Warning: This chapter contains offensive language in the form of racial slurs and homophobia, reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 8: On The Offensive

Location: Redwood Light Tracks, North of Los Santos

''These cartel fellas really are packing some serious firepower.'' Marston said as he picked up an AK-103 from the crate they were in.

''Seriously, it's like these guys are being armed by terrorist groups.'' Teller said, he himself picking up a G3.

Ken walked up to the crate that had the ammo for the 203s and rifles. Walking over to one of duffel bags with the HK33s he picks up one of the weapons and making his way back to the crate of ammo he takes a frag grenade and loads it into his weapon's 203 and readied it to fire before taking a magazine and loading it into the weapon.

''Shirase could you go and get the Speedo down here? We're going to load these all in the van and try to get out of here as fast as we can.'' Ken said.

Teller and Marston put the rifles back into their crates and proceeded to put the lids on them as Shirase headed back to the van to bring it to them.

Ken then turned to face the corpses of the fallen Mayans and cartel sicarios before glaring at them hatefully and spitting on them. This is a step in taking the cartel out and while he was sure about the Mayans MC being a huge enemy he knew this would make them know that he wasn't someone to mess with and that he was capable of striking them and the cartel fast and hard. Them being members of the Sandy Shores chapter made it easier for him to know where their clubhouse would be located and left them prone to an attack from him and SAMLOS.

''Let's see what kind of info they have, check them out guys.'' Ken instructed.

Arthur, Shigeru and the others were quick to comply and quickly stripped the bodies of any useful information and a few minutes later Shirase had brought the Speedo to their location and they all began to load the crates along with the duffel bag into the back of the Speedo Custom. Ken then told his brotherto get into the Caracara the cartel used to drive to this meet and claim the vehicle as theirs. Since the cartel had used Tetsuda and Kyo's Karin Sultan in an attack against his restaurant Ken knew that he could do the same with the Caracara only this time it wouldn't be just bullets flying, those M203 grenade launchers will sure come in handy in their next attack.

Not wanting the Mayan bikes, all four being Western Daemons to be driven anymore Arthur and John slashed all the tires and removed them before opening the fuel tanks then tipped the bikes over so the precious fuel could spill onto the ground reducing the beautiful bikes into useless nothingness.

''Messing with Mayan bikes is something I really enjoy doing.'' Arthur said as he spat on the bikes.

''Fucking Cholo crap.'' Marston seconded as he kicked one of the Daemons.

''Okay men, we got their weapons loaded up let's head back to the restaurant. Ototo you drive the Caracara.'' Ken ordered, ''We wouldn't want to stick around long.''

The Sons then got back on their bikes and started them up before leading the way back to Los Santos, followed by Shirase and Ken in the Speedo and then Shigeru in the Caracara. Leaving the track they headed on to Baytree Canyon road to avoid taking Senora road as it led to the cartel ranch and that would be a very dangerous move considering the tensions between the crews. So their best bet was the former road as it led away from Senora road. Little did the group know however, that while the deal between the Mayans and cartel was going down they were being watched by a second group of men from half a mile away and they did not know that they were currently being followed.

45 minutes later...

They all drove at a steady pace back to Los Santos and while the situation at hand was dire, Ken found himself drowning his thoughts out to the music from Headbanger Nation, the song ''Alice In Hell'' by the band Annihilator dominating the van's speakers. Shigeru could hear the music and smirked to himself at the thought of his brother, being a hardcore Yakuza gangster who's killed many people listening to the most hardcore form of metal. The Sons heard the music blaring from the Speedo and even though they were driving and leading the way they too were enjoying the sound of thrash. In the midst of the music Ken felt a vibration coming from his top's pocket and reached into it. It was one of the phones they had taken from a dead Mayan and when Ken looked at the caller ID it was a ''Javier'' that was calling. He remembered Arthur saying a man named Javier Escuela was the President of the Mayans out in Sandy Shores. He ignored the call and a minute later a text was received from this Javier.

[Where the heck are you? The deal should've been done already.]

Ken only scoffed.

Shirase noticed this and looked at Ken for a split second before looking back at the road.

''What's going on Ken? Something up?''

''This particular phone just got a text from the Mayan President, Javier Escuela asking where those four Mexican bikers we just killed are. Turn the radio down and honk, get Arthur's attention quickly.''

Shirase nodded before slowing down the speed of the Speedo Custom and honked several times and Arhur looked back for a second.

''What's up boy?''

Arthur saw in his handlebar mirror that Ken's hand was out of his window and motioned for him to slow down so that they would be driving side by side and the SAMLOS President got the hint. Slowing his Zombie Chopper down he was at the perfect speed where the Speedo and him were right next to each other.

''What's up?'' Arthur asked.

''I just got a text from Javier on one of these phones, thought I would tell you we should keep our heads on a swivel he might've sent a few guys to check on this deal since the four we killed aren't back yet.'' Ken replied.

