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Chapter XXX: Nevermore.

Last Time.

Beverly Hills February 14, 19:03 PST.

The Markovs watch as Tod Donner announces that Baron Bedlam has escaped from prison and has taken over control of Markovia. It then went to a response from Lex Luthor who states that he will not lift the ban for the Justice League to enter Markovia. He ends by saying that this is an internal matter that the country needs to fight themselves.

"How did he know I was out of the country?" Gregor asks looking at the screen before throwing the remote. "I must go back!"

"No, they'll kill you the second you step foot…" Brion said before standing. "But I have another option my Squad can step foot there since the Justice League cannot."

"I will not hide in a Beverly Hills hotel!"

"Be patient brother, we tried it your way, now we try it my way," Brion said looking at his brother. "Geo-Force will lead the Outsiders to save our homeland."

Tara stood up at that. "Markovia, here we come!"


Gotham City February 15, 18:31 EST.

Jefferson knocked on the door of an apartment before it opened showing Barbara

"My algorithm estimated you'd be here two minutes earlier. How long were you waiting outside?" She asked as he stepped in.

"About two minutes. Look, I know Delamb… Baron Bedlam staged a coup." Jefferson said as Barbara rolled to her computer screens. "I assume Brion and Terra are already en-route. And I still care about those kids. So I need to know what's going on, please Barbara.

"Like I said… I expected you two minutes ago." Barbara said before she explains that since Lex Luthor has had the Justice League sidelined over this issue they all know that a win by the Outsiders will help the Leagues cause.

She then explains to Jeff that the Outsiders are going to sneak into Markovia with Bio-Ship's camouflage. Miss Martian is leading the Gamma Squad that's a mix of both teams to prevent Simon Ecks from killing those who are loyal to King Gregor Markov. And that Beta Squad will travel through the Zeta-Tube into the middle of Markovburg to backup Alpha Squad who will take the fight to Baron Bedlam.

"So you coordinate all three Squads from here. While keeping the League and Batman Inc. informed?"

"You're the only one who calls it 'Batman Inc.' but, yes.

"What else?" Jefferson asked as she raised an eyebrow.


"What else aren't you telling me?"


The Watchtower February 15, 18:32 EST.

Black Canary and Red Tornado are observing an online post of Lex Luthor as his trending support is increasing.

Metropolis February 15, 18:35 EST.

Lex and Deathstroke without his mask stood in a room with a hologram of Markovia's castle with the Light members on screens above them.

"The board is set. The players are in position." Lex said as Deathstroke crossed his arms.

"And we have the inside track on their every move."

"Then all goes as planned?" Vandal asked.

"Of course, this will be a complete debacle for the Outsiders proving what I've been saying for months, that all heroes and meta-humans need to be registered and regulated worldwide," Le said before Infinity Inc came up in the holo-image. "My own team of heroes will quickly volunteer to register and Infinity Inc. will supplant the Justice League."

"And the Light will fill the ranks with Meta-Humans under our control." Deathstroke finished looking up at the screens.

"The current heroes will be branded outlaws, subject to arrest, imprisonment, even inhibitor colored."

"I bet Waller would love to get a brain implant in the Dark Knight," Deathstroke said as Vandal nodded.

"Indeed. But how to guarantee the debacle? If we use our mole..."

"Her cover will be blown, no doubt," Deathstroke said before Lex looked up.

"But we believe the outcome is worth the sacrifice… Any objections?" Once no one spoke up, Lex turned to the mercenary. "Channel secured… Proceed."

"Deathstroke to Tara, the moment you've been waiting for is here. On our signal, you are to publicly kill Garfield Logan."

Markovburg. February 16, 01:41 EET.

Bedlam with his stone skin ad in his uniform was speaking on the phone inside the palace. "Wilhelm, you have done well informing on enemies to the State…"


Suddenly a violet Boom tube opens. Superboy, Nightwing, Black Bat, in their Darkwear, Forager, and Halo jump through. Bedlam recognizes them and runs off. The group charges at Bedlam when Count Vertigo suddenly appears and uses his sonic powers to bring them to their knees. Only for Kage in his Darkwear to grab him from behind in an inverted headlock and then drop down, slamming the villain into the floor.

