(A rather simple idea that came to me.)

San Diego, California. December 15, 1941.)

It had been a whole four days, since Germany declared war on the United States. Four days before that.. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Now.. America, for the first time.. Was fighting two enemies at once. Germany in Europe., and Japan in the Pacific.

In a meeting room, were two men. One, is a recognizable face to most Americans. General Douglas A. MacArthur. Standing across from MacArthur, was another man. This man was tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, and dressed in the U.S. Army Air Corps uniform.

MacArthur said, "Colonel.. Are you aware of your mission?" MacArthur, Churchill and FDR had discussed this plan, ever since Pearl Harbor. A plan that neither Japan nor Germany would ever suspect.

This Colonel replied, "Yes, Sir!" He saluted, "I and a group of other Allied soldiers, are to sabotage the Japanese war effort.. From within one of their POW camps." He stood at attention, "My team and I shall help other POWs, escapees from other camps.. And escort them back to the States. We shall make counterfeit Japanese money.. Japanese military uniforms, and civilian clothing.. We shall get them out of the camp, and escort them to a submarine. That sub shall take then as far as California."

MacArthur wrote all of Hogan's words down, "And.. What else does your operation do?"

Hogan sighed, "Using explosives we make ourselves.. We shall destroy Japanese weapons of mass destruction. Escort spies from both sides, and defectors out of camp.. And send information, to Allied Supreme Pacific HQ, Australia, via radio we make ourselves."

MacArthur stood up, "Indeed. There are two parts to this operation. One in Japan.. One in Germany."

Hogan asked, curious, "Who's leading the team in Germany?"

MacArthur answered, "Right now, Colonel Hogan.. I am not at Liberty to tell you. That information is in the hands of General Eisenhower. You'll have to talk to him, if you want that information."

Hogan wanted to know, for one reason.. Hogan knew the German Army, rather well. He hadn't seen Japan's weapons of mass destruction.. He'd caught a sample of Germany's. He didn't trust anyone else to handle Germany.. But, his orders were to lead the mission in Japan. And far be if from Colonel Robert Hogan, to defy orders.

MacArthur told him,"We have already selected two men to go with you." He laid down some pictures, "Staff Sergeant James Ivan Kinchloe.." One picture was of an African-American man, with black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. Dressed in the US Army uniform, with the stripes of a staff sergeant.

MacArthur said, "Kinchloe worked for the telephone company before the war.. He will serve as your communications expert." He laid down the picture of the next man.

This man had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was dressed in the US Army air corps explosives division uniform. MacArthur said, "That is Air Corps Technical Sergeant Andrew J. Carter. "

Hogan memorized his cohorts' names. They were both Americans, like himself.. What about the other allied troops? Were they already there?

MacArthur said, "There are five other notable prisoners, already in the camp. Three British, one French.. One American, specifically Alabaman. They well be of great help to you, colonel."

Hogan processed everything MacArthur was telling him.. He knew everything he needed.. He could take if from there.. But there was one final thing, he wanted to know.

He asked MacArthur, "Sir.. I have everything I need.. Except for one final question." He looked MacArthur in the eyes, "So.. Who is in charge of the German part of the operation."

MacArthur looked around, confirming his office wasn't bugged. He said, "As you know.. Britain has started using women, more commonly in the military. Nursing, code breaking, espionage.. The Navy.." He sat down, "Roosevelt likes that idea.. So much so.. That four women, are commanding the German operation." He took a sip of whiskey, "The commanding officer.. A young lady from Texas.. Lieutenant Colonel Ruby Rose."

(A/N: in this story.. There shall be two prologues. This is the first one.)