''Shit, alright Ken we'll keep our heads up.'' Arthur said before taking the lead once more.

''You think he might have made us already?'' Shirase questioned.

''Considering that the cartel attacked us twice over a few things we did, I would think we will be seeing some more Mayans soon and this might be on the news in a few hours.'' Ken said as he looked out the window and took in the quiet, serene night scene, ''We will be ready for them.''

Ken began to doze off and since Shirase and the Sons were busy focusing on the road home it would be Shigeru who noticed a couple dozen headlights in his mirror. He didn't think much of it as he initially thought it was a few pedestrians. That was until the sounds of the unknown vehicles were made audible as they drew close and that's when he noticed they were a pack of Western Daemons and a few Choppers. Before he could get on his phone to call Ken the bikers zipped by and that's what caught the attention of Shirase and the Sons. The sound of the engines was what snapped Ken from his half asleep state and he looked on as the unknown bikers zoomed past them.

''Don't tell me.'' Marston thought as he looked on.

''Just what we fuckin need." Teller and Mitch thought in annoyance.

''Ah shit, damn Mayans.'' Arthur said under his breath.

That was when Ken noticed their cuts and saw that they were members of the Mayans MC and he only shook his head with a slight smirk.

''I was wondering when they'd come to face me.'' he thought confidently.

The Sons glared hatefully at the group of Mayans and from what they could make out there was at least ten of them and they could see some of them had weapons strapped to their bikes. As the Mayans picked up some speed they eventually formed a road block and they all turned their bikes sideways to each other so that there was no way Ken and the Sons could drive around them as both sides of the road had guard rails. The Mexican bikers then took their helmets off as the Sons, Shirase and Shigeru came to a stop.

''This is going to be interesting.'' Ken whispered to Shirase.

The Mayans couldn't see it, but Ken was smirking to himself. He had already encountered the cartel but he was actually dying to meet the Mayans and take them down as well. Shigeru looked on nervously and he and the others knew why the Mayans were here and it was a relatively quick response from the Mexican bikers from butting in their deal with the cartel. The three Japanese men then decided to just see what the Mayans were going to say to the Sons and only then Ken would decide how to act.

One of the Mayans gets off his Zombie Chopper and takes a few steps toward the Sons and Japanese gangsters.

''Arthur Morgan, what do you got there in that van?'' the Mayan asked, referring to the Speedo Custon Shirase and Ken were in.

''What the hell is it to you Mayan boy?'' Arthur replied condescendingly.

The Mayan shrugged. ''I don't know, you tell me. That Caracara in the back looks like something the cartel would drive in whenever they make a deal with us. So what's in the Speedo cabron? You got something in there?''

The Sons and Ken took notice that some of the Mayans still seated on their bikes had pistols, some with Uzis, a few with AKs and SPAS-12s strapped to their bikes. This prompted Shirase to reach for a Beretta and hand it over to Ken who stepped out of the vehicle to join Arthur in talking to the Mayans. He didn't want to shoot on sight since he was a man to negotiate for less bloodshed.

Stepping out of the Speedo Ken adjusted his suit's collar before walking up to stand beside Arthur. Turning his head to look at Ken Arthur was about to protest his presence but Ken shot him a look that made him say nothing.

''Ototo what the heck are you planning?'' Shigeru thought.

''Evening Mayans.'' Ken greeted.

The Mayans looked at Ken like he was crazy and the ringleader only looked at the Japanese gangster like a retard before looking back at Arthur.

''So you ARE allied with the Japanese. You sucking tiny Asian dick now gringo?'' the Mayan laughed.

Several of the other Mayans let out laughs too and the way they were laughing it was almost like they were mocking Arthur and SAMLOS.

''How do you know all Asians have tiny dicks? Who the hell measured enough dicks to get an accurate estimation?'' replied Ken, ''And why would you be so concerned about the dick size of other men you fucking Mexican fagget?''

''Watch who you call a fagget cabron.'' the Mayan then looked toward the Caracara and saw Shigeru in the driver's seat and could see the crates of weapons his club was supposed to get from the cartel weren't in the back.

But that was because he and his fellow Mayans were watching the exchange and ambush from a half mile away and knew their weapons were in the Speedo. He and his fellow Mayans were here for only one thing and that was their weapon shipment from the cartel. However, since he managed to catch this Ken the cartel had told the Mayans about and the big four of SAMLOS this was a perfect opportunity to weaken the opposition.

''It would be best if you Mayans backed off, we're taking this back with us, this is our shipment now.'' Ken snarked.

''Yeah, just get on your cholo chops and get the fuck outta here comprende?" Marston quipped.

The Mayan only smiled and shook his head at Ken's words, he merely wanted to laugh at how the Japanese mobster was acting so tough and confident but he was about to make this Japanese fucker eat his words.

