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No matter how many times Toshinori found himself in this position, it would never become any less uncomfortable.

Currently in his true, sickly form, sitting across from Nezu's desk in the principal's office, growing increasingly more nervous with each passing moment of silence, the number 1 hero felt every bit like the teenager he had been decades ago, and one that was in deep shit, at that…

The fact that, despite the diminutive being before him being smarter than most humans, his facial structure simply was not made for conveying emotions like humans usually would, only added to the tension of being looked at by those beady black eyes, because for all Toshinori could tell Nezu's mood could be anything from genuinely chipper to a thorough planning of his imminent and most excruciating demise. The hero had a sinking suspicion the principal was well aware of this fact and was not above abusing it to unnerve people…

"Now then," Nezu suddenly cut through his nervous musings, as he took a dainty little sip from a cup of tea. "Quite the pickle you put yourself in today, uh, All Might? It does not paint a very good picture of the latest member of our school's staff to be forced to sit out his teaching duties so early on in the year."

"I really have no excuse…" The gaunt man said contritely, not quite managing to meet the mouse(?)'s steady stare. "I just… found so many different incidents happening during my commute and… I couldn't help it. I just can't leave people in trouble."

"Indeed, quite a busy morning you've had. Three robberies, two hostage situations, four villain rampages and one cat stuck in a tree. Your dedication to helping your fellow man is one of the many reasons why you can be considered the greatest hero in history." Nezu praised with a nod as he brought up the latest news feed in his computer screen. "But in this one instance, I must point out it worked against you. Had you trusted your fellow heroes present at each of said incidents enough to handle things without you, you would not have spent most of your time for today, you would have arrived on time, and would be teaching Class 1-A with Eraserhead and Thirteen right now. You are the Symbol of Peace that keeps our current society stable, All Might, but I was under the impression that this whole arrangement was meant to ease people off from depending on you."

Even if there had been no evident disapproval or reproach in his words, they still made Toshinori flinch, each and every one of them feeling like a punch to the gut, making him feel miniscule even though, even while seated, he towered over the principal.

"You are completely correct." The number 1 hero admitted with a sigh. "My time is coming to an end, and the best thing I can do is ensure those who come after will be able to bear the burden left behind. But still, what one knows rationally and what one feels in the heat of the moment are two very different things…"

"That is a fair point." Nezu conceded. "But as you said yourself, that is why you're here. And it is becoming readily apparent that you need to learn just as much as you need to teach. Have some faith in both your colleagues, present and future, and everyone else as well."

"I'll… keep that in mind." Toshinori replied. Even if he would never regret helping someone in need, he had to admit that the mouse(?) had a point. His focus these days needed to be elsewhere, and on that front he had dropped the ball.

"Speaking of," The principal continued, apparently deciding the gaunt man had been admonished enough. "What are your thoughts on the students so far?"

"I believe that they are full of potential." The number 1 hero said without hesitation, happy for the change in topic. "Obviously, they are just starting out and rough around the edges, but I am sure that by the time they leave U.A. each one of them will be a fine hero."

"Indeed, we are in agreement on that. But did anyone in particular catch your attention?"

It didn't take a genius intellect to know what the principal was getting at.

"No, not yet." Toshinori replied pensively. There were a few of the students that clearly carried the proper mindset to be the kind of hero the world needed. Among the first years, Young Kirishima and young Asui came to mind, and among the third years there was that Togata boy that Nighteye had finally contacted him after years to recommend, although he'd yet to see why for himself. However, although… he was no longer a threat that would endanger his successor, even though he knew that his time as a hero was nearing its end… Whenever the thought of picking a successor came to his mind, he remembered his own mentor, how she had seen something in him that nobody else had seen. And try as he might, the number 1 hero didn't think he had seen that something yet. Or rather, he had, but…

"Truly? And what of Midoriya, then?" Nezu asked, for once seemingly intrigued at an unexpected response. "It was my understanding that you have grown quite close to the boy, even before the year started. Is he not in your sights?"

Bearing the kind of intellect that allowed him to be so many steps ahead of everyone else he was playing 4D-chess while they were still stuck at checkers, Nezu was not the kind of person that was easily surprised…


…Which was all the more reason why the phylogenetically ambiguous animal could only blink owlishly in confusion when All Might suddenly and rather unexpectedly burst into a bout of uproarious laughter at his inquiry. He laughed long, he laughed hard, and perhaps more oddly he laughed without his damaged lungs showing any sign of strain, no bloody coughs. He just laughed and laughed and laughed until…

"AHAHAHAHAHA-Absolutely not." The hero said, going from barely able to stay seated to going ramrod straight with a look of utter, deadly seriousness faster than any speed quirk could ever match. "Don't get me wrong, young Midoriya will become an amazing hero in his own right, and I would be lying if I said the thought did not cross my mind. But he is… well, he is far too reckless, far too chaotic, and far too quick to resort to violence. If I were to give him One for All, he'd be as likely to break himself as he would to break whoever faced him. Not to mention I shudder to think of the costs of the ensuing property damage. We'd probably have to redraw the maps of the region at least a few times each week…"

"I see." Nezu said, for once sounding genuinely if rather mildly surprised. "For all that you deem him unsuitable, you show a lot of faith in his capacity to be a hero and a lot of interest in his progress. How come?"

"Well…" Toshinori hesitated, considering how best to put his reasons into words. "It is because I've seen it for myself."

