Chapter Six: Leandra

I fight against Heidi as she pushes me into the throne room and I growl at Demitri with his eyes looking Layla up and down like she is food. We enter the room to see Aro standing in the middle of the room with a wide smile on his face. My eyes dart to Marcus' chair to see he is strapped there with a dead, plain look on his face, just like I first arrived here.

"Welcome home, sister," Aro chuckles. Heidi throws me onto my knees and I turn to punch her, but Aro grabs my head to make me look up at him. "I should have killed you when you first arrived and I am going to finish that today. But first, you have a job to complete and a few questions to answer."

"No, I owe you nothing," I snarl. Aro turns my head to Marcus and my heart breaks at the look on his face.

"Alec, release him," Aro says. I see the smoke disappear from around Marcus and he comes to his sense. He jumps when he sees me in front of Aro and he growls when he is unable to break free. "Now, to save your mate and children, you will do as I command."

"Let her go, brother," Marcus begs. Aro turns my head back to him and I can see the wickedness in his eyes.

"Lea, you do owe me for letting your human child remain here," Aro says. "I asked you to do something and you will finish it because you are the only one that can do it. Now, I can let your mate go after you swear to finish what you started."

"No," I say. Aro squeezes my head and I hiss in pain when Jane releases her gift to keep me from fighting back. The pain subsides and I glare up at Aro once more.

"I am not going to take no as an answer, Lea," Aro says with a smile. "You are gifted and it is very powerful. I thought that Marcus could tame the fire within you, but it seems that he ended up fueling it. I would hate to lose a gift like yours after all you have done for us."

"What about my daughter and her guard?" I grumble.

"She will remain here, cared for, and kept safe so long as you keep up with your end of the bargain. I will not promise not to harm her in case you mess up too many times. It will be just like when you first arrived here all over again, but the difference is that your punishments will be done to your child," Aro says. My eyes dart to Layla and Marius to see Layla is trying not to cry anymore than she has already. "Lea, I need an answer or your family will see you die."

"Yes, I will do it," I say softly. Aro tilts my head up to him as he leans down to whisper something in my ear.

"I will make you regret being alive and I will not regret killing those you love for defying me once more. I did it to Marcus and I can do it again," Aro whispers. "You will submit to me like a good servant and you will learn to follow orders."

"I will never break," I growl quietly. Aro chuckles softly, kisses behind my ear, and then releases me. I run over to Layla to hold her in my arms, grab Marius, and make my way over to Marcus.

"Why did you not hide?" Marcus asks. I lay my head on his lap, trying not to let Aro see my sad face.

"We did, but I was not able to hide all three of us well," I says softly. I kiss Marcus' leg gently and smile up at him. "I am glad you are not dead, my love."

"I am glad you three are still alive," Marcus says with a sad smile.

"Let's get the children to a room, bathed, and dressed for bed," Aro says with a clap of his hands. Heidi grabs Layla from my arms while Demitri grabs Marius and I try to grab the children back. "I said they would be cared for, but I did not say that you would be able to care for them. Marcus and the children are to be kept away from you until the job is done. I will only allow you to see them when you do something good."

"Brother, please," Marcus begs.

"You cannot beg for anything," Aro says sternly. "She knows her job and she must finish it or there will be consequences. Now, Lea, let's get back to the job and I do hope you will not defy me this time because I have lost my patience more so right now."

"Yes, master," I say. Aro smiles as he walks over to me with his hand extended out towards me and I take it gingerly. He pulls me into his arms, tilt my chin to him, and I can see the light gleaming in his eyes.

"Brother, I was never able to understand your selfish behavior to keeping her all to yourself. I see as to why now," Aro says, caressing the side of my face where my scar is. "Take the children and my brother away. I will take Leandra to the room I have prepared for her to do her job."

"Yes master," everyone around says. I close my eyes and allow Aro to lead out of the room with his hand on the small part of my back.

Aro stands behind me as I go over the report Felix has brought me in regards to the Cullens after his little attack. I remain quiet as Aro plays with my hair slightly and I can feel his frustration at my attempts not succeeding. Felix bows to me when I wave my hand for him to leave and he closes the heavy door behind him. Aro grabs the back of my neck tightly and presses my face into the desk with a hiss.

"Lea, my patience is wearing thin right now and your failed attempts over the past two years is not looking good when it comes to your family," Aro says. He releases my neck and caresses my hair sadistically. I close my eyes to keep from losing my temper, thinking of Marcus alone and Layla trying not to cry after not seeing me since we came back to the castle.

"Soon, master, we will get a few of them to join us in due time," I says softly.

"This better work after all this work or I will punish you and Marcus in a way that will break your love for each other," Aro says. He leaves the room, locking the door behind him, and I grip the large oak desk in an attempt to not let my gift break this things inside it. I sit up to see the painting Marcus had done of the three of us and it breaks my heart, knowing that this the only way I can see them.

"Lea," Marcus' voice interrupts my thoughts. I bolt for the door and place my hands on it with a sad smile on my face.

"My love," I whimper.

"Layla is alright and Marius has been taking good care of her, but I fear that he will not be able to for much longer. Sulpicia is trying to convince Aro to turn Layla soon in hopes she remains of us against us," Marcus says.

"We do not have much time then," I say quickly.

"Do not worry, I am going to find a way to get us all out," Marcus says. I hear the sound of his feet fade as he walks away from the door and I put my forehead on the door while muttering a prayer to helps us find a way out.