Chapter 60: Trial

"Woah! Woah! Gabi-chan, watch out for the fire rings!" I yelled out while whirling the game controller in loops.

"Ah! I'm barely safe. We're almost there!"

"Annndd... There!"

The 'congratulations' lit up on the screen as we cleared the mission. I exhaled from the adrenaline, we almost lost this round. Gabi-chan and I are playing a co-op of Mokepon Savers, basically a Pokemon Rangers from my world with some differences. The Seraph was playing in Heaven while I'm in the game room, connecting our accounts via wi-fi so we can play together. Since she's at home, there's no need to hide her most-beautiful-woman-in-heaven face and that also means I had to kick Azazel out for trying to sneak in every 10 minutes.

"Good job, Gabi-chan." Drinking a bottle of water, the game really reminds me of Pokemon Rangers, couldn't stop playing it as a kid, "This was really fun."

"Thank you, I had fun as well."

"It's definitely a lot different that the usual Mokepon games."

"Y-yeah. I also wanna try."

Koneko and Gasper were next to me eating snacks while watching us play, intrigued by the gameplay. Their favorite are fighting games though as gamers, they have interest in other genres.

"Maybe there's a four player version. Still, how did you manage to get a connection from Heaven to Earth Gabi-chan?"

"Azazel-san designed the blueprints and our angels constructed the system for me."

"^_- Wait a second, Azazel designed it?"

Oblivious, the pure innocent Seraph cheerily answered, "Yes, he volunteered readily when I needed help. It was very nice of him."

I turned back to my juniors and all three of us have the same flat as a board expressions. There's no way that perverted old crow would lend a hand without scheming something asinine behind our backs. Taking out my phone, I sent an email to Michael to ask him if there's anything suspicious about the game console. Granted, he may already got it handled but better safe than sorry.

"Ah Daisuke-san, I have wonderful news. After watching your Aoi Arashi show, we decided to have our own television program in Heaven soon in the future. One of which will be about me with the title 'Gabriel Talks'."

"Really? That's great."

"If it's anything like in the Underworld, everyone will be starving for entertainment."

"T-there's no channel about vampire k-killing right?"

"Do not worry, everything will be fun and lighthearted. However, I am still trying to convince Michael-sama to open a game streaming channel." Gabi-chan giggled, grinning excitedly for the bright future of her home, "Daisuke-san, will you watch me when I appear on television."


"You promise?"


"Yay." We heard some noises over Gabi-chan's end as she got a sad face, "Sorry Daisuke-san, I must return to my duties. I'll definitely watch the final match of your Rating Game. Let's play again soon."

"Sorry about my busy schedule, see you Gabi-chan." After the innocent Seraph logged out, I turned to my juniors, "You guys want to play?"

"Yeah but Gya-kun, go refill the snack bowl."

"Alright Koneko-chan." Standing up proudly, the dhampir grabbed the bowl, "I'll get some for you too senpai, you just recovered. As a man, I n-need to step up my game too."

As he went to the kitchen, I deadpanned at the nekoshou, "Why is he refilling your bowl when you're the only one snacking here?"

To answer my question, the white kitty sat on my lap and rubbed herself all over me, "So we can have alone time."

"... Oh." Right, I forgot. I have sex friends now. My hand habitually went to pat her soft white locks, "It's not any different from what we usually do though."

"At least not when you try to put kittens in this pussy... cat."

An eyebrow arched in genuine confusion as I stared at her, "Koneko, you doing okay? Recently, your ki is more similar to that of Miho's or Kuroka's. Is puberty finally pulling all the stops?"

"Hmm, scratch my chin next nya~"

Doing as she asked, my hand went to soothingly scratch her right places as my other hand was held by hers. Koneko's cat ears were flattened as her head inclined upwards, her gaze meeting mine as I looked down. Dazed, she closed her eyelids while puckering slightly as the mood sets in.

That soft petite frame, incredibly silky hair, and irresistibly cute cat face... I hesitated for a moment before sucking it up, leaning down to kiss her. Her soft lips were similar to yet different from my mate's and... Fucking hell, I know I said I'll try this whole 'sex friends' business, but I really feel like wanting Miho next to me right now. It just doesn't feel right without her by my side when this shit happens.

The second we parted, Koneko could already tell I was distraught, "Senpai, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just thinkin whether I can really handle having a harem-"

"Sex friends."

"Whatever. I'm barely keeping my shit together and every time we do something like this without Miho, I feel like I'm gonna hit my breaking point. Hell, it's even too painful for me to get hard."

"Yeah, I noticed." Koneko gridded her butt against my lap, not finding any poking sensation whatsoever, "But, I know just the right words to say senpai."

Koneko closed in, bringing her gaze directly to mine to I couldn't avoid hers, "'You're strong not just in body, but heart and mind. Go at your own pace and push yourself only when you want to, not because you have to. That's what I always do.' Isn't that what you told me before? Senpai, nothing has ever stopped you before, you've always smashed through your limits and I know you can do the same for this one. Look at how far I've come, just choose what you always follow and you can overcome it."

"... Now I know why Issei thinks those anime lines I always say are so cheesy."

Giggling, Koneko inched closer for our lips to make contact once more until she halted, remembering that I'm still adjusting. I blushed, happy that the nekoshou is giving me room. With a deep breathe, my eyes shut as I gave her a quick peck to the lips.

Ugh, guilt. Guilt, and scumminess in my gut for kissing another girl but hey, got to start adapting sooner or later.

As my vision returned, I anticipated the little Rook to be flustered with her cat features in max cuteness yet instead, I found her panting... hungrily? Tongue sticking out a bit as she stared down at me as her prey. My danger senses screamed since I've seen this before multiple times from my wife. Koneko caressed my cheeks as her clothes were sliding off her flawless smooth skin-

"Snacks are here."

The moment Gasper returned, he was puzzled to find Koneko and I sitting on the opposite sides of the couch, the former back in her normal state as if nothing happened. The Bishop tilted his head, "Why isn't Koneko-chan on your lap senpai?"

"We..." As I attempted to think of a plausible excuse, my mate arrived at the room, allowing me to quickly change the topic, "Miho, do you need anything?"

"Yes, I have received word that Grayfia-sensei will pay a visit to our home."

"Oh really, when?"

"In less than an hour."

"Wait what?" I did a double take, "So soon?"

"I was quite surprised as well. Rias is pacing back and forth in an agitated state, she asks for you to come."

"Alright, I can go now."

"Me too."


With the three gone, Gasper was now alone awkwardly holding a bowl full of treats, "(+_+)? What am I supposed to do with all these snacks?"

In the end, the dhampir simply didn't think too much about it, opening a bag of chips and starting a new game of Mokepon Savers.

"What am I going to do?" Rias bounced her legs up and down while sitting on my lap, much to Koneko's frustration though the nekoshou is letting it slide just this once, "Is the food prepared? Are the rooms tidied? Onee-sama might not find them to her liking."

My hand went to rub her shoulders to calm her down, it's working somewhat, "You said 'onee-sama' instead of her name so it's not official business, is Grayfia-san coming for personal matters?"

"Ufufu, that's right, she is also strict with Rias. Her sudden visits are a way to test buchou sometimes and that is why she's panicking right now."

"You are not helping Akeno." Rias stared flatly at her Queen who simply giggled. The redhead then sighed, "Anyway, we need to be on our best behavior. And Daisuke-"

"No, talking back. Yes yes, I got it. Should we call the others though? There are only the five of us here, six if you stop emphasizing cleaning so much to the point Alicia would turn into a cleaning tornado."

Said silverette maid was blitzing through the rooms at blinding speeds with different cleaning tools in hand. One moment she was dusting the cabinets with a vacuum cleaner, the next moment she was brushing the floor with a giant toothbrush, and then she flew up to mop the ceiling. Every speck of dust was mercilessly wiped cleaned from the surface of every object, so shiny to the point you can see your own reflection off the wall.

"Still, it's somehow satisfying to see the carpet going from shiny red to shinier crimson after one smooth sweep."

"No, onee-sama won't be here for long. Usually she is just here to see me on her day offs."