''You get out of our way, we won't have to blow you up with the 203s.'' Ken said, ''So last warning. ''

Just then the Sons and Japanese all heard a loud roaring sound coming from behind Shigeru who was once again at the back of the group and looking at the rearview mirror he saw more zombie choppers coming down the road and a feeling of dread filled his stomach. Arthur, Teller, Marston, Big Mitch, Shirase and Ken also noticed the sudden uproar and they all turned around to see more Mayans, at least fifteen more of them approaching them and Arthur could only growl to himself. The second group of Mayans came to a stop and they all drew their pistols, submachine guns and rifles ready to take out the Sons and Ken.

''That's ten too many beaners.'' Mitch thought to himself.

Ken however, just kept a straight face before looking at Arthur and motioning for him to start riding away before stepping back and heading back toward the Speedo, he was outnumbered greatly and there was no time for this bullshit. He opens the door and sits down before rolling the window down.

''Well I hope you Mayans have a splendid night, adios!'' he exclaimed before putting the window up.

That was when the Sons revved their bikes to life, followed by Shirase with the Speedo and then Shigeru with the Caracara. All their vehicles began roaring to life at the same time and they began to move forward.

*Dope - Die Mother Fucker Die* begins playing

''Hey where you going cabron we just want our guns!" the lead Mayan shouted before taking out his pistol.

He attempts to open fire but Arthur was quicker on the draw and he pulls his Colt out of its holster and drops the Mayan with a single shot to the head that blows his brains onto the pavement. This took the other Mayans by surprise and that created the chance for the Sons to accelerate their bikes and speed toward the Mayans which caused some of them to jump out of the way as the Sons rammed their bikes aside and they were heading further down the road followed by the Speedo and Caracara.

''You gringos and Japanese ain't getting away!" a Mayan shouted as they revved their bikes and chased after their adversaries.

''We gotta try and lose them!" Marston yelled.

''This is some crazy shit, I didn't expect to see Mayans so soon.'' Shirase said as he followed the Sons down the road.

''Javier is gonna be pissed about this big time.'' Shigeru thought to himself. The sounds of choppers coming closer caught his attention and looking in his rearview mirror he saw the dozens of Mayans catching up to them. He reaches for his phone and calls his brother.

Hearing his phone ring Ken picked it up and saw his brother on the ID.

''What's going on back there ototo?''

''The Mayans are catching up! We aren't gonna get away!'' Shirase responded just as the Mayans began shooting at them with their pistols.

Ken looks in his mirror and sees the headlights of the Mayan choppers fast approaching.

''Drive around us ototo, I'll take care of the Mayans.''

''Nii-san what are you...!?''

Shigeru was cut off as Ken hung up on him.

''You guys go on! We'll meet you guys back at the restaurant!" Ken shouted out his window.

Arthur looked back over his shoulder for a split second before looking back at the road. ''Boy what the hell are you thinking?!"

Ken didn't answer before slowing down as Shigeru drove around his brother and Shirase in the Speedo. He watched as the Sons took a detour through Baytree Canyon road and just like he hoped the Mayans didn't go after his allies and stayed glued to him and Shirase. Without even responding to Arthur Ken made his way to the back of the Speedo where the crates were and taking the HK33 he had put behind his seat he crouch walks his way toward the back doors before opening them. The moment he opened them he was greeted by gunfire as the Mayans were opening fire once again. Forced to take cover Ken looks to make sure he had loaded the round in the 203 and when the gunfire stopped he looked out the door to glare at the Mayans.

''You better give us our guns back or else you Japanese dog!" shouted a Mayan.

Ken just gave the Mayans a middle finger before aiming his HK33 out with the 203 pointed toward the Mayans and though they saw the weapon aimed at them the Mayans had no time to react as Ken squeezed the trigger and the 203 pops off its fragmentation round and hits the group of Mayans in the center causing an explosion that causes several of the Mayans to be killed when their bikes blew up from the blast.

''Chinga tu madre!" (Fuck your mother!) a few of the Mayans shouted at the top of their lungs.

A few of the surviving Mayans whipped out their uzis and fired at Ken and the butcher managed to take cover behind a crate to avoid being killed in the salvo of lead.

''You fucking dick beating Jap!"

Ken didn't even respond to the insult and he simply aimed the HK33 and fires it fully auto and manages to gun down several Mayans. The bullets hitting them in their chests and some taking a shot to the head knocking them off their bikes. The vehicles still going forward before falling on their sides and skidding on the road before coming to a stop. With only a few of them remaining the last few Mayans just decided to book it out of there and seeing Marlowe drive coming up they decided to take that turn before getting on Senora road and heading back up toward their Sandy Shores clubhouse.

''You're gonna get yours fucker!" shouted a Mayan.

''Wait until Javier gets a load of you and the Sons!'' shouted another.

The remaining Mayans took a detour and headed down Senora road and Ken laughed when he saw them withdrawing with their tails between their legs and watched them speed their way down the road before finally disappearing into the night.

''Tell Javier I'm coming for him!" Ken shouted before closing the back doors. He carefully makes his way back to the passenger seat and looked to Shirase who was smirking to himself.

