Any characters that appear in the GTA series or any crossover characters from any of their games are their rightful property. Sons of Anarchy and any Mayans material also belong to FX. This story will feature original characters and gangs as well. San Andreas will not be an island as it appears in GTA V and instead will be all of Southern California with elements of San Francisco (San Fierro) and a fictional version of Sacremento (Santa Ladrones).

Chapter 1: Introduction

-Yakuza office, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo Japan-

It was a bustling and busy night in the largest metropolis on the planet. It was about 8 P.M. at night and we see various citizens moving fast through the many crowds on Tokyo's streets, many of which were heading home after a long day at work for the weekend or the local school kids just hanging out relaxing with one another. We are then focused on the world famous Shibuya crossing and once the green light was given the locals all began to cross the large street.

The view is then immediately switched to a back alley that was hidden well away from the public eye and showcases a building that had a sign reading ''大友の紳士バー''. Translated to English the building was called ''Otomo's Gentleman Bar'' and we are shown a room at the back of the bar where two Japanese men clad in business suits were talking at a table under a single light. Around them were several more men wearing suits as well as shades and they were standing around the two men at the table as if they were their bodyguards or something.

''Ken Morimitsu? That young man will always be the most loyal and deadly hitman the Otomo family has ever had.'' said the older of the two men. This man was Takeshi Otomo, the Oyabun (boss) of the Otomo-gumi gang, the largest and most dominant of Japan's Yakuza organizations. ''So bold of him to join us at the age of sixteen and very daring of him to carry out the task that has assured the end of our enemies in Tokyo as well as Otomo-gumi dominance in the city and Kanto region.''

The mission Otomo was speaking of occurred ten years ago when he assigned this Ken to assassinate the Oyabun of another Yakuza gang, the Kasen-kai for control of Tokyo. The mission however, took a turn for the worst when Ken ended up massacring every member of the Kasen-kai gang and ended up in a massive shootout with the police killing several dozen officers before being captured and locked up for the past decade and was spared the death sentence thanks to his gang's connections.

''I have to agree, but the massacre earned him a reputation so frightening he will definitely be a target for our other enemies which directly puts us in danger as well. said the other gangster.

Otomo nodded in agreement. ''Exactly, I've been thinking of a way to keep Ken and the gang safe from other enemies when he is released...being in one month that is since I pulled a few strings for the man.''

''Oh really? What are your plans Otomo-san?'' Asked the other member.

The Oyabun thought about his decision for a good five minutes before he snapped his fingers. Now he had a look of excitement and there was one thing he wanted the Otomo gang to do, being the biggest and most influential gang in Japan there were no other territories he would be interested in except elsewhere..

''I got it now, we've been talking about expanding our influence and turf into the United States right?''

''The United States? Yes, I remember we talked about it a lot since Ken went to prison, what part of it do you want to send him there and why?''

''It's real simple Shirase, firstly, let me answer the first part of your question. I will send him to the City of Saints in Southern California, Los Santos. Secondly, as I've said Ken won't have to worry about enemies crossing the pond to get him in America. I also know that he was so reliant on us before being locked up so I want this to be his chance to start his own crew in America.'' Otomo answered.

Shirase raised his eyebrows at his boss's plan of sending Ken to Los Santos but..

''I've read on the internet that Los Santos and the San Andreas area alone is ridden with crime ranging from street gangs to other organized crime groups. The Mexican cartels, the Hong Kong Triads, four big biker gangs as well as the Russian, Irish and Italian mafia call the state home Otomo-san. I don't think it would be safe for Ken to start a Yakuza family there with all these potential enemies.'' Shirase interjected.

Otomo lightly chuckled at Shirase's worries and patted him on the shoulder.

''Ah Shirase, don't worry so much, you know that if Ken can take out an entire enemy gang I'm sure these groups won't be a problem for him. We're going to send him there under the guise of my best employee on vacation in America to reunite with his brother.'' said the Oyabun.

''Brother? Oh that's right, Ken does have a sibling, what was his name again?'' Shirase pondered.

''Shigeru Moritmitsu, I found his profile on Liveinvader and got his email off of it and sent a message. I highly doubt his brother knows about Ken becoming a feared criminal in the underworld here so we'll see how things unfold and before you ask, I have already opened up a bank account for him in American Maze Bank foreclosures and I have put about five million for him as a start.'' Otomo then reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a debit card that had Ken's name on it. ''I will give this to you when you go there so you can hand it to him once you meet with him.''