*Ding Dong*

Rias looked at me and I stared back reassuringly. She breathed one last time to calm her nerves and went to open the door. Instead of the her usual blue and white french maid outfit, Grayfia is wearing a black shirt with golden-caramel accents at the edges of the shirt which spread horizontally near the bottom, with two light golden trims going down the shirt; and the shirt splits slightly above her stomach, exposing her midriff. Around her neck and shoulders is a long, cyan scarf made from light material that reaches her hips. Her jeans are blue, with a white outline at the top. She also has a faded-pink scrunchy on her.

Huh, didn't expect this kind of fashion from her. She even appears younger than usual.

"How do you do Rias?"

"Hello onee-sama." The redhead replied calmy in attempt to conceal her uneasiness, "Please, make yourself at home."

Taking a seat in the living room, Grayfia spotted Miho placing a plate full of biscuits and a cup of tea for her teacher. The Ultimate Queen elegantly tasted the treats and savored, smiling a moment later, "Very good, your skills have improved."

Miho was very happy to hear that, "Thank you very much, Grayfia-sensei."

"And you must be Alicia, I have heard about you serving Hanwei-san as a potentially great maid. It is nice to make your acquaintance."

Tense, the newest maid here did her best to make a good impression, "Thank you, it is an honor to meet you Grayfia-sama."

"Akeno-san, Koneko-san, it has been a while. It is nice to see you in good health. I hope Rias hasn't troubled you too much with her selfishness."

"No, Rias has actually helped us a lot. I think that it was me who has troubled her."

"Buchou has taken care of us very well Grayfia-san, we are glad to have her."

"I see, I am relieved to hear that. Sometimes Rias can be overbearing with her actions when the situation does not go her way." Said redhead was embarrassed as the sister-in-law mentioned her shortcoming. Her attitude suddenly shifted to become more respectful when she saw me, "Good day, Hanwei-san. I have heard about your accomplishment against the God Slaying Wolf, congratulations for your victory."

"It's not a victory, I only weakened him just enough for everyone else to restrain him, and I was only able to do it thanks to Azazel's device amplifying my power for a short time."

"Nonetheless, not just anyone can oppose one of the Top 10 Strongest, especially at such a young age. Your popularity has risen exponentially since the news have become publicized."

Yeah, thanks to that the number of presents and marriage proposals went up. Miho and the other girls were not happy about it. Let's just hope that this popularity won't be used against me someday, "Thank you, though I couldn't have done it without my friends."

"How modest, and to have a close relationship with Rias as well. However, not everyone thinks that way."

Aaaaaaannddd... Rias was internally panicking, doing her best to not lose her cool. The King did say we should anticipate a problematic topic arising. "What do you mean onee-sama?"

Grayfia sipped her tea before setting the cup back down, "Due to the Aoi Arashi's increasing popularity, he has gained much attention from many devils, as well as doubts about your bond as master and servant. With someone who is already this powerful physically as well as socially, some have suspicious that Hanwei-san no longer obeys you as his King."

"That's preposterous!" A yell escaped from Rias' lips, only for her to realize her mistake and recompose herself, "Yes, sometimes Daisuke may not listen to my orders yet that is only on very rare occasions when he knows which decisions are best taken during dire situations. It is because that he cares about my wellbeing that he does not listen but otherwise he allows me lead as usual."

"That may be true. Nonetheless, more and more grow doubtful as Hanwei-san's strength greatly overwhelms yours. While he has shown much improvement, you can hardly say you are keeping up, both in terms of physical and emotional growth."

Rias was not having a good time. Having a Super Devil older brother and the Strongest Queen older sister-in-law isn't exactly fair when you're being compared and now when I'm thrown into the mix, I can imagine a lone redhead girl in the background desperately trying to stand out when everyone is paying their attention to the better picks.

"There is also the part where you think you can solve your problems with money which may have resolved somewhat. Even so, it is miserable that you cannot act when the time calls for it. There are already girls who have already married at your age, and once you graduate from high school-"

"Excuse me, Grayfia-san." I spoke up, feeling too much from hearing this, "I know this is rude of me-"

"Daisuke, you said wouldn't to talk back."

Ignoring the distressed King, "While what you you said is correct, Rias has recently shown growth at her own pace and acted accordingly even if you may find it unsatisfyingly slow. Your lecturing is understandable, but I believe that she is already starting to walk on the right path to become a fine heiress to the Gremory Household. She is still learning, please allow her more time to understand her role as well as herself."

Stunned, Rias blushed from my compliment as her peerage smiled warmly, they too understand where I'm getting at. Grayfia simply observed, though I could tell she was happy about me standing up for her, "Could you explain more in more detail?"


Dream Sword emerged into my grasp as my body was already rotating, swinging my arm to slice the intruder. Said intruder effortlessly caught my sword with one hand, "My apologies for startling you."


"Sirzechs-san?" I exclaimed in astonishment, withdrawing my weapon as everyone else settled down, "Couldn't you have come through the door?"

"Where would the fun be in that?" He had an easygoing smile, sitting comfortably on a couch, "Impressive response by the way, my head would've been sent flying if I was not fast enough."

Fast enough my ass, the Super Devil had time to spare before stopping my attack, the cuff of his suit aren't even ruffled. I wouldn't be surprised if his head was too tough for me to cut through.

"As I was saying. Come now Grayfia, I agree with Hanwei-kun. Rias is doing just fine on her own. How is everyone doing? I brought gifts for everyone I'm sure you will enjoy. I call it 'The girl called Crimson Princess - The growing of Ria-tan compilation'."

Pictures of Rias from her younger days were distributed to us, I received one when she was dressed up really prettily as a middle schooler going to a tea party hosted by a friend. Another one was with Rias and Sona together, though the latter was staring at the former's big chest in annoyance and jealousy when she's still only a young a kid. Seriously? She can't be older than fourteen and they already look like C-cups?

"No! Don't look at them!" Embarrassed, the younger redhead hurriedly swiped the pictures away much to Akeno's amusement.

"Sirzechs, were you not supposed be in a meeting with the Yondai Maou right now?"

"Hahaha, do not worry. I can join the meeting here if I send myself as a holographic image- owowowowow. Grayfia, my cheek hurts."

"Maybe I should end my day off and resume back to my duties as your maid."

Miho smiled wryly, sweatdropping at the back and forth communication from the married couple. Alicia blinked in bewilderment, "Lucifer-sama is much different than when I last saw him."

"He's always like this. Better get used to it, almost half of all the important figures I've met are pretty carefree."


Multiple projections of miniature people popped up on the table, "Sirzechs-chan! Can you hear me!? Mou, it's no fair that you get to go to the human world, I want to go too and see So-tan! Ah, is that Hanwei-tan? Hi Hanwei-tan!"

"Hey Levia-tan, haven't seen you in a while."

"Hello Serafall-sama."

"Rias-chan! It's good to see you again. Ajuka-chan and Falbi-chan are curious about why you are not here yet Sirzechs-chan."

The Lucifer's best friend smirked mischievously at his antics, "Having fun on your own again Sirzechs? It had to be either this or another incident occurred."

I saw the third image, that's the fourth of the Four Great Maous. I've seen him before in pictures when Venelana taught me during summer vacation. Falbium Asmodeus, formerly from the Glasya-Labolas Houshold. Tall, bald, and has a goatee. He looks just as sleepy and lethargic in real life as he is in the books.

Freed from his wife's torturous pinching, Sirzechs introduced me, "Hanwei-kun, I believe this is your first meeting Falbium. He is the type that can't be bothered to do anything, and is in charge of the Military Affairs."

"Good to meet you Falbium-san."

"(#`-_ゝ-) Likewise Han."

"... Wait a second, did you only pronounce the first syllabus of my name because you're too lazy to say the rest?"


Although startled by his dull voice and attitude, everyone else greeted the Asmodeus respectfully. In turn, the great Maou simply responded with a single word which got Serafall upset, "Falbi-chan, this is Rias-chan's peerage! Show some more energy for a proper good first introduction."

The holographic Leviathan vanished from her seat as she zipped over to the lazy Maou, petulantly tapping the top of his bald head over and over with her hand in a futile attempt to energize him. That silly sight almost made me drop to my knees, 'Don't laugh! Don't laugh! Don't laugh!'

