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Chapter 1

It had been three weeks since their return to Niflheim and it was not what Dahlia had hoped for. She had hoped they would return and spend time together for the lost time they all missed out on but the day after their return, Loki and the boys left Niflheim in a ship, wanting to hunt Angrboda down and find out what happened to Tora, how she lived when Loki was so certain he had killed her and to kill her before she had chance to take revenge on them. Hela had split herself with her work and watching over Tora who had yet to wake up and Dahlia thought it best to give her space, so she focused on her studies, began her classes and continued training with Akio. She wanted to ask more about Tora as it seemed everyone in the palace knew her, but she didn't want to hear stories from others, she needed to hear them from her sister.

She had finished her classes for the day and looked forward to the weekend as she wouldn't have classes and would have an extra two hours in bed before Akio would wake her up for training. She dropped off her bags into her bedroom before making her way to the healing rooms in the castle, it was a corridor that Saida was in charge of. Saida lived in the castle, had her own master suite room, a laboratory to study, and she had constant visits from healers throughout the day and trained a few. A supplies room was filled with different ingredients that permission from Saida must be given before entering as everything was categorised to her own system and the corridor also had a large room filled with beds that was familiar to Dahlia, like the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. There were twenty beds in the white sanitized room, ten on either side of the room lined up, and it was rare that there were ever more than a few people in the room, mostly soldiers who got injured in training with real Niflheim blessed weapons.

Dahlia walked into the room to see that Tora was the only patient and was fast asleep at the end of the room in a bed on the right side. Dahlia could see her sister sat beside Tora, reading to the unconscious woman. She approached quietly and took the seat on the other side of Tora's bed and gave a small smile to her sister when she looked up from the book and stopped reading. Hela closed the book and put it on the bedside cabinet next to the bed as Dahlia said, "you don't have to stop".

Hela put it aside, however, and said, "I have read a few chapters to her already, that's enough for today".

"How is she?"

"She gets stronger every day, thanks to you. Saida says her injuries would have been fatal if it wasn't for that healing spell you said on the ship. Thank you".

Dahlia shifted in her seat as she looked down at her lap where she twiddled with her fingers. She shook her head as she glanced up and said, "you don't have to thank me".

"I do," Hela said smiling, "she's my oldest and dearest friend and you saved her life. You didn't listen when papa to you to return to the palace, you followed and if you had listened, Tora would surely be dead. So, thank you and I am sure when she wakes up, she will thank you too." Dahlia could only smile and nod to her sister. Hela then gasped and said, "dear gods, I've been ignoring you. You started your classes and I haven't asked how it's been going or even spoke much to you since we returned. How is everything?"

Dahlia rolled her eyes and replied, "I am not a child, I can look after myself, you've had your friend's life to think about. As for classes, they've been going well, I've only just started so I don't have the best opinion yet. Training with Akio is back to normal, the aches in my body prove that". Hela let off a small laugh. Dahlia looked between Tora and Hela and then asked, "call me nosey but who is she? I know very little about her".

Hela leaned back on her chair as she sighed, "my oldest and dearest friend. Tora Igordottir. Never mention her last name or her family though, she hasn't spoken to them since her banishment. Igor was, and is still, one of Odin's most trusted member of his court, it's how we met. She was always at the castle and we grew up together and unlike all the other children, she wasn't scared of me. Fenrir and Jora made friends with others easily, especially Fenrir with his fighting and always training with Thor and the Warriors Three. They paraded him around like he was a warrior and spoke about how he would be great in battle while Jora was spoken by many, especially elders, as a boy who would grow up to be a very wise man. They made friends easily as they could look normal, but it was different for me. The boys noticed and tried to include me, but I didn't want them to lose friends over me, so I pretended I didn't want friends and spent most of my time with papa. It was easy as all their friends were boys".

"Hela," Dahlia said sadly.