Shirase tilted his head in curiosity, what did Otomo mean by that? Otomo knew that look from Shirase and decided to elaborate for his adviser.

''You will be sent alongside dozens of our men tomorrow morning to set up a business for Ken, you are very close to him and I'm sure he would like to have you as his right hand man in running his and your new gang. Think of this as a thanks for your years of service to my gang.'' He explained.

The younger Japanese mobster raised his eyebrows in shock. ''Are you sure Otomo-san? I don't believe I did anything to deserve this, I've always been your adviser and it's what I'm most comfortable with. I don't think there's anyone who can take my spot here, that and Ken isn't young anymore he's battle hardened as a gangster to begin acting autonomously.''

''I am sure Shirase now please don't argue, go and get your things ready, you're heading out to Los Santos tomorrow morning and setting up shop in preparation for Ken's arrival. I'll send a shipment of guns the following night. When Ken arrives, find him and begin operations as soon as possible is that understood? A shipment of guns will be on the way as soon as you leave that door. Remember, the second you and Ken touch that American soil you're no longer under my command and Ken is now an Oyabun.''

Shirase bowed in respect to his boss and the two men then go their separate ways. Otomo then dismissed his bodyguards and interlocked his fingers together and went into deep thought.

''Hideki Shirase, I trust you to be his new mentor and Ken Morimitsu, I believe you will do just fine in the United States, making you be the boss of your own gang is your reward for ending the Kasen-kai and ensuring our dominance in Tokyo, Good luck, Butcher of Shibuya.''

(One month later)

-Los Santos International Airport-

A Japan Airlines plane was seen landing at LSX airfield before pulling up to a free jet bridge. Once it comes to a complete halt the view switches to the airport terminal and the passengers all exit the Japanese aircraft and many of whom were revealed to be tourists who have come to visit the entertainment capital of the world. Once the waves of tourists pouring out of the jet bridge ceased one man slowly emerged from the entryway and into the terminal.

He was a Japanese man standing at about six feet tall, had a muscular build and was wearing a black business suit complete with a tie and shades. He had medium length hair and a blank look on his face as he looked around the airport and his luggage consisted of a duffel bag on his back and a suitcase. This man was none other than Ken Morimitsu himself in the flesh. After being released from prison he was picked up by Otomo himself and after a brief reunion with his boss and mentor he was told of the task Otomo wanted him to do.

Of course, being the loyal hitman he was he accepted Otomo's proposal of having him starting his own gang and becoming a boss of his own as well as spreading Otomo influence in San Andreas. He was given a brand new iFruit phone as well as a forged I.D. card should it come in handy and told to meet his brother Shigeru at the airport whom Otomo called to notify the sibling of Ken's arrival.

Ken makes his way toward the front entrance of the airport and spots another Japanese man standing beside a grayish Karin Sultan. Ken immediately recognized him as his sibling whom he hasn't seen in a decade and a half. The two men spot each other and both smiled instantly at seeing their long lost sibling.

''Oh my god, is that you Ken?!'' Shigeru shouted as he speed walked over to his older brother.

Ken walked a few steps before placing his bags down and held his arms wide open. ''The one and only ototo (little brother).''

The siblings then got into a strong and powerful embrace and patted each other on the back as they held each other after such a long time apart and stayed that way before separating. Ken laughed slightly at his brother's choice of attire. A green hoodie, baggy jeans and green high tops sneakers and green cap with the letters GSF sewed onto it.

''My god nisan, how long has it been? About fifteen years?'' Shigeru asked.

''Just about, how have you and oka-san been doing since moving to America?'' Ken questioned.

Shigeru's smile instantly faded at the mention of his mother and looked away saddened.

''Oh, well you see Ken, we've been good but not too long ago oka-san passed away...''

Despite being a feared killer in Japan Ken appeared to be showing emotion but held it as best as he could, being a Yakuza gangster meant he had to remain strong and a reputation like the one he had was a lot to keep. He didn't want to appear soft by any means necessary.

''I see...what was the cause of her death?'' Ken asked.

''She caught tuberculosis a year ago and despite the treatment I got for her she couldn't make it, her funeral was a few months ago nisan.'' Shigeru said.

Maintaining his tough guy composure Ken placed a hand on his brother's shoulders. ''Oka-san died fighting a stubborn disease, we can't let her death get the best of us Shigeru, we have to remain strong because she is watching us from above.''

