragon Wave!" Finally, with a bright flash of green, the boosted gear makes it appearance, or at least its base form did.

"Interesting, you possess the Twice Critical which allows to double your abilities for a limited amount of time". Rias explained to Issei more about his Sacred Gear with an unsure tone. Can't say that I blame her, there's no way a simple Twice Critical would take up all eight of her pawns.

Everyone including me got a good look at Iseei's Sacred Gear. Unlike Kiba's sword birth, Issei's has a physical form and what's more, the draconic appearance just makes it more appealing.

Rias then faced my way, "Come to think of it, all of us here still do not know your name"

Oh yeah, I know their names but haven't properly introduced myself yet. Scratching my head with a sheepish smile, "Uh, my name's... Tan Han Wei". Everyone gave me a pity look, weird. It's not my real name but it doesn't sound that strange either does it?

Kiba walked up to me with a small smile, "It's okay, we can wait for you to recover your memories."

The gears in my head turned, and I finally figured out what he meant. "Wait, wait, that is my name. I'm Chinese... I think."

I managed to surprise them once again, even if it was unintentional. My hair and eye color must have gave them a japanese impression. My face is eastern but not exactly japanese. They must all thought it's more plausible for me to be from Japan instead of a foreigner.

"Well, it seems your situation is more complicated than I originally thought. Do you remember anything else that might give a hint." Rias stares at me with concern and interest as she tries to figure more about me. I shook my head, not risking anymore information that I might be from another dimension. Giving a sigh, "Do you want to have a nickname. Maybe it'll help introduce you to Japan better."

I nodded my head understandingly, some my friends think my real name is quite unique, even by their standards. "Sure. Hmmm... Daisuke sounds nice, at least it's easier than my Chinese name."

Smiling, she then said something that made my brain shut down the second time today, "Now Daisuke, it is your turn to bring out your Sacred Gear."

A genuine astonished look crossed my face after a reboot, "Wait, I have one too?" There's no way. She must be mistaken about something. A victorious grin appeared as she thinks she finally made me into a state of disbelief.

"Yes. While I do know Issei has a Sacred Gear due to Yuuma confirming it. However, when I tried to revive you, you took up more demonic energy than expected. Too much for a normal human, that means you have a special power as well. I tried to think what it could be, but the most plausible answer is-"

"A Sacred Gear." I connected the dots and finished her sentence.

Feeling doubtful, but I might as well give it a shot. With the same instructions as she gave to Iseei, I tried to think what's the most powerful thing to me. To me, power doesn't just mean strong physical abilities, but also a strong heart, mind, and soul. Someone who never gives up and always try again. I closed my eyes and the first image that popped into my mind was a certain scowling teenager.

And so, I clasped my hands around something and raise them behind my head. Calm and focused. Brought my hands down as I yelled "Getsuga Tenshou!"

This time, twin red and blue lights emerged not unlike Issei's. I opened my eyes, and saw twin black and white gloves. My left palm is white with a yin symbol in the center with a black X at the back of my hand. Whereas my right is the opposite: black palm, yang symbol in the center with a white X at the back.

My mind whirled into a million thoughts. 'Sacred Gear? I have a Sacred Gear!? That's impossible! I'm not even from this world. How the hell can God - ouch! - or Michael, or whoever the fuck give me a Sacred Gear! Why would the guy even give me one in the first place? Does this mean I'm still in my own world?' However, I need to push my thoughts and headache from thinking His name away as Rias inspect them up close.

I heard a hum and she had a happy smile as if her birthday came early. "This is an upper-tier high level Sacred Gear. Nothing much compared to a Longinus, but still powerful in its own rights. It multiplies the wielders strength, speed, or both to an unknown extent. Some devil researchers theorised that it can give an innate boost if the wielder has trained hard enough, but it has not been proven. The downside is unlike Issei's Twice Critical, the wielder will feel much more strained to draw out more of its power. It is called Double Burst."

