Star Wars: Rise of the Jedi: The Search for the Oasis of Light Part 4

Disclosure and Discovery:

Sitting across from Sabine, Saera and Ursala. Ben and Jysella listened intently. Not interrupting Sabine once while she told them about the Oasis of Light. How the planet itself was a nexus of the Force. How it endowed everyone on the Planet with the Power of the Force. Sabine smiled and finally told them how the Planet extended a persons life well beyond normal. That and even those that did not feel the Force after some time, could feel the Force and use it. This caused Ben to stare at her in shock. "Does that mean you can use the Force now? That you are a Jedi." Ben asked and Sabine nodded.

"Yes, though it took me about ten years to learn. My Husband is a good teacher, but I was not a good student." Sabine explained, Saera and Ursala laughed loudly. Nodding their heads vigorously.

"Dad is a great teacher, Mom has a habit of being slightly stubborn when it comes to him correcting her." Saera explained and Sabine grumbled.

"I am not stubborn, I am a Mandalorian." Sabine stated and all those there chuckled. She then glanced behind Ben and Jysella. "Company." She said and Ben turned to see a group of Men and Women of various different Species approaching. He swallowed as he looked at the visitors. Most wore robes like Ezra's, bright white. But what caught Ben's attention was that a good portion of them seemed to glow with power. Almost like their bodies contained a dynamo of energy that was barely contained by their bodies. "Ah Supreme Master Horzak." Sabine said as she stood and went to greet the thirty or so Individuals that stopped a few feet away.

Stepping out from the others a Mon Cal bowed. "Greetings Sabine, it is nice to see you again." He rumbled and Sabine returned the bow.

"Not as nice as seeing you again Hozak. As you have surmised we have guests. This is Ben Skywalker and that is Jysella Horn." Sabine introduced the two visitors and they rose to greet the others.

"And the other Visitor?" A Human old Woman asked. Moving out from the others and Sabine turned to greet the older woman.

"Luke Skywalker, he is with Ezra at the Reflection Pool of the Force. It drew them to it." Sabine replied and the Old Woman smiled. She then moved closer to Ben and Jysella.

"Welcome Younglings to the Oasis of Light. I am Master Vesta Rolus. Are you two going to remain or have you come to tell us that the Galaxy has fallen to the Darkness?" She asked with a gleam in her old brown eyes. Others among the group listened intently and Ben could see the excitement from all of the others that had arrived. He could feel it too. They wanted him to say that the Galaxy had fallen to the Darkside and Jedi were needed to restore freedom and the light back to the Galaxy.

"No, well we are having a problem with a great number of Sith. But even you few would not make much of a difference in how badly we are outnumbered." Jysella replied, drawing everyone's attention to her. They all of them started laughing, Ben and Jysella looked at them with confusion. Hozak, Supreme Master chuckled and shook his broad head.

"We are not all that are here, young Skywalker. There are many Jedi Masters and Knights here on the Oasis of Light." Hozak said between bubbling laughter. Others were also laughing at what Jysella had said. As if it was something hilarious. Ben decided he would like to know, hoping that perhaps if need be that they could help with the upcoming War between the Jedi and the Sith.

"How many are there?" Ben asked and Master Rolus smiled broadly.

"I believe that right now there are One Hundred Fifty two thousand eight hundred and forty seven, Jedi on this Planet." Rolus said and Ben and Jysella both sat, staring at those gathered at Sabine and Ezra's home with utter disbelief. The old woman looked towards the Reflection Pool of the Force. "Make that Forty Eight." Ben glanced over and saw Ezra coming back, minus his Jedi Robe. Standing he became concerned about where his Father was. Sabine moved over to Ezra when he arrived.

"Did it work?" Sabine asked excitingly and Ezra nodded with a smile. "Ben I think you might want to go there as well." She suggested pointing towards the Reflection Pool several hundred meters away. "You will love what you see there." With no understanding, Ben shrugged and decided to make sure that his Father was alright. Jysella stood and followed him. Everyone watched them depart.

"Can you believe it! Over a hundred and fifty thousand Jedi." Jysella said to Ben when they were far enough away that none of the others could hear her. Ben shook his head and was in shock. With that many Jedi, the Sith and their supporters did not stand a chance. Especially from what he could feel, every one of those that came were immensely powerful. So powerful that he suspected that any one of them could do things with the Force that he had never seen before.

"I do not know what to believe anymore. It seems so unreal." Ben replied and as they neared the area that his Father had gone to. He heard his Father crying loudly. Feeling even more concerned he walked faster and when he could see Luke. His eyes widened. His Father was on his knees hugging a standing Woman wearing only Ezra's White Jedi Robe. Getting closer, Ben's eyes widened. "No it is impossible." He gasped out, seeing someone that he thought he would never see again. But it was her. "Mom!" The Woman that looked just like his Mother smiled and nodded. Stepping with stumbling steps, Ben moved closer and then shook his head with confusion. Tears stung his eyes as he peered at his Mother, standing before them. Comforting his Father.

