Summary: After getting injured while Agent 3 was on patrol, who is there to help him with his wounds?

"Ow!, Callie be more careful, please for the love of cod!" begged Agent 3, who was now currently sitting down on a chair while the chirpy squid sister tended to his wounds, though to be honest, getting treated hurt more that getting hurt itself because the one who was helping him treat his wounds doesn't actually know what she's doing.

"Sorry!" apologized Callie, " But come on Three! it's just a few scratches!"

"I know it's just a few scratches!" exclaimed Agent 3, "But why does it feel like it's burning?!"

Callie put her hands on her hips and huffed, "Come on it's only some water to clean it a little, I'm sure you're just exaggera-" but Callie stopped herself as she read the bottle in her hand.

Rubbing Alcohol

She then looked to the table and saw the betadine on the table unopened.

Oops, Callie thought.

She immediately threw the rubbing alcohol bottle away and quickly snatched the betadine, making sure Agent 3 didn't notice. She then proceeded to show the bottle to him.

"See?" said Callie as she gave him the biggest smile she could muster as if to try to act natural, Agent 3 then took the bottle and examined it.

"Well, it is the right bottle that you're supposed to use." mused Agent 3.

"You're just being a big baby," teased Callie as she got a new cloth and used the betadine to put in his wounds. Her face then turned serious, "Hey Three?" Callie called out to him in a gentle voice.

"What's up? Can I put my shirt back on now?" asked Agent 3 wondering if she was done with his back, but that thought was cut off by a pair of slender arms wrapping around his neck. "W-Wha!? Callie?" stuttered Agent 3, seemingly surprised at the action the squid sister was doing.

"Please don't get hurt again." Callie said in a somber tone, "I'm worried that you won't get away with just a few scratches next time, I... I don't..." she trailed off at the end holding off tears that were beginning to drop down her cheek.

Agent 3 reached back and held her cheek in a comforting motion.

"That won't happen Cal, It'll take some more than an octarian to get rid of me." said Agent 3.

"Y-You don't know that!" exclaimed Callie, "Just... Please be more careful." she knew the danger comes with them being an agent of the NSS but seeing Agent 3 hurt just makes her heart ache so much.

Agent 3 then turned around and looked at her and gave her a gentle smile and touched her forehead to his, "I'll come back safe and sound next time, I promise." said Agent 3.

Callie looked into his eyes, "Y-you know with every promise there needs to be something done to make sure it doesn't get broken." said Callie.

"Oh really?" chuckled Agent 3, "I guess this will have to do then." he then leaned closer to give Callie a kiss on the lips, it was only for 5 seconds but to them it felt like centuries had passed.

Both pulled away with both of their faces being flushed.

"Y-yeah, that'll have to do." said Callie, as she gave Agent 3 some space to put on his hero gear back on.

After a few moments he was ready to go back and do another patrol but was stopped by Callie shouting out to him. "Don't forget our promise okay?!" she said in a voice louder than she had intended.

Agent 3 just gave her a smile back in response and super jumped back into Octo Valley to resume his duties.