That's... actually pretty useful, depending on how it's used, it can get me out of most situations. Plus, the effects sound like Goku's kaioken! "Is there anything else note worthy about the Double Burst?" With a massive grin on my face, I can't help but feel like a kid on a sugar rush.

"No, there's not much else to it. However, you must be careful with your Sacred Gear, because many past users went insane with power and destroyed their bodies due to using more than they could handle."

... Well, that was not morbid at all.

All in all, I probably should have seen that coming, every power has a risk, decided to deactivate and test out my gear later.

Rias then had a serious look and kind smile on her face, "Well, Issei, Daisuke. I have reincarnated you both into devil servants. I swear on the name of the Gremory Household, I will treat you with kindness and grant your desires. In return, you will give me your utmost loyalty and see me as your master. Do you accept?"

Issei was reluctant at first, being turned from human to devil wasn't something that happens to you everyday, but resolutely accepts. However, being a servant was something I don't like, which is why I needed one last confirmation.

"I don't care what your household is. If I'm going to be serving you from now on, I want to know what you personally think. I want to know the real Rias, not the Gremory of a noble family, but the Rias standing right in front of me. Do you, Rias swear that you truly treat your servants with kindness." The atmosphere in the room changed: Akeno was for once not smiling, Kiba was looking at me with a glint of something, Koneko stopped eating and gave me her full attention, and Issei was staring at me with his mouth slightly opened.

Rias had her eyes widen and stared at me for a moment until she smiled, "I, Rias, swear on my own name that I will treat you kindly and grant your desires. Do you accept me as your master, Daisuke?" I looked straight into her face to find any deception, but there was none. I reciprocated her smile and answered,

"Yes, Buchou."

Feeling quite joyful with her two new servants, Rias asked us, "Do you both have any other questions?" Iseei didn't have any, but I raised my hand. "Yes, Daisuke?"

"I have three actually." Hand raised and index finger pointed out, "Why was Himejima-san sleeping with me completely naked last night?" Rias just smoothly answered, "We devils have a healing technique that requires direct skin contact to achieve maximum results by transferring demonic energy. Any fabric will interrupt the flow of energy and decreased its efficiency." At that point, Issei had a goofy look, probably remembering his healing session with Rias.

Makes sense. Raising my middle finger and used both fingers to point at one side, "Why the hell is there a showering room in here, instead of in the bathroom?" This time, she gave a wry grin, "When we renovated this building, one of the workers made a blunder and constructed it in here." My face fell as flat as a board at that one. Raising a third finger,


"Can I please get something to eat?". After the whole ordeal, I finally remembered that I haven't eaten anything since I got to this world. Can't believe that I even lasted this long.

Rias and Akeno giggled at that, Kiba and Issei tried to hide their chuckles, heck I think I even saw Koneko's lips curved upwards a little. "You do not have any money right. I'll give you some to go buy whatever you need." She then faced the other newbie, "Issei, would you mind giving Daisuke a tour around Kuoh, since you two are already familiar with each other."

The pervert stammered out "S-sure thing, Buchou."

"Then without further ado, Issei, Daisuke. Welcome to the Occult Research Club, my adorable servants."

Soon after that, Iseei and I walked at a normal pace, but there was just one little detail that I forgot...

"Hot damn, literally. I know Gremory-san said that newly reincarnated devils will feel weaker under the sun at first, but this is just ridiculous. It feels like I'm walking through a desert" I complained as I walk, and judging by the look on Iseei's face, he's not faring much better.

"I get what you mean. I already felt pretty weak walking to school with Buchou this morning, but now I feel even worse."

Looking at the sun never made my eyes hurt this much before. Makes me feel like it's out to get me for some reason. Don't know whether devil physiology has less melanin skin pigments to resist UV rays, less resistant to heat, the light rays itself have a trace amount of holy properties, or Amaterasu herself just wants to toy newly reincarnated devils. Feeling the perspiration from my head, getting used to this is gonna take a while.

