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February 27, 2004

Both receptionists at the front desk of the Royal and General Bank on the 27th of February recognized the young man that entered. Normally, they wouldn't look twice before sending him through to the elevator, but the look on his face made them glance back.

Generally, when he entered the Bank, it was with a scowl firmly in place on his face, but today he was smirking. Now, the receptionists didn't know the young man very well, but those who did would've said he looked almost gleeful.

He got off the elevator on the sixteenth floor and stalked towards the office of the heads of MI6's office. He threw open the doors. This itself was not actually all that rare for him; he took pleasure in anything that could cause irritation to the heads.

Mrs. Jones- her deputy was out of the office at the time- looked up as he entered.

"Agent Rider," Mrs. Jones said with only the barest undertone of surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"Not 'Agent'," he said with a smirk, "I no longer work for MI6," he threw down a hastily scribbled note, "I'm assuming this will do for resignation since I was never a legal agent to begin with."

"Agent Rider," Mrs. Jones said, trying to keep her voice emotionless, but failing to keep out the slight panic in her tone. She knew as well he did that it was well within his power to get out. She continued, after gaining control of her voice, "MI6 is your legal guardian. If you leave-"

He cut her off there, "Yeah, Jones; that's where you're wrong. I no longer require a legal guardian, seeing as I'm eighteen." His voice was flat, like what he was saying was unimportant, but the smirk that remained plastered on his face showed he knew he was out, and nothing she said would keep him from it.

In one final attempt to show her control, she said, "With you gone we would need to send other agents onto the missions you usually do. Agent Daniels, for instance,-"

"Went back to the SAS? Yeah. I heard actually."

"Where would you even go? You don't have a VISA. No education past your A-levels. And you'd never adapt to civilian life," she smiled a little as though the thought had only just come to her.

He stared at her in a bored manner until her admittedly short tirade was over then said, in an equally bored tone, "Are you done? First off, I have my college education nearly completed. Joe has been helping me get the necessary credits over the last three years, as well as helping me find a suitable job in America. As for the VISA. Joe managed to get me citizenship and a new identity while I was in Egypt after I turned eighteen. Anything else?"

He turned to leave without waiting for a response, but she said anyways, "We need you. You're our best agent."

He pulled open the door and said, "Find a new best agent." Then, he slammed the door and left to board his flight.

February 29, 2004

The director of the CIA (he'd been promoted from deputy director nearly three years prior), Joe Byrne, watched Alex work the computer with poorly disguised shock. No matter how often he worked with Alex he never got used to the many skills he was accomplished in. Although, that didn't explain to him exactly why Alex felt the need to make changes to the new identity Joe's agents had prepared for him, "So why was it you're changing the history on your new identity?"

Alex looked up at him momentarily but continued to work as he said, "Calm down Joe. I just needed to make it more believable. You do realize my missions left me with no shortage of scars? Right?"

"Of course," he said shortly making it clear what he thought about all of that. Alex never should have been through any of that. He felt quite guilty for his own part in Alex's first few missions.

"Well, I rather think that would raise some questions when there is no hint as to how they occurred in my file."

"What exactly are you changing?" Joe asked skeptically and now more than a little curious. He was also surprised he hadn't thought to mention that to his agent in charge of the file.

"I just added a death certificate for my mom when I was fourteen, followed by some admittances into the hospital soon after. A few visits from CPS that didn't reveal enough to get me out. GSW to the chest at fifteen. Luckily, I was found in an alley and rushed to the hospital. My father was suspected, but there wasn't enough proof for a conviction.

"I left the day I turned eighteen for college with a full ride scholarship. I stayed there the past five years, and after I finish up this year I'll have received my Masters in Behavioral Sciences and BA's in Criminology and Forensic Sciences. Then, I will enter the Academy and I'll be there twenty weeks for training before entering the BAU with that other agent you mentioned. Dr. Spencer Reid, right? He's a year and a half younger than me- Well, the new me anyways- so I shouldn't rise too many questions. Perfect background for my new identity. Meet Jaxon Tucker."

"Did you change your school records?"

"Yep. Excellent until my mom died when things start to get shaky. A few dropping grades and poor attendance. I picked up midway through and got high grades and good test scores and do all I can to get a scholarship and get away from my dad. Oh, and I added an older half-brother through my mom. He's seven years older than me."

"Alright. Does that change have a purpose?"

"Yeah. In case something comes up with my past, I'll need to be able to cite a family emergency somehow. Do you think I look almost twenty-four?"

Joe looked him up and down before saying, "Probably more like twenty to twenty-two, but your eyes…" he trailed off before saying firmly, "They shouldn't question you."

"Great. My college starts tomorrow, so I'm assuming everything I'll need, besides what I brought is taken care of."

"It's in your dorm. Your roommate is Dr. Reid. I figured you guys could start to get to know each other now rather than later."

"I'm not even going to ask how you managed to get that to work out."

Joe rolled his eyes, "Good. I'm driving you, there."

"Alright mother," Alex snarked.

Joe shook his head fondly, and the pair left for Joe's car to arrive later that evening for dorm room check-in.

