Final Fantasy XV - Kingdom Hearts

Part One

Summary: Two warriors of Light, the Chosen King and the Keyblade Master, face an unseen Darkness.


'I want to ride my Chocobo all day~', sung the blonde, eyes seeing through the lens of his camera, occasionally snapping the landscape when it was kissed by the sunlight.

'Prompto, there are more lyrics to the song than just the one', Ignis remind coolly, eyes fixed on the road before him.

'Yeah but it's the only one I can remember!'.

'For someone so obsessed with fluffy birds, surprising you didn't memorize the song', Gladiolus remarked, nose deep into his book.

The royal retinue was just finished with a hunt just on the outskirts of the Galdin Quay and were on their way to collect the bounty, which would keep their funds up and provide for their supplies later. The sun was just rising slowly, the hunt was for daemons, so they were eager to find a haven and rest up before they resumed their journey to collecting more of the royal arms.

Noctis was snoozing but he jolted slightly when he felt his phone vibrate in his breast pocket. Grumbling and yawning, the raven-haired prince pulled his phone out and sees Cindy's name across the machine. Curious, the prince answered.

'Hey, what's up?', he asked, holding back another yawn that threatened to escape his throat.

His eyes slowly rose from the drowsiness as he leaned forward in his seat, occasionally humming and asking what Cindy was talking about before he nodded. 'Sure, just give us a few minutes', he said. Ending the call, he looked at his driver. 'Specs change of plans, we're heading to Hammerhead', he said.

Gladiolus raised a brow at the prince while the blond member turned on him with a grin. 'Sweet! Back to the Goddess of Gears!', he declared happily. 'Is there a particular reason, Noct?', inquired the driving, changing direction regardless of the inquiry. 'Yeah, she said there's some kinda daemon herd on the outskirts of the garage', he answered.

'In…the morning?', Gladiolus asked book closed as he turned his attention fully to the conversation. 'Wait, I thought they only come out at night?', Prompto asked, looking at Ignis, 'Or did I miss something?'.

'No, you are quite right, though it is possible there are some daemons that can tolerate the sun even for a little while, they're few and even then, they cannot last more than an hour at most', the chamberlain explained.

'Either way, wouldn't hurt to stock up on supplies and potions', Gladiolus commented.

The drive was relatively quiet, save an occasional joke or two while making notes on the landscape and sights. Prompto had finally ceased his musical practice and was busying himself with just watching the world pass him by, an occasional urge to snap a quick picture would grab him but, in the end, nothing would be worth the film or data on his device.

Then, as he plucked up the camera, his eyes fell onto something bright in the sky. He blinked and sat up a little more to get a better look, narrowing his eyes at the light. He even grabbed his camera and began to look through the lens, adjusting the scope to get a better view. 'What the…?', he muttered to himself.

'Prompto, kindly return to the proper method of sitting in a moving vehicle', Ignis reprehended sternly. 'I'd rather not have you go flying out if I have to suddenly brake the car'.

'Hey guys, is it me…or is that thing coming towards us?', asked the blonde, ignoring Ignis' instructions.

The two back seat passengers turned to the view of the photographer and even Noctis stood up slightly in the back to get a better view. 'It kinda…looks like it…', he said, a touch apprehensively. However, suddenly the light speeded up, charging towards the Regalia. Seeing this, Ignis quickly shouted everyone to "hold on" and quickly slammed his foot onto the pedal. The car spun in a sharp turn just as the thing flew just an inch above them.

Whatever it is, it slammed into the massive rocks and boulders of Leide's desert, a loud crashing and explosives almost deafened the party temporarily, shaking the ground beneath the Regalia. Once the shakes ceased, the party looked to the crash site in shock. 'W-What was that!?', Prompto cried out, eyes alit with terror and his heart was dramatically racing.

Noctis watched as the smoke rose up from the wreckage before he jumped out of the car. 'One way to find out', he said, and with that, he headed towards the wreckage. Gladiolus let out a grunt before he flipped out of the car to follow close to his charge, while Ignis re-parked the car and with Prompto in tow followed.

