Ten Years Later

Go'el was now on the verge of adulthood and had spent the last 10 years training to become a worthy successor to his father, Durotan. He made an enormous amount of progress and had a body that would rival his father's. He could now properly fight and defend himself via his own fists and various weapons.

However, his body was still working against him, and he had still had to wear a diaper. Instead of a cloth diaper, his undergarment was made of a more powerful material, which made things less embarrassing. But considering that Go'el now had to deal with other orcs that were his age, his diaper was social suicide.

But at least he had Durotan, Orgrim, and his mother, Draka, for moral support, so life wasn't completely miserable. His father had become wiser and was still living the nudist life, alongside his best friend, Orgrim. Go'el appreciated everything his parents taught him and how they were willing to help him through his struggles.

However, he still had to deal with his peers. Personalities like Peon, Grunt, Shaman, Farseer, Raider, and Beastmaster were absolutely obnoxious to him and he had to deal with them daily because like him, they were being trained to eventually go to battle. And today was another day that Go'el had to be with these guys.

Go'el woke up in his own little hut, separate from his parents (who were right next to him), and checked his diaper before anything else. Unfortunately, his diaper was very used, which meant he needed to get a change from his father. Although Go'el loved his father dearly, he hated how he still had to get changed by him. He felt less like a man and more like a child and it was not helping his image or confidence.

"Father!" Go'el yelled.

A tired Durotan answered with, "Yes, son?"

"I need to get changed." said Go'el.

"Alright, I'll help you out." said Durotan.

Durotan soon entered Go'el's hut and Go'el laid on the floor. Durotan grabbed a new diaper from the corner of the hut and began to change Go'el. Durotan knew how much Go'el hated this and tried to start a conversation that would distract him from the change.

"So, son, are there any female orcs you're interested in?" asked Durotan.

"No, I'm more focused on being a warrior than finding a lover right now." said Go'el.

"That's good, Go'el. But I know the ladies will be falling for you for several reasons. To the point where your diaper will be an afterthought." said Durotan.

"Okay, what are those reasons?" asked Go'el.

"Your personality, your strong sense of honor, your fighting skills, your muscular body, and the size of your feet." said Durotan.

"Why would the last thing matter?" asked Go'el.

Durotan grabbed his son's foot and said, "Son, your feet are like me. Destructive but soft. Not to mention massive. And in orc culture, you know that male orcs with big feet have big…" Durotan said before he was interrupted by Go'el.

"My God, Father! You don't need to finish that sentence." An embarrassed Go'el said.

"Sorry, but it's more or less true. I'm just trying to build up your self-esteem, son." said Durotan.

"I know, Father." said Go'el.

Once Go'el was changed, Durotan left to go back to his wife. Go'el opened the front part of his diaper, looked at his 'goods' and then looked at the size of his feet.

"Well, Father isn't wrong about what he said." said Go'el.

Go'el soon left his hut and joined his parents and Orgrim for breakfast. Once he finished eating, he went to join his fellow orcs-in-training: Peon, Grunt, Shaman, Farseer, Raider, and Beastmaster. All of them were dressed up, in their battle attires: loincloths, boots, and battle armor, while Go'el only wore his diaper and nothing more.

"Look guys, the baby's here." Grunt said as the other orcs snorted and laughed. Go'el was called 'the baby' for two reasons. He was the youngest out of the orcs-in-training and the second reason should be blatantly obvious.

"You're still calling me a baby, Grunt? I'm bigger than any of you." said Go'el.

"Well, at least we can control our bodies." Grunt said before he patted the front of Go'el's diaper.

"You know I can't control it." said Go'el.

"Yeah, we know and we pity you. Heh, maybe you can take it off in battle and use it as a weapon. Our enemies would never expect it." said Grunt.

Go'el actually thought that wasn't a terrible idea but he wasn't about to tell Grunt or anyone else. He simply glared at Grunt and didn't respond.

"Come on, let's get to training." Grunt said before the rest of the orcs-in-training followed him.

The young orcs went to the training area and fought amongst each other, to see who the best truly was. As per usual, the final two were Go'el and Grunt, who pummeled each other for several minutes straight. Grunt delivered several jabs to Go'el's stomach, intentionally trying to get Go'el to lose control and as a result, lose focus. But Go'el held it together and knocked Grunt down to the ground and win the match. But Grunt was a bit of a sore loser and decided to rip Go'el's diaper right off him.

This was very bad timing as those jabs to stomach caused Go'el's bowels to loosen up. With no time, Go'el ran to the nearest bush, took a squat, and unleashed what felt like a mountain of brown sludge out of his body. Grunt was laughing at Go'el's discomfort and Go'el got very upset. Once he was done with the bush, he rushed to Grunt and tackled him to the ground and the two orcs were having a scuffle.

The other orcs were trying to break them up when they all heard a scream. Go'el and Grunt stopped their fighting and got off the ground. The orcs could see something in the distance. It was a group of humans, who had blood all over their armor and weapons. They also saw a female orc on the ground, trying to crawl away from the humans with blood squirting out her neck. Before she could say anything, she was decapitated by what looked like the leader of the humans.

Go'el and the others knew that training was over, and their first battle had begun.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter. So, Go'el is pretty much an adult now and now has to deal with actual enemies who are willing to kill him. If you're curious, the enemies will be The Syndicate, who are a bunch of evil humans. Also, this will end at 10 chapters because I don't want it to drag on forever. Additionally, I'm working on old and new stories (thankfully, some of these older stories are one to two chapters away from being finished), so expect consistent updates for the next few months. Other than that, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Bye for now and stay safe.