An unrhymed iambic tetrameter acrostic for each King and Queen of the Golden Age.

Protector yet himself sustained,
Entrusted with the nation's cares;
To battle! The Magnificent
Enshrined, High King of Golden Age,
Remembered, he will come again.

Saluted, lovely Queen, by men,
Upheld in honor, high esteem,
So coveted, yet most at home
Among her people, helping all:
No task beneath her gentle hand.

Embraced where once had turned away,
Demands for blood filled by his Lord,
Made new, and given wisdom to
Uncover truth and falsity:
Now under grace, discerning King,
Delivers justice to his land.

Lit by the fire of Aslan's love
Unmoved and valiant, faithful Queen,
Courageous lady, merry girl,
Yes! loved by all, with all she sings.