(US Army airfield. New York City. January, 1942.)

Team RWBY boarded their plane. headed to Germany.

Among all their personal belongings, which the girls had packed up... Ruby had a backpack.. But, no one bothered to pay attention to it.

Weiss asked, as the four sat down, "Uh.. Colonel Rose.. All due respect but.. You DO know how to fly this thing, don't you?" She was concerned. Given that the four girls had been in the Marines before being transferred, she'd never seen the inside of a cockpit. While Weiss DID believe Eisenhower, when he told them Ruby had taken a class on how to fly a plane.. She'd seen Ruby's non-Military academy grades.. They weren't promising.

Ruby said, in defiance, "Captain Schnee.. You have seen my grades back at the academy.. And you know me well enough, to know that it comes to fighting the enemy.. I always pay attention." She whispered, "Besides.. I learned how to fly in Texas. Even before I learned how to drive." Ruby was proud of that. She was one of the first women, to learn how to fly a military aircraft.

This concerned Weiss even more.. Because, while she was glad Ruby knew how to fly the plane... It concerned her, for next time she was in a car with Ruby.

After checking all the necessary details.. The plane took off.. Headed for Germany.

(A long flight, and refuel in England later).

The plane had accomplished it's mission. They dropped a few bombs on a German oil refinery.. And, splashed down into the German coast.

The four girls grabbed their belongings, and quickly jumped out if the plane, onto dry land.

Yang said, "Ruby.." She looked to her beloved little sister, "Please.. NEVER do that again." She continued to hand dry her wet hair. While Yang was known for being adventurous.. Knowing the Germans, she didn't want her little sister doing things too dangerous. But.. She knew she had to let go.

Ruby shrugged and smirked, "Hey.. I'm ordered to fake being shot down.. I fake being shot down." She put her backpack back on, and internally laughed. Feeling as though she'd done her job.

Right on cue.. The Gestapo arrived. One man, with black hair and brown eyes, came our of a Gestapo staff car. Dressed in the Gestapo uniform.

He looked at the four women in American uniforms.. He said, "I am Major Wolfgang Hochstetter, of the Gestapo! As right now.. The four of you are POWs of the Third Reich!"

He loaded then into a truck. After a few miles.. The truck stopped. As soon as it did.. They heard a young man, with a German accent ask, "What's this? We were only expecting one truck!"

Another man yelled, the one driving the truck, new prisoners! Gestapo captured!"

The young man sighed and yelled, "Alright! This way! I'll tell the Kommandant you're coming!"

The truck continued to move forward. Later on, it stopped. A man motioned the four women forward. He yelled, "Prisoners, out!" By his voice, Ruby could tell.. It was the same young man, who'd stopped them before.

The young man had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was dressed in a Luftwaffe uniform.. His epaulets, on his shoulders.. Showed that he was a sergeant. But.. He was so young. Granted, so were team RWBY (Weiss Blake and Yang all being 17, and Ruby being 15.. They falsified their ages to join the Marines).. But, this man was no older than they were. Knowing Adolf Hitler.. It wouldn't be much of a surprise, if the boy was forced into the German army.

Soon enough, another, far older man came out. He was about 6'2 or so.. And.. A little overweight. With gray hair, blue eyes.. And, the Hitler-like mustache. Dressed in a Luftwaffe uniform. His epaulets, showed that he was of higher rank than the blonde man. Looking at them, Ruby assumed they were the highest ranking non-commissioned officers, in the POW camp.

Next was, something team RWBY never expected to see in the German army.. A woman. Dressed in the same uniform.. Who looked like she could be the younger man's sister. (In that she too had blonde hair, blue eyes, and looked somewhat similar to him). Her rank, was the same as the young blonde man's.

The large man yelled, " I am Sergeant Schultz! Sergeant of the Guard at Stalag 13!" He gestured to the younger man, "This is my nephew, Sergeant Jaune Arc.." He then gestured to the woman, "His sister, my niece, sergeant Saffron Arc! She will handle the four of you, from now on!"

Saffron huddled them and whispered, "Don't worry. My brother and I are on your side. Uncle Hans is just putting on a show for the Kommandant."

That put them at ease. But also confused them. Why do two Germans, have a French sounding surname? And.. why are they secretly on the Allied side?