March 1, 2004

Alex was sitting on his bed when the dorm room door opened hesitantly. A man with long, light brown stepped into the room with a tensed posture. When he saw Alex though some of his tension dissipated. Alex assumed this was due to him expecting ridicule for his age. He got that; he did train with the SAS after all.

Alex stood up and began to offer his hand when he noticed Dr. Reid tense, drew it back, and said, "Jaxon Tucker. Nice to meet you."

He looked surprised, before saying, "I'm Dr. Spencer Reid. You as well," he seemed to pause before asking, "How did you know I don't like to be touched? Most people have to be told and even then they find my aversion of touch to be odd."

Alex shrugged, "You tensed when I offered my hand, and I've met people with similar aversions, including, to an extent myself, though shaking hands is really the only friendly contact I'll allow."

"I heard you're going to be going into the FBI Academy after this year and later on the BAU with me," Dr. Reid said to change the topic.

"That's right."

"How old are you?" he blurted out, then he winced like he hadn't meant to actually ask the question.

"Six months from being twenty-four," Alex answered, seeing the surprised glint in Dr. Reid's eyes he added, "Does that surprise you?"

"I was prepared to be one of the youngest agents here considering the average age for entering the FBI is 30-years-old. Not to mention you're already set to enter the BAU which shows a higher level of skill yet. All of which led me to expect you to be older, and I have lots of experience with people older than me disliking me because of my age," Dr. Reid said rapidly.

"You expected to be underestimated. Don't worry. I often expect the same. Though, usually being underestimated works in my favor. They don't realize you're good until you already have them beat."

Dr. Reid smiled at him and Alex got the feeling that he and the doctor were going to get along just fine.

June 6, 2004

Spencer looked nervously at Jaxon. They'd been in school together for three months now, and Jaxon's nightmares hadn't shown any signs of letting up. Realistically, Spencer knew that his childhood wasn't great- they had exchanged files after all- but he couldn't help but think that wasn't quite the issue.

Spencer could read between the lines. It was one of the reasons he was accepted to join the BAU the following year. He realized the implications of abuse in Jaxon's file, but he couldn't help but think that some of his behaviors didn't seem to fit with that theory.

Sure he avoided touch like most child abuse victims, and he suffered nightmares, but the nightmares didn't seem to fit with the abuse. He often lashed out while he slept as though fighting off an assailant. Most abuse victims who stayed with their guardians until they were eighteen rarely if ever, fought back. That wasn't even to mention his scars.

They shared a dorm which made it difficult to not notice. None were consistent with abuse. Some could've been attributed to it, of course, but others looked more like torture marks than abuse marks. Spencer could tell the difference, they had studied similar things in their classes.

It just made him worry more for Jaxon. He already felt a strong protectiveness for his roommate, partially owing to the fact that he didn't think Jaxon was actually the age he said he was. He seemed younger, but he also seemed older, at least if Spencer looked into his eyes. Spencer figured that whatever he'd been through, must have been pretty bad.

"No, Jack," Jaxon's anguished murmuring broke through Spencer's thoughts. Spencer tensed, expecting to have to listen to Jaxon's fearful voice for a few hours when Jaxon did something he'd never done before. He dug his nails into his face. It was almost like he was trying to wash something off.

Spencer usually avoided waking Jaxon because he often freaked out when woken from a nightmare - Spencer thought he might have PTSD to some extent -, but Spencer wasn't willing to watch his friend tear up his face. He cautiously walked to Jaxon and reached out to grab his shoulder.

The second Spencer touched Jaxon, he woke. His reaction, while anticipated, still shocked Spencer. Jaxon's hand shot up and wrapped around Spencer's arm. He twisted it to a position where if it went any further, it would break, and his other arm wrapped itself around Spencer's neck. It wasn't tight enough to limit his breathing, but it was tight enough to tell Spencer that if Jaxon desired, he wouldn't be breathing at all.

Spencer took a breath to stay calm and said, "It's okay Jaxon. It's me, Spencer. You're in our dorm room. You're fine."

After Spencer repeated the mantra several times, Jaxon seemed to come out of his dream-like trance, at least mostly. The slightly glazed look in his eye told Spencer that Jaxon wasn't completely with him.

He gave Spencer a look, that was so horribly out of character for Jaxon that Spencer was almost more shocked. It was the look that one would give their brother or best friend, and while Spencer was sure they got along quite well, he had never seen such a pleasant emotion on the other man's face.

"Ben?" Jaxon asked him, "What are you doing here?"

He let go of Spencer, and Spencer raised a hand to rub at his throat. Spencer sighed and said, "Jaxon, I'm Spe-"

Jaxon furrowed his eyebrows and snorted as he interrupted Spencer, "Ben, why are you calling me Jaxon?"

Spencer froze. As much as he had thought the background did not match up, he hadn't expected for Jaxon to be an entirely false identity. As if Spencer had shocked him out of his trance, Jaxon jerked back into a tense posture and looked at Spencer in alarm.