''You kill them all?'' asked Shirase.

''I got most of them, only a few left but they took their choppers and booked it out of here real quick.'' Ken replied.

''This sure is gonna make the Mayans pissed off Ken, this is a good victory over them but we gotta be careful now.'' Ken then turned the radio on to Headbanger Nation before lowering his seat backward to get a quick rest, ''Let's get back to the restaurant, I'm sure the others finally got back there.''

''Hai, you got it.''

Shirase u-turned and went down Baytree Canyon road and before they knew it they were heading into the Los Santos city limits.

-Rising Sun Restaurant, half an hour later-

''Ken, we are here.''

Ken stirred briefly before opening his eyes and looking out the window he saw that they were in the back of the Rising Sun with the garage door slowly opening. The light inside the garage did not disturb Ken after just waking up because he had shades on and he saw several figures walking out of the garage. It was the Sons and Shigeru who had waited for him and Shirase since the Mayan encounter.

Shirase and Ken exit the Speedo and greeted the other men.

''Damn boy you're finally here!'' Arthur giggled as he gave Ken a quick brotherly hug, ''Thought them Mayan boys turned you into sushi.''

''Ototo thank kami you're safe.'' Shigeru said as he hugged his brother.

Ken just shrugged, he's use to situations like that so it didn't bother him at all. ''Eh, it was nothing guys. Were you followed after you took that detour?''

''Not at all, the Mayans know that if they set foot in Los Santos SAMLOS would check them.'' Marston scoffed.

''Yeah, traditionally Los Santos was always Sons of Anarchy turf.'' Arthur added.

Ken motioned for the others to get to the back of the Speedo and had them help him unload the weapon crates and after doing so they took it all into the back of the restaurant's gun locker. Shirase then drove the Speedo into the garage and together they all placed the weapon crates in the middle of the locker before taking the lids off. Since Ken is the so-called ringleader of the coalition it would be his decision on how guns they get from stealing or trafficking would be distributed.

''Let's recheck what the cartel was delivering.'' Ken said as he takes a clipboard and pen, ''AK-103s which are the latest in the AK family with some equipped with Holographic sights of American origin, original stocks, mags, etc. HK33s with aim-ops, that's good Otomo-gumi had these in their arsenal. What else did they have?''

''They also have FN Five-Sevens, which is reputed to be the most advanced pistol of the current generation of weapons and a few dozen G3 Rifles converted in fully auto and semi auto firing modes and a few boxes of grenades, the 203s and the M79.'' Arthur said as he looked over the other crates and duffel bags.

''You ain't keeping it all to yourself are you?'' Teller questioned curiously.

''Yeah, I mean we helped you take out the Mayans and cartel at the deal.'' Mitch seconded.

Ken looked at both men like they were absolutely insane, he may be a vicious gangster when needed but when it came to allies he would keep his promise and give them a share of whatever take they made and this was a great first take from the cartel and in a way the Mayans.

Shirase brought over an extra duffel bag and tossed it at Arthur who caught it effortlessly. ''You guys can help yourselves to a few of the AKs and a few 203s, take a few G3s while you're at it too, this is a partnership between SAMLOS and Morimitsu-kai and I meant it so go for it. M79 is ours though.''

This made Arthur smile happily, never in his mind did he doubt Ken when it came to keeping his words, if he had done this with the cartel they would've slaughtered SAMLOS and keep the shipment for themselves. So this only truly confirmed that Ken was and always will back SAMLOS up in a fight.

''Don't mind if we do boy.'' Arthur said motioning for his men to grab said weapons.

''I knew you wouldn't turn your backs on us Kenny.'' Marston joked as he picked up a 203.

''Japanese people are so honest and fair.'' Teller added.

''You are a very honorable person and I mean that, no joke pointed at the stereotype.'' Mitch chuckled.

After packing up some of the weapons and ammunition there was a knock at the door that caught everyone's attention.

''Ah, he finally decided to make an appearance, come in.'' Ken ordered.

The door opened and in walked CJ followed by a Southeast Asian male in his mid-thirties and the Sons and Shigeru instantly recognized him as a member of the Ruthless Cambodian Boyz gang due to his gray jersey and snapback. The Cambodian man looked at the obvious Sons of Anarchy bikers in the room before noticing the more obvious Japanese gangsters in the room and for an instant he thought he was fucked and that CJ set him up.

''Oh hell naw.'' he said before attempting to book it.

CJ grabbed him and pushed him back into the room.

''Nigga hol' up! I ain't playin dude this cat here the real deal!'' he said before looking at Ken, ''Sup Ken dawg.''

''About time you got here CJ, and like I just said, about time you finally brought someone from the Cambodian gang to meet me.'' Ken said as he eyed the slightly shorter Asian man, ''You duke it out with East Side Vagos wetbacks?''

The RCB gangbanger kept cautious about Ken, even though CJ said it was all good he was still wary as he didn't know Ken and his gang never messed with SAMLOS.

