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Chapter I: Torch Songs.

Gotham City; Penthouse July 01, 2018 21:16 EDT.

A young man sat in a room working on an outfit on a table with a Flathead screwdriver in one hand and a Phillips screwdriver in the other.

He has tan skin, short spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek. He has a lean athletic frame and is wearing a white sleeveless shirt, faded blue jeans and is barefoot. And he has a black tribal ring tattooed on his left ring finger.

This is Naruto Uzumaki, codename: Kage. A Jinchūriki, the youngest founding member of the Justice League, and founder/the first leader to a covert operations team for the Justice League made up of the members protégés and young heroes.

The suit his working on is a black costume composed of a Kevlar hooded vest with a leather appearance and pants. It has pauldrons with canisters on them and elbow-length fingerless gloves and boots.

(A/N: For a better picture it's a black version of the Green Arrow suit from Arrow season 4 on up.)

He also has blue lens glasses on a shelf in front of the table and a small round black quiver with black arrows and a black bow handle on the side laying on the back of the table against the shelving backing.

His eyes glowed light blue as his vision took a blue hue. On the left side of his vision he saw a blue circular Wi-Fi signal indicator and underneath that is a circle with a red spiral design inside. To the right, he saw multiple blue circles curving at an angle.

The first one is the power on/off symbol and underneath that is a circle with a magnifying glass for his Detective Vision to analyze clues and samples of various things left at a crime scene. Under that is a circle that had a USB picture used to hack into computers, security cameras, or control drones. The next circle had a heartbeat monitor to check on pulses rate and a person's heartbeat.

The circle underneath that had a speech bubble picture to contact/text anyone. The next circle has the word 'Info' in it to bring up information on whoever he was staring at. The last bubble had a picture of multiple files to bring up anything he has stored on the Cloud. He also had an X-Ray, night vision and a translator on it.

He reached up to his hacking picture and pressed the spot in front of him that matched the spot for the circle/button.

A video came up showing a wavelength that once he hacked, his suit went invisible before reaching up to hit the power off button He eyes stopped glowing as the holograms went off before touching a button hidden underneath the right pectoral area and had his suit reappear again.

(A/N: It's Optical Camouflage from the Ghost Recon series.)

He leaned back in his black office chair and looked at several pictures, a few honorary metals, and kid drawings on the wall before looking to one of the pictures he had on his table.

It's one of him in his costume standing with his left arm wrapped around a woman's shoulder holding what looked like a silver medallion in his left hand and holding a McMillan TAC-338 rifle in his right. On each side of them are 3 more men.

The woman has a slim frame with blue hair, blue eyes, and blue skin wearing a dark blue armored unitard with a light blue spiral on the stomach, dark blue thigh-high boots, and shoulder high dark blue gloves.

This is Killer Frost, real name Crystal Frost a former villainess and one of Naruto's wives.

The first man is a Caucasian man with short brown hair wearing a leather jacket over a white t-shirt and jeans with boots.

This is Hal Jordan, one of three Green Lanterns assigned to Earth and a founding member of the Justice League.

The next man is an African American male with a slender build and short black hair wearing a U.S marine dress suit.

This is John Stewart, one of the Green Lanterns stationed on Earth and a member of the League.

The last man is also an African-American man that has a muscular build wearing a Marine General suit.

He smiled remembering having the two Lanterns help to get his family training so they could protect themselves, him having joined in with sniper training with Crystal to help his accuracy.

He looked to see the medallion in the picture was in a case attached to the frame that was warped from being shot in the center.


One Kill.

He looked to his right and saw the rifle in the picture was in a stand after the teacher of the school gave it to him as a gift.


Turning around, he saw a 2-year-old girl walk in.

She has short blonde hair to her shoulders, grey eyes and two whisker marks on her cheeks. She is wearing dark green footie pajamas.

This is Lian Uzumaki, Naruto's daughter.

