Star Wars: Rise of the Jedi: The Search for the Oasis of Light

This is the continuation from the story started in Various Tales. Read that first, it is a short beginning story to start this one.

Forty and Some Years Later: Fate of the Jedi Apocalypse

Standing on the Hanger Deck of the Dragon Queen II, Luke Skywalker Grand Master of the Jedi stared fondly at his Niece Jaina with her Husband Jagged Fel. There was much to be happy for and much to be saddened for as well. The Sith once more was pushed back and he knew soon the Jedi would soon once again be facing the Darkside Agents. But right now was a time for celebration. He was concerned for his son, Ben for he had lost his possible love of his life to the Darkside. Moving towards the Happy Couple, he suddenly was no longer on the Hapan Vessel. Instead he found himself in the all to familiar Swamps of Dagobah. Sitting before him was Yoda. "Master Yoda." Luke gasped and as he sat, Yoda smiled at him.

"Ah, See you good it is. Time come it has. Find World of the Jedi, to find the Oasis of Light. Time it is." Yoda said to Luke and then told him where to begin his search and Luke nodded. He already knew of that Location from years ago, when he once went with Sabine and Ashoka to find Ezra Bridger. "Yes Ezra Bridger, Find him you must. Future depends on you finding Ezra Bridger once more." With that Luke found himself once more back on the Dragon Queen II. Among his comrades, friends and family.

Seeing all of their concern, Luke smiled and rose from the Deck. Not realizing that he had fallen to the hard Metal surface. Before anyone could ask if he was alright, he raised his right hand. "I have something I need to discuss with the Jedi Council, Leia, Han and my Son Ben." He said to the small group around him, nodding over towards Ben and then with his son following him. He stepped into a nearby Empty Pilot's Lounge to await the others arrival.

Sitting in the Pilot's Lounge, Luke waited for the Jedi Masters to arrive. He looked over at his son and could feel the young man's concern for him. "Do not worry Ben, what I have seen and what Yoda has told me. It is something wonderful." Before could say more. Corran Horn, Saba Sebatyne and Cilghal. Followed by Han, Leia, Jaina and her Husband entered. Others filed in and Luke stood. "What I am about to tell you will sound ridiculous and I suspect most of you will think that I am delusional. But I can tell you that I am telling the truth." Clighal the Mon Cal Jedi Master, raised her flippered hand.

"You have always told the truth and none of us would ever suspect that you are delusional Grand Master." Clighal stated and everyone in the room nodded with agreement. Luke smiled and not realizing it, he began to pace and talk.

"Forty something years ago, A young Mandalorian Woman came and asked Leia to assist her in searching for a friend of hers. His name was Ezra Bridger and he was a Jedi. It did not take long to find him and I wanted him to join the New Jedi Order. He refused and never told me why." Luke said and Leia quickly attested to what he had just told them. "I think I now know why he refused and where he, Ashoka Tano and Sabine Wren have gone." He paused for effect then continued. "He found the Oasis of Light and they went there." Everyone in the room looked at him with confusion and he understood. Not to many knew about the fabled World. He only knew from researching ways to stop the Sith from overrunning the Galaxy and that information was not concrete. Just a fairy tale that did not really contain anything relevant. "I can tell that none of you ever heard of it. Well I have. It is otherwise known as the World of the Jedi." This caught all of their attention.

"What are you proposing Grand Master?" Corran Horn asked and Luke smiled over at him.

"Simply that I and perhaps a few others go and find this World. Yoda told me it was important." Luke explained and everyone in the room looked at each other. "I am going, since I know where to go. Ben I would like you to accompany me." He said looking over at his son, hoping that such a journey would take his mind off Vestara Khai. The young Man shrugged and nodded.

"I believe this journey is a waste of time, but if you think it is important Luke then I think you should also take Jysella with you." Corran said as he smirked slightly. He knew Marix would accuse him of trying to put his daughter with Luke's son for some type of romantic fix up. She always could tell when he was doing something devious. But that was not the reason he wanted his daughter to go along. Before Luke departed on this mission, Corran wanted to have a private word with Jysella so that he could ensure that she kept a close eye on Ben and Luke. Make sure that they did return from wherever they were going. The Order needed Luke Skywalker, Grand Master of the Jedi. Otherwise Corran suspected it would eventually fall to the Sith.

"Only if she agrees to go. This is a volunteer only mission, because I am not entirely certain how long it will take. If I am needed then I will come back and begin again when I am not needed." Luke said as he peered about the small room. He did not tell them that Ezra had spent years at Nyrate and Dantooine. Luke guessed it was because the Clues or Keys were not easily deciphered. After leaving other instructions and where they would be, Luke and Ben left the small room. Luke paused long enough to congratulate Jaina and Jaggard, then left. Heading for the Jade's Fire. An hour later Jysella Horn joined them.