My King whispered to my ear, "Don't be fooled by his attitude, he is the Underworld's best strategists and tactician. Asmodeus-sama has recruited many talented as his servants, he does the important work on the first day and pushes the rest to his subordinates so he can slack off."

"Does he also have a hobby of playing shogi and watching clouds?"

Rias playfully slapped my elbow, grinning at my joke, "I know you're a fan of this Naruto you told us about, though that doesn't mean you can compare a Maou to an anime character just because you're in an anime yourself. Show some respect."

Chuckling, "Yeah yeah."

"So Sirzechs, what are you up to this time?"

At the Beelzebub's question, the Lucifer put on an exuberant air. He must have seen our interaction because Sirzechs was pleased to see me and Rias getting along, "To tell you the truth, I was going to make Rias take that ceremony at the Ruins of Connection."

Multiple 'oou's echoed yet Rias was vexed by the idea, "Onii-sama, don't you think it's too early!?"

"It is a rite of passage every Gremory from the main household should perform when they reach a certain age. This will also serve to prove the people that your bond with Aoi Arashi is strong as ever."

"That is not the issue. It's just I don't think that Daisuke-..." Rias' eyes locked with mine for a second before she shifted away in guilt, "Daisuke is not ready for this."

"Really? I think he is already more than qualified to help you clear the ceremony. Even if he does not accept the outcome, it will be fine as long as you two can pass, unless you have someone else in mind to accompany you?"

She clamped up at the last part.

I turned to Akeno and Koneko for details, they simply avoided my silent question uncomfortably. Then I turned to my two maids who are just as puzzled as me. Rias wanted to speak out more but too timid to do so, she always has trouble speaking her mind in front of her family. I spoke up, "Sirzechs-san, may I know the details of this ceremony?"

"The information will be given tomorrow when you arrive at the destination. Only you can come with Rias, the rest must stay here until you both return."

Rattled, Miho and I instantly stared at each other. I don't want to be so far away from my mate for that long, 'Me? Away from Miho? For who-knows-how-long?'

Everyone else noticed the atmosphere between us. Grayfia smiled gently towards her pinkette student, "I know this must be difficult for you, but this is for the best of the Gremory Household. It will only last for half a day at most. Once the ceremony is over, Hanwei-san will teleport back immediately."

"... I am Hanwei-sama's maid, what he chooses to do is not my decision."

"Well Hanwei-san, do you accept?"

'Fuck no, I want to stay at home and cuddle with my wife.' is what I want to say yet when I see Rias, the redhead has that conflicting expression. She's concerned about me yet hopeful that I can help her. Not to mention that Sirzechs has aided me so much before, turning him down isn't exactly a real option, "Alright, I accept."

Ecstatic, the other three Maous were looking forward to the trial as the room was a bit noisier. Grayfia bowed in maid mode despite on her day off, "Thank you. I am sorry for dragging you into this mess, now I must bring my husband back for re-education after bringing unnecessary people into this."

"So that's how it is, do your best you two- Ow ow ow."

"Sirzechs be sure to bring Issei Hyoudou, there is something about his Evil Pieces." Before the projections would disperse, I heard Ajuka requesting something before the Lucifer replied.

After Grayfia pinched her husband while dragging him home, Rias dropped onto the couch while holding her head with her hand, "Daisuke, Miho, I'm really sorry about... Hm, where did Miho go?"

Clone Daisuke feigned ignorance, tasked to keep them busy, "Don't worry, I asked her to do some errands for me."

The real Daisuke swiftly swooped Miho off her feet and brought her to their love nest before anyone else noticed what happened. The latter was surprised by the sudden action, "Hanwei-sama?"

"Since I'll be gone for half a day, we might as well spend as much time together as possible now... can't we?"

Miho blinked before giggling cutely, "Ara ara, what a needy danna-sama. Akeno and Koneko will need attention too."

"I can bang them later tonight."

The pinkette's cuteness melted, replaced by predatorial salacity as we got down to business.

Rias and I reached some ruins at the base of a mountain located on the outskirts of the Gremory territory... alone... together. I unconsciously turned my head to find Miho except that she's not with me right now. A cold sharp pang cut my heart until I shook my head, 'Come on Daisuke, no time for traumas. Get your head in the game.'

A large entrance stood in front of us, pillars were lined by the edges with statues of the past Gremories in between them. For a place that's supposed to be millenniums old, this place appears almost brand new.

Rias was subtly sneaking peeks at me. She's not an idiot, she is aware of my current mental state and didn't want to bring me here for a reason. I spoke first to ease the tension, "So, what is this trial about anyway?"

"As you know, this is the Ruins of Connection. It's the place where I need to undergo a trial with a person dear to me to prove our relationship..." Her face was reddening to the same shade as her hair, "as fiancés."

"Yeah, I thought it would be something like that."

"... I am so sorry."

"It's not your fault. Besides, I thought I got your parents to stop hooking me up with you during summer vacation?"

"This is more of a verification than convincing, I think they want to see if I'm still serious about you after everything that has happened."

The heiress of a devil household with rich history and power doesn't have it as easy as it looks I suppose. Considering how much I'm dead set on spending the rest of my life with Miho, it must've put Rias' romance life in a difficult spot. Our relationship has progressed to sex friends now though no one besides us five knows about this, maybe I should've told Sirzechs that I would take Rias after getting over my problems when I had the chance. Just when I was going to ask how much longer we needed to wait-


A figure in a red outfit and red helmet flipped in the air dramatically before landing in front of us with a dramatic pose, "Ha ha! So the challenger has come! I hope you are prepared to face Satan Red!"

Multiple other figures in similar attires emerged with him, "No problem is too difficult for the genius me to solve, for I am Satan Blue!"

"This is the pretty pretty Satan Pink. Get ready for me!"

"Hm? Huh? Is it my turn? I'm Satan Green."

Standing straight and formal, the last one has an aura that screamed 'I don't want to be here'. Upon the expecting looks from the other figures, she resigned to her fate and stepped forward, uttering with the flattest tone she could produce, "... Satan Yellow."

Together, they yelled in unison while posing, a small yet colorful flare exploded behind them to add extra drama, "And we are... THE SATAN RANGERS!"







Feigning ignorance might've been the better choice, yet I'm too curious not to ask, "Okay, I can understand the Maous, but Grayfia-san? How did they rope you of all people into this?"

"Daisuke, what are you saying? They can't be onii-sama and the others."

I stared at Rias with a raised eyebrow, half-expecting her to be joking yet she showed no signs of it at all, "Seriously, do you not see the resemblance? They're not even masking their demonic energies, not to mention their voices. It's obviously them."

The King crossed her arms, lecturing me strictly, "Daisuke, I know they are eccentric and can be irresponsible at times, but they always make sure that their jobs are properly done and have the utmost respect for their titles. They of all people should understand what it truly means to be a Maou as they shoulder the fate of the entire Underworld. Besides, this is an important rite which belongs to the Gremory for generations, not even they would think to bend the rules just to have their fun."


Secretly glancing at the five over the redhead's shoulder, I saw that Sirzechs and the others were actually embarrassed for pulling this stunt after hearing the admiration from one of the younger generations. Grayfia, in particular, was hunching over while covering her face with her hands in shame, ignoring her husband's attempts to cheer her up. In retrospect, now I'm kind of glad that Miho's not here, it would only add salt to the Ultimate Queen's wound if her student sees this.

Should I try explaining it to Rias? ... Nah, ignorance is bliss.

Satan Red knew he's already in too deep, unable to back out after making such an introduction in this rite, "We are hired by the Gremory Household as judges. There are three trials which requires teamwork in order to overcome. Do your best to breakthrough all three. We shall wait at the end. Fuhahahahahaha!"

All five dived into the ruins with Red as the lead, leaving us at the entrance. Rias was puzzled, "Still, who could Otou-sama and Okaa-sama hire for the ceremony? And for five figures to have Satan level demonic presence no less."

I swear, this girl is a genius in some aspects, and also a total airhead in others. What happened to all the tension I had in the beginning? This is almost as bad as one of Azazel's pranks. Sighing, "Come on, let's get this over with."