In the hallway, another boom tube opens to bring Beast Boy, Terra, Geo-Force, and Cyborg. Terra uses her power to drag Bedlam closer towards them. Bedlam slaps her away. Enraged, Geo-Force rams into Bedlam. The two smash through a window and out into the courtyard. A cameraman outside begins videotaping the fight.

"Cyborg, do you read?" Victor spoke to Cyborg over his comms. "I know you're in the thick of it, but you and I have got another mission."

Geo-Force and Terra take on Bedlam as Beast Boy turns into a gorilla to help and rapidly punches Bedlam. Cyborg also jumps down to shoot sonic beams before Bedlam stops Beast Boy and breaks his arm.


"Cyborg, help Beast Boy!" Geo-Force calls Cyborg to help Beast Boy, as he surrounds Bedlam in a pool of magma. Terra raises the platform that Bedlam is standing on and brings it down on him.

Outside the Palace, El Dorado and Wonder Girl are finishing up arresting Simon Ecks and his group. Miss Martian contacts Nightwing to inform him that their duty is finished.

Back with the fight, Geo-Force melts the ground until he has Bedlam trapped in rock from the lava that formed around him. He makes spiked rocks around his hands and begins to hit him, breaking Bedlam's rock skin off until he surrenders. Geo-Force contemplates this and believes surrender is too easy. He is about to take another strike when Beast Boy stops him.

Terra looked to Beast Boy as she heard Deathstroke in her comms. "Brion is right. Bedlam is the cause of all of your misery. Do your job and nothing will stop you and Brion from executing Delamb. Kill Beast Boy, now."

Terra raises a piece of the ground and slowly lifts it over Beast Boy's head. Both Beast Boy and Geo-Force are taken aback by Terra's action. Before Terra can make another move, Black Bat walked to her and took off her mask.

"Tara, listen. You don't have to do what Deathstroke says."


"That's right." Naruto dropped down on the other side. "You have a choice here."

"How long have you known?"

"Since the beginning, Batman read from Slade's micro-expressions that he was lying when he said you washed out," Naruto explained to the teen.

"You knew I was still in the Shadows? Why didn't-" Naruto interrupted her.

"That would have taken the choice outta your hands and would have proven Slade right that we wouldn't trust you, that we couldn't be trusted. But that's what Slade has done from the moment you became a meta. So now, you have the choice of who you want to be. You just gotta trust me now."

Terra thinks back on all the times that the Team was there for her, loved her, and gave her a home. Finally, Terra throws her boulder aside and takes Deathstroke's earpiece off and embraces Black Bat.

"Oh yeah, no I was the one that took you in and fed you but sure give Bat there the love."

Cyborg picks up the earpiece and activates his cybernetic powers.

Metropolis February 15, 18:58 EST.

"Batman read your micro-expressions?!"

Lex asked in anger as Deathstroke turned to him. "I didn't know he saw me unmasked."

"'While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping'." A red Jefferson came up in the hologram in front of the two. "Well, we wondered who else would be on the other end of this line. Now, we know, Mr. Secretary."

Markovburg February 16, 02:03 EET.

"How could you not tell me?"

Geo-Force screams at everyone for not telling him that they knew that his sister was conspiring with the enemy. Zviad Baazovi appears and he calls to the people of Markovia, telling them that their prince has returned. Suddenly, Baron Bedlam breaks free of his bindings and flees. Zviad tells Geo-Force that he can't let Bedlam escape.

Geo-Force melts the ground, trapping Bedlam, again. Bedlam screams that he will never stop, so long as he is still breathing. Geo-Force states that he believes his uncle. Everyone watches in horror as Geo-Force turns his arm into magma and shoves it down Bedlam's throat until it comes out of his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose.

Zviad shouts to the people that the false King is dead and that Brion has assumed the throne. The crowd cheers in approval for King Brion.

"Guys," Naruto whispered to the others. "Their feelings are being warped. Someone here is messing with them. Just play along. We don't want to tip them off or for them to make us look bad on that camera."

Geo-Force smiles as the crowd chant his name but are surprised to see that the rest of the Outsiders, the Team, and Halo are not enthused at all.