Jaxon drew in a shaky breath, and when he released it, he looked much calmer, but not completely so as he said hesitantly, "Spencer, I-, I-"

"Don't Jaxon," Spencer cut him off, "I get it," Even though Spencer was very confused as to the specifics, he understood the need to have secrets. Never had Spencer thought to tell people that his mother was in a mental hospital. If Jaxon had felt the need to keep whatever had happened in his past a secret, Spencer would let him. There was no reason for Spencer to force Jaxon into reliving his past.

Jaxon looked skeptical so Spencer hurriedly continued, "You don't have to tell me. I trust you enough to believe that it is something that can be left in the past. The average person keeps about thirteen secrets at a time, and one in five people hide a major secret. It really isn't all that surprising."

Jaxon smiled at the rambling he had come to expect from his new friend, "Maybe someday, Spencer. Someday I'll tell you everything, but for now, you'll have to be content with knowing my secrets are there, buried they may be, but there. Knowing my secrets is dangerous. Even knowing my real name could get you into a heap of trouble, so someday in the future will have to be good enough for now."

Spencer nodded. That seemed fair to him. More than fair, in fact. He hadn't been expecting Jaxon to tell him anything. Spencer had been expecting him to dance around the topic without allowing Spencer to realize he had entirely avoided the subject until several hours later. It wouldn't have surprised Spencer; Jaxon was very skilled at avoiding things he didn't want to talk about.

"Trust me, Jaxon. It's plenty good."

August 28, 2004

Spencer was dashing around the dorm room quickly packing up everything that he had out. He was panting in excitement. When he looked up at Jaxon, who was sitting on his dresser both watching and laughing at him, he scowled -in good humor of course- and said, "And I suppose you already have all of your stuff packed up."

Jaxon laughed - he'd been seeming less and less troubled by his past the last few months. His nightmares had almost entirely stopped, and for that, Spencer was very pleased. Waking Jaxon up was never fun - and said, "Spence, you're assuming I unpacked at some point. I never unpack in case I need to leave in a hurry."

The way he said it made it clear that it hadn't seemed like an odd thing to say, but to Spencer, implications as to the effects Jaxon's past still had on him always made him angry. Not at Jaxon, but at whoever was responsible for whatever had happened to him. The idea that even after nearly six months here, Jaxon was still paranoid enough to always be ready to run, didn't sit well with Spencer.

Spencer tried to keep his emotions off of his face, really tried, but he knew Jaxon saw them when he said, "Spencer, I'm fine. It's just a safety precaution; I'm sure there are loads of FBI Agents that do it. You sure we should really be so excited to meet them?"

Spencer's face lit up again, the previous topic forgotten, "Of course, Jaxon. I can't wait to meet these people. It's going to be amazing. I'm so excited to get to work with Gideon."

Jaxon smiled, "You excited for academy physical training?"

Spencer blushed. It wasn't a secret that Spencer was less than skilled at some of the more physical aspects of training they were going to go through. Jaxon had been trying to teach him shooting skill, and Jaxon had the best aim Spencer had ever seen, but he was trying to teach Spencer a style he didn't use. When Spencer had asked him why he couldn't just teach him the style he was better at because it seemed to Spencer that Jaxon was going to a lot of trouble to try to teach not only Spencer but himself as well this other style, Jaxon had cleanly avoided the question leaving Spencer with the distinct impression that whatever the other style was, it wouldn't be accepted as well among the FBI Agents.

"I'll get there, eventually," Spencer said.
"I know," Jaxon said, and the two words made Spencer feel more confident because Spencer knew that Jaxon didn't like to lie. Manipulate people into believing something different than the truth? Yes. All the time. Tell straight out lies? No. Rarely ever.

"You ready to go?" Jaxon asked, looking at his phone, "Our ride is here."

Spencer felt a bit uncomfortable. Apparently, the man who was driving them to the academy knew Jaxon. Which was fine, whatever. But some of the man's offhand comments gave Spencer the distinct impression that perhaps this man had quite a bit of power. The advice the man, "Joe" as Jaxon had called him, gave as they left the car was particularly supportive of this theory.

"Have fun, Jaxon, Spencer. If any of the instructors, or trainees, give you any problems give me a call, and I'll work everything out for you."

Spencer and Jaxon both got out of the car, and Jaxon called back, "I don't doubt it. See you, Joe. Thanks for the ride."

"Anytime, kid," Joe mumbled as he drove away, but Spencer heard him, and he knew that Jaxon would've heard him too.

"Who-" Spencer started to ask, before Jaxon cut him off by saying, "Director of the CIA."

Spencer looked at Jaxon with sharp eyes. How would Jaxon know the Director of the CIA? It did likely explain a good deal about Jaxon. It explained how he got into the FBI at his young age. It also explained how he came to have a false name, and Spencer couldn't help but think that Jaxon had a good idea that it might lead him to the conclusion that Jaxon had previously worked in intelligence. Spencer couldn't think of another possible reason why Jaxon would've actually told him that fact, but it showed a lot of trust on Jaxon's part, and Spencer knew Jaxon didn't trust people easily.

"Got it," Spencer said with a smile, knowing that Jaxon would understand that he understood what Jaxon had been trying to tell him.

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