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The Beginning

Molly Weasley was screaming in pain, loudly enough for the whole world could end due to the sound.. She looked around to find Pandora Lovegood, Andromeda Tonks and Minerva McGonagall staring at her with concern etching in their faces...

She lost here husband and her five children , two months ago, due to the war.

She was lost and desperate..She lost her family... But the only thing that keep her going was the baby, which is currently in her womb finding his way out to the world, where evil is reaping around destroying every remaining good left in the world...

Other than her three companions, there were two women healers in the place...which is an almost broken old house.. was now under the attack of the Death Eaters.. Molly's water broke when she was having a fight with some bloody death eater...

The house, where they are now, is also a hiding place for many witches and wizards...

The pain was unbearable...She had five pregnancies before...But this was causing more pain than ever... Maybe it was because of the nasty spell casted by the death eater she fought.

She could hear the loud voices of Minerva and Andromeda which clearly yelling at her to push...And like a final attempt,. she pushed with all her strength..And the pain was substituted by a beautiful screaming...

He was born...

He is here... Her son is here...

The screaming was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard...

"Oh my...," Molly saw Minerva bringing her right hand to her mouth while gasping. She looked at her, eyes gleaming with unshed tears.

"He's beautiful", Minerva said.

The mediwitch bring back her baby after cleaning him... Molly sobbed when she saw her child...

The baby was looking at her with a pair of biggest ocean blue eyes she had ever seen.

The redhead infant was looking her with a curious expression in his face .

He had very less freckles.. But he was beautiful.

She was happy because of the baby in her arms, but sad at the same time that her husband or her other children can't see the new little guest..

She heard a little sound and looked up to find Albus Dumbledore looking at her child, smiling as always.

"Well, the little Weasley is finally here." he said.

"Yes, he is," she said, grinning like mad.

"Well Molly, you know that this place is being destroyed.. You and your child have to be moved into a safe place. And I think muggle world is now the better place." Albus said.

"No", she whispered, with venom in her voice. She can't run like a coward. Not after what happened two months ago...

"Molly, you know what is happening around us," Albus began slowly, " It's for your boy's safety...You know what happened two months..."


Molly was surprised as the others around her..She told his name..No she screamed his name...And it felt bloody wonderful... But her new born little son didn't like it and he begun to scream. She took a little time from others and begun to soothe her crying son until he stopped screaming.

Molly looked back at Albus and said with a determined voice, "I am going to stay Albus. My son needs to grow here..My son needs to know what happened to his family...My son needs to live in this dark world... Because I am so sure that he will live here like a king no matter what happens... Because he is my child and he is a Weasley. And Weasleys are strong and brave." Her voice was strong to make the whole world silent.

She looked back at her son. And he was staring at her, and suddenly he caught her finger with a nice grip.

"He's strong," Molly heard Andromeda saying.

She kissed his little nose and looked back at others.

"Minerva..., she spoke up with a little strain caused by her early screaming.

"Yes Molly..?," Minerva asked scooting near her.

"Will you be his godmother ?" she asked, "You're the reason why he's still alive. If you haven't rescued me from that evil death eater..."

"Yes" Minerva whispered, her eyes brimming with tears, " I will be his godmother"

She extended her hand for taking the little Weasley. Molly gave her son to his godmother. Minerva was looking at her baby like he was some type of rare treasure. Minerva found her strength to look back at Molly and asked,

" So, what is my Godson's name exactly ?,"

Molly took a breath and said, her voice a little more louder than before..

" Ronald Bilius Weasley"

Minerva looked back at the infant, who was currently is trying to grab her nose and said smiling...

"Ron Weasley... Welcome to the World"

A ten - year old Ron Weasley was running like a madman through the hallway of . Tears were sliding down through his cheeks. His Mum is in hospital. She was dying... He ran fast to room 310 and find his godmother looking sadly at him.

Ron stopped at the sight of a broken Minerva McGonagall. She hugged him tightly and he responded with the same intensity.

She retreated back wiping her tears and said, " She wants to meet you before she... before she..."

Ron didn't wait to hear anything else. He ran into the room. He stopped at the sight of his mother , lying in the bed, who had become rather skinny than she already was. She looked up caught his eyes and motioned him to come near her. Ron walked to his mother's bed and sat down on his knees at the floor.

Molly Weasley was having a deadly infection caused by the same bloody death eater who casted a spell at her ten years ago when she was pregnant.

She was fighting that infection for ten years and now it's the time for the infection to win. But she was glad that his son was not physically affected by the infection. She grabbed Ron's face and bring it closer to kiss his cheeks and forehead.

She was going to die...But she was dying happily. Because she had given everything she had to his son before her life is going to be taken away. Last ten years she taught everything she could teach him as a mother. And she was happy.

"Mom...Plzzze don't...go-go..". Ron was sobbing.

" My little Ronnie, look here son. It's my time to go. Everyone must leave this world one day. Mummy has to go." Molly said.

"No!... You can't.." Ron whispered while hiccuping.

"Now look here RONALD WEASLEY" Molly said in her scolding voice and smiled a little when she saw Ron looking at her.

"I have to go...And it's the time you have to live yourself Ron. You know the world outside is filled with darkness and a little light. Voldemort is gone. But it doesn't mean that the darkness left...There are Angels and Devils in the world...And you my son... You're a little devil, you know that right?'"

Ron nodded chuckling a little.

"You, my little devil, must be there for the angels. You'll be an odd one out there. And be happy to be like that. Where is the fun when everyone are being the same good man nice type guys yeah?" Molly asked.

Ron nodded kissing her forehead.

"Ron, don't you ever Dare listen what others are saying. Just do what it,..." She pointed at his chest "...tells you to do."

"Yes Mum, I will" Ron whispered loudly, while grabbing his mother's hands.

"And know one thing dear...If you have a dream to chase, nothing in the world can stop you..." Molly Weasley said.

Ron watched his mother shudder slightly... She was still...Her brown eyes lost its gleaming...She was gone...

Molly Weasley is dead.

Ron sobbed hard into his mother's chest. He couldn't tolerate the faith. He can never make her laugh again...He could never ever gets that Bone crushing hug..

He didn't noticed his godmother walking to him until she put her hands on his shoulder. He hugged his godmother like his life is dependent on her.

Minerva McGonagall looked at Molly Weasley while soothing her godson. She lived a great life. Molly Weasley was the strongest and bravest woman she had ever seen.

Now she looked back at her godson. He was brought into the world by none other than Molly Weasley. And the ten year little boy is brave and clever than any other children she has seen of his age.

Ron is going to be in Hogwarts next year.

Every Weasley died in the war except Molly and Ron. Even though there are many Weasleys, Ron was the youngest one. And now Molly is gone..And he is the last one of their genes... He's the last one of Arthur and Molly.

She had no idea what is going to happen next. A new chapter is opened for Ron.

Merlin help Ron Weasley...

Molly Weasley is dead. And Ron is going to Hogwarts next year or not. It's his journey in his own ways.

Just because Molly died, doesn't mean she is not anymore in the story. She is the key character. Ron's memory with Molly will be represented in his future journey . His journey includes the canon characters and it's plot except other Weasleys.

Ron is not powerful, he is just the ordinary real Ron. His fate is changed a little. And I really want to characterize Ron as himself rather than giving him any special power.

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