"I had to do it, don't you see."

"You crossed a line we don't cross," Superboy said as Nightwing spoke up after him.

"You murdered that man."

Geo-Force then glared at them. "I executed a criminal, while you hypocrites allowed a murderer to walk free among us!"

"She was brainwashed!" Black Bat said as Terra shook her head and explained she wasn't and will accept her punishment.

She tried to get her brother to do the same only for him to shake his head

"Tara, I dedicated my life to rescue you, but you lied to me and nearly betrayed us all. You are an assassin! I am a hero!"

"And every evil dictator in history said the same thing when they overthrew the previous dictator," Naruto said, putting a hand on Terra's shoulder. "Just remember that Brion."

Zviad walked over and whispered into Geo-Force's ear before convincing the people to have Brion be the king. Geo-Force offers Terra forgiveness if she supports his rule but Terra refuses. Geo-Force then offers Halo to be his Queen. Halo breaks down and cries in Naruto's arms. Geo-Force then turns Nightwing.

"Nightwing, take all your heroes out of my country. At once!"

Hollywood February 16, 01:24 PST.

At the Hub, Halo continues to sob in Forager's arms as Garfield consoles Tara. The rest of the Team are silent in the kitchen.

"You're sure someone was controlling the emotions?" Naruto looked up to see Starfire beside him.

"Yeah, and with Zviad talking in Brion's ear, I think it was him."

"Why not-"

"Because we're still building a case against Lex and because the people and military backs Brion as their king now, we can't interfere with their politics since they 'willingly' chose him over his brother. Before Lex had the spot he has now we couldn't interfere unless it was a coupe and the ruler asked for our help."

Metropolis February 16, 04:25 EST.

"Despite Tara's disappointing performance, it could have gone worse," Deathstroke said with a sigh.

"Oh please, things couldn't have gone better," Lex said as he explained that Brion executing a criminal and declaring himself king and unmasking the hidden teams he can use to put up the registration act for fear of other meta's doing the same in other countries.

New York February 16, 20:02 EST.

At the United Nations in New York, Black Lightning presents his evidence that Lex Luthor has defied U.N. regulations by still running his business', was involved in his own meta-trafficking by using Lexcorp. Resources. And created Infinity Inc. Luthor just smiles at them.

New York February 17 12:03 EST.

Luthor makes his statement, calling Black Lightning a liar just trying to get rid of him. Superboy suddenly appears with Superman by his side and Wonder Woman, Kage, Troia, and Meg on the other side.

"Everything they said is true!" Superboy walked up before taking the microphone away from Lex. "At Project Cadmus, Lex bred and enslaved living weapons, including us, I am Superboy, this is Troia, Meg's sister. And we all were made from a Genomorph, with D.N.A from Superman and Lex Luthor, and these two by Wonder Woman and Kage."

"I was created to fight Superman. And they Wonder Woman or Kage to replace them if they perished. Or fight them if they turned from the light… Lex Luthor's light!"

"We've come to love these two as our daughters," Naruto said, putting a hand on each women's shoulder.

"And I see Superboy as a brother," Superman said as he walked up. "You can trust them."

"Run a test on me," Superboy said before Garth called for a vote of no confidence on Lex Luthor

Blüdhaven February 20, 20:02 EST.

Dick and Kori wearing purple pajamas watch Tod Donner's news program, stating that Lex Luthor has been forced to resign from the United Nations. She mentions that Meg is the leading candidate to replace him, also the Outsiders and the League are trending positively on social media.

They saw Jim Gordon restore the Bat-signal as Tod Donner begins talking about a new story: after her trial, Tara Markov has been released into the custody of her brother, the exiled King Gregor Markov. And as part of her probation, she is assigned to continue her services with the Outsiders.

Markovburg February 21, 17:37 EET.

Brion in his robes and gold crown sat on a throne on a platform as Zviad stood beside him.

"No… I don't want to see her." Brion said before Zviad spoke.

"She's made some mistakes but she wants to make up for them. Please sire, we all deserve a second chance."

"(Sigh) OK, send her in."

Zviad motioned and Helga wearing a grey business suit walked in and bowed before she looked up and smiled.