"It's okay," Hela said honestly, "I didn't want them anyway. I just never seemed to fit in. Tora, however, was different to all the girls on Asgard. She didn't care about being pretty and sensible and following the rules and hopes of one day marrying some brave handsome warrior. We were so young, like toddlers to you, I would be happy when we played but I noticed the other girls at court were mean to her when she was around me, so I tried to push her away, but it didn't work. We got older and got closer, much to her parent's dismay. When my powers started to develop, I thought she would be scared but she wasn't, she would even joke about scaring the other girls".

Hela then went silent and lost the nostalgic smile she had as she spoke about her friend and Dahlia knew she must have been thinking about something upsetting. She wished she could reach across the bed to hold her hand, but it was a little out of reach for her to do that.

Finally, Hela licked her lips and took a deep breath before she said, "it must have been sixty years before I came here, there was an accident. We were playing in a meadow, collecting flowers, and I remember just running and laughing…then everything went quiet. The servants with us were on the floor, dead, and there were these men. They grabbed us and were calling me evil and dark-"

Frowning Dahlia interrupted, "but that was before the prophecy".

Hela nodded, "some still thought I was evil before, especially after my magic developed. They were calling me evil, but the men were saying they weren't going to hurt me, they wanted to see how much Odin would pay for me".

"A ransom?" Dahlia exclaimed.

Hela hummed then laughed for a moment, "whenever I think of that day I question, even before the prophecy, would Odin have paid anything for me? Tora and I began to fight back against the men and they hurt her. They stabbed her and said she wasn't worth the trouble of taking her…then I watched my best friend fall to the ground and I screamed. Screamed so loud I'm surprised all of Asgard didn't hear. My magic erupted, and it killed them, two men died because of me".

"They were trying to kidnap you, they hurt your friend, you shouldn't feel any guilt about that".

"I don't," Hela shrugged, "and that's what scared me then. How could I not feel anything at their deaths?" Hela and Dahlia sat in silence for a minute before Hela said, "you're the first person I ever told that to. When papa and Odin and Frigga found us, when they found out what I had done, they told me not to tell anyone and let people believe that Odin had killed the men".

"I won't tell anyone, I promise," Dahlia said sincerely but was surprised that she hadn't heard the story before. She believed her sister had only ever injured people a few times while living on Asgard and none of them resulted in death. She could understand why her sister hadn't told her though, talking of her first kill, even in self-defence. Dahlia then asked, "clearly she didn't die, what happened after?"

Hela nodded and continued with the story, "papa and Odin along with a few others found us, I tried to save her, I remember a healing spell I read and tried to do it but like you know, I'm not the best with healing spells but it worked a little. We returned to the palace and she healed and then three days later, she had a magical outburst".

"What?" Dahlia gasped.

"Yep, she now had magic. Everyone has magic within them but not everyone can access it. Tora couldn't but after that, she could. They thought I had something to do with it, they thought I might have unlocked something inside of her. Her parents were happy they had a magical wielder for a daughter and she began to take lessons with me with papa and Frigga. We got closer than ever after that, people in the palace would joke that if I or Tora was somewhere, the other wouldn't be far behind. Her parents warmed up to me, slightly…but then the prophecy happened. Tora's parents instantly forbade her from seeing me and kept her home and soon none of our friends were allowed near us. You know what happened soon after that".

"But she didn't abandon you, you're still friends today so what happened?"

Hela immediately smirked as she glanced down to her friend and Dahlia worried for a moment. Hela answered, "papa couldn't make trouble for Odin in case he hurt the boys, but Tora could. From the way she and papa tell it, Tora was quite vocal about Odin and his ruling and spoke against it many times. As she grew, her magic did too. Her parents didn't want papa teaching her anymore, but Frigga continued, and papa was still there, they just didn't tell anyone. When papa came to see me, he would pass along letters from Tora, I still have them somewhere. Anyway, time went on and she continued to defend the boys and I from everyone who spoke bad about us. Then came her banishment. The thing about Tora is she is extremely loyal to people but only to people who deserve her loyalty. Her parents and members of Asgard have never earned her loyalty. I did, and even though I left at a young age, she continued to be loyal to me. So much so she tried to kill Thor".