At the wreckage, most of the large boulders were decimated and broken, smells of burning metal-polluted the air around them as the four searched for any potential survivors. Noctis approached the wreckage and to his surprise, it looked to be a…spaceship?

It certainly looked the part he thought, like one of those cartoony rockets he sees in the old cartoons when he was a kid. From what he could see from the smoke and fire, the model was painted in bright yellow and red with the broken wings white like clouds. The cockpit glass was cracked with several holes in it along with cackles of electricity dancing around it.

'I-Is this from the empire?', Prompto asked.

'Highly unlikely giving the make of this…ship?', Ignis said, even he was lost for words.

'Think anyone's still alive?', Gladiolus questioned.

'HEY! Fellas!'.

A voice called out, an unfamiliar accent. They looked around for it, seeing nothing but debris and destruction.

'Uh, hello!?', Prompto called out. 'Where are you!?'.

'Up here!'.

They all looked up and saw hanging upside down…a dog?

Well, it certainly looked like a dog…if a dog was able to stand on two legs, possessed a set of arms and wore clothes. It may look like a dog, but it was closer to an anthropomorphic dog with black fur and droopy ears. Two buck teeth with three hairs sticking out from its seemingly glued hat.

It wears a green turtleneck sweater with sleeves that bell out slightly and a blue arrow-shaped strap on each cuff. White gloves with a brown band around each wrist. Over its sweater, it wears a sleeveless, black combat vest with grey lining and four pockets of the same color.

The pants were yellow and secured by a thick, black belt. They have rather large pockets and a pouch on each leg with a silver zipper. The legs of his pants have a peculiar style, with the bottom rims (which are dark orange) being pulled upward in the front by a brown strap. Its feet were big, and it has very large shoes which are brown with steel toes on the outside.

The party of four could only stare at the…dog, in pure bewilderment. It was no daemon, but it was not any creature that they had ever seen, not even Ignis could recall seeing such a specimen in all his studies, and usually, he could recall the most obscure creature known to the world. Prompto even felt the urge to grab his camera and snap a quick photo of this.

'Uh…are you an alien?', the blonde asked, uncertainty in every fiber of his being.

'A-Hyuck, no sir, I'm no alien', it responded kindly.

For a being currently hanging upside down with its leg caught between to rocks over a flaming wreckage, it was certainly a cheerful thing.

'Need a hand?', Noctis asked, folding his arms.

'That'd be swelling of ya, but uh, did ya happen to spot my friends along your way?', it asked.

'There's more of them?', Gladiolus whispered to the others subtly.

'Oh no, sorry…by the way, who are you?', the prince asked.

'Name's Goofy! Nice to meet ya'll!', he said.

It took all the prince's mannerisms to not laugh at the name, it somehow fitted the dog man. 'Well, good to meet you, Goofy', he said, 'I'm Noctis, this is Gladiolus, Ignis and the blondes Prompto'.

'Uh, hey', Gladiolus greeted awkwardly.

'Right', Ignis said, clapping his hands together, 'We should start searching for Goofy's friends'.

'Noct, try to get him down while we go looking, alright?'.

Nodding, the prince turned to the hanging dog and summoned his sword. With a quick toss, the prince warped up to a cliffside of the mountain Goofy was currently hanging from while his friends scattered to seek out the other possible anthropomorphic beings. He approached the cliff and knelt to offer his hand to Goofy. With difficulty but persistence, Goofy managed to swing himself up enough for the young man to grab his larger hand and help him up.

'You ok?', Noctis asked, brushing the dust off his pants.

'Gawrsh, I feel dizzy', Goofy said, rubbing his head.

'Hanging upside down will do that'.

He folded his arms and looked at Goofy, questions practically bubbling in his mind. He dug deep into his memories about Goofy and his looks, but nothing came back to him. Maybe Prompto was right. Maybe he is an alien.

'Anyways, thanks for that, Noctis', Goofy said with a toothy smile.

He turned looked to the ship, letting out a deep sigh. 'Aww shucks, Chip and Dale are gonna be so upset when they hear what happened to the Gummi Ship', he lamented, shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Gummy ship? Chip and Dale?", Noctis thought. 'Uh, wait? Gummy? Like the candy? Gummy candy?', he muttered to himself.

