Riley's POV

"Ok, sunshine," my sister laughed. "Come on, it's not national Stare at The Capitol day!"

Sunshine. I felt as if a lightbulb went off in my head, but it burned out faster than it lit.

"You're right," I told her. "Let's go."

The dorms were all right. I shared a room with my sister, which was reasonable. The dorm was more like a hotel room. Wait. Hotel room? What is that? Why did that come to mind?

Anyways, in the main room were two twin beds, with white wool blankets. There was also a bathroom off to the side, with one of those odd Capitol showers I heard about. There were also a few banners around, proclaiming that this room belonged to those from district one.

I took a shower, then Dakota did. I dressed in casual clothes, since we wouldn't need the uniforms until we started training tomorrow.

"Well," Dakota sighed when she walked out of the bathroom, wearing a green sweater and jeans. "Here we are."

"Yeah," I let out a sigh as well. "I guess."


Dakota and I stared at each other, then rode the elevator downstairs. We made it into the dining hall, and I studied it. The District 4 table was a long, wooden table using nets as table cloth. There were wooden stools around it. The stools you would have on pirate ships in the history books. The District 2 table was made solely out of bricks and the stuff that holds them together. Mortar or something? The seats were also made of bricks, with weapons hanging on the sides. Lastly, we made it to the District 1 table. It was a marble table, with paper quartz placemats. It also had koa chairs with red coverings to make it comfortable.

We made it to our table as others filed in, talking about this or that. It was only a few minutes after we sat down that a boy from 4 caught my eye. He had sandy blond almost brown hair, and what seemed like green eyes. He stood up, and walked over to Dakota and I. He studied me for a minute.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

"I don't believe so," I mused.

He smiled. "Well, nice to meet you..." It took me a minute to realize he was asking for my name.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "Riley. Riley Matthews."

"Lucas Frier," he answered, shaking my hand.

Something in the back of my brain tingled, like somthing I just couldn't remember. A piece of the puzzle that just wouldn't snap, a page that wouldn't turn. Then I threw the piece in the garbage, slammed the book shut. I gave up.

"Might as well get back to my friends," He said, his eyes looking towards a group of boys goofing off at the 4 table. "See you 'round?"

"I guess so," I told him. He smiled, then walked away.

"Uh oh," Dakota teased. "Someone has the like like disease!"

"No I don't!" I hollered, slightly too loud. My face flushed, and I repeated quieter, "No I don't."

"Sure," Dakota replied.

I could tell she would have said more, but then the lights dimmed, and we were giveb directions to look at the stage. A middle-aged woman around her mid-thirties walked on. She was tall and lean, with bouncy blue curls and hazel eyes.

"Hola! Bonjour! Hello!" She exclaimed. "Welcome to the new career training school!" An uproar of applause filled the room, and it went on for a minute before she quieted it down. "Now, in celebration, the reading of the eigth quarter quell will be held here, tonight!"

More applause, and I noticed the cameras recording live.

Abigail's POV

It made me sick. The reading of the quarter quell with the careers? I mean seriously. I glanced at the door, hoping my friend Maya Hart would walk through, watching the horrid thing with me. It didn't happen though.

Well, when you sneak into the mines at only twelve years old, I guess you could often get to your friends late. Heck, I don't even know if she's home at all yet! I mean, I understand, I live in The Seam too. But at least I resorted to hunting. I gave her plenty of chances! But nooo she has to go work in the mines. I shake my head tragically, there is nothing I can do to stop the quell. I might as well just endure it.

Farkle's POV

The reading of the quell was about to begin! I was so excited, you might as well have shocked me!

District 3 was nice and all, but I was going to downright volunteer this year! Being 12, I wanted to be the youngest victor. I settled on the couch, and clicked the remote.

Owen's POV

Someone help. I just got entered into the Reaping for the first time, and I signed up for Tessare. Whatever the quarter quell ends up being, it'll make it even worse for me.

I couldn't leave. I had a single mom, and two younger brothers along with a twin sister. I couldn't do that to them, not now. Working for the bakers wasn't enough. If I could just last through this year's Reaping, I may be able to sneak into the mines or something. But this year? No. I couldn't. My mom would freak. But maybe next year.

We sat down together, and I finally got the old TV running.

Riley's POV

"We shall begin with rememberence," the girl began. "In the25th Hunger Games, to remember that it is the rebels fault the games began, the districts voted on their tributes. In the 50th Hunger Games, as a reminder that for each Capitol Citizen killed two rebels died, the tributes from each district were doubled. In the 75rh Hunger Games, as a reminder that even the strongest cannot hide from the games, the tributes were reaped from the existing pool of victors. In the 100th Hunger Games, as a reminder that the rebellion failed, the tributes were reaped from rebel's families. For the 125th Hunger games, as a reminder that no one is safe, the age range changed to 10-60. For the 150th games, as a reminder that the old are not wise, only 18 year olds werw reaped. During the 175th games, as a reminder that the stronger always wins, the tributes from the career districts doubled."

I squeezed Dakota's hand, worried.

"And now, for the 200th Games," she tore open an envelope. "As a reminder that even the weak can fight, the female tributes from 11 and 12 will be twelve years old, along with the females from each district being doubled."

Once she finished reading, cameras were shoved into my face.

"Ms. Riley Matthews," a reporter asked. "What is your opinion on this year's quarter quell?"

"Well," I responded, trying to shield the light from my eyes. "I guess."

Before I could answer, I was plauged by memories. But...They weren't mine. They were so simmilar to my nightmare, that I thought for a second that I had fallen asleep. Then, for the second time, they faded out of my memory as quickly as they had flooded in.

"I guess I'm surprised," I replied without thinking. "I mean, why would the Capitol think we are weak?"

"Excellent opinion!" The reporter exclaimed, then moved to someone else. This was going to be an interesing Hunger Games.