With that the Personal Mission had begun. Three Hours later, Luke, his Son Ben and Jysella Horn sat on the Jade's Fire just entering Hyperspace in route to Nyrate. The first piece of the puzzle. It took several days to arrive and Luke stared fondly at the Cave. It was a lifetime ago that he was here with Sabine and Ashoka. "Artoo scan the all the walls, once you are done then we will attempt to interpret all of this." Luke ordered as the small droid rolled into the cave and scanned and copied the Pictographs. Glancing over he saw Ben and Jysella staring at the carved images in the walls. "From what Ashoka Tano told me, this was is one of the Ancient Jedi Temples. At least Ten Thousand Years ago. The next one is on Dantooine." He informed them as he smiled. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to feel the Force resonating within the Ancient Temple. It felt clean and it pulsed within him.

'From Dantooine, where do we go?" Ben asked and Luke looked at him and shrugged.

"No idea. They dropped me off back on Corsecaunt. I believe that they did know where and did not want me along." Luke told him and Jysella. Not telling them that he at one time believed it was because of his unwanted attention he tried not to have towards Sabine. Especially right after she told him not to stare at her ass again. Thinking back he often wondered how he ever attracted Mara Jade, he was not the most subtle person when it came to romance. Not like Han or Lando, who it seemed easy for them to say the right words and not feel like a total clod afterwards. "The Clue will be on Dantooine, once we discover why these Pictographs indicate that it is Dantooine. We should be able to use the same method to find the next location." Glancing over at Artoo the Droid completed his scans and waited for Luke, Ben and Jysella.

"Is this all of the Temple Cave or is there more?" Jysella asked as she looked about the small cave. It ended on the far wall, where an Alter was. The walls were basically smooth and there was no indication of any type of other parts of the Small Temple.

"I think this is it. This is more of a Marker to show how to find the next one and after that to the final Temple Cave. Then we will have to try to piece this all together to find the location for the Oasis of Light." Luke stated, stepping towards the Cave entrance and soon after followed by Ben, Jysella and Artoo. Once back on the Jade's Fire, Artoo plugged into the Computer and they began to analyze the images. Cross referencing them with the collected information within the Computer. Ben was the one that discovered that the Pictographs were actually a long forgotten language and alphabet. Sitting behind the controls, Luke raised the Fire towards the sky and set course for Dantooine.

"This has been kind of easy." Ben commented and then frowned. Realizing that it was easy and suspected that it would become more difficult later. When they actually had to figure out the clues without the aid of knowing where the next one was. Four hours later, Luke excused himself and started towards one of the two Cabins.

"Ben and I will share the larger Cabin. You can have the other Jysella." Luke stated and the young girl nodded. He then stepped inside and left the two alone.

"Why did you come along?" Ben asked as he moved from the Computer to that of the Pilot seat. Waiting for Jysella to answer.

"My Father wanted me to keep an eye on the Grand Master to make sure he did not get into any trouble and not be able to return." Jysella replied, with a small smile. "I really do not agree that the Grand Master needs me to look out for him. Though after seeing the Temple, I think that there is a place called Oasis of Light." She stated and Ben nodded. He at first did not think such a place was real. Now he was not sure.

"Actually that is the same reason I agreed to come along. Sometimes he can get lost and needs someone to guide him back." Ben said then stood. "Good night Jysella." He then smiled and she smiled back.

"Good night Ben." Jysella replied, standing as well and heading for the other Cabin. After he entered the Main Cabin, she entered the other one. Pausing to glance once more at him. For years she had a crush on the young man, but never had the gumption or opportunity to pursue that attraction. Later she did and as she screwed up her courage to approach him, she lost her chance when he entered into a relationship with Vegtara Khai. She knew that it was doomed to fail, Vegtara was not what someone would call trustworthy. Now Jysella waited for another chance to perhaps have a relationship with the young Skywalker, this time though she hoped that any delay would not be disastrous as the last time she waited.

Arriving at Dantooine, Luke flew the Ship down to the same location that he remembered from the past. With a little help from Artoo. Forty years was not just a few days or weeks ago. Landing outside the Wood Line, he led the others to the Temple Cave. "I was never inside this one, but from what I overheard it is the same as the other. We need to have Artoo scan it again and then we will try to discover where the next World with the Clue is." Luke said to Ben and Jysella. Entering the Cave, they found that it resembled the other. Right down to the Alter on the far wall. Carved Pictographs lined the walls, unfortunately these were different from the other.

"Well Bantha Shit. I was hoping that it would be the same and it would be easy to translate." Ben said and Luke frowned at him sternly.