Brought out of her thinking, Rias confidently responded after noticing my now more collected persona, "You're right, we've come this far so let's show them what we can do."

We entered, scanning the ambient structure. It's mostly made of smooth stone with the Gremory insignias cleanly carved on the walls, well-lit too with magic. I scrutinized the redhead on my left, spotting her staring at me before she turned around while blushing as an embarrassed teenage girl. It's kind of cute considering all the seducing she did to me before now, is it because of this rite?

Less than a minute of traversing later, we entered a spacious room with Satan Pink in the center. Serafall made a peace sign, "Welcome to the first trial. Now for the first test, you two will dance. For important devils, you will be dancing a lot in many high class parties. Now pop the top and don't stop 'til you drop!"

What does that even mean? Before I could ask, Satan Pink snapped her fingers, summoning an audio system and played classic elegant music.

"Daisuke." Rias gave me her hand, spoke softly yet boldly. Despite what she's said earlier, a part of her wanted to pass.

Smiling, I remembered my lessons with Venelana and wore my, what I like to call, the shoujo-favorite-handsome-man face. Accepting her hand with mine, my other hand was placed on her hip, "It would be my pleasure to have this dance, ojou-sama."

Not expecting my advancement, she blushed heavily as I took the lead. Due to Rias' lessons, her other hand was placed on my shoulder by muscle memory. We danced to the music, our movements and postures were synced partially owing to the simple type of music. We danced naturally while staring into each other's eyes at the same time, though the more we did the more embarrassed the King become.

"Wh-when did you learn how to dance this well?"

"From your mom remember?"

"But to be this good in that short period of learning?"

"It's not that different from fighting."

Serafall squealed, "Oooo! You two look so good together, it seems that there isn't any trouble for you future couple after all."


A sharp cut went through my heart, my mind almost going blank from the painful memories which caused me to lose it and step on her foot.


"Sorry! Sorry!" I hastily apologized, getting my shit back together and danced to the rhythm again.

"Hanwei-tan could still use some practice though."

Rias saw the look in my eyes as a sad frown appeared on her face, she must've put the pieces together when the Leviathan commented about us. Ashamed, I darted my pupils away to break eye contact.

Thankfully, I was able to dance without any more troubles. Once the music stopped, Satan Pink clapped her hands enthusiastically, "You two were wonderful, now how will you dance to this?"

The music shifted from classy to modern, too modern to be something devils would use. Bright colorful lights were shining everywhere, blue, pink, and yellow in particular. Serafall pointed at us, "Come on, what are you two waiting for? Shake to the tune! It's a free for all!"

I had to shout or else the loud music would drown out my voice, "Is this really part of the trail!?"

"Yes!... I think!? " The Gremory heiress responded unsurely.

Seeing as Rias was now dancing with the smoothness and sexiness of a K-pop idol, I sighed before breakdancing while feeling as if we're being played.

"Phew." Rias panted a bit, not because of physical but mental exhaustion, "The first test is already this unexpected."

"You can say that again, I didn't think Pink would actually join in on the dancing, or make us pose with her and take a picture together."

"She didn't announce how we scored and just allowed us on to the next test. I suppose we can safely assume that we pass."

"Yeah. By the way, where did you learn to dance like that? It was pretty good."

"O-oh that." She fidgeted, "I saw how you liked some of the idols on television and thought maybe you would notice me more."

... My face was tinted red.

"(╹ڡ╹ ) Did you like it?"

"... Yes."

Watching how shy I became, Rias giggled in success and whispered in my ear with a deep seductive voice, "Should I give you a private show on our next nightly session?"

"Seriously!? One moment you were embarrassed and the next moment you're being daring?"

"I am a girl. And a girl needs to know when to push or pull when the boy she loves is in front of her. Besides, does being embarrassed really matter at this point when you've already taken my virginity?"

Rias smiled innocently with her hands behind her back, leaning forward ever so slightly for maximum cuteness effect while gazing at me. All I could do was turn around petulantly, was this pay back for surprising her with a good dance? You think that after getting married, you would start to understand girls better but nope! They are still a complete mystery.

We've walked through another relatively long corridor to find another large room, yet this time we paused for a moment to think about what we're seeing.


It was Satan Green this time. However, it wasn't that he's asleep that's the problem. It was that he's asleep on a luxurious super soft king size bed while wearing a nightcap and a sleep mask over his Satan Ranger suit. He's even got a custom made neck pillow for extra comfort.

After waiting for another few seconds, the redhead hesitantly spoke, "Should we wake him up?"

"I'm on it." Standing next to his bed, I set my phone to max volume and let the alarm ring.

Judging by his grunting, his peaceful slumber was disturbed. The Asmodeus' hand went to slap the non-existent alarm clock only to hit nothing except air. Finally unable to take it, Falbium woke up and his first words are, "What are you kids doing in my room?"

"Two things. One, this is the Ruins of Connection. Two, you're suppose judge us for the next test."

"Oh right, I'm playing with Sirzechs. Which color am I again?"


"Right. Anyway," Falbium lazily clapped his hands twice, calling out two maids to set up furniture and food, "your test is table manners. You'll be dinning with me as my servants will watch you. It's a point reduction system and you'll fail when you lose all your points. Begin."

Pulling the chair without making noise, we took our napkins and picked the correct utensils. I still don't get why they have forks and knives of slightly different shapes and sizes for different cuisine, high-class stuff confuses me. We ate elegantly, food tastes good though I still prefer Miho's cooking, a bit small on the portions too. Other than that, everything else is branded and expensive. Table smoother than any marble, the pure white cloth covering the said table, and even the mildly scented candles.

After taking a few bites through his helmet, Falbium spoke, "This is our first proper meeting. I have heard many great news regarding you Rias-ojousan, Hanwei-san."

The air around the lazy maou changed, replaced with a more serious tone. Must be part of the test, "Thank you for kind words, Satan Green-sama. However, words can be exaggerated at times, I only strive to do my best like everyone else."

"How modest. We are lucky have another youth who has aided us in averting many great crisis that could threaten the peace of the Underworld."

Proud, Rias exclaimed with genuine happiness, "Yes, I agree Satan Green-sama. We are truly lucky to have Hanwei."

"Especially during our last crisis. Khaos Brigade spread their forces as we had to do the same, rendering us to entrust your group to establish a peaceful relationship with the Norse religion." He took a sip of wine, "I am sure Fenrir must have given you much trouble."

"Indeed." Taking a small bite, I made sure to chew soundlessly, "Fenrir has proven himself why he is in the Top 10 Strongest."

"He was an opponent unlike any other we have faced. However, we still emerged victorious in the end."

"That's right, take pride in what you have accomplished Hanwei-san, your strength has lead everyone to victory."

"It was not just me Satan Green-sama. Without everyone else doing their best, I would not be alive right now. The peerage of Rias Gremory-sama, fallen angels, angels, as well as the Norse helped, we won together for a single purpose to attain peace."

Falbium finished his meal, loosening his posture and returning back to his lazy self, "The test is over, both of you passed."

Rias was elated while I sighed in relief, still haven't fully gotten used to being sophisticated and formal.

"Especially Hanwei-san. When I said 'what you have accomplished', you denied and stated it was everyone's hard work. Had you not, it would draw more attention while discrediting everyone else. Although there are few with reprehensible attitudes nowadays, it is important to be aware of how society views you and the people around you. Knowing what and how to say can greatly affect your image more than you think."

The duchess of the Gremory Household did teach me that as well, though what the maou tried was pretty easy to see through. Either this is the norm or he's just too lazy to be thorough about it, probably both.

""Congratulations, we wish you luck on your next test."" The two maids bowed gracefully.

"Fuaaaa... Later." And with that, Falbium went back to sleep.

"First was too hyper, and the second was too laxed. Wonder what's the third?"

"Nothing we can't pass I'm sure. We've done great so far." The redhead stated cheerily, "Just one more and it's over."

Knowing Sirzechs' personality, he'd most likely end this with a bang like making us do an obstacle course as a pair with the rest of the Satan Rangers trying to hinder us. I glanced at the happy Rias, clearing this rite means that we'll be officially acknowledged as fiancés and I... To be honest, I don't really know how to feel about Rias right now. We're more than friends obviously, though I can't confidently say that I'm romantically committed to her even half as much as I am to Miho.