Dahlia's mouth instantly dropped.

Hela laughed and said, "I'm telling the truth".

"How?" Dahlia asked shocked.

"Her father is a trusted member of the court, and she was being trained by Frigga, that alone got her into the castle late at night without suspicion. She got hair from Thor's room and rags from the training ground that had Thor's blood on from cuts he got during practise. She used them in a poison to target him and he drank that poison during training, believing it was water. It didn't take long for Frigga and Eir to figure it out and track down where the poison came from by using magic. They arrested Tora and many called for her execution, some called for her imprisonment forever but Odin, for whatever reason, decided he wouldn't kill her and would in fact banish her forever. Her family made it clear they wanted nothing to do with her, which she was happy with, so Odin banished her outside the nine realms, alone…she was 1,450, I think. She would look a year or two younger than you".

"Did she come here?" Dahlia asked hoping Tora wasn't alone.

Hela hesitated which only confirmed Dahlia's fears and she answered, "no. He sent her far away and didn't tell anyone where. Papa got word to me and I tried to find her, sent people looking, hired mercenaries who knew corners of the universe I didn't to find her. Nothing. Then about eighty years later, I was told there is a ship trying to get past the barrier around Niflheim. I find out it's Tora. Turns out she made allies, was taught to fight, steal, learned every weapon she could and was making a name for herself".

"So, she's what? A mercenary or something?"

"Of sorts, I guess you could say that. She stayed here for a while, but I knew she needed freedom from the restrictions that Asgard put on her and I knew being here all the time was the same restrictions but different rules. The stars and adventure were her home. I told her to leave but to remember to come back to visit and that there is always a room for her when she wanted to relax and not worry. She comes back all the time, sometimes bringing weapons with her that she would usually sell but just gives them to us. Lord Corvus and Lord Thatun and others enjoy modifying the weapons and changing them to suit Niflheim. We never use them though, they're locked in vaults in case we go to war".

"You mentioned a crew when she crashed, you don't think they've been hurt too do you?"

Hela shook her head, "I've already contacted her wife, they haven't".

"Wife?" Dahlia exclaimed, "she's married?"

Hela smiled and nodded, "yep. I didn't think she'd marry in this line of work, but she met her wife, Kaeya, in prison. What a surprise," Hela said it sarcastically with a role of her eyes which made Dahlia laugh. Hela added more, "they were both in prison for stealing, both in the same line of work, and both were escaping the same way at the same time. Alarms were set off and they had to work together to escape. Tora told me it was nothing at first, but I could tell she was in love. Next thing I know, they're married. Tora and Kaeya got into some shooting match with someone and one of them proposed to the other, ask them and they'll fight and say it was them that proposed, not the other. They decided to go to the closest planet and get married after that".

Dahlia's brows raised slightly as she said, "I bet that didn't go down well, no best friend at the wedding".

Hela shook her head, "I shouted for all of ten minutes about not being able to be there, then I was happy for them. Kaeya was finally able to see both sides of Tora's life". Dahlia frowned in confusion and Hela quickly explained, "I said that Asgard holds no loyalty over Tora, so she doesn't consider herself one. She doesn't tell people where she is from, I remember she didn't tell Kaeya for years. Kaeya is a Brakomi from Tuladav 5, it's far, far away from here. She had dark blue skin and light blue hair".

Dahlia gestured to Tora's hair and said, "I take it that's why the ends of her hair are blue".

"Yep, in honour of her wife. To Kaeya the nine realms were nothing but fairy tales, myths and legend. Finding out the woman she loved was from a realm she only heard in stories, it was a surprise. Even more of a surprise when she came here and met me…they're so in love".