Goofy turned to Noctis with a raised brow. 'What's that?'.

Noctis shook his head, waving his hand. 'Nothing, so, where you from?', he asked, hoping to gain some answers at least. And maybe a semblance of normality before this overload his brain.

'Oh, well myself and one my friends are fro-

Suddenly he clapped his mouths with his massive hands as if he was almost about to spoil a surprise for Noctis. The latter gave him a raised brow in confusion before something clicked in the back of his mind. Maybe he was from the same world as Sarah, or maybe the cat lady Y'jhimei, though where they looked somewhat regular folk, Goofy stood out like a sore thumb.

So maybe, Goofy was from ANOTHER place? Or even, a world?

'Well, whatever. Your business', he said with a shrug.

Goofy awkwardly scratched his head, looking away from the prince. 'Shucks, I don't mean to stingy, it's just uh, see…', he began…


'Seriously!? He's gotta be an alien!', rambled Prompto, quickly waving his hands to emphases his point. 'I mean! It's a dog that walks and talks like a human! HOW are you guys NOT freaking out from that!?'.

Ignis exhaled from his nose, the blonde admittedly did have a right to have a small panic, but it certainly didn't mean Ignis gave him consent to pester with this train of ramblings. 'Prompto, as much as I would love to continue with the debate on the existence of other life in the stars, might we return to our task at hand?', he said, gesturing the path before them.

The blonde looked like he was about to continue before he slumped and sighed. 'Fine…', he whined. 'But if that doggy kidnaps me for probing, I'm blaming you!', he said.

'Noted', Ignis said flatly.

So far, they walked through a narrow passage that to an open space, a single large pond of water in the centre with bony thin trees and bushes for leaves on its top. Ahead they could see two dualhorns chasing something, but the dust was covering whatever prey they were attempting to hunt down. Ignis folded his arms as he searched the area for whatever companion of Goofy's but from what he could see, he found no one.



Suddenly from the dust a single ball of blazing fire burst through and just missed the dualhorns by an inch, flying until it dissipated into nothing.

The two guards looked in absolute astonishment to see, wielding the power of magic…is a duck…

Another anthropomorphic being, this time it being a duck with white plumage, a yellow-orange bill, legs of the same color, light blue eyes, and a short tuft of feathers on his head. Another anthropomorphic being, this time it being a duck with white plumage, a yellow-orange bill, legs of the same color, light blue eyes, and a short tuft of feathers on his head.

He appeared to be wearing a blue hat, which resembles a beret, has a belt in place of a normal brim, and sports a zipper that spans the length of the hat. A high-collared jacket that is navy blue with sky blue lining and cuffs. There are three pouches, all of which are blue with yellow lining, along the middle of the jacket; the center pouch is secured by a flap, while the other two use silver zippers.

The middle pouch is framed by two other silver zippers that span the entire length of the jacket, from the top of the collar to the bottom. On its back is a short, blue cape with yellow lining draped over his shoulders, kept in place by a silver strap. It was wearing a thick, gold bangle on each wrist, and does not wear pants.

'Back off! Or I'll roast you!', he threatened, waving a strange shaped staff in its feathered hand.

The dualhorns stomped their heavy feet into the ground, horns at the ready to skewer the duck regardless of its magical abilities. The duck kept darting his eyes between the two as if trying to decide which he should attack first before dashing from cover.

His rescue, however, came quicker than he had hoped.

A single dagger soared through the air with a whistle and stabbed the beast straight into its eye, causing it to roar in pain. Using this chance, the duck turned his staff on the unharmed dualhorn and fired another blazing ball of fire at the beast, striking it directly into its face. The roars were loud and thunderous, feet stomping into the earth as if they were attempting to cause an earthquake. The duck quickly took his chance and made a run from them.

'Over here!', Ignis called out.