Speaking of Miho, I wonder what she's doing right now? Either she's cooking sweets for everyone or chewing my boxers again, she asked for a pair before I left.

"Daisuke?" Turning around to the King's voice, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking. Shouldn't we tell your family about..." I awkwardly did hand gestures, "us? Not the exact specific details, just that we're technically together now so it's not a lie. It'll put them at ease and they'll also stop stressing you about marriage. And there's also talk about you for selfishly breaking up your arranged marriage with Riser. All of those would stop if we let everyone know."

Her feet stopped as Rias showed a solemn visage, "True, a lot of problems would just go away if I do that... But what about you?"

"I'm fine with it. I've already resolved myself for this the moment I accepted you and the rest."

Rias grabbed the sides of my face, staring at my eyes with her own blue-green orbs ever so seriously, "... Liar, you're not fine with it at all."

"Uh..." Don't know why, though this was sort of embarrassing, "Could you let go?"

The redhead complied yet still remaining pensive, "Daisuke, you're still thinking about others too much without considering your own wellbeing. Though if you want to know the real reason, what do you think a King is without her peerage?"

It took me a second to think, "It's that she isn't a King at all."

"Exactly." Rias smiled, "No matter how good or how much the benefits it could bring me, my happiness isn't worth robbing away the happiness of those closest to me. Even if I do it, when I look back and think about it... Was it really my abilities that made this possible? Am I cruel enough to bring pain to my peerage for my own selfishness? Akeno, Yuuto, Koneko, and Gasper. We were a small group back then, but a strong group with a close bond."

"Blindly achieving my goals at a big cost? I'll start to think to myself in the future 'Are they crying because of me?' or 'Did I really do this to them?' or 'Maybe there might've been another way?'. I'll admit, I may not have been the best at helping with their traumas at first but at least I was able to keep us together as a family. And I didn't help them because they are my peerage, I help them because I selfishly choose to."

Her smile widened, almost radiantly so. As the senpai, Rias gave me a headpat for a change, "And I see no reason to stop now. You can take as long as you need, I'll be there for you just as you've been there for me."

... Probably should've seen this coming. Rias always let Akeno and the others slowly overcome their traumas, otherwise they would've used their real powers in our first Rating Game. Rias then wouldn't need to worry about being forced to marry Riser. Why did I expect a different reason? ... Oh right, fucking Season 4.

Awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck, "Let's hope that I don't need to take too long. Come on, just one last test."

We resumed in a relatively more positive mood. My only question now is why do these ruins have needlessly long pathways in between each rooms, it's not as if the Gremories here can have quick makeout sessions in this perfectly dim lit atmosphere...


"Hello, you came later than I expected." Satan Blue greeted as tables and chairs were in front of him, "Did you two enjoy your privacy together?"


"Your third test will challenge your knowledge, these questions are prepared by yours truly. You have one hour to complete, take your seats and begin."

That's it? Honestly thought Sirzechs' would go for something flashier. Meh, taking a pen Ajuka offered, I briefly scanned through the papers and evaluated what questions I can and cannot answer. Believe it or not, it's not that bad and I think I can get a fairly high grade. Again, Venelana's tutoring came in clutch because being the perfectionist she is, she made sure that I know what I need. Besides, I got my own personal reason for wanting a promotion to High-class as soon as possible.

General history of the Underworld and Household of Gremory? Check.

Magic formula and theories? Easy.

Economical values? I can answer it good enough.

Politics and information of the 72 pillars. A bit shaky.

Theoretical battle scenarios and how to utilize your pieces accordingly? Piece of cake.

How to raise a flag and capture the redhead gal? The fuck?

My brows unconsciously furrowed from unease, those negative feelings are stirring back. Checking the sand clock, I couldn't hesitate for too long so I decided not to think too much and write whatever I can think of. Tapping sounds could be heard as pens were used to fill in the blanks. One hour passed and Ajuka swiftly graded our papers with a feathered pen magically moving by itself in mid-air.

"Both of you pass." A door opened behind Satan Blue, "Red is waiting, proceed through this door and report about your passing of the rite."

Rias thanked him enthusiastically. However, I was still in doubt, no way it can be this easy. Unlike the other passages, this one was short and we found ourselves in a wide open space, a colosseum to be exact. Our path leads straight to the center right where Sirzechs and Grayfia were waiting.

"Yosh! Impressive of you for clearing the trials so easily. But! Do not think that the rite itself will end so easily!"

Called it.

An immense aura emanated around Satan Red, waves of his power propelled through the air as the color crimson shades deeper than his costume cloaked his frame, "Aoi Arashi, your magnificent feats have spread to ears of many in the Underworld. Fight me! And prove yourself whether you are truly worthy to take Rias Gremory as your woman!"

"Finally, a test I can get behind." Flexing my neck, I started light stretches to warm up.

A tug of my sleeve grabbed my attention. My King was concerned, "Daisuke, you just recovered from your fight against Fenrir. And whoever this Satan Red is, his power rivals a Maou's, will you be alright?"

She still doesn't know who they are, does she... "No problem, I'll be fine."

"... If you say so." Rias wasn't convinced and went to the viewing area where the other Satan Rangers were already sitting before she stopped, returning back and planted a quick kiss to my cheek, "That's for... good luck."

ヾ(≧≦*)o The blushing redhead then went to the viewing area.

Honestly, the gut-wrenching guilt wasn't as bad as I thought, maybe I'm starting to get used to this. Sirzechs pointed at me in an extravagant fashion, "As the leader of the Satan Rangers, I have wanted to fight the infamous Aoi Arashi. Your fame and feats have caught my attention for quite some time."

"I appreciate your kind words." Powering up, Dream Sword v1.1 manifested in my hand and I hope this fight doesn't cost me another blade. I've been acting like a scared little bitch the whole day, a good fight might get me back to my normal self. I made a 'bring it on' gesture with my free hand, "Come, Satan Red."

He wasted no time, shooting a condensed sphere of destruction right to my head. I simply tilted slightly as the projectile whizzed past, putting a massive hole several times the sphere's size on part of the colosseum. A sudden overhead punch was already on top of me, I barely blocked it in time while jumping back for distance. The force of the punch alone was enough to split the ground I stood a moment ago.

Sirzechs didn't give me a chance to think, escaping from the dust cloud and closing the gap with a roundhouse kick but I managed to knock them away. Bones rattled from the impact of his hits. I blocked two more before the redhead made a dramatic superhero pose for a straight jab. Susanoo ribcage emerged at the last moment, tanking the hit as a loud 'gong' sound reverberated throughout the area.

My defense cracked yet still holding. My avatar's right arm was already hidden underground and ready to pierce up for a surprise attack. However, Satan Red leaped back before the sword could land. He's fast, strong, and didn't break a sweat. Going up against a Super Devil who's even stronger than Fenrir won't be easy.

"A worthy opponent indeed! Ha! Ha!" Sirzechs slowly waved his arms before speeding up, striking yet another pose, "Your defense is impressive though you cannot win without offense!"

Forget not breaking a sweat, he's actually having fun.

"Tell me Aoi Arashi, you already have a woman you love correct!? Then how do you feel about Rias Gremory?"

Oh for fuck's sake, the gut-wrenching feeling is back, "She is my master as well as my close friend. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her."

"Such loyalty! But, that is not the answer I seek for this trial!"

"Listen, can we just get back to fighting?"

"I see. I see." Satan Red nodded his head understandingly, "You are mesmerized by Ria-tan's cuteness and don't want to be distracted!"

A deadpanned expression formed on my face, "... That's not what I said. Not even close."

"Fuhahaha! No need to be embarrassed, I can understand how you feel!"

As Rias joined the other Satan Rangers on the viewing area, she watched Daisuke fight but not without unease. He started out fine at first until his stances became shaky soon after. The redhead clutched her hands together over her heart, her Rook still couldn't concentrate.

"Have any of you noticed?" Satan Blue commented as he slackened his back on one of the stairs, "Han's mind is clouded."

Satan Green nodded, "At first glance, he seems normal yet in reality, he is repeatedly forcing himself to snap out of it."

