Previously, on Girl Meets Mystery

"We're going to have new students," My dad said. "Names, Jason Grace and Leo Valdez."

"Have you ever heard of the greek myths?" Maya, Farkle, and I nodded.

"Sunshine, Ghost," Katniss walked up to us, and she held up a sapphire on a silver chain. "It can bring anyone back to life, but you will also have a do over. Use it wisely."

"May result in death. Any volunteers?" Lucas asked. "Ok then, I'll do it."

The Sirens were gone, but so was Lucas.

I ran out of my cabin, into the fall night air. I sped toward the Hades cabin first, and Maya quickly joined me. I made my way to the Poseidon cabin, and woke Owen. Lastly, I made my way to the Athena cabin to get Farkle and Abigail. Abigail decided to stay in the Athena cabin instead of the Apollo one, deciding she fit in more there.

"On the third rub," I began, as we all held hands. "Say Lucas."

"One." Abigail started for me.

"Two," Maya whispered.

"Three," Farkle finished.


The wind swirled, there was a blinding flash, and I gripped the sapphire my life before I was knocked out.

Now, back to Girl Meets The Hunger Games

Riley's POV

The fog swirled around me, and I knew in my heart I was on the verge of another nightmare. There it was. The three figures that usually haunted my nightmares were there, clear as day. Then the usual started. First, Katniss Everdeen, the girl criminal we learned about in school, swooped over in her Mockingjay outfit. Then flaming arrows rained, and several faces I swear I've never seen before flash between flaming walls. Then...there was me. A girl with blond hair was chasing me, a glowing purple sword in her hand.

"GAH!" I screamed, bolting up.

I gripped the mattress, the smell of pancakes filling the bedroom. I groaned as I remembered...Today I was turning 12. You know what happens when kids from District 1 turn twelve? They join the career training school.

I dragged myself out of bed, unwilling to join. Unlike my mom, dad, all three of my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, and my older brother, who were all victors, I hated the Games.

A Mockingjay flew through my window, and I smiled. I always felt that a part of me was missing, that I wasn't whole. That I was forgetting something. Something important. The Mockingjay flew to my hand, and I whistled a few notes. It whistled back. This was a rare sight to see in District 1, not haveing many trees around. Knowing this may be my last chance, I started singing.

"How I know, the Mockingjay.

Her hope lies in a different place.

Above her grave, lies the Jabberjay.

Telling tales, of her great days.

All I hear are the Jabberjays.

Telling tales of the Mockingjay."

The Mockingjay sang back, and I couldn't help smiling. Everyone saw that song as a sign of rebellion, celebrating Katniss Everdeen. So did I. I admire Katniss, and hope to start a rebellion of my own. I moved to the next verse.

"Snow lies on the horizon,

Scrapping plans of rebellion.

His hope lies in a different place,

Scolding tales of the Mockingjay.

He shall stomp upon her grave,

Killing hope of the Mockingjay."

The Mockingjay recognized the song in some way, as once it finished the second verse, it moved to the last. I sang along, our voices in perfect harmony.

"Hope lies in the Mockingjay.

Fire catches, not led astray.

Sparks fly through the nation wide.

With her allies by her side.

Finally, shall freedom reign.

Because of the brave Mockingjay."

I giggle as we finish the song, then I motion for the Mockingjay to shoo. I knew my mom would come up any second, and you do not want to mess with Dominga Matthews. You don't want to mess with my father, Micah Matthews, either.

Instead, to my surprise, my older sister knocks on my door.

"Riley, you need to wake up!" she sang. Then she whispered, "A rebellion won't start itself!"

I grinned. At least Dakota was on my side. She was a year older than me, and was the girl who was supposed to volunteer in a few months. But I didn't want her to leave. She was the one who calmed me down, she was the only person I cared for. Every time I think that, though, I feel a horrible pain in my gut. Like I do care for someone else.

"Ok Dakota," I sigh. "Tell mom I'll be down in a minute."

I bring myself away from the window, where the mockingjay is now long gone. Instead, I bring myself to my dresser and get dressed. My mom had given me my school uniform the night before, a breathable black long sleeved shirt and gray yoga pants. Across the chest of the shirt, in silver thread, were the words:

Riley Matthews

Then, along the sleeves:

District 1:Luxury

I was going to ask my mom at breakfast why I needed a District label. I mean, it's not like I'm going to a school in District Two.

After I slid on the clothes, I whisked down the stairs. When I came to the dining room, I saw that my parents, Xavier, and Dakota were already seated. My mom was a tall, lean person with tanned skin and edgy green eyes. She had perfectly tamed orange hair in curls down her back. My dad was tall, but slightly fat. He had curly, well kept black hair and happy brown eyes. My brother Xavier had messy, orange hair and piercing hazel eyes. My sister Dakota also had orange hair, but it was long and straight, usually kept in a high ponytail like this morning. She also had smiling green eyes and a perfect smile. Me, on the other hand, had paler skin than my family. I had long, dark brown hair that was naturally straight at the top, then waved halfway down. My eyes were a dark hazel, and I was tall and skinnier than others my age.

I sat down at the table, and my mom started crying.

"My last baby, all grown up!" She wailed. "And now you're leaving!"

"That's actually what I wanted to ask you," I say, trying to keep my voice calm for my mother's sake. "Why am I leaving? I'm confused."

"Oh, the training curriculum changed," My mom sighed. "It moved to the Capitol, where kids from the career districts will all train together."

"But how will I get from here to the Capitol everyday?" I asked.

"That's just it," my mom sniffled. "It turned into a dorm school."

My fire of hope went out, the leftover smoke of positivity rising out of my head, carried away by the wind. There was nothing positive about this. Nothing.

Before I knew it, I had a bag packed, and I was clinging onto my mother at the train station.

"Do I have to go?" I asked, burying my face into her jacket.

"Yes," she whispered.

I heard the dreaded sound of the train pulling up, but refused to let go. I felt the iron grip of Dakota grab my arms, and I was thrown onto the train. I jumped up, and ran to the window. As the train began to move, I waved to my mother. The only one who cared to show up.

After the platform dissapeared, I fell to the ground, and Dakota sat beside me.

"Hard, huh?" She asked in a hushed tone. I sat with her, holding her hand. Sisterly Love. I understood that now.

We stopped at District two on the way, but overall we got to the Capitol pretty fast. Dakota and I rose from the couch we had eventually migrated to, and grabbed our bags.

The doors opened, and my breath was stolen from my lungs by the beauty of it all.