"Yes Ben, it is me." Mara said and Ben threw his arms around his Mother and cried as well. Jysella stood staring dumbfounded. It was impossible, she had been at the funeral and saw Mara Jade Skywalker's body before it was entombed and burned. Hours past as Mara, Luke and Ben cried together as a family. Jysella decided to leave them alone for some time to be together. Returning to where most of the Others had departed. She surmised that since the Galaxy had not fallen, then there was no reason for them to remain. Seeing Ezra she had several questions.

"How is this possible?" Jysella asked Ezra as the he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"On the Oasis of Light. Many things are possible. Look at Rolus, did you know she is over two thousand years old. Hozak is even older then that, he won't tell anyone how old he is." Ezra said as he gestured for the young woman to sit. She glanced back towards where the Reflection Pool of the Force.

"Would that work on others that have died? Like maybe Anakin Solo or any of the others." Jysella asked hoping to bring back Jaina's little brother. Hozak answered with a shake of his salmon colored head.

"No. It has done this only twice since I arrived several thousand years ago and it might not again for a thousand years. You need to understand, the World of the Jedi is sentient in a way. Thus if it decides to bring someone back, there is a reason." Hozak explained and Jysella frowned. But could not really feel too upset, it did bring back Mara Jade Skywalker. Hearing them approach, she turned to see Mara holding Luke's hand in one of hers and the other she held Ben's. Standing she smiled.

"We are going aboard the Fire. I need to put some clothes on and give Ezra back his robe." Mara explained and then smiled over at Luke. Ben knew exactly what his Mother and Father needed and it was privacy. Reluctantly letting go of her hand.

"I think I will stay out here with Jysella. Perhaps learn more about this place." Ben suggested and after hugging his Mother one more time, went over to sit next to Jysella. Watching as Luke took Mara onto the Fire. Jysella immediately told him everything she had learned so far. "I would like to know something. If the Galaxy had fallen, how are all of the Jedi here going to leave? I mean I do not see any Ships flying about." Hozak gestured about.

"When it is time, the Oasis of Light, the World of the Jedi will move out of the Asteroid Cluster." Hozak informed Ben. "Remember size does not matter in the ways of the Force." The old Mon Cal stated. Ben and Jysellla wanted to know more but Hozak and Vesta Rolus, began to walk away. "Perhaps it would be best for Ezra Bridger, one of the Cross Saber Masters to provide the answers you seek." The two old Masters then departed.

"Cross Saber Master. What is that?" Jysella asked and Saera answered.

"They are an ancient Sect within the Old Jedi Order. The Cross Sabers are the ones that would be the first to encounter any Sith. My Father tested and passed when he and Mom first arrived, later he became a Master and I am hoping to become one of the Sabers as well." Saera informed them and Ezra held up his Lightsaber. On the hilt was a depiction of two ignited Lightsabers crossed together.

"Basically it means I am a Master with Lightsaber Combat. There are several thousand others and we are the ones that would combat the Sith when the time comes for the Jedi here to arise and purge the Darkness from the Galaxy." Ezra added and Ben was curious on how good the other Man could be.

"Could we duel? Perhaps with the Practice Sticks?" Ben asked and Ezra shrugged. Raising his left hand and two of the Sticks from the rack flew to him and to Ben. Taking the Stick, Ben and Ezra moved towards a circled area. Saluting with the Sticks, Ezra waited for Ben to make the first move. Fourteen Seconds later, Ben stared up at Ezra with awe. His own Father was not that good. No one he ever faced before was. "Do you think you could teach me some of that?" He asked and Jysella immediately asking as well.

"I suppose. Why not tomorrow. Jacen Syndulla and his two Mothers will be arriving for a visit. Also for Jacen it is to try again to beat Saera." Ezra suggested and Saera smirked.

"Jacen has been trying to beat me for almost fifteen years. Ever since I was granted Jedi Knight Status. He made it two years before me, but I am better with the Lightsaber then he is." Saera said proudly. "I guess I take after my Dad in that regard."

On the Jade's Fire, Mara sat naked at her nightstand's Mirror. Brushing her hair. Luke laid on the bed watching her intently. "If you keep staring at me like that I am going to think that you have become perverted over the years." Mara commented as she smiled back at him. They had just spent the last eight hours in the Cabin, familiarizing themselves with each other.

"I cannot help it, I missed you so much." Luke replied, he could feel it was Mara. Their connection in the Force was there, so Mara was really there. She exhaled and returned to lying next to him. He put his arms around her and held her tightly to him.

"Luke we need to talk. I was reborn to tempt you." Mara told him and Luke stared at her with confusion and concern.

