Chapter One: Leandra

I sit with my little girl while doing her hair as she reads and I cannot help but smile at her happiness. Marcus walks into the room with a small sigh and then joins us on the couch, pulling me into his lap, but letting me continue doing Layla's hair. He buries his nose into my hair and takes a deep breathe.

"When is Aro going to stop pouting at not getting the Cullens to join?" Marcus asks.

"Leave him be," I say softly. "He can have his tantrum and it will end eventually."

"It is beginning to get on my nerves," Marcus grumbles. I smile at him using the language of the humans today. He has grown so much since he and I first met.

"Did you know that we have together for nearly five years?" I ask quietly. Marcus looks up at me from my shoulder with a wide smile.

"Has it really been that long?" Marcus asks sweetly. Layla gets up and goes to the shelf to find something else to read. She is going to be a teenager in a few months and my heart is beginning to break at the thought of her becoming a woman. I am going to ask Aro to let her leave and live her life as human for a little longer before giving her the choice to join us forever. There is a knock on the door and Felix walks in with a big smile and Myra behind him. The two have married and are a happy couple, well at least as happy as they let us see.

"We have come to see if Layla would like something to eat in the garden," Felix asks.

"Yes please," Layla giggles. She follows the two out, leaving Marcus and I alone for the first time in weeks. He moves my hair away from neck, kissing the skin softly, while his hands caress my breasts.

"I am in the mood for something myself," Marcus purrs. I moans a little when one of his hands slides under my pants to find my clit. "Goodness, it would seem my wife has missed me the last few weeks."

"Marcus, don't tease me," I whimper. He grazes his teeth against me skin, sending a shiver down my back and a louder moan from my lips. "Please."

"What would my darling like?" Marcus purrs.

"I want your cock in my pussy, fucking me senseless," I say breathlessly. Marcus picks me up, turns so I can straddle him, and rips my pants to make an opening to my pussy. I slide his cock out of his pants just before he slides it past my wet folds and lose my mind just having his cock in my pussy. He thrusts his hips a light, teasing me, and I whimper for more. He kisses my neck while picking up his pace and he holds my hips tightly to keep me from bucking off. Our love making has become a little wilder of the years and it makes everyone else smile when they see us emerge from whatever room we just fucked in. I lean my head back, thrusting my breasts in his face, and he bites on my nipple gently sending me other edge just a little bit more. I move my hips in sink with his once I am getting closer to climax and Marcus's grip on my hips tells me he is also almost there. I scream out his name once I am over the edge and then a few seconds later, Marcus loses his self as well. We remain connected for a little longer while kissing each other deeply. Marcus smiles when I pull away first, while wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I love you, Lea," Marcus whispers.

"I love you too," I say with a smile. Our door is opened and Aro barges in with a smile on his face.

"Ah, perfect timing," Aro says. Marcus holds in his growl as I get off him and he puts his cock back in his pants.

"What is it, brother?" Marcus asks.

"I am in need of your wife for a moment," Aro says, extending his hand out to me and I raise a brow.

"Aro, what is it you want?" I ask.

"Leandra, I am in need of your gift for a mission," Aro says.

"You know that the wives do not leave the castle," Marcus says while getting to his feet quickly.

"Yes, well, she was once a guard for us and I feel she is going to become a good asset to us. There is a newborn causing trouble just like our little Leandra did, but this one is as gifted as her and she is the only one that may be able to get close to the newborn," Aro says with light in his eyes.

"Absolutely not, brother," Marcus says firmly.

"I will go, but only if you allow me to bring Felix with me," I say.

"Is that all?" Aro asks.

"That is all and I better not be followed by the other guards or they may not come home in one piece, Aro," I say with a wicked smile.

"It would seem that you have learned since you joined us," Aro says with a laugh. "The newborn is located somewhere in Asia, but it is from Germany. Find the newborn and bring them here."

"Yes, brother," I say. Aro leaves the room and I turn to Marcus to see he still angry at Aro's request. "Love, relax."

"How can I when he is sending on a mission knowing that the Volturi wives never leave the castle no matter what?! He knows you mean the world to me," Marcus snaps. I sit him on the couch and caress his face.

"Darling, he has a point in a few things. I am gifted, I was like that newborn once, and I was a guard when I first arrived here. I am going to be fine because I am taking Felix with me. Try to relax and keep an eye on Myra and Felix," I say with a small smile.

"Promise me that you will come home to us in one piece," Marcus whimpers. I give him a kiss gently on his lips.

"I promise, darling," I say sweetly.