"Yeah, since the very beginning. The fluctuations in his demonic magic are too wild. Hanwei-tan has some killing breakdancing moves though."

So it wasn't just her, the other rangers saw through Daisuke plain as day. Rias watched him the entire day and noticed, the Rook would subconsciously turn his head and expected something, or more specifically someone, to be by his side. Someone very dear to him and has always supported him since almost the very beginning. And when he doesn't see her, he fell slightly deeper in depression.


A pained cry stole back the King's attention. Daisuke narrowly evaded Satan Red's Power of Destruction, the left side of his torso bled and exposed. The latter closed the distance while the former utilized the opening, slashing the red fighter down just as he got close. However, what Rias saw was a blur and Satan Red disappeared before he aimed a hard hook behind the Rook.

Daisuke was able to chain the momentum to block with his sword. Satan Red's fist collided with the sharp end of the blade and yet, the Rook felt the blow through his weapon, skidding back from the force. He couldn't stop himself, decided to go with the flow instead and backflipped multiple times before throwing wind shurikens and a large fireball while still backflipping.

The Satan Ranger easily evaded or halted the shurikens with his bare hands. Just as he was about to do the same with the fireball, two clones emerged out from the flames and fired a pointblank getsuga jujisho. What Daisuke expected to be a light blue colored explosion, was actually silence. Multiple spheres of Destruction totally eliminated the surprise attack. The spheres proceeded to puncture through the clones as Satan Red laughed.

"Very good Aoi Arashi, but not good enough! Rias has high expectations of you! Can you really claim to be her chosen one with this little spirit in your actions!?"

"You're not gonna stop talking about this topic, are you?"

"Of course, that is the whole point of this trial after all!"

Rias clenched her skirt in worry as she witnessed the battle. Was... was bringing Daisuke here the right choice? She doesn't know. As much as the King wanted to be confident about her actions, she doesn't know what's really the best.

"Are you wavering over your decision?" Stunned, the redhead saw that Satan Yellow was sitting right next to her, "Do you not trust the man you love?"

"Of course I trust him." Rias nearly shouted, regaining her composure, "However, I don't know how to help him."

As Red attempted to coax how Daisuke feels about reciprocating Rias' feelings, the Rook showed more openings and becomes sloppier in his fight.

Although the King doesn't know who is under the Satan Yellow costume, Rias was somehow comfortable consulting to her, "Daisuke has always helped me from the very start but I was never able to get him to like me. There's already another girl who supported him through difficult times and no matter what I tried, he wouldn't look at me."

Retreating, Daisuke accelerated his healing factor while trying to fight back.

"I was never good at helping my peerage to overcome their traumas. I've even made a horrible mistake and yelled at the girl he loved because of my frustration and jealousy. Even so, my heart couldn't stop yearning for him, I wanted to help him too. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing works. At some point, I wondered if he needs me at all."

Melting through susanoo's sword, Satan Red positioned a sphere to whizz through the battle avatar and Daisuke from behind. He avoided by the skin of his teeth.

"He's just so dazzling and confident, he taught me to be strong. And now he's on the verge of mentally breaking down right in front of me, and I still can't do anything." Rias casted her head down, tearing up from the accumulated stress. This wasn't like that time with Akeno. Daisuke isn't her best friend whom she has known for years, and she wasn't the pinkette maid whom Daisuke has complete faith in. "Just... just what am I supposed to do?"

The other three Maous in disguise exchanged gazes after seeing the emotional drama. Serafall was about to sing her signature Magical Girl Leviathan theme song to cheer Rias up until Ajuka nelson hold her while Falbium covered her mouth with his hand.

"This rite does not solely have us as the judges, you and Hanwei-san also judge the testament of the bond you two share." Grayfia gave her own thoughts, remembering the time when she and her husband struggled to be together during the war, "You see him as a special existence which makes you act differently yet in reality, he is a normal young man who is the same as your other peerage members. Recall the time when you first met him. Did you not put your trust in him despite not knowing anything about him?"

"He may not have the same affections for you as you do for him, yet that is the very reason why you must show him what he really means to you. Instead of being chained by your feelings and thinking you must succeed, use those burning feelings accept the pain and reach out to him. Hanwei-sama came here because he was thinking about you and fought all the while suffering from distress. Does witnessing such a sight not elicit any other emotions besides love? Watch him Rias-sama."

Rias took those words to heart, has she been needlessly placing her Rook on a pedestal in her mind. She spectated the fight once more. Red pivoted a sword slash with his arm before roundhouse kicking Daisuke in the solar plexus. The Rook went tumbling away as Sirzechs rushed forth with a hook ready, "Then what was the time you spent with her to you, Aoi Arashi!? Did you only use Rias' love to inflate your ego while engaging another woman?"

"NO! I-"

Daisuke was decked straight in the jaw, sending him back even further. Surprisingly, Satan Red was stunned as well, "Huh? I thought he could dodge that."

Despite the punch slowing down at the last second, Daisuke was too disarrayed to concentrate, almost letting his weapon slip out of his hand. Getting back up, the Rook turned to his side and commanded, "Miho, buy me some time-"

His words were cut short as Daisuke realized that his mate wasn't next to him. At this point, Daisuke was hyperventilating as flashbacks of his reckless youth came back to haunt him. His thoughts suddenly pictured a lonely Miho at a corner, jealous because her mate was with another girl. A trauma of the past suppressed was now overwhelming him after so much mental stress from this trial.

The sight of a trembling Rook on the verge of breaking down made Sirzechs stop, even his Sacred Gear was blinking in and out of Balance Breaker due to unstable emotions. However, what really concerned Satan Red was that he saw the proud young man making a face he never thought he would see..

A face etched with weakness.

This test is becoming too much for Daisuke. Sirzches thought that maybe he should call off the match and get help-

"THIS ISN'T LIKE YOU DAISUKE!" A cry drew everyone's attention. Rias stood up from the stands, unable to take it anymore, "You always fight with everything you got! You stood tall for your beliefs! But now there is none of that! Forget about this rite and look in front of you! Even if you have to drag the doubts chaining you down, keep going until you win! Right here, right now, I want to hear what it is that you want!"

Her screamed echoed throughout the colosseum. For better or worse, Daisuke stopped shaking, "I... I... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Everyone recoiled back as he screamed his lungs out into the sky.

"I'm sick and tired of these stupid ancient traditions and those old geezers stuck in their past just to remember their glory days! I don't want to be a part of any of these crazy supernatural deathmatches when I can stay back and relax with some normal human gaming! I can't believe I got my ass kicked by a man child in a dorky power ranger costume-"

Satan Red checked his outfit, "Dorky? I thought it was really cool."

"But what I can't fucking stand the most is that I've been acting so fucking lame and pathetic as if I've forgotten what I've fucking learned in my life and I can't do a fucking thing because of fucking PTSD for fuck's sake!"

"Should I deduct mannerism points from him?"

"Shhh Falbi-chan, this is getting good."

"Is he always like that?"

"One of his milder rages actually. Usually Daisuke would be punching something by now."

After letting it all out, Daisuke breathed deeply to catch his breath, appearing somewhat better than before, "Venelana-san is gonna kill me for doing that, isn't she?"

"Don't worry about it too much. She punishes me more because of my antics than my choice of words." Sirzechs dismissed as he knew his mother well, "So, what now?"

"Now..." Daisuke took another deep breath, slapping his own face to get some more sense back into himself before pointing at Sirzechs, "Okay, I'll give it to you straight. I don't love Rias Gremory because I'm already in love with Asahina Miho."

"Is it an offense to the trial for uttering that?"

"And I don't give a rat's ass about this trial. Nevertheless, I can confidently announce this." He inhaled once more for self-reassurance, "Rias is someone precious to me. If there is anything or anyone who threatens her, I'll rush over and help her with all my might. As her servant and her friend, I vow to never let danger come her way and ensure that she achieves her dream, no matter what. A proud girl who clumsily stumbles along yet stubbornly faces whatever comes her way, that's the girl who I choose to serve. Rias Gremory!"

Hidden under that mask, Sirzechs smiled at the young Rook's exclaim, as well as at the blushing and steaming younger redhead.

