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Chapter 6 – (In)sanity's rise and the Bombing

April 15, 10pm.

Strangely enough this seems to have been a good day.

After having pork chops the prior night, they were very good chops at that with a barbeque rub and good glaze, I was able to talk Taylor into acting as leader for the new Team.

They did not start that night, but it was a good beginning.

For them at least.

I learned a little fact.

I try not to scream as piranhas eat my hand to the bone due to the device blocking my telepathy!

I feel my shell burst open from the blow of the hammer wielded a enemy of my family. I hang on for as long as I can. But it is too late for me.

'Target located. Descending on target.' With a stab through the heart with my hair-blade they were neutralized. 'Target Terminated'.

Where did mommy go?

The dream share was in effect.

While I was out cold prior to this with no way to even think or dream this was not an issue. I spent the last night with various flashes in my head. It turned out far worse than it ever did in the Fate series.

'I mustn't run' I mentally scream before getting into the robot. Making the worst mistake of my life.

I must save my family! No matter how scary this is!

I scream internally as Soul takes the blow for me from this black bl-

I feel my self being dragged into the madness as the little demon grows larger, and larger.

What is worse is that there is no filter.

Why did I want to be a barbarian again? Oh yeah, I though barbarian meant a librarian who cut hair. This is why we need a better education system. Or maybe a book of words that you could look up if you are confused about something.

No filter between my self as a dream and the memory from a first-person point of view. Their thoughts. The emotions that linger. Everything from the sensation of wind in my hair to pain beyond my imagining.

I got flashes at best from so many Servants that I still cannot understand all that I felt. All that I saw.

And to be honest I do not think I want to understand.

Where am I? What am I? Why can't I feel anything? The last thing I remember is Bebop and Rocksteady smashing my shell. Then why am I here? I should be dead. I should be dead. Died. I died, dead,died,deaddieddeaddieddeaDDIED!LETMEOUTOFHERE!

Killing someone. Having my hand eaten alive. Having my shell broken. All these phantom pains and sensations. The lose of the ability to feel. All of it. I catch myself griping my back, or one hand in the other. Or the hand that simply refused to move before breakfast.

I cannot let this bother me. If I let it bother me and consume me, I will go mAd.

I can feel it in the corner of my mind, and I cannot let it bother me. The second I give in and think about this is the second I lose.

Why did you abandon me, dad? Was I not good enough? No, it was because you had no fucking use for me till now. Well fuck you dad! I hope that monster DEVOURS YOU!

I think Yami knows that something is wrong for sure. I know that Soul and Aquaman can tell that something is wrong with me. Maybe Shinji can tell something is familiar about me, but I do not let it bother me. I need to focus though.

I need to focus on the plan.

"All according to plan."

I shake off the linger feeling of disgust and move forward.

The plan had them start out as a hero team today. At around 5pm today they went out together and took out a Merchant Meth Lab and some other good deeds.

Between Donatello's hacking skills and mechanical ones, he was able to find the location of multiple possible Merchant bases by hacking into the city plans and other records.

With Shinji, who they did not go with a name or anything simply calling him by name, they had a shield that prevented anyone from getting hurt.

Taylor could use her bugs to search a location easily and could tell if they were on the trial or not.

Dave was the big warrior while the rest of his family acted as support.

And best news so far Oswidge has only turned three people into chickens today. On accident.

Assuming everything goes ok from here it should be smooth sailing.


What the fuck was that!?

"Assassin!" I call out.

"Yes Master." Yami appears.

"Go and find out what is going on while I try to contact those outside." I order knowing I need to know what is going on.

"As you wish." Yami says before leaving.

I send out a message asking what is going on to the others.

'Um it seems like a bomb went off or something.'

'I can tell that much Candy but where?'

'OK when I say a bomb, I mean a lot of bombs.'

'How many?'

'Enough to take out a good forth of the city.' Shinji answers.




"Maka and Soul you need to go out there right now!" I shout, "Use your soul perspective to find civilians in this mess!"

