Popo and Nana were throwing snow everywhere, with Ice Climbers causing a snowy predicament for the Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny was watching while casually munching on one of his many carrots, shaking his head.

"What's up doc?" Bugs said as he noticed an annoyed Daffy Duck coming up to him, with the black feathered bird covered in snow.

"Those annoying two kids is what is driving us insane! Get rid of them!" Daffy yelled while bouncing around like he usually would.

Bugs finished up his carrot as he folded his arms together. "Eh, and why would I do that?"

Popo and Nana proceeded to spin around with their wooden mallets sticking out, the two hitting the rabbit as Daffy smirked. Bugs fell on the ground, squinting his eyes at the Ice Climber duo as they gulped.

"We're in trouble, aren't we?" Popo and Nana both whimpered with a shaky tone of worry in their voices.

"You could say that." Bugs warned as he then grabbed the eskimo boy and pulled his parka too tight, glancing at the parka wearing girl.

Nana pooped her pants after letting out a loud wet fart as she screamed, chucking ice blocks back with her mallet as she was worrying, with Bugs chucking Popo at her, causing the two to be knocked out. Daffy shook his head as Bugs approached the unconscious Ice Climbers, glancing at the frozen remains of his fellow toons as he rubbed his chin with his gloved hand.