Naruto got up and scooped his daughter up in his hands and held her with his right arm.

"Hey baby girl, what are you doing up?"


"Bad dream? You can sit with me until you fall back asleep." Naruto said as his daughter yawned.

He walked out and closed the door as he saw a group picture of him, and other young heroes dated 2016.

(Flashback.) (A/N: Since this is the focus/long, it won't be Italic.) (1.)

Above Earth; August 08, 2016 16:16 EDT.

Kage stood inside a large space station/satellite that was part of an asteroid looking down at the Earth.

He then looked over his shoulder to see three people behind him, two young women and a teen boy.

The first woman has a slender and fairly muscular build and red hair reaching past her shoulders in a ponytail. She's wearing a dark gray form-fitting costume with a black bat symbol, and black padding at the abdomen and lower back. She also has black boots, gloves, and a black cape and cowl. And a yellow utility belt.

This is Barbara Gordon, codename: Batgirl, a member of the Team and one of the protégés of Batman. She is also the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. And one of Naruto's second in commands. (2.)

The boy standing next to her has a pale green complexion with green eyes and dark green hair.

He's in a simian-like form, having dark green fur and a prehensile monkey tail in proportion to his size. He's wearing a red and white single piece uniform.

This is Garfield Logan, codename: Beast Boy, a member of the Team and is Naruto's adoptive brother in law after saving his mother back in 2011 from a villainess named Queen Bee. (3.)

The final woman is a green-skinned female humanoid with amber eyes and long red hair going down to her mid-back. She also has freckles on her cheeks. (4.)

She's wearing a long-sleeved black suit with a red X going across the front, red belt, black shoes with red soles, and a blue hooded cape.

This is M'gann M'orzz A.K.A. Megan Morse, codename: Miss Martian, she is a Martian and a founding member of the Team. She is the niece and former protégé of the Martian Manhunter and adoptive sister of Garfield. And one of Naruto's lovers.

"Hey, M'gann, you forgot to shorten your hair," Naruto said walking forward.

"I just got back from a mission where I needed long hair."

"OK, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Miss Martian, we're Alpha. Psimon is in the U.S." Naruto said as a holo-screen came up beside him showing a smiling man walking through an airport.

Psimon is a pale bald man. His brain is visible through a clear dome over it, with some strips of skin over the dome. Three red lines are on each cheek. He's wearing a grey trench coat with a hood. Beneath the coat, he has a black shirt and grey pants.

"How?" Beast Boy asked as Naruto turned to him.

"Most likely using his mental powers to fool the airport… but that didn't fool the cameras."

"Not too smart. He had to know we'd see him." Beast Boy said as Miss Martian put her hands on her hips.

"He wanted us to know. He's setting a trap. But I can handle Psimon."

"True, but be careful he could be stronger after the last time you faced him," Naruto said looking at his green-skinned lover.

She looked down at that getting Naruto to sigh. "Let's go!"

Hollywood August 08, 13:57 PDT.

"Psimon is here?"

Naruto, wearing a leather jacket over a black shirt, jeans and black shoes heard Beast Boy telepathically.

He looked to see M'gann was now a Caucasian woman wearing a brown coat, grey button shirt, and tight blue jeans with tennis shoes.

And Barbara was wearing a black dress under a grey jacket, gold belt, and knee-high black boots.

"At a classic movie festival?"

Naruto then looked to see they were at a Goode World Studios classic movie convention with a large group of people, some dressed as classic characters for the said studio. Naruto saw a poster for an old movie that had a gold 'GW' in a shield with a banner going across the middle with 'Goode World Studios' on it and noticed the female actress' name.

Sandra Stanyon.

He raised an eyebrow recognizing the name to the actress that played the mother to Beast Boy's mother Marie Logan's character for a show when she was a child/teen actress back in the 70s-80s.

And he remembered that M'gann identified with the main character, mainly because of the similarity of their names, and because all her problems would be over in 22 minutes. M'gann even based her human form on Megan Wheeler/Marie Logan, and would still regularly rewatch episodes.