"You say that like it's a bad thing".

"It's good, it's really good that they are happy but…" Hela then sighed sadly, "Brakomi's only have a lifespan of 800 years. Tora may not consider herself Asgardian, but she is one".

Dahlia instantly clicked and said, "she'll outlive Kaeya for thousands of years".

Hela gulped as she glanced to the ground, "they've been together for close to forty-two years now, they look around the same age now and I don't think they've really spoken about it, but I know one day it will hit them".

"Where is she?"

"Kaeya was with the other two members of the crew. They don't know the truth about the nine realms or Tora, like Kaeya they have only heard stories. Tora trusts them, but she just doesn't want to admit it to them. Kaeya has left them on some planet having a party, she's coming here in the main ship now, what you saw before was merely a smaller escape pod of some kind".

"Does she know what happened?"

Hela shook her head, "no. I haven't spoken to them in three months, I tried contacting them two months ago, I was going to tell them that you were alive, they knew you and Lily".

"Of course," Dahlia said with a roll of the eyes, "didn't everyone see me as a baby?"

"It may seem that way but only a small group that was not on this realm knew about you. They knew. Anyway, I tried contacting them, but I couldn't get through, so I left them a message. Turned out they were in a new prison called Falaxia. Took them a couple of weeks to escape, and then when they got back to their ship they saw messages from me to come here and they were going to. They were going to leave the others somewhere but then when they were just selling a weapon, Kaeya said that Tora became agitated and said she thought she saw someone that couldn't be alive and heard something".


"So it seems, but we won't know until she wakes up. The problem is, Tora has never met her so unless she heard her name or something, I don't know. I'll have to ask her when she wakes up. Point is, Tora went to investigate and promised to meet Kaeya at this restaurant before coming here, but she never showed up. Kaeya got worried and has been looking for her ever since but they've had some people chasing them, fellow mercenaries until now".

"Why didn't she contact you?"

Hela went into the bedside cabinet and brought out a device that looked like an old games console to Dahlia, but she knew it wasn't. Hela said, "this is a communications device, it is Tora's. It is like a universe phone, can send messages throughout the universe".


"Yeah. I have one, but I rarely use it, we don't make them here because as you can imagine, people on Niflheim calling back home is not the best idea. It seems Kaeya's was destroyed recently and she couldn't remember my number to use the ship's communication device. Kaeya was already heading this way when I called her from Tora's, I used hers and called the ship itself and thankfully Kaeya answered. She has no idea what happened. She should be arriving late tonight or early in the morning".

"Have you told her how she was found?"

Hela took a moment before she said, "no. Clearly Tora was tortured, its up to her to tell Kaeya, she hates worrying her. I told Kaeya that her ship crashed here, and she was being tended to by healers and that she would be well soon, that's it".

"You didn't tell her she almost died…Hela, what would Angrboda do to dad and the boys if they find her, if she has people with her?"

Silence was the answer given, the only answer really needed. Hela gestured for Dahlia to come around the bed. She stood and walked around then Hela shifted in her seat before she reached for her sister, so she would sit on her lap. Hela wrapped her arms around her sister as her head went into Hela's neck, Hela stroked her hair and held her, not wanting to think what Angrboda would do if she ever got her hands on her baby sister, thinking about Tora's last words, that Angrboda knew about Dahlia and wanted revenge.

"Tell me about her," Dahlia said.

Hela froze then said, "no".