The duck spotted the two, and once he sees the second dagger in Ignis' hand, he changed course and ran towards them. Whether he was desperate for aid or they were the first friendly folk he had seen his arrival was unclear, but none complained as once he reached them, the three raced back through passage, too narrow for the dualhorns to pass through and resume their hunt.

Afterward, they all ceased their running once they were a good distance from the beasts. The duck had panted heavily and all but fell on its backside.

'Are you alright?', Ignis inquired, looking at the strange being with curious eyes.

'Y-Yeah, thanks', he replied.

The duck then looked at them, but his eyes fell on Prompto, who was staring at him as if he suddenly had grown two more heads. This…irked the duck.

'What are you looking at?', he said grumpily.

Prompto jumped back with a yelp as if this was the first time, he heard the duck speaking. He sure acted like it…

'My apologies about him, we're not used to anthropomorphic beings such as yourself', Ignis cut in quickly.

The duck blinked. 'Anthro…what?', he asked.

Ignis cleared his throat with a cough and then looked at him. 'We're not used to…you', he said, as nicely as possible.

'OOOOOH', the duck said, though he still glared at Prompto.

'S-So, you're a duck, right?', Prompto asked.

'…What do you think, ya palooka?', the duck said deadpanned.

'Pa…what?', Prompto asked. 'Did he just insult me? I think he did!'.

'At any rate', Ignis said, halting any possible time-wasting, he turned to the duck. 'What do we call you?', he asked.

'Donald Duck, and you guys?', he asked.

'I'm Ignis Scientia, call me Ignis. This is my companion, Prompto', he introduced.

Donald got off the ground and patted the dust off himself with a grumble. 'Well, nice to meet you two, and thanks for the save', he said. 'But I gotta go look for my friends'.

Before he waddled off, Prompto called out. 'Um wait! You wouldn't happen to know, Goofy? Would you?'.

Donald jumped and turned on Prompto with wide eyes. 'WAK!? You know him!? Where is he!?', he demanded.

'Goofy is currently with our friend, though another of us went off to find more of you', Ignis explained. 'By chance, how many of you remain, and what do they look like?'.

Donald folded his arms, eyeing them both with distrust. Ignis rolled his eyes before he gave Donald a look. 'I assure you; we are not your enemies. We have someone of great importance we should be with at this moment, but here we are offering both our time and aid. A bit of courtesy calls for you to trust us'.

'Yeah, I mean we DID save your feathered backside back there', Prompto added with a smirk.

Donald opened his mouth to argue, but his beak hanged open with naught escaping. He looked between the two, eventually, he sighed and slumped down in defeat. 'Okay, Okay. You're right', he said.

'Well, there's just the three of us…me, Goofy and…'.


Climbing over another debris of rock with a grunt, Gladiolus hopped onto the ground as he navigated through the wrecked area. So far most of the wildlife had steered clear from this section, understandingly since both hunter and prey would evade such a place.

It somewhat increased his chances of finding Goofy's friends in one piece and not on a wildlife's menu. Still, it didn't inspire confidence in the man though, his feelings to Goofy were still on the line of trust and distrust. Part of him felt like chastising himself for leaving Noctis alone with the dog man, but what else could they have done?

He may not like it, but he knew the prince could handle himself.

Gladiolus pushed aside a large metal sheet, grunting with effort as he wedged himself past it and only tossed it aside once he got past. "What kind of ship were these guys using", he thought to themselves, looking at the strange yellowish-red material. Maybe Cindy could give them some answers later if they allowed her to tinker and work with it.

He could imagine how she'd react…

Up ahead in a small clearing, he stood on a hill that overlooked it, he could see more of the ship's pieces scattered all over the place, even spotted the wing being held up by a broken boulder. He grimaced at the sight, maybe Cindy wouldn't be able to patch this thing back up in the state it was in, plus he doubted she had a squad who could even carry half the stuff.

He slid down the hill, hoping to get a better look around the area if he was in the area itself. Walking around, he inspected most of the debris to find nothing but broken junk and rocks, along with an anthill. Running a hand through his hair, the large man was about to climb back up the hill and look elsewhere, until he turned to the right and back at the wing.