''RCB just got shot at by the Vagos so I think it's time he and his crew step up and help GSF take down those pussy ass taco niggas, we call them Vagos tacos and Vagina-Hos.'' CJ iterated before looking back at the RCB member, ''Dawg he ain't gonna beat yo ass, talk to him.''

''Yeah, I ain't gonna beat yo ass, talk to me.'' Ken chuckled.

CJ looked at Ken and narrowed his eyes at the butcher. ''Ay I don't sound like that c'mon now.''

''CJ here mentioned that you are allied with Grove Street since the 80s and both of you have been duking it out with the East Side Vagos for years. Your family immigrated here from Cambodia following the war right? I heard and read about the Ruthless Cambodian Boyz gang, you guys started because you got tired of the bullying and started the gang.'' Ken explained, ''So what's your street name, position in gang?''

The RCB member hesitated for a moment and soon eased up as he started to feel unthreatened by Ken so he decided to just talk.

''Tag name is Player 1, I got jumped into RCB in 1991 when I was 9 and I run the gang now.'' said the man.

Ken nodded in understanding, he recalled while listening to the radio on the way back to Los Santos from the Mayan encounter that a few member of the local Cambodian gang was shot at by members of the East Side Vagos and that was the perfect chance to bring RCB into the alliance. Taking out his phone he goes on the news section of eyefind and reads the contents of an attempted murder last week revolved around the Vagos shooting at RCB.

''You got shot at by the Vagos and I feel you are aching to strike back at them for that right? I know I would.''

''What's it got to do with you though dude? This is RCB's fight, we been planning on doing a drive by shooting in Vagos hood. Ain't nothing to worry about nigga.'' Player said.

The response Ken gave Player was a scoff, clearly this man didn't know that the Vagos had connections to the Mayans and the cartel who more than likely was giving them weapons in exchange for drug distribution.

''You ever wonder how cocaine has been getting into Los Santos lately? You ever heard of the Madrazo drug cartel? East Vagos are in an alliance with the Mayans MC and the cartel, they've been making friends.'' Ken asked.

He was only an OG in a street gang, RCB has only ever interacted with the Grove Street Families, the East Side Vagos and the One-niners from south Los Santos. Little did Player 1 know that him, his gang and GSF have never been smart enough to make new friends.

''Nigga you got proof?'' Player 1 questioned.

Ken motioned for Shirase Shigeru to go over to a couple of the AK-47s they had slung on the wall and grab a few of the assault rifles. Walking over to the crate that had the AK-103s he grabs one in each hand and the three Japanese mobsters placed the 6 Kalishnakov rifles in front of Player.

''I don't need to give you proof, you are going to ally with me and the Sons since we already know the Cambodians and Grove have been aligned for years. Take these rifles, take some of your boys and go shoot up some Vagos in penance for shooting at your gang. In case you haven't noticed Player 1 you're dealing with the Yakuza or the Japanese mafia. If you align with my crew you will get weapons, my guaranteed protection from the Vagos and when you and Grove Street defeat the Vagos East Los Santos is yours to share. If you go against me I promise you I will wipe your gang out. Weapons me and the Sons get from the Mayans and cartel you will get a fair share of the goods.'' Ken explained, ''What do you say?''

Player 1 turned to look at CJ who was nodding.

''Aye dude, they gave me a whole box of grenades and I'm telling you dude, you join Ken you ain't gonna regret it homie, the Sons already joined them, GSF got they backs so you should too. He ain't gonna blow yo brains out man.''

Turning to face Ken once more Joker slowly nodded his head.

''I mean, I think its time to make some new friends. If CJ says you cool then I guess I can ride with you.'' said Player 1.

''Good.'' Ken then had Shirase give him an iFruit they took off a dead Mayan from the deal and he read the contents inside. ''This phone we took off a Mayan we murdered, there's apparently a Vagos crack den in the East Los Santos neighborhood that's a block down from the Ammu-Nation there. Since they shot at you guys recently I think you should show the Vagos they aren't the only ones making friends or have friends.''

Still unsure of the situation, Player 1 did not say a word and just nodded and took the duffel bags Ken had put the AKs in.

''Aight nigga, I'll meet you back at my Greenwood.''

Player 1 then left the room and headed outside to wait for CJ. The GSF OG turned to look at Ken and had a big smile on his face.

''Man now we really getting the numbers, Vagos still got more than GSF and RCB but hey, we got some guns from you guys. Told you I get you the Cambodians on our side.''

Walking up to CJ Ken patted the thug on his shoulder.

''You did good CJ, here, take two more boxes of grenades for that and a few AKs for your gang. Make sure you and the Cambodians do a drive by on the Vagos this evening while me and the Sons will hit the cartel tomorrow evening. Let's make this a coordinated strike against our enemies.''

''Aight dawg, you can trust me we gonna hit those Vagos good.''