Shigeru smiled at his brother and the two share a brief hug. ''You're right Ken, come on, let's get you to my place, it's a nice small apartment that borders the center of town and Vinewood.''

''Sounds good, lead the way.'' Ken said.

Shigeru took his brother's bags for him and stowed them in the car as Ken took a seat on the passenger's side of the vehicle.

The sibling then began to ramble on about how he had been doing in America the past years but Ken was busy surveying the city as they drove through it to the younger sibling's place. As they passed through downtown they had come to a stop light in city's Ken had heard some rumbling of what he made out to be motorcycles riding up behind them. Looking out the window he saw several Caucasian men pulling up next to them at the same stop light and what he saw did not intimidate him at the slightest.

He noticed that they were riding chopper type bikes, some were riding Western Daemons, some LCC Hexers, Zombie Choppers and saw that they were wearing biker type clothing consisting of leather cuts, jeans and boots. The major thing he noticed about their vests was what was written on the back. It said; Sons of Anarchy on the upper back, a patch displaying a grim reaper holding an M16 with a scythe blade and a crystal ball with the letter A. To the right part of the vest it said MC and the lower back portion had Los Santos displayed in black and white.

The lead biker took notice of Ken looking at them with interest and sensing no hostilities from the Butcher the biker nods before taking off with his comrades in the other direction. He watches the bikers drive off into traffic before going back into his deep thoughts.

''My name is Ken Morimitsu and I am from Tokyo, Japan. I grew up with parent's who's marriage miserably failed and in the end mother and father divorced. They were unable to decide who would keep both sons and they agreed to keep one each, my father kept me and my mother kept Shigeru. In the end however, my father's reckless alcoholic behavior led to him being killed in a bar fight leaving me on my own. I was kicked out of my house and left to fend for myself on the streets because I had no other relatives in the country. I survived the streets for several weeks before attempting to rob a convenience store which if you believe it or not, was paying tribute to the Otomo-gumi and some members chased me down, I fought back and when they saw my fighting spirit they let me off the hook by bringing me to Otomo-san. I was then initiated into the brotherhood and taken under Otomo-san's wing. He proved to be an amazing father figure and joining the gang is a decision I do not regret.''

-893 Lemoyne Avenue, Burton District-

''Here we are nisan, my place.'' Shigeru said pulling up on the driveway of his apartment complex.

Having fallen asleep during the drive his younger brother's voice woke him up. ''Huh? What is it ototo?'' Ken asked.

Shigeru motioned for his sibling to exit the vehicle and the older brother does just that. As Ken got up Shigeru had already went to his trunk and grabbed his brother's belongings. Ken got out of the Karin, closed the door behind him and stretched his tired body with a loud groan before picking up the duffel bag and suitcase. Looking at the apartment complex Ken saw that it was nice looking and saw a some kids playing ball in the nearby basketball court. He then turned his attention to Shigeru.

''You live in a nice area ototo.'' Said the older sibling.

''Yeah, mom bought this place when we first came here. Let's head on inside shall we?''

The two siblings went up a small flight of stairs and walked down the balcony before coming to a stop at a door with the number 893.

''This is my place, come on.'' Shigeru said unlocking the door with his key.

The younger sibling opened the door and happily motioned Ken inside, the older brother steps into the apartment and saw the interior. It was a basic apartment with a living room connected to a medium sized kitchen that had a table in the middle of it, the bathroom was adjacent to the kitchen and at the end of the apartment Ken saw two rooms.

''Your place is small ototo, but I like it, just enough room for us.''

''Oh yeah, go ahead and hand me your stuff, I'll set them in your room and we can have dinner to catch up.''

Shigeru took the duffel bag and suitcase and rushed into his brother's new room.

''You can have a seat at the table!" Shigeru called out.

Ken did what he was told and waited for his brother for a minute or two before he walked back out of his room and took a seat to join him.

''Anyway, how has things been going in Japan since me and oka-san left?'' Questioned the younger sibling.

''I managed to get a job for a conglomerate, a man named Takeshi Otomo is my boss.'' Answered Ken.

''Oh that's right! He sent me an email about sending you to America to reunite with me as well as take a month long paid vacation from work. What do you guys work with?''

''Otomo Industries focuses on night clubs, golf courses, public fundraisers, housing, building schools as well as shelters and if necessary, provide disaster relief.'' Ken continued.