He could see from the smoke, a body beneath some sheets of metal. A boy, no older than sixteen. Quickly, he ran to the boy and once there, he got on one knee and though hesitant, he touched his neck. Thankfully he felt a pulse in less than two seconds, granting himself a sigh of relief. 'Just hang kid', he said, looking to the metal holding him down.

Gladiolus grabbed the metal and tossed them aside, surprised by how light it was. Whether it was due to his training or the material itself for the ship, he didn't know but it didn't matter now. He picked the boy up and carried him to a boulder to help him sit up and check him for wounds. He found nothing other than a few scratches and bruises, which was an oddity since he was literally in a crashed ship and possible was thrown out of it.

'Tough kid', he complimented.

His clothes were like Goofy's though, but he was human. A black jacket having grey pockets and a stripe of the same color on each sleeve. The hood, sleeves, and jacket have a red lining and six buttons can be seen on the front. Checking his wounds allowed him to see underneath he wears a black shirt with a V-neck style collar and a white lining. His gloves are replaced with gauntlets that are designed like his jacket except for a grey circle on the backs. The palms of his hands are exposed. A pair of black shorts. Black shoes with yellow.

Hair spiky, unnaturally spiky that seemed to defy gravity, tanned skin which gave the giant the idea he was from a place with hotter temperatures. A necklace in the shape of a crown.

The wounds weren't severe, but the fact he was still unconscious worried the man, and he wasn't certain a potion could cure a possible concussion, but better than letting the cuts get infected. Gladiolus reached into his pocket and yanked out a hi-potion, better safe than sorry, and placed it in the boy's hand. He helped crushing it for the boy, allowing him to be bathed in the healing aura.

'Okay, let me get ya back to the others, maybe Iggy can help ya', Gladiolus said.

Yet, before he even touched the boy, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, suddenly the air was tense and a certain…darkness swirled around him. Gladiolus turned behind him, and slowly black puddles began to appear in front of him. Slowly, small black creatures began to climb out of them, pure black beasts with bright yellow lights for eyes, long antennas on their heads, skinny limbs.

Ten in total, twitching like bugs as they were fixed on the two.

'Daemons?', Gladiolus asked himself, summoning his great sword immediately at the sight of these new monsters. Looking at them all and then back to the boy, Gladiolus grunted. One of them suddenly leaped at the giant, spinning around in such speed it was nearly a blur. He barely parried the surprise attack, but even despite the lanky form, their strength felt like he was blocking an attack from Noctis.

He's dug his feet into the ground to hold his position, and he pushed the shadow off him. He slammed his sword down and cleaved the creature in two, decimating it. It faded into black smoke, but he had no time to savor his victory for another attacked him. This time he spun as his shield materialized in his hand, bashing the creature aside. Sword on his shoulder as he kept the shield up to protect himself, Gladiolus looked at them and the boy.

Knowing when it was time to cut and run, Gladiolus dismissed his sword and scooped the boy up with his right arm, throwing him over his shoulder and ran. He bashed the creatures in his way and broke into a quick sprint, leaving them in the dust.

However, as he ran, the shadows chased after him with incredible speeds that they caught up to him in seconds, but to add further trouble to the shield, they sunk below the surface into the ground and walls of the passage, like moving murals.

One leaped out of the walls, swiping its claws at Gladiolus. The shield quickly spun around slammed his shield into it with such force it sent the creature back into the wall, destroying it. Almost losing his footing, Gladiolus steadied himself and kept going, swapping from guarding, running and attacking. The relentless creatures never slowed down their attacks, their tenacity was ridiculous, and Gladiolus was running out of steam from this.

'Take a hint! GET LOST!', roared the warrior.

He grabbed one of their necks when it got to closer for his comfort and slammed it into a boulder he was passing, demolishing both the creature and the rock.


The shield looked up to see Noctis and Goofy up on another level of the cavern, waving at him. 'Sora!', hollered Goofy, in a mix of relief and terror.

Noctis summoned his sword and tossed it at the ground. Just as Gladio passed, Noctis appeared right behind him and cleaved the shadow monsters that were closest to him. 'Get him outta here, I'll take care of them!', Noctis ordered.