"Still, I don't care about this trial, but it's not like I can back out now since my King gave me that scolding."

Arm out, the air displaced from swiping down Dream Sword reached all the way to Satan Red. Sirzechs barely blocked in time as said sword suddenly made contact with his forearms, with Daisuke pushing forward with full intention to bifurcate the Super Devil.

"Besides, I what to beat the crap out of you for not shutting up about what I think of her!"

Satan Red's pupils darted down to see condensed golden spatial energy around Daisuke's fist, prompting him to act swiftly before space tremored right into his gut. A resulting earthquake echoed through the arena, Grayfia and the other satans had to construct a barrier to shield Rias from the shockwave. Sirzechs skided back and breathed, knowing that the young Rook need to rest from the recoil of his New Longinus, until he saw two clones primed to sever him in half.

Those clones were created before Daisuke launched himself to slash. Clones with fragments of his original strength are nowhere near enough but at this point, he doesn't care anymore. The Super Devil is too powerful for any tricks the Rook could think of, so that leads to one remaining conclusion - AN ALL OUT SMACK DOWN!

A clone flipped over a sphere of Destruction while the other slid underneath. Sirzechs grabbed the one in the air by the wrist, throwing him before stomping down a Dream Sword from the other. Wings unfurled from the first clone as he swung multiple Getsugas whereas the second discarded his weapon for hand to hand combat. Satan Red caught a fist while mentally controlling his Ruin the Extinct to nullify the energy slashes behind him. Clone two readied a Taikyoku Rasengan with his free hand until he got annihilated by Sirzechs' magic.

The original flipped in the air, susanoo arms swinging down for an overhead slash. Satan Red caught it with his bear hands, cratering the ground beneath his feet from the impact and kicking up dust clouds. Daisuke instantly flashed out of the ribcage to throw a downward haymaker though his opponent jumped back to dodge. The Rook didn't stop and dug his hands into the ground, literally flipping the entire floor of the colosseum over the Maou's head.

"Seriously?" To the Rook's credit, Sirzechs was startled by the unusual move. Vibrations underground alerted Satan Red as the first clone from earlier emerged out and blew the largest fireball he could with his remaining magic. As the giant slab of earth toppled over, the fire spread and set the their arena ablaze. Nonetheless, Ruin of Extinct defended him as the spheres melted through all the harm coming his way.

"Tch!" Daisuke took to the skies, bombarding with shuriken shinkuha from above. Thousands upon thousands of wind shurikens showered from all directions, opting for speed to somehow bypass around that Destruction, yet Sirzechs stared calmly without worry.

Despite gazing at the distant sky and being a speck compared to all the wind projectiles, Satan Red willed his spheres to swiftly rotate around him as a barrier. Every single shuriken approaching Sirzechs evaporated into nothingness. Daisuke then manipulated the ambient air with Senpu, conjuring a tornado around over the colosseum, redirecting all the shurikens that missed to hit the Maou from all sides.

However, the end result is still the same. Satan Red smiled underneath his mask at the young devil's growth, it's not everyday that someone could push him to use his special demonic abilities. He whispered, "Maybe a little more exchange before I give him the win."

In a blink of an eye, Daisuke lost sight of his opponent until he found him above his head, much faster than the shurikens he threw. His heart beat fast as the image of Sirzech's foot speedily closed in to his head. At the last second, crimson temporal energy activated to reposition himself above the Maou this time. A diagonal sword swipe poised to cut. Daisuke thought he had him until Satan Red turned around to grab the blade and throwing him down to the ground.

Daisuke's muscles spasmed from the backlash, helplessly falling to the ground-

"Don't give up Daisuke! I know you can win!"

The voice of his King and friend snapped reached Daisuke's ears, snapping his mind back into focus. Sweating, the fatigued weighed down his body yet the Rook pushed on, forcing himself to move despite the recoil.

Everyone watched as the Aoi Arashi plummeted, causing a dust cloud from the fall. It was quiet for a few seconds until the dust was blown away, revealing Daisuke in the epicenter. The sheer amount of energy from his New Longinus and demonic magic was enough to clear the colosseum. Then, Daisuke did something he hadn't done in a while ever since his control has significantly improved. He made a clear image in his mind and crossed his fingers to make a handsign.

"Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Clones upon clones erupted forth, filling not only the colosseum but also the sky. More and more continuously formed into existence upwards. Sirzechs inclined his head up as he see nothing except Daisukes everywhere. No clouds, no trees in the horizon, and of course no one else in his vision. Only clones of Daisukes.

Thousands of Daisukes then threw themselves at Satan Red by grabbing each other's arms and slinging forward. Sirzechs floated and weaved around the human projectiles before snatching one of them, tossing him back to the army. Blocking a kick with his forearm, Sirzechs ducked under another attack from behind, chaining a spinning heel kick before diving down. Over ten clones came at him at once until they were destroyed by his magic while the caster kneed another in the gut and robbed his replica of Dream Sword, firing it like an arrow faster than the clones could react.

This went on as the army of clones did whatever they could to find a way around the Ruin the Extinct. The Maou elbowed one in the ribs and kicked another in the chin, dispelling them in single hits. Parrying a sword strike, Sirzechs commanded a sphere of Destruction to pass through a clone. Other spheres followed suit, tearing down the army rather quickly as they popped out of existence.

Some clones knocked one another to move them out of danger as they sacrificed themselves. Sirzechs picked up some noise below him, finding boulders catapulted. One group sped up those boulders with wind while another breathed fireballs to set them on fire. With a wave of his hand, Satan Red emitted Destruction to obliterate the large pieces of burning rock.

One clone in particular managed to weave through his demonic magic and reached Sirzechs. The Maou did a right hook though just as he was about to land the punch, the clone tilted at the last second and escaped with only a graze. Surprised, Satan Red kicked up which was blocked by Kaiten and the clone retaliated with a horizontal sword swing to his midsection.

Sirzechs avoided, giving an uppercut to the gut while controlling a sphere to aim from behind. Again, at the last moment, the clone blocked the fist with the flat end of his Dream Sword in a position where the sphere passed harmlessly by above his head. Not losing momentum, he spun in the air and chained a downward slash to Sirzechs shoulder. Satan Red deflected it slightly to make it miss and they continued.

An upward swing met a forearm. The Maou kneed forward while the clone stopped it with a hand coated in Buso armor while avoiding two spheres this time. A series of kicks were repelled by the back of Sirzechs' hand until the clone thrusted straight to the solar plexus. Satan Red barely leaned back in time as more Ruin of Extinct were zooming at the target. Shoulders loosened, wings flapped, legs apart. The clone twisted in an awkward position to narrowly dodge, gritting his teeth while doing so before firing a getsuga towards his opponent.

Flashing up to hover above the army of clones, Sirzechs marveled at how fast Daisuke was adapting, he's figured out the Maou's attack pattern and starting to fight and dodge his destruction at the same time. While his Tenkugan initially appeared unfocused, his eyes actually gleamed and analyzed everything around him. From the way Satan Red moved to the pathway of his Ruin the Extinct. Granted, Sirzechs was holding back a lot yet he was almost tempted to see how far the young devil can go.

Hundreds of Getusuga Tenshos were bolting towards him, urging the Maou to gather more Destruction in his palm. Sirzeches proceeded to wipe out the attacks along with their casters in a blink of an eye. Just as the surroundings were cleared, a bright light blue shine caught his attention.

Down at the colosseum, the original Daisuke was charging up a Rasenshuriken one in each hand with the help of clones forming the spell. However, unlike before, those Rasenshurikens were condensed further than usual, the mass-density ratio had a much larger difference. The spiraling cores were fueled with so much magic yet still maintaining the same size and shape, effectively pumping them to become absolute nukes.

Faster rotations.

More power.

Greater compression.

Sharper wind.

Daisuke kept going to the point the screeching shurikens were mistaken as stars illuminating the entire Underworld, forcing the participants to cover their eyes and ears. Muscles expanding and veins popping visibly underneath the skin, the Aoi Arashi poured the last of what he got into his final trump card. The Rasenshurikens were so dense to the point the ground Daisuke was standing on cracked and formed a crater.