"Tempt me how?" Luke asked. Mara grimaced.

"To remain on the Oasis of Light." Mara felt Luke stiffen and she knew he was now really concerned, but not for himself. "I am alive Luke, I have free will and I can leave whenever I want. If you think that is why the Planet brought me back. It isn't. The World of the Jedi, did it so that you can see the Power of the Force here and to tempt you to remain."

"I already felt that. Though seeing and feeling you really confirmed that. So why does it want me to remain?" Luke asked, wondering why the Oasis Planet would want him to remain. There were so many here and from what he could sense, he was nothing special. Not here.

"From what I know, it feels that you have done enough out in the Galaxy and here you can find peace. You have lost so much, done so much. Maybe the Oasis of Light is right. Perhaps you should remain. It is for you to decide, if you want to leave. I can come with you." Mara told him and Luke smiled. He would have to consider whether he did want to leave or not.

Outside, Ezra began instructing Saera, Ursala, Ben and Jysella. It was more of helping each refine their abilities with the Lightsabers.

Walking down the Ramp together holding hands, Mara and Luke spotted Ben and Jysella practicing with their Lightsabers. Luke's eyebrows rose when he saw Ben conduct some type of maneuver with his Lightsaber that was partially defensive and partially offensive. A counter thrust that would unbalance an opponent and allow for Ben to score a good blow against any that he faced. "Ezra has been showing them some fighting techniques that he invented thirty or so years ago." Sabine explained as she noticed Luke and Mara watching their son practice.

"I might ask him to show me those techniques." Luke stated amazed at how fluid the movements were. Mara was also interested.

"He is a natural teacher, though I was not the best student to have." Sabine commented and then saw Luke's confusion. "Yes Skywalker I am a Jedi too. So is Hera. It is this place. As I understand it our Midi-Chlorian's have increased to a point that we both can feel and use the Force." This shocked Luke as he himself felt the effects of the Oasis of Light. It seemed to supercharge him. Pouring the Force into him. "That is why all here have not aged much. The Force pumps us up with Life." She explained and Luke began to understand how Ezra and Sabine still looked like the last time he had seen them.

"If you left would you suddenly age to your right age." Luke asked with concern, wondering if it would slam into them and suddenly they would be in their late fifties like him. Sabine smiled and shook her head.

"Nope, but we will then age naturally. Just like any of those here." Sabine told Luke. "It is proven, a number of those here have left to see if it is time for them to purge the galaxy of Darkness with Jedi Light. Right now I believe Master Inzo Kiefa is on that Starfighter Base outside the Asteroid Field." She told him and Luke became interested.

"Why didn't they come out during the Vong War? We almost lost and the sudden appearance of over 150 thousand Jedi would have ended the War without such a massive loss of life." Luke asked and Sabine exhaled.

"As I understand it, there was serious debate on whether we should or not. Most believed that it was not the time yet, that the darkness from the Vong was not what those here are waiting for I should tell you though, Ezra and the rest of the Cross Sabers were considering coming out anyhow." Sabine told him and Luke shook his head. He had lost so many of his Friends and Family during that War. Anakin, Chewbacca and several Jedi that he knew personally.

"Wait what are the Cross Sabers?" Luke asked and Sabine smiled, gesturing over to her husband Ezra.

"The Cross Sabers are a Sect within the Jedi here. Those that have the distinction of facing and destroying the Sith. The best of the best. Ezra is one of them, a Cross Saber Master." Sabine informed him proudly. "Saera wants to be one as well, that is why she has been practicing for so long."

"We could really use the Cross Sabers with the upcoming War against the Sith." Luke told Sabine and she shook her head.

"Sorry Luke, unless the Council High Grand Masters decide to unleash them. They will not get involved yet. But take heart, Ezra believes that we and a few others might come back with you. That should help somewhat." Sabine said as she looked over at the Pathway that led through the dense woods. Seven or Eight others had arrived and all to Luke's estimation were not normal Jedi. "Hello Isna Borl." She said loudly and waved to a Black Haired Woman about forty years old. The Woman waved back and smiled. Walking up to Sabine and then glanced over at Luke and Mara.

"Greeting Sabine, this must be one of the new Arrivals and one that has been recently reborn." Isna said as she bowed slightly at Luke and Mara. "I am Jedi Master Isna Borl, Cross Saber Sect Member. Those here have come forward to depart with you to delay the Darkness and the Sith." The Woman said as she gestured over at the others. Two other Humans, three Mon Cal, a Silver and Gray Wookie and two others that Luke had no idea what they were. He had never seen anyone like them before. Seeing him staring at the two unknowns, Isna chuckled. "Oh I take it you have never seen a Mundaori before. That is Urugu and that is Izugy." She pointed towards the Large, Reptilian like people. Both were about the size of a Wookie and was a cross between a Falleaon and a Trandoshan. But had long tails with spikes.