'Just don't get yourself killed!', shouted Gladiolus, disappearing deeper into the canyon.

Scoffing, Noctis turned his eyes on the shadows, now no longer interested in Sora, as they all gathered themselves around Noctis. The prince flexed his fingers as he counted just how many of these things there were, trying to come up with a quick way to get this fight done and over with. Unfortunately for him, several more of the shadows began to surface, a mixed of the bigger ones, and even smaller fewer intimidating ones.

Sure enough, the entire passage was filled to the brim with these monsters. 'Oh, come on…', Noctis groaned.

Suddenly one of the larger shadows leaped at him but the prince sidestepped it, allowing the beast to leave itself wide open for a taste of Noctis' steel, piercing its head. He turned and cleaved the next one in half.

But Noctis was hit on the back by the smaller one cutting into his back with sharp claws. Growling with pain and frustration, Noctis summoned a single dagger and spun around with a wide swing to slice the small creature into oblivion. He then tossed the dagger at one that leaped at him, hitting it and removing it from the fight.

Two of the large shadows leaped at him, spinning around like wheels. Quickly Noctis summoned his greatsword to block the attack, but the combined might of the two was too much even for him, which knocked him on his back. Grunting, suddenly the prince was then dog-piled by the shadows, weighing him down and rendering him immobile. 'Get off!', he growled, straining himself to move or summon a weapon to fight back.

Just when his vision was starting to get blocked by darkness, the creatures were suddenly thrown off him, a loud "clang" sound was his only hint of his saviour. Free, the prince scrambled to his feet, looking up to see Goofy swinging his shield in an uppercut fashion at the creatures, killing them.

'You ok, Noctis?', he asked, blocking an on-coming attack.

Noctis let out a breath and nodded, summoning his sword again to cut another creature down. 'Where are they all coming from!?', he asked. 'And what the hell are they?'.

'They're the Heartless! They're after Sora', Goofy explained, blocking another attack and crushing another shadow. 'These are called "Shadows", at least that's what we call them', he clarified.

Noctis chuckled lightly as he turned and sees another shadow leap at him. Goofy however intervened and blocked the attack easily. He then threw the heartless up in the air, which Noctis then skewered it with his spear, throwing it right through the heartless and into the wall. Goofy then began to spin around, like a cyclone, he vacuumed up plenty the shadows into his vortex of pain.

Noctis used his greatsword to spin around and slice the heartless within the Goofy Vortex, destroying them all easily like a farmer weeding his garden. After, Goofy then surprised Noctis by throwing his shield on the ground and began to slide all over the place. Instead of questioning how Noctis took in great delight that the heartless were all thrown up in the air for him to pick off with his gun.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, Noctis shot down any heartless in the air, thinning out their numbers and easing the two into the winner's circle, until…

Slowly the shadows all gathered up, emptying the passageway and began to meld and combine into each other, form what appeared to be hundreds of the small shadows into a pillar of them. Their yellow eyes shifted into malevolent red.

They charged all at once towards Noctis, but Goofy jumped in front of him and planted his feet into the ground, shield raised up high to block the attack. Unfortunately, even with his stout form, he and Noctis were easily swept up in the tsunami of heartless, both yelling.

Close by…

'So the ship was hit by one of those Heartless' ships and you went crashing down here?', Prompto asked, following Ignis and Donald as they raced through the area to find the others.

'Yup! Expert flyer my butt!', grumbled Donald, hand on his hat to keep it from flying off.

'Well, that's what happens when you allow a sixteen-year-old fly without practice', Ignis chastised.

'Aww phooey! He's a brat when it comes to flying!', argued the feathered being. 'The sooner I find him, the better!'.

They were currently running along the top of the canyon, hoping a bird's eye view would give them better chances of finding the others, all the while Donald was informing them of their current predicament and why Sora would be the most likely to be in danger. Though Ignis had more questions, he and the duck agreed that finding the people first then resuming the Q/A was a better sense of priorities.