Shigeru looked at his brother in awe. ''Wow, you must make a lot of money with this job!''

''I do, I with other people but the manner of which I do is a secret. So what do you for your job ototo?''

Shigeru fidgeted and looked in the other direction not even bothering to look his brother in the eye. ''Um, well I'm a medicinal salesman, I go door to door though and what I make weekly is how much the customer is willing to pay for it, sometimes I make a thousand a week, sometimes I make just ten dollars.''

The tone of voice in his sibling's voice made Ken narrow his eyes at him. ''Medicinal salesman? What kind of medicine do you sell?''

''Uh, just the kind that eases the pain, just general painkillers is all.'' Shigeru answered.

Not wanting his brother to be anymore nervous Ken decided to drop the issue and accept the answer he was given for the time being. ''I see, I'm glad you're doing something with your life and not being a jobless bum.''

Shigeru's iFruit phone made a beep and taking his device out he had received a text message from an anonymous number.

[Your payment is due tonight at nine, meet us at the small lot under the Del Perro Freeway.]

''Oh damn, Ken my landlord just texted me saying my rent is due so I'm gonna head out and meet him at our usual spot. Feel free to make yourself at home, I'll be back in a bit nisan.''

''You meet your landlord in some random place to pay rent? Doesn't make sense but..alright ototo, see you in a bit.''

''Okay brother.''

Before Shigeru could take off...

''What is your WiFi password? I need to get into my company's website real quick since doing it on my phone makes it lag.''

Shigeru took a piece of paper and quickly jot down his password before handing it to Ken.

''My WiFi is your WiFi, see you in a bit!'' Shigeru said with a smile before exiting the door.

Now that he was left alone Ken walked over to the suitcase and pulled a laptop out and went to take a seat at the kitchen table. After booting it on he logs into his user account and connects to Shigeru's WiFi. Opening the browser and goes onto the eyefind page.

He then types ''gangs and organized crime groups in San Andreas'' and hits search.

He was then greeted to various results and clicked on the first one he saw and was taken to a PDF created by the Los Santos Police Department that had the list he wanted to see. The reason he had searched what he wanted was because since Otomo wanted him to start his own gang in California he would have to know about any competition he knows he will face and potential allies. The PDF loaded and he was greeted by a list of gangs and crime groups that call San Andreas home and the list goes as follows.

Italian mafia (Capone crime family), Russian mafia (Kruschevskeya Bratva), Madrazo Drug Cartel, Hong Kong Triads (18K), Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Los Santos Chapter (SAMLOS), Mayans Motorcycle Club, Angels of Death Motorcycle Club, The Lost Motorcycle Club, Irish Mob (O'Driscoll Gang), Ku Klux Klan

He then scrolled down to read the small list of street gangs that inhabited Los Santos and the surrounding area.

Grove Street Families, Ruthless Cambodian Boyz, East Side Vagos , One-Niners, Marabunta Grande 13, Asociación Zetas

''Interesting, I wonder who will be friend and foe?'' Ken thought as he turned his laptop off. ''Grove Street Families...Shigeru's hat has GSF written on it, don't fucking tell me.'' The butcher got up from his seat and headed out of the apartment complex to follow his brother, wherever he went that is.

He descends the stairway and walks out onto the sidewalk and looked around the neighborhood. It was the nicer part of Los Santos near the downtown and Vinewood areas and since he was good at finding people he turned left and walked for about ten minutes before he turned a corner toward a liquor store and as soon as he turned that corner he bumped right into someone causing the person to drop a bottle of malt liquor.

The sound of glass breaking filled the air and Ken only shrugged off bumping before looking at the person in front of him, a younger African man in his early twenties wearing similar clothing to his brother looked at the broken bottle helplessly as it's alcoholic liquids seeped all over the asphalt.

The thug then looked at Ken angrily. ''Aye, watch where the fuck you walkin' nigga! Punk ass bitch that shit is expensive round here you think you cool walkin into me?''

The Japanese mobster noticed a gun slightly sticking out of his pocket and Ken pointed to it. ''Can I see your gun?''

The thug looked at his gun and looked back up to face Ken. ''Oh you wanna to see my gun nigga?'' He pulls it out and points it at Ken's face. ''You realize who you fuckin with punk?''

