"Tch." Draco stomped down the halls as Crabbe and Goyle hurried after him. "I can't believe that the filthy mudblood touched me."

"Yeah, who does she think she is?" Goyle said, "Doesn't she know who she's dealing with?"

"Obviously she doesn't," Draco said, "She should have thought twice before laying her hands on me, she's going to pay for this insult."

"What do you want us to do Draco?" Crabbe asked, "Do you want us to beat her up?"

"You idiot, that will only get us into trouble." Draco said, "Sometimes I wonder if you even have a brain."

"Instead, we'll take care of her in the Slytherin way," Draco smirked, "We'll sabotage her potions, steal her homework, throw hexes at her...basically we'll make her life a living hell."

"Oh, that sounds like a good idea Draco!" Goyle said, "Why didn't we think about that?"

"Because the two of you are stupid."

The three of them walked down the stairs and rounded the corner as Draco plotted his revenge. He wasn't going to let Granger slide for what she did, she'd soon realize the dire consequences of messing with Draco Malfoy. He could just get his father to deal with her, but Draco felt that he could deal with Granger himself. After all, she hadn't been practicing magic as long as he had, all she had with her was a stupid locket.

"Oh, I think I just came up with a great idea." Draco said as he stopped in his tracks and turned back to Crabbe and Goyle, "How about you two steal her locket, and smash it to bits right in front of her?"

"Doesn't she have that with her everywhere she goes?" Crabbe asked, "How are we supposed to get it?"

"One of you will have to distract her, and then one of you has to steal it." Draco said, "If we do it fast enough, she won't have any time to react."

"That's a great idea Draco!" Crabbe shouted, "You just keep coming up with great plans!"

"That's because I'm smart!" Draco smirked and turned around and bumped into something, causing him to fall to the ground. "Ugh, what the-"

He blinked when he saw Longbottom standing in front of him. The boy's eyes were glazed over, and he was wearing a muddy gardening outfit for some reason. Bandages were wrapped around his head, and glistening sweat was on his forehead.

"Longbottom, shouldn't you be in the hospital?" Draco asked, "Whatever, you should apologize for standing in my way."

Longbottom didn't say anything, he continued to stare at Draco and the others with a dull expression.

"Hey, I'm talking to you Longbottom!" Draco shouted as he shoved Longbottom, "Apologize, now!"

"..." Longbottom simply stared at Draco, staying silent as he looked at him with dead eyes.

"Oh, I get it." Draco smirked, "You're upset about your Remembrall, I'm guessing that's why you've come down here."


"Did you come here to get revenge?" Draco asked he pulled out his wand, causing Crabbe and Goyle to do the same, "If so, then you're outmatched and outnumbered Longbottom."


"Heh, you came here for revenge but you're too scared to say anything." Draco said as he prepared to fire a hex at Longbottom, "You truly are a pathetic excuse for a wizard!"

Before Draco could do anything, a long vine suddenly burst from under the floor, and it wrapped around his arm.

"What?" Draco said as he tugged at the vine, "What is this?"

"We'll help you Draco!" Goyle shouted as he and Crabbe rushed to Draco's side. They ended up tripping as more vines burst from the ground, the vines wrapped around their ankles and dragged them to the ground.

"W-where are these vines coming from?!" Draco shouted as more vines burst from the ground and dragged him to the floor. The vines began to wrap around their bodies, which made it hard for them to move. Before Draco was completely covered, he looked up to see that Longbottom was the one who was controlling the vines.

"W-wait, Longbottom I take back everything I said about you!" Draco shouted, "You clearly are a great wizard, and I'm sorry for taking your Remembrall!"

Longbottom either didn't hear what Draco was saying, or he didn't care. As the vines grew tighter around Draco, he had only one thought racing through his mind.

'Someone, please help us...'




"Has anyone seen Mr. Goyle, Mr. Crabbe, or Mr. Malfoy?" Professor Snape asked the class as he finished calling role, "They seem to be absent."

"They left after we finished practicing flying on our brooms," A Slytherin in the back of the class said, "I haven't seen them since."

"So, they're skipping my class," Professor Snape scowled, "Well then, those three have just cost Slytherin 150 points."

Everyone in the classroom was shocked, Snape had never taken points from Slytherin in the brief time that they had known him, and no one expected that he would take away that many points from his own house.

"What if they're late?" Pansy spoke up, "Maybe they just...got lost!"

"My classroom is a short distance away from the Slytherin dorms," Professor Snape frowned, "Try another lie Ms. Parkinson."

"What if something happened to them?" another Slytherin said, "That would explain why they haven't shown up!"

"Hogwarts is one of safest schools in the world," Professor Snape said, "What could possibly happen to them?"

As the Slytherins argued back and forth with Professor Snape, Hermione noticed that someone seemed to be watching her. She turned around, but she no one seemed to be staring at her.

"Hey, Granger." Hermione blinked and turned back to her potions partner, Ron Weasley.

"Is it just me, or is the floor shaking?" Ron asked. The room seemed to be shaking, and everyone fell silent as they slowly noticed the tremors.

"It's an earthquake!" A student shouted.

"Under your desks, now!" Professor Snape shouted as the tremors grew stronger. Hermione and Ron huddled under their desk as potion ingredients rolled off the shelves and crashed to the ground. Large vines shot up from the ground, knocking over students and desks, sending everyone into a panic. Then, the tremors suddenly stopped, and everything was eerily calm. Hermione moved out from under the desk to see that Neville was standing on the largest vine that jutted out from the center of the room.

But something was...off about him. He had a dull expression on his face, and his eyes seemed to be glazed over. He was also wearing a gardener's outfit for some bizarre reason.

"Mr. Longbottom, what are you-" A vine slammed into Professor Snape's stomach, knocking him against the wall. Neville turned away from Professor Snape and looked at the students who were fearfully watching him. More vines burst from the floor, snaring students and dragging them to the ground.

The students who weren't caught screamed and tried to run out of the room, but the vines blocked the door.

'This is really bad.' Amitie spoke to Hermione as Neville turned to look at Hermione and Ron, 'When did he suddenly have the power to control vines?'

'I don't know!' Hermione shouted as more vines burst from the ground, towering over her and Ron...