Author's Note: I know I'm technically breaking canon with this story, but I want Durotan to live a happy life, since he was the best character in the entire movie. I thought it would be terrible for Durotan to not live with his wife and son, so I made this story to have a more satisfying ending. Also, this story will be orc-exclusive, so no human characters.

As Durotan walked away, he realized he didn't know the location of his wife and son. He started to ask the orcs about Draka's location, but none of them knew. None of them, except for Orgrim. Durotan asked him, "Orgrim, do you know where my wife went with our son?" "(Sigh) Back at the village, the Frostwolf Clan was purged. I helped Draka escape and the last time I saw her, she was headed towards the river." said Orgrim. "The river?" asked Durotan. "Yes. I believe she assumed you died in Mak'gora and is planning on saving the child." said Orgrim. "Thank you, Orgrim." said Durotan as he ran off to find his wife.

Durotan ran across the land, trying to find the two most important people in his life. He was sweaty and still in pain over the duel, but none of it mattered to Durotan. Eventually, he spotted his wife, Draka, carrying their baby boy, Go'el. "Thank heavens." said Durotan. While he was looking at his wife, he noticed an orc nearby, attempting to attack her with an ax. "I will not lose my family on this day." said Durotan. He snuck behind the attacker and easily took him down. The two orcs engaged in battle for a few moments, before Durotan put the orc in a headlock. The orc was struggling for air, as Durotan suffocated the life out of him. A few more seconds went by and the orc was dead. Normally, the orcs would frown upon Durotan's actions, but he knew by protecting his family, his actions were justified. "Durotan!" said Draka. The two embraced each other and Draka said, "I thought you were dead." "No, my love. Gul'dan thought he could end me, but his arrogance cost him. I'm just happy that you're alive." said Durotan. "Where are clothes?" asked Draka. "I decided to become a nudist. I never told you before, because I wasn't ready. For months, the most I did was sleep naked and walk around naked, when I was alone. When I engaged in Mak'gora, I took off all my clothes and after the duel, I told all the orc clans of my decision." said Durotan. "What did they say?" asked Draka. "They all supported me and approved of my decision." said Durotan. "That's good to hear. Would you like to hold our son?" asked Draka. "Yes." said Durotan. Draka gently put Go'el in Durotan's arms and said, "He's a healthy boy." "He his. He'll have to train in order to be a warrior, but we don't have to worry about that now." said Durotan. Durotan smiled as Go'el touched his finger and growled.