"Watch the language young man." Luke stated and Ben winced. Though not for long, after all he was not a child any longer and even though he was Luke's child. He was old enough to swear if the mood struck him. Jysella chuckled from the side and his face reddened slightly. She noticed and moved closer.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about. My Father Corran still treats me like I am a teenager. Did you know he still expects me to obey some ridiculous curfew." Jysella whispered to him and he laughed lightly. "Of course I break it on every occasion." She added and Luke glanced over at the two as they both were laughing for some reason. Deciding he did not want to know. When Artoo Beeped, he turned back to the short Droid.

"All done?" Luke asked the Droid and it beeped again. "Well let us go see what this all means. Hopefully it will be as easy as the last time." He led them out of the cave and in moments entered the Fire and had Artoo plug in and download the scanned information. To all of their dismay, it was not as easy or simple as before. After several hours Luke stretched his tired back and closed his eyes. "This is going to take awhile." He commented as Jysella groaned after staring at the Images.

"Anyone else want Caff?" Jysella asked, standing and heading for the Dispenser. Both Luke and Ben nodded. Picking up three Cups she returned and handed one to each of them. "Why would someone make this so hard to discover?" She inquired, pointing to one of the images and frowning. It made no sense and after awhile she wondered if they would ever solve this part.

"If it was easy, the Oasis of Light would have been discovered long before now." Luke told her as he flipped to another image and then paused. "Wait. Look at this. This one is just like the other one that was on the far wall." Using another Monitor he pulled up the other one and then noticed that it was not the same. It lacked a curved upper part to the image. "Emperor's Black Bones. It was easy." He said with some disgust.

"Watch the language." Ben said with some wry humor. "I do not see it. What do you see?" He asked his Father and Luke shook his head. Then touching several buttons brought the two images together and after a second Ben and Jysella saw it. "That is so frustrating. So whoever carved this put one part of the Image on one wall and the second part of it on another Wall. We need to combine them to make sense." He said mainly to make sure he fully understood himself.

"Exactly. Artoo it will take me hours to do this. Can you combine them with the appropriate ones?" Luke asked Artoo and the Droid began to whirl his input socket and the images began to combine. After twenty minutes the Images now made sense. Leaning closer Ben used the Computer to decypher the completed images.

"So where does it say that we have to go next?" Jysella asked and Luke answered.

"Tantooine. I cannot believe it. I was raised on Tantooine." Luke replied and gave a soft chuckle. He had not been back to Tantooine since he, Leia, Chewbacca and Lando rescued Han from Jabba the Hutt. Though at one time he considered opening the Jedi Academy on Tantooine, but instead decided upon Yavin 4. Later it was moved to another location. "I guess I am going home." He said, standing and making his way to the Controls. The Fire lifted off and soon was once again in Hyoerspace. Then with idle curiosity, he turned around and looked over at Artoo. "Hey Artoo check this for me. What is the computed distance between Nyrate, Dantooine and now Tantooine?" After several seconds the Droid chirped and beeped with an answer. "I thought so." Ben stood and joined him followed by Jysella.

"What did he say?" Ben asked his Father and Luke glanced over at his Son.

"The exact distances between each one is the same. I do not know if that is relevant or not, but I feel it is." Luke replied and then went back to piloting the Fire towards Tantooine. Arriving and after reaching orbit, they calculated where the Temple Cave would be located on the Surface. "Now that is not good. Smack dab in the middle of the Dune Sea Mountains." Turning towards the two with him. "Once we arrive, be on the alert. The Mountains are generally inhabited by the Sandpeople and they are dangerous and unpredictable." He advised them. Landing the Ship just below the Mountain Range. Stepping down the ramp, Luke inhaled deeply. He somewhat missed the dry air of his Home.

"Wow it is hot." Ben stated as he felt the dry humid air. Waving a hand to feel some type of breeze against his skin. Stepping back on board and came back carrying three Canteens. Handing one to each of them. "We need to drink as much as possible." He stated and then drank some water. Jysella and Luke followed suit.

"It is going to make us have to piss a lot. But I guess it is better then getting dehydrated." Jysella said complaining as she swallowed another mouth full of Water and then followed Luke up the uneven path. Several Hours later, feeling tired and dirty. They arrived at the halfway point of the Mountain. Artoo trudged along behind them and began to beep and chirp at them.

"I believe we are here. I do not see a Cave though." Luke said as he glanced about, not seeing anything that looked like a Cave. With an exhale of the dry humid air, Ben leaned against a Boulder and drank from his canteen. The huge rock shifted slightly and he immediately moved off the Boulder.