Satan Red descended at the end of the colosseum opposite to the young devil, admiring the beautiful display. He decided that this will be a perfect finale, brining his Ruin the Extinct. By the time Daisuke was done charging, Sirzechs shot his spheres for the clash. Having that said, the Lucifer was shocked because the Rook didn't fling the shurikens like he expected.

With a loud boom, Daisuke actually ran towards the incoming Destruction at breakneck speed, his Tenkugan slowing everything down in his vision. Flipping over a sphere, Daisuke skated on the floor while spinning past another. Just as one more was about to blast a hole through him, the Rook swung his left arm, using the blade part of the Rasenshuriken to actually cut through the Destruction.

Sirzechs and rest of the Satan Rangers gaped at the feat, they knew Daisuke was strong but not to this extent. Limiting his strength or not, the Super Devil hasn't seen anyone capable of this without sacrificing any momentum whatsoever.

And it didn't stop there, Daisuke twisted and spun while still slicing through the Ruin the Extinct, utilizing the data obtained from his shadow clones to calculate the speed, distance, and trajectory of Sirzechs' Destruction. The Rook has improvised his most powerful long range offense into his sharpest close range defense.

As Sirzechs was about to create more Destruction, a small wind shuriken from the barrage of Shinkuhas, hidden under a rock, detonated. Compared to the two Rasenshurikens in from of him, the minuscule amount of demonic magic prevented the Maou from detecting it so easily. While nowhere near enough to hurt him, the delayed detonation was enough to distract him long enough for Daisuke to get right into his face.

"Let's see you try to avoid this!"

At point blank range, Rasenshurikens were shoved right at the Lucifer, instantly exploding into twin rotating domes of microscopic slashes. They were big and wide, ensuring that Sirzechs couldn't escape from the blast radius yet Daisuke didn't stop there. Fixing his hands in grappling gestures, the Aoi Arashi pushed his arms out and willed the twin domes to move forward, decimating everything in their path to not take any chances.

Deeming it too dangerous, Satan Yellow grabbed Rias to fly out of the building while the other Maous funneled more magic into the barrier to prevent any collateral damage, which in turn forced the domes to expand closer to Daisuke.

Because Daisuke has never done this before now, the tired Rook lost control, swept off his feet from the blast of his own attacks and crashed into the barrier. Despite that, the domes screeched as forces of nature wreaked everything. The noise reached miles as bright blue light radiate from the colosseum, the earth quaked from the onslaught of vibrations trenching in the ground.

Knocked out from exhaustion and the impact, Daisuke was lying down completely vulnerable, about to be swallowed into the domes until Satan Red flashed to his front. Not holding back this time, Sirzechs destroyed the domes before they could cause any more problems, his Destruction spreading so fast to the point it was over in an instant. The only evidence that it ever happened were the unnecessarily large craters where an arena in the colosseum should be.

"Phew, that had me worried for a second." Sirzechs wiped the few drops of sweat on his forehead, noticing his costume has some tears in them. The barrier dropped as the Lucifer turned to the unconscious Daisuke, "You always surprise me every time we meet, Hanwei-kun."

Rias was worked up about the Rook's condition, he lost consciousness for a few minutes when she found her, "How do you feel?"

"Exhausted from exertion, got a headache from the clones' memories, a little pissed off..." Daisuke trailed off when he saw Sirzechs (out of the costume along with everyone else) pristine and unharmed, "But overall, satisfied. Feels good to just let it all out."

The composed visage on his face relaxed her, definitely a huge improvement than a few minutes ago, "Thank goodness. Nonetheless, where are Satan Red and the others?"

"They fled after suffering defeat. I heard your evaluation from them, there are some ups and downs but both of you passed spectacularly." The older redhead smiled happily, lying as if it's second nature, "That said, Hanwei-kun. I apologize for Satan Red's behavior, he didn't mean to mentally harm you."

"It's fine... Okay, not really that much fine. It's mostly just me trying to get over my personal problems, let bygones be bygones."

"Yes, I agree Hanwei-sama." Grayfia spoke warmly until her tone went colder than ice the moment her pupils darted to her husband, "However, punishments are due when misconduct occurs. I will personally be sure that they are executed."

Sweat trickled down the Lucifers neck, remembering the hellish girly screams his Ultimate Rook let out the last time his wife gave her punishments, "G-Grayfia, Hanwei-kun said let bygones-"

"Be quiet."

"Yes ma'am."

Those two words swiftly silenced the Super Devil into total submission. As much as I want to say 'whipped', I can understand the need to listen to the wives.

"By the way, where is Satan Yellow?" Rias surveyed, the only people in her sight were them and the other Maous, "I need to thank her for saving me and giving me advice. It was odd though. I only met her today yet I felt calm as if I've known her for a long time."

"I will pass on the message to her." The Ultimate Queen coolly offered, swearing that her little sister-in-law can never find out, "Now that the trial has successfully concluded, you two will be recognized by Zeoticus-sama and Venelana-sama. How you will further your relationship is up to you."

Daisuke fidgeted, nervous about his decision until he decided to just fuck it and try, "Actually... To be honest, Rias and I are..."

"Tired and ready to go home." The redhead clung to Daisuke's arm. Although her older brother and sister-in-law were a bit suspicious, Rias didn't give them a chance to ask, "Come on Daisuke, let's go."

"Huh- uh- Sure." As Rias pulled him out of there, Daisuke looked back to see their still suspicious expressions with a glint of hope in them, "I was really prepared you know?"

"Yes, I know. I've watched you long enough to know at least that much about you. But..." Rias mischievously winked, a playful smile unbefitting for the Gremory heiress yet somehow made her look more beautiful in Daisuke's eyes, "Let's have our privacy a little longer, don't want my family to pester us for details right?"

Smiling tiredly, "Yeah, more alone time."

"We're back." After a teleportation, Daisuke and Rias opened the door to their home. It was already night though not late enough for them to sleep yet. The Rook heard footsteps and saw Miho rushing to hug him.

"Welcome home, danna-sama." The salamander tightened her hug, she deserved at least this much for not seeing her husband for an entire day, "Welcome home, Rias."

"At least I'm not an afterthought." Rias said jokingly, watching them hug. She's not against it considering everything that has happened. The redhead already spent much time with him anyway, "I'll leave you two alone, see you later."

With the redhead going to get dinner, Daisuke turned to his mate still in his arms, "I thought Akeno and Koneko would be here too."

"They said what you needed was me right now despite their longing, they cared about your feelings first." Miho stroked his cheek, noticing that he has come to terms somewhat by looking into his eyes and kissed his lips passionately, "Would you care to tell me how your day was?"

"Of course." His thoughts then went to the other girls, they let Miho get dibs even though they loved him as well, "Miho, about tonight..."

Hours passed until it was almost bedtime. Rias ate, took a bath, finished some work from both school and the household, and then spiced herself up. She picked a see-though black nightgown which showed off her curves, excitingly going to the love nest for tonight's session.

Well lit and scented with alluring aroma. Rias found herself to be the first one here until she saw Daisuke in nothing but his underwear, his hot chiseled body already turning her on. Pressing herself onto him to make sure he feels her big tits, she spoke in a low seductive voice, "I didn't think you still have this much energy after today, wanting to start early and all."

By starting early, she meant about half an hour early. The redhead found a text message from Daisuke himself to come around this time. Rias was surprised, though would never turn down extra pleasure even if she would run out of stamina first. Gliding her index finger down his six pack, "Should I get a head start?"

"Yeah, that's why I called you here. Nobody else is coming in half an hour."

The index finger paused as Rias froze, "Wh-what?"

"I've thought about it, and I want to start meeting your affections instead of denying, especially after today. I've already told Miho about it so she and the others will come later. This will be just the two of us, do you not want that?"

"No! I mean yes! I mean..." She was blushing madly. If this was a dream, Rias would never want to wake up. For so many nights, the redhead has dreamed of this moment but she didn't think it would be so soon and sudden. Her heart was pounding wildly, needing a minute to simmer down. The pushy gorgeous onee-sama was now the bashful hot lady ready to be picked, "What I meant was... Do me."

Daisuke pushed her down the bed and they both got down and dirty.

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