Annabeth and I have been dating for about three weeks now and we've decided to tell my mom and Paul this weekend. Currently we're standing in front of their apartment door

I'll admit I'm very scared. What if they judge me? Or what if they don't like the idea. What if they don't let Annabeth stay in the same room as me without one of them watching them.

It's not like we're planning on having sex or anything.

We've only kissed like three times. Once in the labyrinth, once when she kissed me and our underwater kiss.


Every single time we've kissed Annabeth made the first move. Maybe she's waiting for me to make a move. Oh god. Do I need to get like a blessing to kiss her? Maybe I should get some roses and then kiss her?


Annabeth deserves a whole parade-

"Percy? Are you ever gonna knock?" Annabeth asked quite anxiously.

She pulled me out of my thoughts and I felt my face redden. "Uh-uh yah."

I knocked on the door and smiled at Annabeth.

She returned the smile but quickly averted her eyes to the floor.

Her smile.

Her teeth are brighter than my future. Her laugh gives me life. Her hair gets tangled in my hands which is so cute. Well, you know except for that one time when we either had to cut off my hand or her hair.

My mom opened the door and screeched. I've never seen my mom this excited.

"Percy!" She said as she gave me a huge hug. I'll admit it hurt a little even though I'm like basically a god.

"Annabeth," she said and hugged her as well.

"Hi, sally!" She said.

We both walked in and placed our bags on the floor.

"I'm so happy you both are staying the weekend with us. Paul and I've been so worried about you guys. I made three dozen cookies," she said as she picked up Annabeth bag.


"Annabeth honey the guest room was prepared for you but a skunk broke in and sprayed everywhere," Sally said. "But you can stay In Percy's room."

"Cool, thanks. Also, where's Paul?" Annabeth asked as she followed my mom.

I quickly followed behind to make sure she wasn't going to tell Annabeth any embarrassing baby stories.

"Paul's at work. I don't think he'll be getting back till later tonight," she exclaimed. She dropped Annabeths stuff on my bed.

"Kids I'm going to go run some errands and pick up some pizza for dinner. No funny business."

I awkwardly laughed. "Whaaaa?"

My mom walked to the door and grabbed her purse. Just before she closed the door on us she smirked. "Travis told me you've guys been dating for three weeks now." After that, she left.

I groaned. I wanted to tell her. No fair.

Annabeth sighed. "So seaweed brain whatcha wanna do?"

I smirked. I grabbed her waist and kissed her hard on the lips. She smelled like lemons.

She gasped but quickly gave into the kiss. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me even harder.

Woah I was making out with the Annabeth Chase. My girlfriend.

Of course me being the clutz I am, I tripped on my own shoe and fell onto the couch. Annabeth landed on top of me. We both started to laugh.

"You're such a seaweed brain."

"And your such a wise girl."

"Shut and kiss me."

"Will do ma'am."

Look I know this is horrible and I might make changes later but I made this quick little one shot because I've had this in my drafts for like a year now so I might as well post it.