'Everyone find out what you can about this and stop any mo-'


My eye starts twitching and looks at the timer for this quest.

19 Hours left until it is completed. Because we started this at 5pm today. I gave them an early dinner and had Taylor eat with us.

19 Hours left before I gain more Summoning Tokens, up to 12.

19 Hours before I can start summoning and feeling usefull.

19 Hours before I can expand my limits and send Yami to hunt whoever is responsible for this fucking mess down like the dogs they are!

19 hours before I can get passed the current limit of 36 which including Yami taking my last 6 points and she is sticking by my side for the most part till I can get more back up since Aquaman costs 12. I cannot even activate many of their Noble Phantasms since they require more points to activate.

I have never felt so useless since I got here.

Though I can plan for the next move.

And I can only fantasy about how much I will make whoever is responsible for bring bombs into my town pay for this!

I may play the role of a hero and act as a leader for many more heroic figures but even I can tell I am far more twisted than a normal human. And this was before the sensation of spiders crawling in my mind!

Than once everything is taken care of here, I will ensure that any threats around here are hunted down. Permanently!

One by one they will all fall.

And I only need 19 more hours to start change things.

Maybe less.

QUEST 4: Get this Bombing Bitch

Summary: Someone is bombing your town. Take them out.


Capture Alive: Reputation increase with the PRT and Public for those involved.

Capture Dead: 3 S.T.


Payback: A Set Amount of S.T. gained and Reputation both positive and negative gain based on how well the punishment fits the crime.

Failure: DEATH

Yes or No

Looking over this quest I start to chuckle. I slap myself before I give into my maddened laughter. I need to stay collected and sane. I need to be a leader. I must not give in to the spiders crawling in the corner of my MIND!

"Oh, this is going to be good." I smile hitting yes knowing just what I'm going to do.

I will leave this to my servants to capture them dead or alive. But I send out one last message to them as I get word, they spotted her.

"Make her pay for every drop of blood split here."

Is it heroic of me to do so? No.

Will it be worth it even without the Quest? Oh, hell yes.

I can already feel my inner demons starting to crawl about in my mind. Perhaps there is a reason so many of my servants have at least one form of madness to them?

And that worries me. I start to think of what to do next staring at my command seals. Perhaps now was close to the time to consider using them.

I order Yami back to my side for now and try to rest.


OK screw trying to rest.

"Yami! Go to the nearest place and grab what ever you need for a computer and internet connect. Make that a laptop but don't be seen." Hey, it likely will not survive the night anyway and to be frank most stories have insurance for products especially in this town.

Plus, I need to look up the Tax forms I need to fill out for Dave.

Last thing I need is the IRS coming after my ass. If reading about a certain criminal has taught me one thing it is never to fuck with the IRS. You can fuck with the law to an extent. You can fuck with the police to an extent. Hell, you can even fuck with the heroes and villains, but you never fuck with taxes.

"Yes, Master." Yami says fading out of sight.

I need to start making a list of targets and see just what else is wrong with this world.

The last thing I need is Red Son Kal-El coming over take apart the current government system in play for Mother Russia. This place is already fucked up enough without a Super Hero World War that would make the events of Kingdom look like a nice walk in the park. BECAUSE I SWEAR TO THE AUTHER THE SECOND SOMEONE STARTS BRINGING NUKES HERE I WILL ORDER YAMI TO USE DARKNESS AND DESTORY THE PLANET AS A FUCKING MERCY KILL!

No deep breaths Andrew in and out. In and out.

"Sigh. I really hope she gets back soon. I need my cat videos and cartoons to stay sane." Hey, don't judge I haven't had a good night of sleep since I arrived here and likely never will again. And until I summon someone that can make something to remove that basic human need, I need to make sure I don't pull a SAO Abridged of a certain programmer after 3 weeks or no sleep.

Besides oddly enough I have yet to see a living animal around here since I arrived.

Fuck another thing to worry about. Where are the animals and if there are no animals than what the fuck have I been eating…" Must resist urge to use command seal…" I need to be patient and not waste it to make her bend the laws of time and space to get what we need.