"Found it." Ben declared as he stepped away from the ten to twelve foot high rock. Raising his hand, he levitated the rock away from the Cave Entrance. Luke led them inside, Ben and Jysella sighed with relief. The Cave was cooler then the outside air. Turning on Glow Rods, the three Jedi panned the walls and after a second they all dropped the lights downward towards the three Alters. "Where is the Pictographs?" Ben asked with confusion, looking over at his Father and Jysella. They both shrugged. Stepping over to the Alter to the left, Jysella waved for them to join her. She began to brush off the top of the Stone Table.

"Look at this. Doesn't that look just like Dantooine?" Jysella asked and both Luke and Ben nodded. The carved image looked exactly like the Planet of Dantooine. Ben moved over to the one towards the back of the cave and after brushing it off he winced.

"Well this one does not look like Nyrate or Tantooine." Ben commented and Luke moved over next to him. Smiling as he looked at the carved image.

"Oh yes it does. Ten thousand years ago, Tantooine would look exactly like that. Back when I was a boy, a scientist conducted research and discovered that about Five thousand years ago, Tantooine's orbit shifted and now rotates closer to the Sun. Thus before then the Planet did look like this." Luke informed them and then moved over towards the final Alter. Already guessing that it held the carved image of Nyrate. "Okay each Alter contains the Carved Image of the three Planets. There are not Pictographs to indicate where the Oasis of Light is. So the answer has to be here somewhere." He gestured about the interior and the two others began to look about the Cave. Searching for the possible answer. Five hours later Jysella sat and leaned against the wall of the Cave.

"Again I ask why couldn't someone make this easier? Especially if they wanted us to find the location." Jysella commented, closing her eyes briefly to rest them from the hours of searching the Cave. Ben answered her as he too sat.

"If they made it easy, then Oasis of Light would have been located long before now. Or some Sith would have found it and who knows what would have happened then." Ben replied. Luke looked at them knowing that they were both tired and what was worse they were almost out of Water. Picking up the Canteens, he moved towards the Entrance.

"I will go refill these and bring some more rations. Perhaps some more Glow Rods to light this room up some more. I know the answer is here, we just have to have the patience to find it." Luke said as he left leaving the two to rest until he came back. Outside he made his way down the path. Almost back to the Fire, he felt the Blaster Bolt before it even neared him. With honed reflexes he drew and ignited his Lightsaber. Blocking another incoming blast. Three more deflected off his blade and then two Sandpeople rushed him with their Graffi Sticks held high. With a gesture he flung the two attackers back a good twenty meters. Then blocked two more Blaster Shots. Luke did not want to fight the Sandpeople, accidentally or having to intentionally harm or kill them. As another two Sandpeople rushed him, he had to slice through their Graffi Sticks. Cutting a good foot off the deadly pointed weapons. The Two Sandpeople growled with shock as they turned and ran from him. Then there was silence. No more Blaster Shots or Sandpeople. With a sigh, Luke walked carefully and cautiously back to the Fire. Keeping fully alert for more Sandpeople. Reaching the Ship, he lowered the Ramp and entered. Pulling out his Comm Link. "Ben, Jysella. Stay alert. There are Sandpeople around." He told them and they replied that they would. Filling the Canteens, picking up some Ration Bars and then a couple more Glow Rods. Luke made his way back to the Cave.

Standing inside the Cave and then making sure that the Sandpeople were not outside. Jysella stepped towards the Entrance of the Cave. "Where are you going?" Ben asked and she turned towards him.

"I have to pee, if you have to know and I have no interest in doing it in here." Jysella said with some minor frustration. She had been holding it for the past hour and could not any longer. Ben smirked and rose from the Cave Floor.

"I better come and watch to make sure no Sandpeople sneak up on you while you are in that position." Ben suggested and Jysella had to decide that it did make sense.

'Okay, but no peaking." Jysella informed him and Ben stared at her in utter shock. Seeing his expression she started to giggle. "I was kidding, I know you would not do that." Still giggling she headed outside the Cave. Going to a good secluded spot. Ben moved over to one side, just far enough away to make sure none of the Sandpeople were nearby. Nowhere in view of Jysella as she urinated. After a couple of seconds, Jysella sighed with relief. Then stood and returned. "Wow I needed to do that for the last hour." She informed him and he winced. "Let me guess you have to go too?" She asked and he nodded. "Alright I will watch out and you go." She ordered him and he nodded, moving over to another spot. Returning to the Cave both feeling better, they entered and waited for Luke to arrive with the Supplies.

Inside Ben decided to once again search the Cave for the answer and as he started to feel frustrated, he kicked a stone from the center of the room. Almost breaking a toe when his boot caught on the Carved line on the Floor. With a yelp, he held his foot and then glanced down at the Floor wondering what his foot had struck. Then he saw it. "Hey, Hey. I think I found it." Kneeling he began to brush the sand and dirt away. Jysella joined him and in minutes they saw the Carved Image of a Planet.

To be Continued.