Western Mongolia February 23, 00:00 ICT.

"The Light is satisfied." Vandal said as he looked at the screens, one now having Zviad. "Though Lex still has some legal issues to work out. The rest of the news is good."

"Agreed," Lex said, raising an eyebrow. "King Brion now runs a puppet kingdom thanks in no small part to our newest member's influence." Lex gestured to Zviad.

"Yes, well, I'm no Martian. But my limited meta psychic ability does come in handy to… Match people to their own worst impulses."

"No need to be modest Zviad." Vandal said before he explained about his partnership with Darkseid and that the two of them were able to find common ground and renew it. But since Darkseid is still after the Anti-Life Equation, Savage warns the other members of the Light that they must keep an eye on Halo.

The Watchtower February 24, 19:00 EST.

The Justice League, the Team, Outsiders, and Batman's team are all gathered in the main hall with Batman and Nightwing standing at the front. And whoever was not able to be present at the meeting is communicating through the monitors.

"That's just about everyone," Kage said with his hood and mask down as he walked up the steps. "I'm surprised I didn't think everyone would respond."

"You command more respect then you realize," Batman told the Ninja who sighed.


"Recognized: Pierce, Jefferson G01."

Black Lightning walked through the tunnels before looking at the others. "Still staying in the game?" Nightwing spoke as Lightning looked to him.

"Yeah, well… It's the right thing."

"Sure about this?" Batman asked his protégé who nodded.

"Oh yeah," Nightwing said before stepping up to address the crowd.

He then starts to explain that he and the other leaders had been secretly running a task force against the Light but kept everyone else in the dark to protect them. Aquaman admits that they now know that what they did was wrong and, as a result, feels that he is no longer worthy to co-lead the League and announces his resignation.

Wonder Woman announces she will step down as well. Miss Martian also announces that she is stepping down as leader of the Team. Nightwing explains that the new leader of the League needs to be someone who has constantly acted as the conscience and suggests that they nominate Black Lightning. Wonder Woman seconds the nomination.

All current members of the League shout in agreement. Black Lightning is surprised by this before turning. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't want this."

"We all gotta do it at least once," Naruto said, patting Lightning on the back.

"You don't!"

"Founding members, we get special privileges. At the moment, you are the best for the job who hasn't done it... At least in a while."

"What do you say?" Lightning asked the Dark Knight.

"I don't have a vote… Currently."

"If I take this you're either in or out. There's no halfway, no behind the scenes crap!"

"If you take this we'll fold 'Batman Inc.' back into the League and Team. On your terms. It's for the best, for the mission."

"What do you say?" Lightning asked Nightwing."

"I go back to the Team and the Team is under the League, I work for you boss."

Black Lightning then looked out to the group of Leaguers, Outsiders, and the Team. "We all believe the League needs a course correction because we're all afraid of the same tired old story. 'The hero gets lost fighting the good fight' and becomes the very thing he or she is fighting against. And, sure, it happens. Vandal Savage, Teth Adam, Ra's al Ghul. And now, sadly, Geo-Force."

"But it will not happen again. Not to any of us. Because from here on out, we will not keep secrets from each other. We need each other to know each other's secrets to keep each other on the straight and narrow. No more making decisions to protect each other from the choices we might be forced to make. In this League, the ends will not justify the means! We will not sink to using the methods of our enemies."

"We will keep our covert Team, not for the sake of it being covert, but because it affords our young heroes a place to learn out of the spotlight. But, otherwise, like the Outsiders, we must live in each other's spotlights. If we fail while doing right, then at least we went down swinging on our own terms. But in the long term, we will not fail. Holding firm to our principles will guide us to an honorable victory! Now, let's get down to business."

He finished as Forager, Superboy, and Troia announce they'll join the Outsiders.

Taos February 26, 13:13 MST.

Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and El Dorado are in attendance as Wendy Jones has her Inhibitor collar removed. She smiles at El Dorado.

Detroit February 26, 15:15 EST.

In the locker rooms at the high school, Ron Evers is picking on Cisco Ramon again, and this time, Victor stands up for Cisco.

Happy Harbor February 27, 08:08 EST.