OK what is taking so long!


Oh, right the bombing asshat wrecking my city.

And I just had to ask her to do this with stealth as well. Fuck my life. Or is this the afterlife I am still not sure on that. While this is not Heaven for sure it does not seem crappy enough for Hell. Than again this could be Limbo. But why would Limbo allow me to summon various people to act as agents of my will?

Damnit I'm going through Internet withdraw, aren't I? First sign is having enough time to think about life's mysteries rather than using Google. Our one True Overlord-sama. Now that I think of it since I have no religion, I can start a cult for the All Mighty Lord Google!

*Slap* No put it together Andrew! It couldn't have been that long since Yami left.

I look at the clock and see only 2 minutes have passed since I sent Yami out.

Well this world is screwed. Hope I summon someone with a spaceship soon otherwise I am going down with this hunk of rock. Pretty sure Vader can count as a Rider. But would he come with a Death Star? Or would it be Anakin? Fuck! Does that mean I could summon the angsty teen that though talking about sand was a good pick up line? Sure, he got better in Clone Wars, but I'd rather go Vader than deal with Anakin's angst.

Plus, all of his ships are way too small for so many people and Servants to live together comfortably. Much less with the supplies we would need to make the trip.

For all I know I could end up summoning James T. Kirk either the original or the reboot. And the original likely comes with a Harem Reality Marble along with the Enterprise, possibly the army of kids we know he had after knocking boots so many times. I just know Yami will kill him for being a horndog. Than we will all die in space! Why because he is going to be influenced by the collective human perspective which says that he is likely lustful enough to try to seduce someone in front of Yami. If not Yami her self if she is in a more adult form.

OK time to start rigging the next summoning.

Now how to start building a shrine to Jean-Luc Picard. Knowing him he will be a Rider Class Servant and if I'm lucky come with a Reality Marble for his whole crew as Pseudo Servants. The worse is that if I summon Locutus of Borg. But considering what a small yet large impact this would be it would be more likely part of his Noble Phantasm like Yami's Darkness, or Aquaman's Dweller of the Deep.

You know what skip over to some one else's view point for the chapter. I think I'm spiraling into madness while waiting for the laptop. And then find out if Star Trek is even a thing in this world before looking up the photos I need. Fuck I forgot to ask her to get a printer! Is it too late to ask?


'It's too late.' I deadpan to myself just knowing this is going to take a long while. I knew I should have checked out books but no I don't even have a fucking identity much less a library card!

Maybe next step should be making a fake ID. But for that I still need that fucking computer!

(P.O.V. Change)

This was a disaster.

I do not know how Shadow convinced me to act as leader for a team of Servants. And how messed up is it that I still do not know his real name and he knows mine?

Not even 5 hours since our official first mission and it seems like the world is going crazy. And they have no idea what to do on this roof stunned by what is going on.

Random explosions are coming from everywhere.

People are dying.

People are dying because of strange and random explosions.

Flash frozen, boiled alive, turning into liquid and being frozen in time are all things that I never wish to see happen. Yet they all are.

"What is the plan?" Shinji asks.

I look at him before I just saw a boy around my age with powers. I wondered just why and how he was a heroic spirit. I looked up what a berserker was last night having recalled the term but not remembering much about it. Warriors driven insane that could feel no pain.

The look of pure and raw fury in his eyes and the answer to how.

Gone was the boy unwilling to enter the fight and in his place was a warrior gave the feeling of blood lust.

"Plan sman. I say that we just go out and beat the information right out of them." Fang states. For a little girl she was very vicious.

Then again for all I know she could have been in her 80s but why would childhood be considered the prime of life if that is how Servants are copies of people long dead from other worlds. At least that was how Shadow explained it. It is better than the alternative.

"Shinji's right we need a plan before we can go out there and help the people." Candy states taking the role of older sibling.

"If I could get a look at the bombs being used, I could track the signal to their trigger source." Donatello stated. It was still weird to have a giant turtle as one of her partners in this team. Much less a ninja turtle.