Desperately trying to get rid of the heat out of my mind, I tried to think of something, 'So far, Issei seems like the same as I remembered in canon. Maybe talking to the protagonist would help.'

"So, what's it like in Kuoh Academy?"

The sudden change of topic made Issei say, "Huh?"

"What's it like there? Gremory-san said she'll enroll me as a second year, so I want to hear what you think" I tried holding the conversation.

"Oh, well the place is actually pretty big but that's just mostly because the academy is split into into primary division, high school division and college division. But the best part is it used to be an all-girls school until recently, that's why it is filled with many oppai." And thus, his face starts to show a bit of perversion. "You should join me sometime, I'll introduce you to Motohama and Matsuda, and we can all go peeping on the girls' Kendo Club members."

With a strained smile, "Thanks but, I think I'll take a pass on the last part. I'm pretty sure peeping is against the rules." Instead of getting upset, Issei just went all out.

"Eeeehhh!? How can you not want to peep!? They have oppai! They are the hopes and dreams of us adolescent boys, they are-" Issei continued to rambled on about breasts and got ourselves some disapproving stares from the general public.

"Mommy, what is that boy saying?" a little girl asked but her mother just told her to not look at us and quickly left. Right now, I should probably get him to shut up. As I looked at his face.

"-big, small, curvy, bouncy, all breasts are guidance to happiness, to-" He looks genuinely happy and is either ignorant to the world, or just staying true to himself despite what others think.

I'll shut him up later.

"Whoa, whoa, back up, Gon Soku and Mikkolo are enemies but teamed up to save a kid. I thought you said Mikkolo was a villain and wanted to take over the world. So, why would he do something good like saving Soku's son?". I questioned as I slurped my miso ramen, damn this is actually pretty good. No wonder Naruto loves this stuff, either that or the fact that I haven't eaten anything in days just makes anything I taste delicious. Or it could be both.

The nearest eatery to us was a store called 'Ojiro's Ramen'. Good thing they have english writings under the japanese title, but the was just the store name. I needed Issei's help to read the menu and order our ramen. Sometime after, I finally managed to get Issei to stop talking about breasts. Turns out, he's a pretty avid fan of this world's anime called 'Dra-M Ball'. I called bullshit at first, but after hearing a bit of the story, it actually bears a striking resemblance to my world's 'Dragon Ball Z' if you ignore the name changes.

After Issei took a bite of his beef ramen, "That's because Kaditz was too strong for the green bastard to beat alone and got in his way of world domination. So, he offered an alliance with Soku to beat him together". With the airing of lots of other new anime as well as the 'Super' series, I've actually forgot a lot of the 'Z' series. Apparently, the 'Z' series in this world is finished but has no sequels like mine. Thus, I'm eating ramen while trying to remember bit by bit of the anime as Issei continues to tell the story. Due to me not eating for a long time, I also ordered two more bowls, which are prawn and beef ramen. Got to remember this place so I can try out the rest of the flavors.

After having our fill, Issei showed me what Kuoh Town has to offer; arcade, karaoke, library, theater, and other places. I almost got lost while going from place to place. Issei even tried to get me to buy a hentai anime, but I ran out of the adult section before he succeeded. For some reason, Issei seems to be adamant in 'showing me the oppai wonder'. His words, not mine. We finished the day by going to the supermarket to buy myself some necessities like toothbrush, towel, clothes and such. Today was actually fun, and judging by the grin on his face, I'd say Issei agreed.

After that, we somehow ended up going through the same park as yesterday. I surveyed the area and found not even a hint to bloodstains. 'They must have used magic to clean the place up.' I saw Issei having a disturbed look on his face, lightly punched his shoulder and said, "Hey, we got our gears now, and the ORC has our back. Next time we see her, she'll be running away with a broken ego."

My seemingly confident exclamation didn't seem to convince Issei however, "I know, it's just..."