Being a hardened hitman Ken slowly placed his arms backwards looking as if he was in the position of attention but secretly he was reaching for a pistol of his own tucked into his pants, a Beretta. However, just as he touches the grip he puts his hands back in front of him and looks at the thug amusingly and remained unfazed at the man's attempts to scare him. He just got to Los Santos and he knew this guy wasn't worth killing.

''For your information, you fuckin' with Grove street.''

Rolling his eyes, Ken bent down to pick up a shard of glass and before the thug could do anything he swung the shard cutting the African man across the cheek slicing it clean open.

''Ugh! The fuck nigga!"

Ken then grabbed the man by the collar of his hoodie and delivered a knee strike to the gut and punched him twice in the face before swinging a third time sending the man spiraling to the ground in pain. The hitman chuckled lightly to himself as he looked over the groaning man. He reaches for the Colt and moving the slide back slightly he sees a bullet already in the chamber.

''I'll takes this, another gun for me to use.'' Thought Ken.

Ken then walks away with his new gun leaving the thug to squirm and groan in pain on the sidewalk by his lonesome.

-Del Perro Freeway-

Shigeru entered the small underground parking lot and saw five Hispanic looking men, specifically Mexican waiting for him. He was accompanied by three other men wearing casual clothes and judging by the way he was in the purple suit meant he must've been some big shot or something in addition to that side parted hair.

Shigeru and the man walk up to each other and judging by the body language Shigeru was displaying he was very nervous and scared. Reaching into his pocket he pulls his wallet out and takes out a large sum of money to hand it to the Latino. The Mexican takes a moment to count the cash in silence and when he finished he shook his head in disapproval. He eyed Shigeru with a visibly annoyed look on his face.

''The fuck is this Shigeru?'' He asked.

''It's the fifteen hundred I have to make weekly, what else Jose?'' Shigeru replied.

Jose scoffs and hands the money to his henchmen. ''Did we tell you the Capo, my boss at La Fuente Blanca changed your tribute to three thousand every week now?''

Now Shigeru was getting more annoyed by the second, did he just hear that right? ''Wait, what the fuck! We agreed that I only have to make fifteen hundred for you guys and now it's three thousand?! That makes no fucking sense!"

Jose and his accomplices only laughed at Shigeru's predicament and with the looks they had on their faces they obviously did not feel bad for him.

''This cabrón'' One of the henchmen chuckled.

''So what the hell am I gonna do to make the other half?! All the shit you gave me for this week is gone!'' Shigeru yelled.

Jose shrugged, ''Don't ask me, figure that shit out yourself because it's not my problem you chose to sell drugs for the Madrazo cartel.''

Losing his cool, Shigeru acted without thinking and threw a punch at Jose hitting him square in the jaw. The blow sends the man staggering sideways with his henchmen catching him to prevent a fall.

''The fuck you hit me more you stupid chino?!'' Jose then looked at his men. ''Sabes qué, enséñale, dale una paliza". (You know what, teach him, give him a beating).

Nodding, the other three sicarios walked over to Shigeru who stood his ground, they cracked their knuckles and immediately threw punches and kicks at Shigeru and with there being more of them to his one, they overpowered him in the blink of an eye and savagely beat him into the ground. Jose recovered from the punch and took out a knife ready to give Shigeru unimaginable pain for hitting a cartel teniente (Lieutenant).

''I tried being lenient and fair with you Shigeru but for that punch you're going to get what's coming.''

Due to the sounds of Shigeru crying out in pain filling the lot Jose did not hear the footsteps coming up from behind him. Feeling a few taps on his shoulder he turns around and is punched right in the mouth by Ken who had arrived just in time to prevent anything horrid happening to his brother. Ken then proceeded to stomp, kick and punch Jose into oblivion and the sounds of their teniente groaning in pain caught the sicarios' attention.

Halting their assault on the defenseless man the sicarios turn around to see Ken standing over the now beaten Jose.

''Hey who the fuck is this puta?'' One of the sicarios said.

Ken didn't even pay attention to the sicarios and taking the Colt he stole from the thug he fires one round into Jose's skull killing him. Before they could pull out their guns Ken took out his Beretta and fired at the sicarios taking them all down with bullets to the head and chest. The ensuing gunfire caused Shigeru to cover his ears and when it was quiet again he opened his eyes and saw Ken standing on top of him and the sicarios dead around him.

''Nisan?'' Shigeru said, albeit in some pain.