CJ was then handed a duffel bag and stocked 4 of the 103s into the bag before zipping it and bidding Ken a farewell he left.

Ken nodded as he watched CJ close the door and turned to look back at his other allies.

''Looks like CJ and RCB are going to step up and do their part in fighting the Vagos. I've previously told CJ to leave the cartel and Mayans to us since they'd easily take down the two gangs.''

''So what would your plan of action be boy?'' Arthur questioned curiously.

''We'll hit the cartel again of course and we're going to do a joint attack on them. Since Morimitsu-kai lost a few men and your clubhouse was shot at we're going to hit that bar and grill in Mirror Park tonight and that iFruit store that has a cocaine stash in it.'' Ken suggested.

Before Arthur could make his decision he turned to look at the other three Sons to get their opinion on the matter.

''Me and Teller will hit the iFruit store but could we get Shirase to back us up Ken?'' Mitch said.

''Of course.'' Ken said before looking at Arthur and John.

''Then I guess that leaves me and John and you to scope this grill out.'' said the SAMLOS President.

''I'm with you Arthur, Ken. I want to give them some payback for shooting at SAMLOS's big four.'' Marston said cracking his knuckles.

Ken smirked and picked up one of the 103s and loaded a magazine into it and pulls the charging handle back. He takes a few more of the rifles and tosses them to Arthur and his Sons who all catch the weapons mid-air.

''If you're all ready, let's get this show on the road and hit those cartel goons.'' said the Butcher.

Shirase grabbed a 103 for himself and repeats Ken's actions.

''Time to show those Mexican bitches how dangerous the Yakuza can be.''

Everyone then turned their attention to Shigeru who just stood there staring right back at them and knew they were staring at him with good reason. He knew he wasn't that tough a person but for some reason participating in the hit on the cartel and Mayan exchange he found some bit of confidence in him. So he looked at his brother a second to see him nod. That gave his small bit of confidence and new spark and reaching to take one of the 103s he loads a magazine into it and puts a round in the chamber.

''I can't back out now, Ken is going to need his ototo.'' Shigeru declared.

The Butcher then gave his brother a very warm and kind smile. However, before they begin their next hit Shirase had a message and as much as he didn't want to ruin the moment he spoke up.

''Ken, I have something to tell you before we act out on our attacks.'' said the adviser.

Hearing the sound of Shirase's voice Ken nodded and took everyone to the meeting room.

''What is it you want to talk to me about Shirase?''

Without speaking a word Shirase took out his phone and unlocked it and showed Ken what the message was. Ken took the phone and after reading it for a minute he smiled.


''Excuse me gentlemen I need to make an important call.

Ken then left the meeting room and went into his office and finally being alone called Otomo on Shirase's phone. After a few seconds of ringing someone picked up on the other line.


There was a light chuckle on the other end.

''Ken, ogenkidesuka?'' (Ken, how are you?)

''Watashi wa genkideshita, saisho no bijinesu wa yoidesu.'' (I'm fine, the first business is good)

''Sate, anata ni wa atarashī tomodachi ya teki ga iru to kikimashita.'' (Well, I heard you have new friends and enemies)

''Hai, watashitachiha sūnin no dansei o ushinaimashita.'' (Yes, we lost a few men)

''Sore wa hazubeki kotodesu, anata ga dorehodo akushitsudearu koto ga dekiru ka o karera ni shimeshite kudasai.'' (It's shameful, show them how bad you can be)

Ken knew that losing men was shameful for his gang, but he had to show Otomo-san he can run his own crew and be autonomous.

''Hai.'' was all he said as a reply.

''Watashi wa sugu ni kūkō ni kuru kamotsu o okurimashita, anatagasukida to omou mōsukoshi no dansei to buki. Kōun no Ken watashi wa sugu ni anata ni hanashimasu.' (I've sent some cargo coming to the airport soon, a few more men and weapons I think you like. Good luck Ken I'll talk to you again real soon)

Otomo then hung up.

Ken took the phone away from his ear and smiled. He had heard that Otomo-san said that once he and Shirase hit Los Santos they'd be on their own but his Oyabun, yes Otomo-san would always be his Oyabun or boss but knowing he sent some more things to him showed he will always support Ken and have his back. Just then a text hit Shirase's phone and looking at it Ken saw that Otomo said around three in the morning the plane would arrive.

''Only an hour and a half from now.'' Ken thought before heading back to the meeting room.

Opening the door to the meeting room Ken made his way over to his seat and finds that the others were waiting for him patiently. He hands Shirase his phone back before taking a seat and putting his hands together. Shirase already knew what it was about but he wanted to see what the others would think.

''So the call I made just now, it was with my old family boss from Japan.'' Ken began.

''This should be interesting.'' Arthur thought.

''Otomo-gumi was his gang..Takeshi Otomo? The most powerful and influential mob boss in Japan?" Shigeru thought in disbelief.

