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Leaving him in the shrieking shack having poured potion after potion down his throat and using the last of her dittany.

Hating that she could not do more, time was the enemy.. there was just not enough.

Back on the battlefield she remembered her time turner, there could be enough time, until the spell hit her chest.

It was too far! This should not have happened! How would she explain this? What could she do?

Waiting for Professor Dumbledore to fix the time turner, find her way home, she became close with everyone she should not even have met.

Lily. Headstrong, caring, lovely Lily.. All the best of Harry that he never got to see.

James. He was goofy.. but not overly so. He could be every bit the thoughtful boy Harry was




...She wasn't close with Peter, she was fine with that.

If she had not come back, would she have ever seen this side of him? Would she have met the man behind the mask?

He was brilliant, snarky, a complete surprise.

She knew she had to go, he did not want her to leave. It was love but it could not last, not in this time..

She knew she had to save him. He had to be okay, there was no other option.

She did not know if he could ever return her love, it had been so long for him.. moments for her.

It really did not matter if he could love her in this time, so long as he lived. Everything would be fine if he lived.

She worked on him and tried to get him stable before casting a stasis spell, it would have to be enough.

She again went back to the battle, this time without the time turner around her neck.

She woke in the hospital wing, they had won.




She looked up.


He was there, and he knew.. she remembered now.

They would go hand in hand into tomorrow. It would not be easy.. he was not the same person any more.

They would take it slow, and that was perfect.

It was three years after the final battle, the ring in his pocket heavy.

Just as the sun began to set, he looked to her and asked her to be his.

"Sev, my heart is already yours, of course I will marry you!"

They lived their tomorrows, hand in hand.

It was not always happy, but it was always worth it.