Team RWBY took note of their surroundings. There were multiple barbed wire fences.. Two in particular stood our, though. One, that appeared to separate guards from POWs.. But another that seemed separate POW barracks. One barracks was separated from all the others. Barracks 1. As well, there seemed to be only 10 female guards. Another reason to be rather careful. They stood there, waiting for their Kommandant.

Finally, another man walked out of another building. A tall bald man, with a monocle over one or his blue eyes. Dressed as a Luftwaffe officer.

This man introduced himself, "I am Colonel Wilhelm Klink, Kommandant of Stalag 13! From now on.. You all answer to me!" He ordered, "Each of you, introduce yourselves!"

Yang walked up to Klink, "Second Lieutenant Yang Xiao Long." She smirked, "So, Colonel.. How's about we have tea and., Klink our glasses?" She looked to her comrades, "Eh? Eh?" She hoped for some kind of acknowledgement of her pun.

Klink gave a half-smirk of his own, "Oh.. How funny." He chuckled, "My name is Klink. The sound glasses make, when knocked together is Klink.." He looked to Yang, angrily, "What's even funnier.. You, Lieutenant Xiao Long.. Are on cleaning duty, for two weeks!"

Yang still smiled, "Worth it."

Klink groaned, "Next!"

Blake walked up, "Second Lieutenant Blake Belladonna."

Weiss walked up, "Captain Weiss Schnee."

Klink chuckled, "A proud German name.. Given to an unworthy family of Americans!"

It had been no secret. Weiss' father (well.. Step father technically) Jacques Schnee, had only married into the Schnee family for their money. . He earned the company billions.. But at the cost of the company's soul. Because of that.. On his last trip to Europe, before the war.. Jacques was killed by German soldiers. And.. Shortly after Weiss' elder sister was born.. Her mother had am affair.. With a Russian soldier, who's name she never said.. That Russian soldier, is Weiss' biological father.

Weiss simply gave Klink 'the finger.'

Finally, Ruby introduced herself, "Lieutenant Colonel Ruby Rose."

Klink heard the word Colonel. He said, "You, colonel Rose.. Are the new senior POW officer.. You will report directly to me.. A liaison between myself and the other POWs."

Ruby said, "Alright." Soon her backpack started shifting.. Until a dog popped out of if. A welsh corgi. On his collar, read "Zwei." Ruby whispered to the corgi, "Get back in the bag."

Klink said to her, "My dear young lady.. You come to an enemy country.. Knowing that you will be in a POW camp till the end of this war.. And you bring.. A dog?" After such analysis, Klink yelled, "INGENIOUS!" He took the dog in his hands, "Canines are known for their ability to act as companions in trying times!" He looked at her in disappointment, "But.. Of all the breeds.. You had to choose a welsh corgi?"

Zwei started barking hostilely at Klink, making the Kommandant back away. Klink said, "Alright. Tomorrow, you shall have your first roll call! For now.. Go to your barracks."

Saffron escorted then to barracks one. .. Where all the female guards were posted.

They noticed from barracks two.. Three POWs waved at then. One was short, with brown hair and brown eyes, dressed in the uniform of the free French. This, was corporal Louis LeBeau.. Who would later play a key role in the POW project. Another was tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. Dressed in the uniform of the RAF. Corporal Peter Newkirk, who would also be vital to the project.

Finally, one male prisoner came to greet then. Dressed in the uniform of the South Chinese Army. He was tall, (5'9)long black hair, tied in a ponytail and purple eyes. He greeted them, "Welcome to stalag 13. I am sergeant Lie Ren of the Army of the republic of China."

Ruby said, "Nice to meet you., what are you doing by the women's barracks?" Ruby didn't care for men sneaking into women's sleeping quarters. She was very by the book military. (But, she knew when to stop.. Unlike certain army officers).

A young woman walked up behind Ren.. Holding his hand.. They would later learn.. She was his girlfriend. Another female POW of stalag 13. A young woman, with short orange hair and green eyes. Dressed in the Norwegian uniform. She introduced herself, "He's with me." She saluted, "Sergeant Nora Valkyrie, Norwegian Royal guard!"

Ruby sighed but chose not to question it. They walked inside the women's barracks.. One of the most important POWs in the camp was there. A young woman with long red hair and green eyes. Dressed as a spartan warrior.. She needed no introduction.. Lieutenant Pyrrha Nikkos of the Greek army.

Ruby reviewed her troops.. Gathered her stolen radio equipment.. And grabbed her shovel.

She said, "Okay.. Let's get to work."