Popo and Nana both screamed as they were running away from Elmer Fudd shooting at them, with the Ice Climbers chucking ice blocks back at the bald hunter as they used their mallets to go faster in the green grassy meadow they found themselves in, with the two children sweating furiously in their messy parkas. What was an ordinary day for Mr. Fudd was something out of place for the poor Ice Climber duo.

"Why is he chasing after us with that gun!?" Popo cried out as he placed his other gloved hand on his face.

"I don't know, but I hope that he'll maybe realize what he's doing is wrong!" Nana yelped as she nearly tripped over her feet.

"Hey you 2!" Elmer snapped as he spoke in the 1 familiar tone that you would expect a Fudd to speak in. "Stop wunning away fwom me!"

Popo and Nana screamed as they chucked their hammers at Elmer, with it not dazing him as he shot at them even more. Pulling out hammers from within their parkers, the twins quickly jumped into an empty hole, with the determined hunter shooting down it as he was determined to get them.