It had been a normal day. Not one that was any different from the others. Not one that seemed to be interesting to even talk about. Everything had been the same. Nothing exciting ever happened. It was always the same old same old. Everyone seemed to know who they were. Who they wanted to be. But for me, I didn't have to clue. There had been too much that happened during the years. The lose the sorrow, the pain that happened this year. The feelings I felt I tried to cover up with a smile. A fake smile that everyone loved seeing. If only they knew how broken my smiled had honestly been. I was never something special, yet I was never what they called "Normal" either. Maybe you need some background info. Okay then, let me start from the beginning.

It was 8 years ago. I had been 7 years ago.

"Mum!" I shouted as I tripped over my book bag and fell over. My mom peeked her head through my bedroom door and hide a laugh.

"My silly little fiorire. You called?" She said.

Her lovely blue-violet eyes were revealed by the hint of sunlight that came from my window from the corner of my room. Her light ash brown hair had been nicely into a side braid. I smiled shyly as I had been on the floor. I got up and wiped the dirt off my pants.

"Mum, can I ask you a question?" I asked in a soft tone. She came into my room and sat on my bed and patted next to her gesturing me to sit next to her.

As I sat next to her she waited for me to talk. I bit my lip and looked down at my lap. "Do you think I'm normal?" I asked gripping my locket.

Gripping my locket had always been my nervous habit. My locket had been a sense of security, a sense of safety. I knew it was silly but it made me feel better if I held onto when I asked tough questions I was afraid to hear the answers to. My mother lifted my chin and smiled.

"You're perfect. Don't you ever let nobody tell you otherwise," she said.

I smiled trying to believe and trust what she said. She knew me too well when she knew I was hurting or in pain. She was the only one to understand me. Suddenly my alarm on my clock rang.

"I guess it's time to go," I said. My mother smiled sweetly and kissed my forehead. I grabbed my bookbag I tripped on and slipped on my jacket. Before I could leave my mother pulled my arm.

"Remember what I said," She said and smiled. I nodded.

After school, I was walking home until I saw a group of kids from my kids laughing and pointing to me. I tried to not pay attention to them.

"Hey! You purple eyed freak!" I heard. I turned around as I realized they were running forward me.

Not again, I thought as I turned back around and started running. The faster I ran the faster my air had been running out. My legs had become tired. My body had been going numb. The kids were still running after me. I heard them laughing at me, shouting names, throwing things. It was the same old thing. Everyday. I couldn't tell. I was too afraid. I was too weak to share anything they did. Maybe it was because I thought they would change. Maybe it was because I was afraid of what they would have thought if I told an adult. Maybe it was because I knew somehow this was my fault. Suddenly I heard a honk of a horn. I stopped running and looked in front of me.

My eyes widened as I watched a driver swerve to the right. I took a step back as the car had been inches from hitting me. I fell back in shock as the car had crashed into a light post. I ran forward the car to see if anybody was in it. My eyes widened as I saw a man knocked unconscious. His head was bleeding the airbag had been out. He was holding a phone on his right hand. I screamed in terror. The kids that were following caught up with me and saw the car. They looked at me as they paled and they ran back. I called out for help over and over. The pounding of my heart was making it harder to breathe. My guilt was overwhelming. I couldn't breathe. I grabbed my shirt trying to catch my breath. I took the phone from out the man's hand and called 911. Sadly I right after I told them everything I had passed out.

I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed. Flower near my bedside. I heard a sniffle from the corner of the room.

"Mum?" I choked out. The crying had stopped as I felt a hug. It was my mum. As my vision had cleared up I saw my mother's teary eyes. She smiled at me and pushed my hair out of my face. She stroked her thumb on my cheek. She kissed my forehead. Her hands had been shaking.

"You gave me a scare." She said with a sad chuckle. She wiped a tear from her cheek.

"The doctors said there was a 50/50 chance of you waking up." She said as her eyes watered once more. I reached my hand to touch my head that had started to hurt. There had been bandages on my head.

"W-what happened?" I choked out as my throat had been sore.

"They found you on the street on the floor outside of a crashed car. They thought that you might have passed out while in the car and fell backward and slammed your head on the floor. Blood was everywhere..." She said as she began to cry once more.

"I was scared of losing you." She cried. I hugged her tightly.

After that had been a bit of a blur. I didn't remember much. The man had survived the car accident but was disable and was in a wheelchair. There had been many people asking me what had happened. My mother had told them to back off as I was only a child. A few days later I woke up hearing strange voices. Not voices, I thought. They had been thoughts. I ran up from the bed and ran to my mother room. She had been sleeping. That's when I froze. I had been afraid of what I would hear from her. If I were right about hearing other peoples thought, I was afraid of what my mother thought about me. A couple days later the voices didn't stop. It became a pounding headache whenever I was close to too many people. I had shrugged myself away from the world and depended on using anything to stop the voices. Loud music, headphones, earbuds, anything that would make it stop I tried to find. Playing the piano had helped in concentrated on me and not the thoughts I heard.

After 5 years I became the prodigy of being a pianist. Not to mention a whole lot of straight A's I got from studying. I was what other people called 'The perfect child". Other students hated me for me getting attention. Others didn't care. Others adored me. I had traveled all around the world to perform playing the piano or doing spelling bees. I was everywhere in the media. I hated it. I always did. Having the camera's on me watching my every move waiting for me to mess up was terrifying. My mother had been proud of me and supported me all the way. I never told people about the voices I heard. I learned how to somewhat control it. To turn them off. It was weird. You probably think I'm weird telling you about this.

"Hey!" I heard. I turned around and saw one of my enemies in the piano contest. She had been in a serious tone. I rolled my eyes and was about to put one of my earbuds back again until she snatched my earbud out my hand. I sighed and crossed my arms.