"He was last seen photo-bombing an attendants selfie on the 1-K Wordsworth App," Barbara said through the mind link hand on her hip.

"(Sigh) I swear sometimes I don't understand your generation." Naruto said also through the link turning back around.

"You're not that old Naruto," Barbara said looking at her leader.

"For this world, I was born in 1992, the internet didn't come until the mid-late '90s and computers were at least 2 grand and high-speed internet didn't pick up until 2007 I'm only 23 soon to be 24 and I feel like an old man sometimes."

"Sure that's not just because your world tech was just 90's tech?" Megan asked through the link.

"Ha-Ha funny."

"OK, let's split up, and be careful of Psimon's trap," Barbra said as they each started to walk off.

Naruto noticed Beast Boy was a green mouse in Megan's pocket with his suit now being a collar around his neck and saw them stopping outside the auditorium that Sandra was answering questions on her movies and ex-husband Johnathon Lord.

Walking in after them, Naruto sat beside Megan on her right as she stared at Sandra talking to an interviewer on her start in the movies and falling in love with Jonathan Lord before having an affair with him while he was married before he got a divorce and married her.

And divorcing him after he cheated on her.

"I'd thought she'd talk about Hello, Megan!" Beast Boy said through the link.

"I'm not sure Hello, Megan! will come up. It wasn't very popular on Earth." Megan replied as Sandra answered questions mostly about her relationship with her ex-husband.

"M'gann, you should ask her about Hello, Megan!" Naruto said getting his lover's attention.

"I don't know..."

"M'gann, you're one of the bravest women I know. Are you really afraid to ask a question?" Naruto asked getting his girlfriend to smile and raise her hand.

"I was wondering if I could ask about your experience on Hello, Megan!?"

"Oh yes! Johnathan and I had great fun on that show… We might have even slept together one last time on the living room set. I'm not saying we did. I'm not saying we didn't. You do the math..." Sandra answered thinking the question was about her relationship with her ex-husband.

"Actually, I was wondering if you could talk about your fellow co-stars, like the actress who played your daughter, Marie Logan?"

Sandra smiled as she looked to where Megan was sitting, using her hand to block the light. "Oh, I adored Marie! Even as a kid she was such a pro. And a sweetheart! You know, you look a great deal like Marie. I know she has a son, but you could easily be her daughter-!"

"She is!"

Naruto looked to see Beast boy now back to normal, although losing his primate features and still had green skin and hair. "I'm Mari Logan's son Garfield, and this is my sister Megan!"

"Oh, that's wonderful. After the panel, we three must really sit down and chat… To begin with, I'd love to know why you're painted green!"

"Next question?" The interviewer asked before Megan looked to Naruto.

"Thank you, Naruto. I'm always braver when you're around." She said through the link.

"Happy to help."

On the other end of the building, Barbra was looking around in a crowd.

"(Ahem!) Looking for me?"

Barbara looked to her left and saw a man in a blue suit before he transformed into Psimon.

"Psimon!" She yelled before he spoke to her telepathically.

"Hush, now. My true form is still hidden from everyone else."

"Then why show it to me?" She asked quietly to not attract attention.

"Three reasons: One, I'm blocking your psychic link with the martian, so you can't warn her… Two, I'm traveling under a Bialyan Diplomatic passport, so you can't touch me… And three, if you do touch me, Psimon says he'll brain-blast you into oblivion." Psimon said through his link and referred to himself in the third person.

Over in the cafeteria, Naruto was leaning against a wall with flowers on it as Megan, Sandra, and Garfield were sitting at a table as she told them stories of their mother. Naruto groaned as the three screamed before Naruto saw he was in a living room. And he was seventeen again.

"Oh, what the hell what happened!?"

"I don't know, but it sucks!" Naruto jumped slightly as Beast Boy no a bullfrog actually spoke up instead of using the link.