"Why not?" Dahlia asked as she pulled away to look into her sister's eyes, "if she's a threat to our family, then I need to know more about her…unless…unless you don't want to talk about her because of who she is to you-"

"She's nothing to me and you know that," Hela interrupted. "The truth is, I don't know as much as I should about her. I never saw her as my mother, so I never saw a reason to learn anything about her, even after being told that she tried to kill me as a baby. All I can tell you is this, Angrboda is a giantess sorceress from the planet Kadrion. It's a planet east of the nine realms, I always thought that was one of the benefits of her not being born in the nine realms, her death meaning I would never see her. She was, she might still be, powerful at magic and practised magic of every sort. Papa left Asgard wanting to explore, some say it was a rebellious phase, he went to Kadrion and they met. They both liked magic, they bonded over that and desire followed. Skip forward many, many years and by the time papa was my age, he had three children. Then one night, papa discovered that Angrboda wanted to kill me and the boys, eat our hearts in some ritual to obtain our power. Maybe it was to become part of the nine realms, many people fear what happens when they die and are jealous of those in the nine realms because we know we go to Valhalla or here. I don't know why. Papa saw her going for our nursery and fought her and until now, I was always under the belief that he had killed her. Clearly he didn't wound her fatally enough or she got help after papa took us and went back to Asgard". Dahlia began to twiddle with her fingers again and Hela put a hand over her hands and said, "your nervous tick. If you've got a question, you know you need only ask".

"Do you…do you think she's going to go after your hearts again?"

Hela shrugged as if it didn't worry her, "I don't know, and I don't particularly care. She can try but she will be greeted with my power and can find out what the afterlife is like for her. We're not defenceless little babies anymore".

"But what if she does?"

"Then we will deal with it then. I really don't see the point in our hearts though, Fen, Jora and I have all killed people, it may not show it, but when you kill someone it takes power from the heart, it corrupts it. It's why there are unfortunately many rituals that involve babies' hearts or young children as they are pure, and the hearts are more powerful. After everything we've done, ours are far from that". As Dahlia looked down, Hela reached up and moved a piece of hair dangling in Dahlia's face and wrapped it around her ear and said, "I don't want you to worry. Come on".

Dahlia snuggled back into her sister and after a few moments asked, "when do you think dad and the boys will be back?"


"How soon? Its Fenrir's birthday next month".

"I remember. I still need to ask him what he wants to do, I was thinking just presents, meal, just the family".

Dahlia nodded against Hela's shoulder, "they'll be back by then, right?"

Hela replied, "I'm sure of it. Like I said, don't worry".

The boys and Loki had spent three weeks trying to track down Angrboda, thankfully the ship that Tora used had a tracking system. The ship she used was a smaller emergency pod ship that was attached to Tora's and her crew's main ship named Starla. The pod seemed to have been disconnected at Astreon 07, one of ten Astreons located across the universe. Some of them were on asteroids, others on large ships, but Astreon 07 was made from a shell of a beast long since dead. Asteon was a large network of places for the criminals of the universe, a safe place to stay where no law enforcement in the universe would dare go, a place to trade and sell items with only one rule, no killing while on any Astreon. If anyone did kill, they were immediately incinerated by the highly advanced robots used to monitor all Astreon's. It fit in with what Hela knew, that Tora was selling weapons before she wondered off from Kaeya and was taken and tortured.

The pod was seen to have circled around Astreon 07 before it left but then all connection went out, as if it was being shielded. Loki thought it was likely that Tora boarded a much bigger ship or Tora's pod was forced into it where she was then tortured. All in all, Loki's only lead to finding Angrboda was Astreon 07.

Loki and the boys landed a small Niflheim ship on Astreon 07 and paid the workers a slight fee at the shipping deck for security for the ship so no one would attempt to steal it and for a quick and easy access back to the ship. For Loki, he had only ever been on Astreon 01, 03 and 04, they were closer to the nine realms than what Astreon 07 was, which was far enough away, Loki knew no one would know of him or the nine realms and if they did, they would only have heard them in rumours or stories. For the boys, it was quite a sight to see Astreon 07 after being imprisoned and trapped on Midgard for so long. They saw people of all different species associating, making deals and trading, some even fighting and drinking before laughing it off.