The look on Ken's face did not look good to Shigeru at all, his older sibling looked really pissed off and without saying a word he forces Shigeru back on his feet and shoves him in the direction of his apartment.

''Aruki hajimeru!'' (Start walking!) Ken shouted angrily.

Shigeru did what he was told and headed in the direction of his place with his brother close behind. His brother, his Nisan, Ken had singlehandedly killed five members of the Madrazo cartel and that thought alone made Shigeru terrified of what might happen now.

-Shigeru's Apartment-

The thug that had tried to fight with Ken earlier was seen sitting at the kitchen table, it was like he was waiting for Shigeru to come home and after a brief moment of silence he heard what sounded like footsteps coming up to the door. A second later the door was pushed open by Shigeru and it looked like he was being thrown. Already making himself home in Shigeru's apartment was the black thug that had tried to pick a fight with Ken earlier, now sporting a self applied bandage on his cut cheek.

''Geru! My nigga where you been?'' The thug said excitedly.

That excite would soon disappear when he saw Ken make his way into the apartment and the very sight of the Yakuza member almost made him dip but he didn't say anything. After regaining his balance Shigeru turned to face Ken and looked at him with fear in his eyes. His brother had witnessed him paying drug money to the Los Sonora and knew he fucked up. He knew his sibling saw the whole exchange and his position of being a drug dealer for the most powerful cartel in San Andreas, the Los Sonora was exposed.

The thug only watched in silence as Ken slowly walked up to his brother and after a brief stare down, Ken kneed Shigeru in the gut knocking the wind right out of him causing him to cough and gag while doubling over.

''Ack! What the hell Ken!?" Shigeru cried out.

Ken didn't even show remorse at hitting his brother and made his way over to the table to sit with the thug who he remembered. ''Relax, I think you learned your lesson.''

The thug slowly inched his chair a few inches away from the table before looking in Shigeru's direction. ''Uh..Geru dude, the heck is going on?'' He asked.

Ugh, hey CJ, well..''

Shigeru couldn't even finish his sentence due to being cut off by his brother.

''I just found out my brother lied to me about being a medicinal salesman, turns out the medicine he was selling was drugs and not the good kind. I followed him and found him paying tribute to some Mexicans, so I shot them all to death.'' Ken interrupted.


They all stood there in silence before Shigeru spoke.

''CJ..this is my brother Ken, the one I talked to you and Sweet about. He..well he killed Jose and some sicarios.''

The thug, CJ looked at Shigeru with some gleam in his eyes. ''Oh shit fo' real?! He lyin' Geru dat's tight!'' CJ turned to Ken and his initial fear of the man was gone. ''Shit nigga, that's some dope shit you did! Fucking hated Jose, also, my dad dog for trying to mess with you earlier.''

Ken only shrugged off their earlier encounter.

''Forget about it.''

The butcher then took his laptop and turned it on and after it powered up he loaded an image he looked at earlier and showed it to Shigeru. It was a picture of some Grove Street members proudly throwing up their gang signs. ''Your hat says GSF, you're wearing green, what do you think you are some kind of street thug or something?''

''I..'' Shigeru tried to speak but couldn't find the courage to.

''Woah, street thug dog? You can't just disrespect the green rag like that!'' CJ interjected.

''So why does it matter to you nisan? You're just a businessman! That was the only way I could at least make some money since I got fired from my last job.''

Ken only scoffed, did his brother not suspect anything weird when Otomo-san had contacted him out of nowhere? ''Since you lied to me about your job let me tell you the truth about me as well. I'll say just one word and we'll see if it rings any bells in that drug dealing head of yours. Otomo-gumi.''

Shigeru was confused. ''Otomo-gumi? So what about the company you work for?''

Knowing he needed to elaborate more, Ken stood up and began to take his white shirt and suit top off and when he did so Shigeru was shocked to see that his brother was covered in what they call in Japan, irezumi tattoos all over his chest and his arms covered in sleeves of tattoos. The one tattoo that caught Shigeru's eyes was the one that was a daimon and he swore he had seen that before.

''Take your phone and search Otomo-gumi.'' Ken instructed.

His brother couldn't be but, he did what he was told and going on eyefind on his phone he searched up Otomo-gumi and was greeted with an info page on Ken's gang and saw the same daimon on the page.

CJ was more confused than ever and demanded answers from Shigeru. ''Aye man, the heck is going on? The fuck is Otomo-gumi?''