Prompto then stopped running and just stood there in silence. This didn't go unnoticed by the other two, as they turned to the boy in question. 'Prompto?', Donald asked. He looked at Ignis, who gave him a shrug in response. 'Hey, Donald? Do the heartless look like tiny black creatures with antennas and yellow eyes?', he asked. 'Yeah…?', responded the duck, folding his arms.

'Like…that?', he pointed. Following his gaze, the two-spotted the large pillar of heartless sprouting up from canyon, flying all over the place. Ignis and Prompto could only stare in surprise at this, words failing them. That was until Ignis spotted Noctis and Goofy within the heartless. The prince was swinging his sword all over the place while keeping a hand on Goofy's collar to prevent losing him.

'NOCT/GOOFY!', the three cried in horror.

Ignis summoned his daggers and dashed to his charge, practically flying from how fast he was running, leaving the other two behind in the dust.

Ignis jumped from ground to ground, expertly planning his movement and which path was both safest and quickest to reach his prince without coming to a gap far too large for even him to jump across. The heartless swarmed and lunge towards him as he got close, diving into the ground just inches from himself. They fell into a pool of darkness, the pool spreading quickly.

The spectacled man looked up to see Noctis was adamantly persisting against the creatures, but it was a losing battle as he and Goofy got closer and closer to the pool. Quickly, Ignis reached into his pocket and dug out a flask containing ice, and immediately imbued his daggers with it in seconds. With a cry, Ignis slammed both daggers into the pool, near-instantly freezing. The ice quickly spread all over the ground, covering the earth in a thick sheet of ice and the pool of darkness was no exception to his attack.

The heartless pillar broke apart as many of them fell out of it and disappeared into nothingness. Looking up, he sees Noctis and Goofy falling to the canyon, yelling.

'Iggy!', called out Prompto.

He turned in time to see Prompto, rather impressively and humorously carrying Donald on his back, speeding towards him. Once he got close to the canyon, Donald aimed his staff right below Goofy and Noctis and cried: 'AEROGA!'.

A suddenly whirlwind appeared below them, creating a gently if flimsy source of softer landing for the two. They fell onto the winds, but their descent halted as they floated up in the air, for a few minutes anyway.

Both crashed into the ground just as the spell ended, making them both yelp in pain.

The trio breathed out sighs of relief, slumping from the adrenaline disappearing and exhaustion taking its place. Ignis approached the canyon and looked down at his prince. 'Noct, are you ok?', he yelled.

The prince gave the older man a wave, before slumping back onto the ground. 'Great timing guys', he both complimented and ridiculed. Once Prompto and Donald were in view, he raised his brow at the duck. 'Hey, he wouldn't be with you, would he?', he asked.

Goofy looked up and then beamed. 'Donald!'. He jumped back to his feet and waved enthusiastically at his fellow world traveller. Donald all but sighed but smiled none the less at Goofy.

'Ya idiot! Where have you been? Do you have any idea how worried I was!?', Donald shouted, hopping up and down in frustration, waving his arms animatedly. Goofy just laughed at his friend, though it merely further frustrated the wizard.

'Noct, stay right there, we'll find our way down to you', Ignis instructed.

But the prince slowly got up and waved him off. 'Forget it, Gladio's got Sora, he's heading back to the Regalia', he said. 'Let's meet there', he said.

'You sure you two will be fine? What if more heartless show-up?', Prompto asked.

Noctis looked at Goofy, then smirked. 'It's cool, I got a good shield here, we'll be fine', he said, turning to his friends. 'Looks like you got a mage on your side too'.

'I know right!? This duck can shoot fireballs! Freaking fireballs!', Prompto said excitedly.


His head felt like a ton of rocks just fell on it one by one, his body had a dull ache to it, and he felt so drained. Sora opened his eyes to see the clear skies of the world, not a cloud in sight and the temperature reminded him of home, just not as pleasant and the lack of a breeze certainly didn't help him.

Reaching one arm to cover his eyes from the sun, he started to take in where he was. But all he could see was a chair, he felt like he was laying on something. Not a bed but it was soft and warm too, plus his feet were laying on something, like a footrest.