They walked around the tall buildings, almost like city-high skyscrapers on Midgard with smaller ships flying around and robots monitoring the place. Lights were flashing everywhere with signs for bars, clubs, places to stay and even auction houses that everyone knew was for stolen goods and weapons. Loki kept a close eye on his boys, knowing they were now men and could defend themselves, but they had never been anywhere like Astreon 07 before after being in captivity since childhood. He wasn't overly thrilled that they were with him, especially since they found out the last known location of Tora was an Astreon, he didn't want his sons hurt, even if they could protect themselves so he kept a close eye.

Loki, with the boys following, walked into a building with lights around it, the name shining brighter than all those around it. It was named Tajan Collectors. Loki could see from the building and the way it was kept that the building had many investors or had a lot of money coming into it and with the way some of the robots kept close to it, Loki figured a leading or important figure of Astreon 07 was the owner.

Unlike the outside, Tajan was white all inside, except the artefacts and weapons which were kept in glass cabinets along the walls. The few people inside were dressed in rich clothing, Loki could tell they were wealthy and would most likely come from a government on some world that was corrupt and were looking to spend whatever money they extorted on stolen artefacts. They looked around and Loki saw a man, a human looking man but his hair was gold, as were his eyebrows and beard. He looked like he owned the establishment, so Loki approached him.

"Welcome to Tajan Collectors, I am Tajan, I don't believe I have seen you before. What can I help you with?" the owner said.

Loki smirked and leaned to whisper to the man, "I have something of great importance to sell, I was told to come to you. Perhaps we should talk in private".

Tajan eye's widened with greed like Loki knew they would. Tajan gestured to a door behind him and said, "my office, if you please".

Loki and the boys entered the office and like the outside, it was completely white with even the desk, bookcase and safe behind the desk being white. Tajan sat at his desk and gestured for them to sit down but they didn't.

"I tell all my private clients this before we do business that I take all deals very seriously and you do not have to tell me how or where you acquired the item. So, what have you brought for me?"

Loki leaned his hands on the desk as he leaned on it and smirked as he said, "I know places like this, I know it may not seem like it to the random fools that come here to drink and sell but I know you practically own this whole place. Coming with power such as that, I'm guessing you like to know everyone who enters it, those robots are transmitting a feed back here, it is why so many are outside. So, I want to know about a certain woman that's been here recently. Her name is Angrboda, she's from Kadrion, she's a giantess sorceress. I'm sure someone far from home like her would stick out here".

Tajan visibly gulped and dropped his hands from the desk and said, "I assure you, I do not know who you are talkin-"

Loki jumped over the desk and gripped Tajan by the neck and pinned him against the wall just was he reached under the desk and Loki saw an emergency button, probably to summon robots to his assistance. He held the man tight as his feet kicked in the air and Loki seethed, "it would be very wise of you not to lie to me, I can tell when people lie to me".

Tajan eyes showed fear, especially when he looked over Loki's shoulder to see that Fenrir had changed into his wolf form and Jörmungandr had changed his eyes and teeth. It was clear to Tajan he had no power right now and would clearly be torn to pieces if he refused to offer the information he knew. He nodded and Loki dropped him and took a step back and Tajan began to gasp as he put a hand to his neck. After a few moments, Tajan nodded and said, "okay, okay, I will tell you. She was here but left weeks ago, most suddenly actually".

"What do you mean by suddenly?"

Tajan shrugged and said, "she comes and goes, but hasn't been seen here in just over a month. I run this Astreon station, but I know she also goes to Astreon 09 and 10 too. She usually stays a week or so, but she arrived here and the day after, she left without word, her and her associate".

"Who is her associate?"

Tajan shivered and said, "please don't make me tell you, he will kill me".

In the blink of an eye, Loki pulled a dagger out of his sleeve and held it to Tajan's throat and said, "I will kill you and believe me, I will make it hurt more than your tiny mind could ever possibly imagine. Now tell me".

Quickly believing his words, he responded, "the titan Thanos".

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