"Any idea what the hell happened?"

"What part of 'I don't know, and it sucks!' did you not understand?!"

"Watch your language, young man!"

Naruto turned to the left and saw a blonde-haired woman with a white headband walk in. She's wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, black pants, and sandals.

This is Sandra's Stanyon's younger self on the show Hello, Megan!

"I won't have that in the Wheeler home. Megan, your friend is here!"

"Coming mother!"

"And he brought… A frog!"

"Hello, Megan!"

Naruto then looked up to a set of stairs to see a teenage Megan slapping her forehead with her left hand wearing a cheerleader outfit. It's a white shirt with a black 'M' on the left breast, white gloves, blue skirt with a black belt and blue tennis shoes.

"I was supposed to take care of the school's frog this weekend!"


Naruto jumped hearing a group of people laughing. 'The hell?!' He thought looking around, not seeing anyone, nor did the women seem to notice the laughter.

"Oh my God! We're inside Hello, Megan!" Beast Boy exclaimed looking at Megan.

"No. We're stuck inside M'gann's head!" Naruto said as M'gann walked down the steps.

Naruto saw her skirt fly up a little flashing her blue panties having him quickly turn around.

"This is kind of awkward." He said as Beast Boy looked to him.

"Awkward how?" He asked not seeing why Naruto turned around.

"This is making me think that M'gann just used your mother's body as the basis for her human form."

"Oh, EW! Why would you tell me that?! It's bad enough knowing she's my sister, don't bring my mom into this!"

"Now, Megan. Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?" Sandra asked as Megan walked up.

"I'd love to, mother. But I've never seen my new friend before in my life!"


Naruto then placed a hand on her shoulder. "Please, M'gann. You have to listen to me-"

"'Muh-Gann'? It's pronounced 'May-Gun'. Your accent is so unusual. Are you the new exchange student?" Megan asked confused.


"Please, look at me, it's me Naruto your-!"


They looked to see a teen boy with shoulder-length black hair parted in the middle wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a red collar and red on the flap of a chest pocket. Jeans and tennis shoes.

This is Conner, the boyfriend for Marie's character on Hello, Megan!

Hollywood August 08, 16:16 PDT.

"It's hilarious… Psimon says I've trapped the martian and her friends deep inside her own mind." Psimon said to Barbara who narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not buying it. Miss Martian's too powerful. Way more powerful than you."

"Ah, but my dear Batgirl, that's what makes it so priceless… All I did was guide her to a pocket of emotional safety hidden deep within her psyche." Psimon said smiling. "Now, little miss powerful's own insecurities keep her trapped there. I don't have to lift a mental finger… Unless it's to do THIS!"

Psimon then hits Barbara with a psychic blast forcing the disguised hero to her knees.

A few minutes went by before Barbara got u and ran to where the others were and saw all but Naruto, who was standing with his eyes closed was either leaning back in their seats, staring at nothing, or Beast Boy who was laying on the table.

M'gann's Mindscape.

"Any idea why you're stuck as a frog?" Naruto asked Beast Boy who was sitting on his shoulder.

And trying to ignore Conner who was hugging his girlfriend.

"On my mom's show, there's an episode where Megan has to take care of the school's pet frog. I'm stuck as a frog because we're stuck in that episode." Beast Boy replied.

"Well, my mind's not in the right place right now… Know the episode well?"

"Usually, but you weren't in the episode, so that'll mess things up a bit."

"Must be something we can do to snap M'gann out of this, what happened next?" Naruto asked glancing to the stuck frog.

"Megan, dear, if you don't hurry, you'll be late for the show," Sandra said to her daughter.

"Yeah, Megs, you have that big song!" Conner said getting Megan to sigh.

"Ugh, don't remind me."

"Honey, what's the matter?" Sandra asked getting Megan to look at her nervously.

"Matter? No matter. Who said anything about matter?"

"Albert Einstein?" Conner asked as he stood behind Megan.