Change of tactics it is, time to pull an Akeno. Giving him a teasing smirk, "Well, well, well, don't tell me that the future Harem King is actually afraid of some big oppai with wings." That seemed to do the trick.

"What!? No way! I will embrace all oppai, not one to be spared. I will experience their softness, their jiggles, their-" Issei stopped after he realized that he almost went off on a tangent.

"Then you got nothing to worry about. Come on, let's head back before it gets too dark." I chuckled and continued to walk. Issei looks a bit less stressed now as we walk in silence. Feeling the cool breeze hitting my face, I think I'm starting to know my way around now.

It was until we're about to part ways, I heard Issei calling out to me with a hopeful expression, "Do you think... do you think I can be the Harem King?"

Raising an eyebrow in confusion, why ask that now after all this time? "If you were still human, I'd say it's nearly impossible since it's against the rules." Cue Issei's slump down. "But," he suddenly got back up in less than a second, "now that you're a devil, I think so. After all, Gremory-san did say many high-class devils have formed harems. With your drive and love for oppai, just keep working hard enough and you'll be living your dream in no time."

Despite going against some of my morals, I genuinely think Issei is chivalrous and kind enough to make a lot of supernatural girls of different species fall for him. He deserves to have his dreams fulfilled. Just watching season 1 was enough for me to know that he has earned that that right, with him from risking his life for a supposed enemy without expecting anything in return, to sacrificing his left arm to save a girl from a loveless marriage.

Issei then brighten up and did a fist pump, "Yes! Someone who believes in me!"

With a goodbye, we went back to our respective homes, or temporary home in my case. Rias offered to let me stay in the old school building until she can find a permanent residence for me stay. By the time I got there, everyone else was already gone. Eating and showeing later, I find myself wearing my new set of pajamas, laying down on the bed, while thinking back on what just happened to me for the past two days.

'I always wondered what it's like to live in an anime world, but never thought it would actually happen. This world of dxd looks very similar to the one in canon, with what little I remember, I need to start making notes on what's about to happen next'. My thoughts turned to my fight with Raynare, 'I'll need all the training I can get, my new devil body should make things easier. Asia should make her appearance in a few days, which means that the showdown at the church won't be for long.'

Looking at my hands above me, 'Come to think about it, my fight with Raynare was a bit strange. I thought she was just taken by surprise but the innate boost theory might be more credible than Rias realized.'

I got up, activated Double Burst and gave it a good long look, 'I still don't know how or why I got this. Was it by accident or did whoever spirited me to this world gave it to me for some purpose?' Getting a headache from thinking too much, shutting down my gear, and slumped back into the bed, 'Too many possibilities, not enough answers.' Giving a sigh, 'I'll need to ask Rias and see if there's anything in the underworld archive.'

My first day of interacting with the ORC wasn't as bad as I thought. From what I could gather, they're actually pretty nice. Rias' explanation was sound enough for me to believe that she didn't mean to let Issei die just to reincarnate him into her servant against his will. 'Or at least, she didn't plan for it to happen. Maybe there will be one day where I can tell them my true origins, but right now I need to continue observing them for any hidden intentions.' Frowning at that thought, 'Though I'll be a hypocrite if I say that I'm not doing something similar.'

Letting out another sigh, 'Wonder what's my family is doing right now? Knowing them, dad would immediately report to the police, mom would have a panic attack thinking that I'm in the worst case scenario, sis would try to calm them both down, and bro would just appear calm but I know internally, he's really worried. Are my friends aware of the situation? Hope not, making them feel depressed won't get me back'.

I turned to the edge of the bed. Just thinking about them makes my heart ache. They probably miss me just as much as I miss them. Slowly, the room is filled with the sound of sobs. Hot tears and snot flowing out of my eyes and nose. I've been bottling up my feelings ever since I got to this world, but right now I just want to let it all out. 'I promise, I'll get back home.'

With that, I cried myself to sleep.

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