Forager reveals his true form to his class at Happy Harbor High School. Everyone applauds except for Violet, who is deep in thought.

Markovburg February 27, 15:09 EET

King Brion is deep in thought as the Infinity, Inc. members kneel to him.

The Watchtower February 27, 23:23 EST.

Black Lightning stands by the window, looking down on the Earth from above.

Metropolis February 28, 16:16 EST.

At Bibbo's Diner, the original members of the Team with Will and Komi are hosting a private party with friends and family. Megan feeds Naruto a piece of pie as a blond waitress comes by to refill her coffee. Naruto looked to see that the waitress has a gold ring on her hand with an L-shaped insignia.

To Be Continued.

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OK, I'd like to give my thoughts on this season as a whole now that we've finished it outside of the stuff I've mentioned in the Ep the thought was about (like the J.L. being Mind Controlled again.) I did like this season, I know people didn't like it as much as the previous 2 (After Ep 13) and the focus on social media. Now, I think that if they didn't get canceled in '13 that might not have been the focus but I know that's the young generation now.

An example is I live in a farm area where an hour in all directions are farms, woods, or parks so I grew up being outdoorsy. Same for my family that lived here. Now my cousin's kids when we go fishing or spending the day swimming, almost always go on their phones an hour into what we're doing and they love that stuff as much as me and my cousin did growing up.

So yeah, the social media focus I got why they did that since it's an "Inspire our/the young generation" message And 99% of their generation are on their phones or internet most the time.

Now for the actual story of the season, I'm not seeing that much complaint… Outside the previously mentioned social media. Some people say it's gone extremely woke but… Outside of a moment or 2, I don't see it… But I'll admit unless that's being shoved down my throat I'm someone who won't see it. And to those who say "It's because of the characters they brought in/changed for this season."

The team behind this show has said they created their own continuity to NOT FOLLOW the comics or the previously ended DCAU shows. So because a character's a certain way in the comic they probably won't be on this show. (Most I see is that Klarion isn't a real demon/M'gann isn't like this in the comics.)

Klarion is an actual demon/lord of chaos instead of a kid from the missing Roanoke colony who chose magic instead of religion for this continuity. Same for M'gann being shy/rips villains brains (Not sure what part is different as I'm not well versed on her comic counterpart)

Now I did see a video explaining that it could be pacing issues (And even going back to binge it instead of waiting a week for Ep.'s the season was better that way) and the fact there's no main team that's focused on for the entire season. 1st Ep, Batman, Green Arrow, and new J.L. members with Plastic Man quit so I'm thinking "Oh Batman formed the Outsiders so he/his team proteges are the focus."

But no, only 2 episodes (If you count Tim's flashback) with them. Then Dick forms a team so OK I think the focus is on them but after Ep 13 they're not the focus... then Ep 17, over halfway through the season does Beast Boy form a Team having to hate that the Young Heroes don't get the spotlight to give teens/younger kids hope when getting powers.

And they're called the Outsiders, so yeah, over half the season do we get the Team the season's named after. They should have done it at the start... Maybe with Dick's Team or have BB come in way earlier with the same reasoning from thinking the teens wouldn't have to hide if they saw heroes their age with powers on TV.

But the season after Ep 13 just bounces between the Team, The Outsiders, and the J.L./the space teams for the most part when one team is doing something important/mission. Even the slightly less liked season 2 (The fans only liked it less was because of the bigger cast and felt it was a little too much) did keep the main focus on the Team with only an Ep on the Runaways/J.L who were on trial.

And with them saying they didn't have a big budget like when they were on TV, (Which could also be a reason for any problems) I wouldn't be surprised if any writer or person who did storylines in the past couldn't return due to not being able to take under a certain amount with their contract. Or like with actors, not being able to do it because of signing to do something else.

And for those that don't like Jeff being the J.L. leader, as I said earlier, there is a time-skip confirmed so he might not be depending on how far they go. Because I was looking forward to Black Canary being the leader but she wasn't for this season.

Just let the creators respectfully know what you didn't like about it and maybe season 4-up will be better if they know that certain stuff didn't work for the majority of the fans.

Nothing else to say.

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