Naruto heard the laughter again as Conner moved to sit on a bench by the door.

"Now, Megan, you can't fool your mother. Something's bothering you." Sandra said as Megan slapped her forehead.

"Hello, Megan! I'm nervous. What if I stumble over the lyrics or choke on the melody?"

"Honey-Bunny, you've never been shy about trying your best and failing," Sandra said as Megan crossed her arms under her bust.

"I guess not..."

"And you failed a lot."

"I suppose..."

"A lotta lot," Sandra said getting her daughter to look at her.


"Your point, mother?"

"My point is, something else is bothering you..."

"What if he doesn't like the song? What if he never forgives me?" Megan said quietly, missing Beast Boy at her feet who then jumped to the couch beside Naruto.

"That's it! That's the key to getting us out of here!"

"How?" Naruto asked the frog.

"In the show, Megan said 'What if Conner doesn't like the song?' Here she said 'He' and 'What if he doesn't forgive me?' So that's the real M'gann. She needs forgiveness from..."

"What does he need to forgive her for? Something in a later episode?" Naruto asked, eyes twitching as Conner hugged Megan.

"Not him, you!"


The laughed came up again for a joke Megan said while the two heroes were talking. "What do I have to forgive her for? Sure she tried to psychologically mess with my memories..."

"Oh my God, Naruto, that's horrible!" Beast Boy said as Naruto stared at him.

"Don't overreact, it didn't work and she back off when I caught her."

"That doesn't make it okay!"

Naruto nodded at that. "And that's why we broke up. But that was almost a year ago. We went through a whole invasion since then. She also took responsibility and apologized and after that, I took her back."

"And you forgave her?"

"I didn't say it but I thought it was clear when I got back together with her."

Later, Naruto with Beast Boy looked at Megan's school play with most in costume, Conner in a white suit, and Megan in a green dress with a slit in the right side, and her hair curled.

"You look great Megan!" Conner said, right hand in his pocket. "And I look spectacular!"


"SHHHH!" Sandra shushed them holding a clipboard.

"Megan, can we talk?" Naruto said walking up to Megan.

"Sure! You sound so serious." She replied before Conner got in Naruto's face as Sandra took Megan to the stage for her song.

"Hey, back off! You want a 'serious' talk with 'A' Megan, get your own!"

"OK Big Bopper, I've been calm all this time but if you don't get out of my face there'll be red with that white suit!" Naruto said before hearing a somber song sung by Megan.

There are no excuses or explanations for the wrongs I did…

Won't justify abuses that I committed setting free my own I.D…

He tried hard to tell me that I was turning into all I despise…

But I was hell-spree, as beyond reckless, I bought into my lies…

While she was singing, the characters seem to realize it wasn't Megan who was singing as the song was bringing the real M'gann back.

He gave me every chance to salvage our romance.

I threw it all away, torched five years of yesterdays…

Though I swear I am sorry and learned my lesson.

How could that be enough…?

I can't claim his mercy or ask forgiveness, after treating him rough…

He gave me every chance to salvage our romance.

I threw it all away, torched five years of yesterdays…

Now we go through the motions, as from a distance.

We live under a truce but I can't rule emotions when I still love him…

And there is… No… Excuse…

Megan cried as she quickly walked off the stage as the audience clapped and up to Naruto. "That was amazing Megan... But I need to talk to M'gann M'orzz."


"I need to talk to my best friend, my girlfriend, my future wife… Maybe current if we didn't break up. To tell her, that I don't know where we're going, or what's going to happen… But I forgive her for anything and everything." He said grabbing her hands in his. "And that no matter where we go or what we do, I will always love her."


"Really. I mean sure there'll be arguments, disagreements and even fights but that'll happen with every relationship."


"Yeah?" Naruto asked as Megan shifted into the form she had before coming into her mind.

"Let's get out of here."

They then woke up as several guards were beside them.