''He basically just talked to me about how things are going for me and whatnot. But he has also told me that a shipment of weapons and a few more men will be arriving at the Los Santos airport at around three. So I'm thinking I can send my brother to pick up this shipment?'' Ken said.

''Yeah, sure thing boy but does he know you're allied with SAMLOS?''

''I let him know beforehand.'' Shirase replied.

''Phew, good don't need to be pissing off no Japanese crime lord and getting shot up again.'' Arthur joked.

''Really ototo? Why?'' Shigeru asked confused.

''It's just that I feel this time you can avoid getting in the crossfire. I felt as if I forced you to participate in hitting that cartel and Mayan exchange. So think of this as an easy day for you when the shipment arrives.'' explained Ken.

Shigeru felt the honesty in Ken's voice but he really participated in the hit to help rebuild their lost sibling bond but he couldn't deny that his brother was right. He was still getting used to killing people so he took up his brother's offer to head to Los Santos International Airport to pick up the shipment.

''Okay nii-san, I understand. I just need to know the kind of plane they're flying and should I bring a Speedo Custom?''

''I would recommend it.'' Ken said, ''So we are all in understanding on what we're doing tonight?''

''Hell yeah, me, Teller and Shirase will hit that iFruit store.'' Mitch said with a confident nod.

''Me and John will accompany you at the bar and grill.'' Arthur declared.

''And that leaves Shirase with Teller and Mitch, ototo with the shipment and me with you Arthur.'' Ken then scooped up his AK-103 and stands up from his seat which prompts the others to do the same, ''Let's go then. Time to let the cartel know they picked the wrong people to fuck with.''

All the men leave the building with Mitch, Teller and Shirase heading to the iFruit store in El Burro heights, Shigeru driving a Speedo Custom with a Morimitsu-kai member accompanying him to the airport and Ken going to the cartel's bar and grill in Mirror Park.

-Los Santos Police Department Headquarters, Vespucci Building-

After another hard day at work as a police officer, Officer Cortez was seen sitting at her desk in the HQ building of the LSPD she was seen on her computer trying to dig up any information she can on Ken since he had a feeling he was a criminal elsewhere and so far her search was coming up really short.

''I know this guy has a record, just got to keep searching.'' Cortez thought to herself.

Just then there was a knock on her door.

''Come in.''

The door opens and in comes an Arabic woman who as about 25 years old. She has long black hair the was hanging loose, she wore a white dress shirt with black casual dress pants and her most noticeable traits were her slightly thick eyebrows. Simply put if Cortez was a lesbian she'd bang because she was hot as fuck.

''Sajida Hussein the reporter? What brings you here?'' Cortez asked.

Sajida made her way to the chair in front of Cortez's desk and took a seat in front of the Latina officer.

''I've been following the LSPD with these spikes of recent murders going on in our area so I thought it would be interesting to talk with you since I know you've been at the drive-by shooting at this Rising Sun restaurant, and what I dubbed the Chumash Manor Massacre. I've been on this since those cartel thugs were found under the Del Perro Freeway and on Senora road as well.''

''It has nothing to concern you Sajida, sorry to say and if you're thinking about getting a big scoop out of this I'm afraid you'll have to leave this to the LSPD.'' Cortez said sternly.

''Sorry Officer, but I'm gonna make history when I uncover this supposed Japanese criminal element that's been making its way into Los Santos, yes I know what case you're working on. Come on Cortez, a Japanese restaurant hasn't been in LS for years and suddenly one opens up and several dozen cartel members turn up dead? You ever heard of the Yakuza?''

''Japanese mafia, so what about it?'' Cortez asked, wondering where she was going with this.

''Who's to say they're expanding into San Andreas and have made enemies with the Los Sonora drug cartel? I have a gut feeling the Yakuza is running that Rising Sun restaurant and is a front for them. However, just like you I'll need proof of that.''

That spark an annoyance in Cortez, if she can uncover and prove the Yakuza is in LS and stop their operations she'd be promoted and here was Sajida Hussein, the sexiest reporter from the local KCAL news coming to her and telling her she'll prove it. That was some snobby shit and this would be the beginning of a rivalry between a rookie cop and an experienced news reporter.

''You want to start a rivalry with me Hussein?''

Sajida just grinned at the officer.

''You might say that Cortez, if I can get the big scoop they'll I'll be even more loved and praised among the media outlets around here. I don't want this to be a bitter rivalry, just think of it as some friendly competition.''

The arrogance in her voice let Cortez know that she wasn't planning a truly friendly rivalry but the rookie cop decided to play along.

''I arrested a Japanese man and his brother a few nights ago. However he's already my target so you can have the brother all to yourself.''

''Oh? What do you mean he's your target? Are you planning on having some crazy, passionate interracial sex to get him to spit it out since he might be Yakuza?''

Cortez blushed.

''Shut up you dumbass.''

''If you plan on doing that, maybe I'll go to this brother of his and offer him some Iraqi pussy, I always wanted to try a nice Asian cock." Sajida declared.

''Cringe.'' Cortez replied.