"What do you want this time Jenna?" I asked.

"I know you cheated." She said. I rolled my eyes once more.

"You can't cheat playing the piano," I stated.

"Well, you did." She said frowning. I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah? Would you like to explain to me how I 'cheated' Jenna?" I said. She bit her lip.

I grabbed my earbud back "Not time you want to assume make sure you have your facts straight." I said to her. She glared at me.

I walked back home and entered my house. As I locked the door I had received a text from my mother.

Mother- Hey sorry sweetie. I have another late assignment. I won't make it until after dinner. I hope that's okay.

Me- It's okay. I'll see you later. I love you.

Mother- Love you too my lovely 3

I smiled to myself looking at my phone. I walked into my room and got undress and put on my gray shorts and a blue tank top. My light ash brown hair was put into 2 french braids. My blue-violet eyes were just like my mothers but my eyes were filled with exhaustion. My pale complexion had a beauty mark on my left cheek and one on my right eyebrow. My rosy cheeks seemed more flushed than usual. I had one dimple on my left cheek that I got from my father. I looked back at my nightstand where there was a picture frame. Inside the picture frame was my mum and my dad and me. I had been an only child. My mother didn't have enough eggs to have another child. Her having me had been a miracle for her because I was the only one that made it. I was the only kid she could have without a fail. My father had been there for only 5 years of my life before he passed away. He had been a police officer, while on the job there had been a killer and while he was a car chasing him...the killer slammed on the break to make a right and my father couldn't turn fast enough causing both cars to slam into each other and leaving both cars to explode. He was a hero. He was my mum's and my hero.

I blinked away as my eyes began to water. It had been a picture of me sitting on his lap and my mum right next to us hugging my father from behind. His milk chocolate hair and emerald green eyes with his deep dimples on both sides. I remembered that day clearly well as cleary as I could get. I always made that joke with my mum since I had a photographic memory. I sighed as I sat on my bed and started my homework. I frowned as I realized there was a 5-page essay due tomorrow. I grabbed my pen and bit the cap of the pen a habit I do when I think. Before I could press my pen on my paper I heard something fall outside my room. I froze as I looked back at my phone. It hadn't been even 6 minutes since my mum texted me. I stood up as I grabbed my baseball bat from the corner of my room. Yes, I have a baseball bat as I used to be on the baseball team. I opened the door as my dor had made a creaky sound. I took a deep breath as I walked down the hallway downstairs. I heard talking.

"Hurry up guys. By the paste were going she's going to find us." I heard a female voice say.

I sat down on the steps to quietly crawl down the steps. I peeked my head slowly from the rail of the stairs. I saw a blonde girl with brown with gold flecks in her eyes. Next to her was another girl and 2 guys. One guy that was searching through the drawers in the living had light teal blue eyes and dark hair. He was wearing strange clothing. The other guy looking on the shelves was tall with messy, artfully and carefully disheveled blonde hair and startling ice blue eyes. He too was wearing strange clothes. The girl looked just like the boy with teal eyes. I put my foot down on the last step. As I pressed my foot against it squeaked. I cursed to myself. Everything was silent. I covered my mouth trying to eliminate my breath. My heart had been pounding as I gripped my baseball bat harder. I was ready to swing at anyone who stepped in front of me. I quickly moved to the kitchen and hide in a cabinet. I heard footsteps coming closer.

"I could have sworn I heard something." A male's voice said. He had an accent. I couldn't put my tongue on the accent it had been it sounded like a mixture of accents. The footsteps moved away from the kitchen. I frowned at myself as I was being a huge chicken. I pictured there faces in my head. They looked about my age. I crawled out of the cabinets and crawled to the kitchen.

"I can't find it." Another male's voice said. I took a deep breath as I stood up making the worse decision in my life as I point the baseball bat in their direction.

"Can't find what exactly?" I asked.

They all paled seeing me. The girl with blonde hair put her hands up.

"I can explain." She said. I frowned at her.

"Yeah, you can explain everything once the police get here," I stated. She bit her lip.

"Please, we aren't here to harm you." She said.

"Then why are you here? What do you want?" I asked gripping my bat harder.

"We're looking for something. It's a's a purple crystal. It has a silver outline of a vine or leaf on it. " She explained.

My eyes widened as I reached for my locket. She noticed my locket. My locket had been the jewel she was describing. Fun fact of the day my locket wasn't exactly a locket. It was just a normal necklace but I've called it a locket since I was younger. My locket was a flower water-drop shape purple gem necklace. I gripped it tighter. She bit her lip as she moved closer.

"Stay away," I said. She moved closer as well as her puppets.

"I said stay away!" I shouted and threw the bat at her and ran to my room. I slammed it closed and locked it. I heard their footsteps run through the halls. There was a knock on the door.

"Please let us in." She whispered. I shook my head as I grabbed my phone about to dial 911.

"We'll explain everything." She said. I started to dial the numbers in.

"I knew your father." She said. I froze as I dropped my phone. How did she know about him? He would tell me about them? My breathing started to get heavy.

"Why should I believe you?" I asked her.

"My father and your father were friends. Do you remember William David Foster?" She asked. That name rang a bell. My head started to ache. Flashbacks of the past came crashing down to me.

"Open the door please." She begged. I sat down on the floor my hands pressed against my ears as I closed my eyes. Everything was quiet. Memories were coming back. I knew that name somewhere. But I couldn't put my tongue on it. I gripped my locket as I suddenly remember a girls name.

"Amy or Sophie?" I asked.

"Sophie." She said. Once she said that I remember both Sophie and Amy's younger self. We met when we were younger but we had to move due to my father job. I opened the door slowly. She came in with her puppets. She smiled at me.

" I haven't seen you in a while, Lyra." She said smiling at me weakly.

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