At the rap area, they met The Marinos, "Emma" Luis smiled as he kissed her, "How's the fest."

"Going great." Emma smiled, "We're checking out the other music stands first, then we're going to perform an acapella group."

"Remember your old friend, "Kingston Livington III" Aiden asked, "He did his little Happy to Be Me rap?"

"Me no forget Kingston" Cookie replied, "But people come and go."

"That's right" Emma replied, "Let me do his rap in my original style

I'm Emma Hawkings, can't you see.

I can be shy but really sweet

But I'm an original, one of a kind, unique

So kick back and listen up while I speak

I watch all my friends flip their caps to the back

But I kept mine to the front because I like it like that

Not trying to be different, just doing my own thing

So come on, clap your hands and sing

Be yourself, easy as ABC

Can't be no one else

Just happy to be me

I went to a party just the other day

With all my friends from school and around the way

The music was playing they all jumped to their feet

But I danced to a drummer with a different kind of beat

My friends want to know why I don't move like them

I said, your dance is cool, but I dance like Kingston

I like your style, but I've got my own thing

So come on, and clap your hands and sing

Be yourself, easy as ABC

Can't be no one else

Just happy to be me

"Word to the raccoons yo!" Emma shouted.

Everyone applauded, except for Gibson, because he doesn't understand rapping much.

"That Gibson" Otto smiled, "Always being grouchy and boring."

Sparx thought that it would be cool to show off some of their hip hop routines here while Luis raps. "Okay" Luis smiled, "Just as long as there aren't any camera. I might get some smudges on my glasses"

Antauri, Sparx, Gibson, Nova, and Otto started dancing like crazy.

Yo! MC Luis's got something to say

'Bout the Sesame number for today

It's the number we're pitching

And that's no jive:

It's cool

It's hip

It's fresh

It's FIVE!

Five...Yo, five!

No jive!


Give me five now!

Five on a clock

Five fingers on a hand

We got five on a block

And a five in the sand

Luis time, hey!

Five...Yo, five!

No jive!


Everyone cheered, "Nicely done" Otto smiled.

"Thanks," Luis said, "So these are friends of Rocket?"

"You could say that." smiled Emma.

Then they took off to the disco area.