''Right? You'll cringe when you see me uncovering this Yakuza operation. I'll also get evidence to put the SAMLOS big four in prison. I'll get the proof first just you watch.''

Hussein then got up and left Cortez's office leaving the officer heavily annoyed.

"Maldita perra iraquí, desearía poder golpearte tan fuerte que pudieras volar de regreso a Bagdad.'' (Damn Iraqi bitch, I wish I can hit you so hard you could go flying back to Baghdad)

-Los Santos International Airport-

On one of the private runways at the airport, a shamal was seen landing as Shigeru was watching it with the Morimitsu-kai member who volunteered to accompany him. They continue watching as the plane comes to a complete stop and soon the people inside began to come out and he knew they were more Yakuza gangsters coming to bolster Ken's numbers.

He saw them carrying out two crates and when they got to ground level he walked up to them.

''You, Ken's brother right?'' asked one of the gangsters.

''Hai, what did you bring for him?'' Shigeru asked.

The gangster orders his subordinates to open the crates and Shigeru took a peek to see that they were filled with more rifles, this time being M16A4s equipped with ACOG scopes. The other crate had more pistols like USP.45s and Berettas. The lead gangster then takes something out of a duffel bag and presents it to Shigeru who only stared at what it was.

''Otomo-san wanted Ken to have this, your family's katana and wakizashi.''

-El Burro Heights-

''Here we are.'' Teller said as he, Mitch and Shirase pull up on the iFruit store.

They all get off their vehicles and stand in front of the store to see that it was still open and three men were inside behind the counter on the computer.

''Mendez's Wireless Services.'' Mitch said as he read the sign.

''Let's head inside, I'll tuck my MP5 in my top since I doubt you can hide it under your cuts.'' Shirase suggested.

Mitch and Teller almost objected but realized the Yakuza man was right so they shrugged and nodded.

Shirase heads to his Sultan and looks at his 103 and MP5. Picking up the MP5 he goes to tuck it into his top enough as to not raise suspicion. Teller then puts his brass knuckles on while Mitch had his Colt ready and with Shirase standing in between them they casually enter the store. The door ringing a bell as it opens and they enter the store and greet the men behind the counter.

Shirase managed to catch that the Mexican men at the counter scrambled to put some stuff away before smiling and greeted them back.

''Good evening gentlemen, late night shopping?'' one of the men asked with a heavy Mexican accent.

''Yeah but we're probably gonna just window shop.'' Teller said as he began to browse the store with the other two.

As the three men were browsing Shirase took out his iFruit and turned on the camera and put it on the front facing one so he can see the obviously cartel sicarios behind the desk.

''Just three.''

He noticed that they seemed to be reaching for something under the counter and he knew that they were aware of who they are. He slowly reaches for his MP5 and before they could pull out whatever they were reaching for he turns around to unveil his weapon. Mitch and Teller quickly jump to the side and Shirase opens fire on the sicarios just as they pulled out their pistols and guns them down in a side to side motion.

All three men fell behind the counter dead and with their job done the three assailants began searching the place for more intel.

-Mirror Park-

It was a fairly quiet night for the Quesarido Mexican Grill as several cartel sicarios were seen relaxing and eating food in the restaurant's dining area. After receiving a call from Mister Madrazo that their fellow cartel members had not returned from the exchange with the Mayans earlier in the night had put them on edge. Some of the men surrounding the original group wearing yellow clothing, some wearing hoodies and dressed in the typical 90's cholo style. These men were members of the East Side Vagos gang and were used by the cartel as muscle and pushers. It was all the proof Ken needed to declare war on the Vagos as well.

"El trato con los mayas esta noche ya debería haber terminado.'' (The deal with the Mayans tonight should be over by now)

"Esos japoneses definitivamente tuvieron algo que ver con eso." (Those Japanese definitely had something to do with it)

That would be the true answer when they heard the door open and looking at it they saw Ken, a Morimitsu-kai member, Arthur and John walking into the grill with AK-103s aimed at them.

''Mierda!'' a Vago shouted.

They had no time to reach for their weapons to defend themselves as the four men opened fire on them with their high powered rifles. The powerful AK rounds completely obliterating them and they all convulsed with each round that hit their bodies. The sounds of the AKs roaring then soon came to a stop as their guns clicked empty. With the job done Ken motions for his allies to dowse the place with gasoline and when that was done he takes a cigarette and lights it up. The othe three men leave the building and turning around Ken walks slowly as he takes a puff of the cigarette before flicking it backward.

Just then someone jumped through the window causing the four to react to the commotion, a surviving cartel sicario had managed to survive the slaughter and before he can make a run for it Ken fires off a round hitting him square in the leg.

''Get him, I want payback for my men.'' Ken ordered.

The Morimitsu-kai member nods and with the help of Arthur and John they hogtie him and stash him in the trunk of the rental Karin Sultan Shirase gave to Ken and soon they drove away as the building became fully engulfed in flames.