"YES! WE'RE OUT!" Beast Boy exclaimed as Barbara smiled.

"Oh, thank God!" Barbara exclaimed as paramedics walked over.

"Psimon got away?" Megan asked Barbara telepathically who was beside her.

"Yeah. He's probably halfway to Bialya by now."

"We'll get him next time," Naruto said as he walked up as Megan apologized to Sandra.

"Thank you, Naruto We'd have been stuck in that fantasy forever if it wasn't for you," Megan said to her lover who smiled.

"We'll always be a team… Especially if you wear that cheerleader uniform tonight."

Megan blushed at that making sure she was the only one who heard that.

(Flashback End.)

Naruto was watching TV as his daughter was sleeping beside him. He smiled as he picked her up and took her to her bed on the first floor.

To Be Continued.

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1. There's a 2-part Prologue that came out on the 2nd and 3rd of January '19 that takes place a month after Invasion, that was the plot used for this chapter.

2. For those that don't remember, Barbara took Dick's place/became second in command after he needed a break after Wally's death.

3. A reminder that I saved Marie as it was rare/hasn't been done but at the time I was one of the few people to go past season 1 for their Naruto/Y.J. X-Over story. That started with season 1.

4. She had Long hair in the issues, just a little past her season 1 length.


Naruto Harem. List:

1. Artemis Crock/Artemis.

A bit rare outside of one-shots and ones that have her liking Naruto instead of Conner when joining haven't been updated to have her join the pairing, get with him later, or going with Wally like in canon. (That I'm aware of.) AND I always wanted to read a story that had them together before season 1 was finished and Wally/Artemis was canon.

2. Jade Nguyen/Cheshire.

I like this pairing and her canon pairing with clone Roy/now Will was the only canon pairing I disliked as it felt it was just thrown in without any build-up.

3. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

This is my favorite D.C pairing for Naruto.

4. M'gann M'orzz/Megan Morse/Miss Martian.

Even though it's the popular/overused pairing for this x-over and I'm always looking for other pairings due to that, I do like this pairing.

5. Zatanna Zatara.

She's 2 years older than canon (16 for season 1, 21 for season 2, and 23 for season 3).

6. Crystal Frost/Killer Frost.

Something my one beta at the time and I agreed on adding after talking it over.

7. Dinah Drake/Black Canary.

I am a fan of the canon pairings on this show I only added her because of 'whelming' demand. Sorry, couldn't resist. Plus I was happy to add her. She and Ollie broke up because their secret identities weren't dating and I had him be like Bruce in being a playboy and she couldn't take him going out with other women to keep up appearances. And her not being with him.

8. Talia al Ghul.

I do like this pairing and one beta really wanted to add her after seeing she was in this continuity (1st in the canon tie-in comic.) In the Y.J. continuity, she kept dating/liking men that only saw her as evil/Ra's daughter and how that'll help them and she gained feelings for Naruto after talking with him and finding out he saw her for her and not her father/father's daughter.

I had them as friends as I stationed Naruto in Gotham.

Other Pairings:

Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Starfire. Who we had joined the Team in season 1. Again, before season 3 and Barbra being with him.

Wally West/Kid Flash: Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Black Bat. She took Artemis' canon place for the show. Before season 3 was announced and she was in there. She also took Artemis' place as a mole in season 2.

Conner Kent/Superboy: Donna Prince-Uzumaki and her twin Megaera Prince-Uzumaki. They were also grown in a pod alongside him (Meg a secret like Match) and are the twin genetic daughters of Naruto and Wonder Woman force grown like Conner.

Another writer on here, Kyuubi16 has/had a story The Odd Couple that used the genetic daughter plot first and he gave me permission to use it. Again this was before season 3 was announced and Donna being in season 3.

We also fixed his no growing physically to be with them as they never had that problem.

Clone Roy Harper/Will Harper: Blackfire. We brought her in to replace Jade. She's also her New 52 version of a hero/nice to her sister.

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