"Not to be the bringer of bad news but how would we do that without it turning us to stone." Oswidge states.

I think of these questions and recall what some of them can do.

"Shinji would it be possible for you to use you're A.T. field to prevent a bomb from being able to be activated?"

"No." That was blunt. "I would need to know just where the bomb is and making a A.T. field in someone is more likely to kill them if I do not know that."

"Plus, if it is inside the A.T. field than I would be unable to analysis the signal. And for all we know the loss of the signal could activate it." Donatello explains as he pulls out a gadget from one of his side pouches and starts working on it.

"What are you doing?" Dave questions having never seen tech like this in his time. The most advanced thing was that game system that person from the future used to take over the Kingdom.

"If I can adapt the T-tector I can analysis the air waves for any unusual radio signals and use them to track the possible source." He explains as he takes the casing off the device to work on it's sensors.

"How long do you need?" Candy asks.

"At least 3 hours to filter out the signals and get what I need to improve this."

"Just great what are we going to do!?" Fang exclaims hating waiting.

"You have to be patient little one." Oswidge states, "It's not like the evil master mind will fall from the sky."

A group of massive monster (dogs?) run past with the Undersiders holding on while a Jeep with a cape with a gas mask throwing bombs at them zooms past shouting.

Oswidge looks up holding his hands out, "It's not like a sandwich with mayonnaise, pickles, swiss, cheddar, ham, chicken, turkey, olives, gouda on whole grain wheat will just fall from the sky." He looks up and waits. Than puts his arms down disappointed. "It never works when you need it."

"After them!" Fang shouts running off the roof.

"Fang! At least wait for backup!" Dave shouts running after her.

Faffy shouts (well maybe not shout more of a snort? Maybe a chuckle?) a battle cry heading after them. "Wait for the rest of us!" Candy shouts wanting to not get separated from her family.

Oswidge sighs before using his magic to make a flying carpet appear, "You kids are going to be the death of me, again!" He then flies off on the blue shag carpet.

Shinji, whose eyes are turning more bloodshot at the thought of battle, runs off the roof some how making wings with his A.T. Field. Of all the Servants she was most afraid of the clear madness in his eyes.

Donatello sighs then says, "Turtle does what a turtle has to do." He starts roof hoping after them.

All the while I am stuck on a roof.

"How do I get down from here!" I exclaim in frustration having been taken up here with Dave's help.

I sign and look for a ladder to get down only for Donatello to appear looking sheepish at the look I give him.

"Sorry about that. Master has ordered me to stay by your side till the end of the conflict."

Better than being left up here in a war zone.


I just hope that we survive this mess.

(Omake: Wait there was a Manuel!?)

"A tutorial? Who has time for that? Why can't there just be a Manuel that I can skim over?" The currently unnamed character questions. Not expecting a response.

Manuel Activated!

A red book falls into nameless' hands. No larger than a volume of a manga series. Without a title on its covers.

In disbelief he opens the Book without a Title to the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

Page i Introduction

Page 1 How Basic Menu Functions

Page 7 Pausing Reality and other Handy One Word Codes

Page 53 Just what are S.T. and how to Get them?

Page 64 How to convert money to S.T. for both Summoning and the Shop Menu

Page 67 Skills and how to Gain/ Level Them

Page 199 Parties and the Differences between Casual and Raid Parities

Page 203 Basics on Items

Page 255 Equipment Dos and Don'ts

Page 357 How to Edit the Settings?

Page 400 Figuring Out my Stats

Page 423….

And it goes on form there flipping quickly to page 7 he finds the Pause option. "Gamer System Gatcha Series: Pause Please." Than the world fades to grey except him and the book.

I cannot resist, "Muhahahahahahahaha!" Oh god I might just live. First thing first checks the current game setting and change them.

Let's see what that code was.