"No I have not and if I did I would certainly remember." Luke said as he tried not to stare at the two Mundaori. One of them, Urugu Luke believed seemed to smile with his large pointed teeth and saluted him with one of his four arms. Luke returned the gesture and looked back at Isna. "I do not think you, the others and Ezra would make much of a difference. We believe that there are Five to Ten thousand Sith Acolytes and there are only barely perhaps two thousand Jedi to face them. Another Ten or Twelve would not make much of a difference in how badly we are outnumbered." He said to the Woman who Luke wondered how old she actually was. She could be easily a couple hundred or a thousand years old. He could not tell.

"Ha. Jedi Grand Master Skywalker. It is not the numbers or how few Jedi there are that should concern you. All that should matter is that you fight for the Light against the Darkness. As long as there are Jedi to cast a Light into the Dark, then numbers are not something that you need to worry about." Another Man said as he stepped closer and Luke could see that the Man was not much older then he was. "Trust in the Force, because that is all you can really do." The Dark skinned and haired man told him. Mara jabbed Luke lightly in the side.

"Luke it is what you drummed into every one of us. Do or do not, there is no try." Mara stated with a small smirk and Luke rolled his eyes.

"You have been waiting for years to quote me that. Haven't you?" Luke asked as he squeezed Mara's hand affectionately. She smiled and nodded with a glint in her eye.

"I had to die and then be reborn to have the opportunity. Now that I finally did get to, I feel kind of cheated. I wanted it to be more satisfying." Mara stated slightly complaining that it did not feel as good as she wanted. The new Arrivals then knelt and awaited for Ezra to decide when it was time for them to depart. Luke felt that was strange in some ways. The others had been here for decades longer and it seemed that for some reason Ezra Bridger was the one that they had chosen to be the leader.

The Hoth Fighter Base:

Sitting in front of the Communications Monitor, General Kell Tainer shrugged at the Image of Leia Organa Solo. "We lost contact with them as soon as they passed beyond the relay transmitter." Kell told Leia.

"How long was that?" Leia asked Kell and he exhaled. Then checked the Computer.

"Two days ago. I wish I had better news, but even if they did transmit that they were in trouble. I cannot send anyone to help them." Kell said and Leia frowned. Worry lines etched her face as she remembered how dangerous the Hoth Asteroid Field was. At the time she believed that Han was insane for even skirting the interior evading the Imperials. From what she had just heard. Luke, Ben and Jysella had entered into the Field further then anyone else has ever.

"I understand General. If you see them again, please have them contact me." Leia pleaded, somewhat tempted to have Han take her to the Fighter Base and perhaps in time enter themselves. But that would be suicide. After the screen went blank, Kell turned to his wife Tyria.

"Prep another Probe, let's see if it can detect any debris from the Jade's Fire." Kell said to her and Tyria nodded.

The Oasis of Light:

Blocking Ezra's thrust, Luke countered as best he could. "Emperor's Black Bones!" Luke gasped out as he jumped back several feet, barely dodging another strike from Ezra's Practice Stick. "He is really good." Reposing and blocking another blow. They had sparred for the last ten minutes and Luke was finding that Ezra was leaps and bounds better, then him. Even with the additional Power of the Force flowing through him, Luke was finding it difficult to defend himself. Especially since even though they were roughly the same age. Ezra still looked and moved like he was still a young man. After a final block Luke lowered his Stick. "I think that is enough, you are extremely better then me." Luke stated as Ezra saluted him.

"There is not really much to do here but practice and discover new techniques." Ezra informed Luke, then looked over at his Wife Sabine. "Well there is plenty of time to spend time with the Wife and Family." Sabine beamed at him and Ezra slightly melted inside. Even after forty years he still loved his Wife with all his heart.

"You and the others would leave here, I mean this place is paradise and to leave to help with the upcoming War with the Sith. It could be dangerous, you all could die." Luke said and Ezra shrugged. Glancing over at the other Eight Cross Saber Masters.

"We have been ready to go for years Luke. It is paradise here, but it gets old real fast. Most of the Cross Sabers want to leave and delay the Darkness. We had a Lottery and those there won the right." Ezra explained,, then smirked. "I and my Family were selected because of our recent knowledge of the Galaxy." He said to Luke.

"I do not know if there will be enough room on the Fire for everyone." Luke admitted. It would mean that besides him, Mara, Ben and Jysella. Ezra, Sabine, their two Daughters and Eight Others. It would be cramped within the confines of the Fire.

"Oh do not worry about that. Hera, Ashoka and Jacen will be coming along. Some of the others can hitch a ride on the Ghost." Ezra stated and Luke's eyes widened.

To be continued:

Authors Note: Sorry it took so long for this chapter, I needed to take a break from writing will continue once more after another brief break.