Shigeru, in his state of shock watched Ken put his shirt and top back on and was speechless.

''Takeshi Otomo isn't just your average boss...he's your oyabun're...Yakuza.''

''Yakuza? The fuck is Yakuza nigga?'' CJ questioned.

''Yakuza is the Japanese mafia.'' Ken plainly said.

Now it was CJ's turn to be shocked.

''Japanese mafia?! CJ you dumbass you tried to pick a fight with an Asian mafia nigga?!''

The butcher took notice of CJ's facial expression and laughed at the man. ''What? Are you scared? In Japan I'm known as the Butcher of Shibuya.''

Did Shigeru just hear that right? ''You aren't serious are you...? You're the one who...killed all those people?''

Ken knew his brother was in too much shock to even talk properly so he motioned for his sibling to head to bed.

''I can tell the shock is too much for you Shigeru, get some sleep and we can continue to discuss this in the morning.''

Without saying a word, Shigeru only nodded and headed to bed.

''Aight, well I guess I'll drop by again tomorrow Geru, nice meeting you dog, any family of Geru is a homie to me.'' CJ said reaching out to shake Ken's hand.

''Any moron who tries to pick a fight with me, if they get to live is a friend of mine.'' Ken said shaking his hand.

''Yeah uh...sorry about dat homie.''

''Just go or I'll finish the job.'' Ken said sarcastically.

Not wanting to provoke Ken, if that was possible CJ up and left leaving the butcher by himself in the kitchen. With nothing left to do the butcher decided to use the maps app on his laptop to get the layout of Los Santos and the surrounding areas of Bone and Blaine country, the surrounding Flint county and if it interested him, San Fierro which was west of Los Santos. He would continue to do so for about an hour before there was a knock on the door.

He gets up to see who it was and when he opened the door three guns were immediately pointed at his face. An M4 carbine, an Uzi and a Glock were the weapons aimed at him.

''You're the chino who killed Jose and his guys?'' One of the assailants asked.

''You really fucked up if you killed men from Mister Madrazo's cartel.'' said another who motioned with his weapon for the Japanese gangster to step out.

Doing what he was told Ken slowly stepped out of the apartment and closed the door behind him.

''Alright, now start walking because we're going for a little ride.'' The third one said.

Not questioning them or showing any emotions Ken just did what he was told and made his way down the stairs and was shoved into an Enus Super Diamond and once they all got into the car they drove off.

-Senora Road, Los Santos County-

After being kidnapped by more sicarios from the Madrazo cartel we now see Ken sitting in the back seat of the Diamond driving down an empty road held at gunpoint by two of the sicarios while the ringleader was driving the vehicle. Ken just sat there with a blank look on his face as if he was staring into space and the only thing he felt was the cold steel of the gun barrel held against his face from one of the cartel sicarios.

The sicario holding his pistol against Ken's cheek only grinned at the impending doom and torture the Japanese man would go through once they delivered him to their drug lord.

''Cabron, you better be ready because what our Capo will do to you will make your guys shiver in fear. Idiota, we don't care who you are don't think you can just fuck with the Madrazo cartel..''

Before the sicario can finish his sentence Ken quickly moved his hand upward and shoved the sicario's hand away from him and instead of pointing his pistol at Ken's face the sicario was now pointing his gun at the driver of the car and in a split second the sicario squeezes the trigger on reflex and fires off a shot hitting his comrade in the head blowing his brains out and staining the wind shield with blood and brain matter while also shattering from the bullet breaking through it. His corpse slumping forward onto the steering wheel causing the car's horn to go off endlessly.

The sicario was caught completely off guard and before he can point his gun back at Ken the Yakuza hitman had already used the pistol he concealed in his tuxedo top and fired off a few rounds through his top into the Mexican thug's chest killing him. His body slouches over dead and Ken quickly uses his free hand and grabs the last remaining Mexican and shoves his head through the window shattering it completely. Ken then maneuvers his hidden Beretta and aims at the sicario's head and fires off one round killing him with the bullet blowing clean through his skull.

The view then switches to an overhead perspective as we see the car Ken was forced into continue to move forward despite the sicario that was driving being killed and soon the car crashes into a guard rail before plowing down a small hill off the road. The sound of the car's horn honking endlessly filled the air and as the dust clears, one of the doors open and Ken steps out of the car with the weapons the sicarios had on them. Dusting himself off he casually walks back toward Los Santos leaving the mess behind..