(Time Skip)

OK first I changed the Difficulty form 'Worm's Hellscape of a Shithole World' to 'Easy'. Yes, the former was the setting no idea why, but it was after 'Oh My God I'm Gonna Die!' and more traditional, 'Sudden Death Round.' Let's put it like this the only thing higher for difficulty was, 'Star Trek the Original Series Red Shirt' and 'This is Evangelion, You're Screwed!'. The former was described as removing the Gamer system from me along with any chance of surviving. I mean that literally as it says that 'player will have a better chance wining Bloodborne and Dark Soul on highest difficulty using only the starting gear/skills than making it to the final battle. Even than you will die because it involves fighting a space whale god.' While the later started playing funeral music before I could even select the description. Which was horrific.

Oh, and who the fuck came up with a system that requires you to enter the exp that you are constantly unknowingly gaining doing various actions to actually get any skills or level them up. Well unless you get lucky with some equipment that allows you to use the skills but not level them. Makes me happy that I found this otherwise my only skill would be Servant related as those automatically update. Hell, I cannot even Run without the skill. Well at least not fast from what the description said.

I also found out that I can have select Worlds/Series for summoning of Servants.

And with Easy Mode it is one S.T. per summoning and this game gave me three to start.

Oh, this is going to be good. But I remember enough of the Fate Series to know that I should remove the series from the list that will more than likely get me killed. There was even an Alignment Filter!

So many options I think I spent a year figuring this part out. Not that I could tell as time was paused.

"Gamer System Gatcha Series: Resume Please." The world is back to normal.

Now to summon my Servants. I press the button after going to the Summoning Page and I see three lights in front of me.

The first to appear was an older man who was wearing a small red hoodie as a scarf and biker/swordsman adventurer attire. Over his shoulder was a sword. Next to him was a dragon motorcycle. "Servant Rider ready to have an adventure." He said in a tough voice.

The second to appear was a young woman with blond hair in a pony tail wearing a white and red outfit with a rather unusual sword in hand. "For the honor of Greyskull!" In a flash of light, she became an amazon of a woman with long flowing blond hair. She had on a white and gold outfit. "I am Servant Saber. Let us save people."

The third to appear was chubby looking teenage boy. He looked excited with literal stars in his eyes matching the star on his pink shirt while a gem shinned on his belly button. "Hello I am Servant Shielder. It is nice to meet you all." He smiles.

I try not to fanboy as three of my favorite characters from modern cartoons have appeared in front of me! A look at their status causes a tear of joy to fall from my eye. Yes, look out world who-ever-the-hell-I-am is ready to roll!

(He never knew that this was just a quick peak into a world where the player character looked at the Manuel rather than going in blind. And he never even had the chance to scream as reality was rewritten once more back to cannon.)

(End Omake)

Duskrider: *Looks over this. * So, this is why the S.I. cannot actually take action himself.

Dusk: The whole system was rigged to make it so that unless you opened the Manual or do the Tutorial you are pretty much stuck with the minimum ability wise.

Duskrider: Rider is rather salty about how no one bothers to read the instruction manuals that he writes isn't he.

Dusk: Hey I'm not opening an instruction manual to figure out how to operate the shower. Much less on that is 200 pages long.

Duskrider: I almost feel sorry for the poor guy.

Dusk: Hey the second he actually tires to get the manual he likely will have enough exp in his skills to get anything so it all balances out.

Duskrider: Which is why I removed the ability to think of that for himself.

Dusk: Wait! You did what!?

Duskrider: Yep. Had to get that ass back for all the trouble he caused.

Dusk: …Are you still pissed that he stole your pants?

Duskrider: *Looks at him with glowing red eyes. * Dusk…

Dusk: *Whimpers* Yes Boss.

Duskrider: Shut up.

Dusk: Yes Boss.

Duskrider: Anyway, after finals are finished in a few weeks we will get back to writing again. Sorry for the short chapter but honestly, I just don't have the time to write this month. One thing after another. Anyway, see you all next time. It is Summer soon meaning I will have more time to write after Finals so I might just have a full chapter next time. Goodbye. Now just have to put Dusk back in suspended animation till I can write again.

Dusk: Wait what!?