He looked to see his feet were resting on a car door with the cover retracted and windows put down. Slowly, he retracted his feet and sat up in the seat, shaking his head to rid himself of the drowsiness in his eyes, stretching out his arms. Once he felt a few pops in his shoulders and neck, let a small grunt of approval.

'Oh, you're awake'.

He turned with a gasp, to see Gladiolus on a small device in his hand, not looking at Sora. 'Who are you?', he asked, sitting back further away from him. Gladiolus raised a hand at him, still not glancing up from his technology.

'Cool your jets, kid, I'm not the bad guy', he assured casually.

Sora pouted at the "kid", why do so many adults still call him a kid?

'That's Sora', he said.

'Oh, I know, heard it awhile back', Gladiolus confirmed, placing the device to his ear. 'Now keep quiet for a bit, gotta make a call', he said.

A call? Wait is that a phone? Sora then plucked out his own, surprisingly good state, phone from one of his pouches. Though the sizes were noticeably different from Gladiolus…and his looked kinda…cooler.

'Hey Cindy, yeah we're on our way…just uh, kinda got…what? Hold on', Gladiolus said, pushing himself off the car and pacing around while listening to whoever was on the phone. Sora wasn't able to hear anything from the person on the other side, but judging from Gladiolus' apprehensive looks, it wasn't good news.

'Yeah, think we know what you're going about', he said. 'Look, tell Dave and the hunters and, hell, EVERYONE, stay away from them until we get there', he instructed. 'Okay, see ya then'. He then hung up and let out a breath. He then looked at Sora. 'So, let's get introductions out of the way, names Gladiolus, call me Gladio', he introduced.

'Nice to meet you', greeted Sora with a friendly smile and casual wave.

'Great, so now let's get down to business', he said. 'Those black creatures that attacked us, what are they, who are they and how do we get rid of them?', he asked rapidly.

'You mean, the heartless?', the boy asked, sitting up.

'Yeah…? That what you call them?'.

Before Sora could answer, he brightened up when he looked behind Gladiolus, waving. Following the boy's gaze, the shield was relieved to see everyone approaching the car, though sluggishly. Noctis and Goofy, in particular, they looked as if they were thrown through a wind tunnel with all kinds of debris hitting them at every turn and moment.

'Everyone alright?', Gladiolus asked, eyeing Noctis.

The prince just waved him off and entered the car, and then slumped into the front seat with a groan. He turned back to Sora, who gave him a small wave with an awkward smile.

'…Noctis, the blondes Prompto and the glasses man is Ignis', he greeted tiredly.

'You ok Sora? You didn't look so good earlier', Goofy asked, worry in his eyes.

The boy hopped out of the car with a casual smile. 'I'm alright, thanks to Gladio over there', Sora said, gesturing Gladio with his thumb.

'Can't say the same for the ship', Donald grumbled, eyeing the boy with a glare.

Sora pouted in response to him, folding his arms defensively. 'Not my fault the shields weren't up!', he argued.

'What the heck gave you the idea the ship's engine could handle a DIRECT hit from heartless missile!?', Donald argued.

Before Sora could defend his piloting skills, Gladiolus intervened. 'Hate to interrupt, but we've got a situation back at Hammerhead', he spoke.

Noctis looked at him from the seat, 'What's up? The daemons?'.

'Probably heartless, Cindy said there's something weird going on at the royal tomb at the Prairie Outpost', he explained. 'Says the hunters are struggling against them and Dave's worried they'll break through soon'.

'Then', Noctis sighed, looking at Sora, 'Looks like we're gonna have to deal with them next'.

'Sure, we'll handle the heartless…just uh, where is it?', he asked.

'We can drive there…', Ignis started, but then remembered there was an edition of three now.

'…Chocobos?', Prompto suggested.

'Chocobos', confirmed Ignis.

With Donald, Goofy and Prompto using the birds, Sora was settled in the back seat with Gladio, the party sped off into the direction of the darkness…


…If Square-Enix is willing to a collaboration with Assassin's Creed and Terra wars, why is there no KH event? Someone had to!

Part 2 coming sometime in February thanks for reading, stay awesome but most importantly, stay safe!