He then gave the principal a quick recounting of his second meeting with his kinda sorta protégé, something he hadn't revealed to anyone else yet.

"…I am not often in the position of being the one who needs aid, Nezu, but in that moment, Young Midoriya jumped in to help with no hesitation. For all his shortcomings, at the end of the day, the boy is the kind of person that just wants to do the right thing." The gaunt man stated with conviction. "Sure, his methods may be a bit… extreme at times, but I believe he deserves the chance as much as anyone else, and moreover I believe he will excel now that he was given that chance."

"Hhm." The principal hummed as he put a paw to his chin in ponderation. "Honestly, with the reports I have received about the boy, I find myself agreeing with your assessment. Midoriya certainly knows how to make an impression."

Understatement of the century, in Toshinori's opinion.

"At any rate, I won't press you regarding that matter for now." Nezu continued, a glint in his beady eyes that immediately put the number 1 hero on edge. "Regarding your continued inability to delegate, however, I believe another lecture might be in order, and I am all too happy to provide."

Oh crap, just as he was beginning to think he had managed to navigate away from this…

Where was a villain attack when you needed one?

Suddenly, the door to the principal's office slammed open, what he assumed to be one of Ectoplasm's clones barging in, everything about him screaming alarm.

"Principal! I found one of class 1-A's students rushing back into campus. He says USJ is under attack by villains!"



Shigaraki's shock at seeing the armored brat not only very much alive, but apparently eager for more as he came bearing down on the villains sadly did not last long enough.

"Noumu, grab him." He hissed out angrily.

The mindless monster complied, with a burst of speed meeting the kid halfway and pinning him with a bear hug from which the little shit had no possibility of breaking free.

"You are becoming a really big torn in my side, brat." The gruesomely masked villain commented with a fake calm that just faintly veiled the fury he was feeling. "Credit where it is due, your mini-boss encounter had a few surprising phases, but just charging back in was a stupid move."

"Shows wot ya know, ya dumb git." The brat grunted, amidst his struggles against the Noumu's grasp, grinning ferally as he looked straight at the villain. Wait… no, not straight at- "It'z called a distraction."



A loud explosion followed the bellow, and a cry of pain followed that. Shigaraki turned, to see Kurogiri flat on his face, with two more brats standing over him, one blonde with the palms of his hands still smoking and a larger, multi-armed one.

"Oi, tentacles." The first one said, after throwing a quick, stern glare around the plaza and assessing the situation. "Keep this smoky fucker pinned. He won't be able to do shit if we have is actual body trapped."

Nodding without a word, the latter picked up the disoriented smoky villain, all six hands clasped around the metal plate around his neck.

"I would not make a single move, if I were you." The masked student stated warningly to the villain in his grasp, the low, metallic groan of buckling metal emphasizing the implied threat. "I would hate to be forced to take drastic measures."

"…Useless. Fucking useless, Kurogiri." Shigaraki snarled, glancing back at his one still free underling. "Noumu, crus-"

Before the villain could finish his command, several things happened in quick succession.

The blond brat came blasting straight at him.

Its deeply ingrained commands to protect Shigaraki at all costs triggered, the Noumu dropped the armored brat and made to once again become a meat shield…

…Only for said brat to lash out with his claw, lopping off one of the Noumu's legs at the knee, causing the monster to loose balance just as it was beginning its dash and topple forward, face planting with enough force to carve a small trench on the ground.

Which left a reeling Shigaraki wide open to an explosive palm strike straight to the torso, which sent the villain flying a good few meters and skipping a few times across the ground, dislodging some of the hands that covered him in the process.

Using the recoil of the detonation for momentum, the ashen blond twisted through the air and landed right next to the armored boy, the both of them standing between the Noumu and the other students behind them.

"Deku." He grunted in grudging acknowledgement.

"Katsu." Izuku replied in casual greeting.

"You look like shit." Katsuki retorted crassly after sparing the green-haired boy a somewhat less than murderous glare.

"And you'ze late to dah party." The armored boy fired back with a cheeky, bloodied grin. "Wuz startin' tah wonder if you'ze wuz gonna show at all."

The explosive teen did not deign to retort, muttering obscenities under his breath. Izuku, for his part, glanced back to the others, who were all staring at him with varying degrees of wide-eyed disbelief.

"Oi, wot'z you guys still doin' here?" He called out, as if he had just now noticed the group and was honestly surprised by it.

"Midoriya…?" Momo, snapping out of her shock, ventured slowly, staring at him with a concern that honestly confused him. "Are you all right?"

"'Course." He replied as if it was obvious. "Why wuldn't I?"

"…You just got punched really, really hard, ribbit." Tsuyu helpfully provided, her usually blank expression for once sharing in the general surprise, even her little croak taking a concerned tone.

"Pssh, dat little knock? Nnnahh." The green-haired boy dismissed with a snort, as if he hadn't just gotten hit by a blow that by all rights should've plastered him across the plaza. "Mah force field took dah brunt'of it, didn't feel a fing. An'it dun really matter, anyway. You guys go'n get dah boss out o'here, Katsu'n Octoboy an I'z gotcha covered."

Momo made to reply, but to everyone's surprise Katsuki beat her to the punch.

"The crazy bastard's got the right idea." The ashen blond stated, spitting the words as if they were something disgusting. "Most of you lot can't do shit against these jackasses, and Sensei's pretty much dead weight. Get him out of here while we keep the fuckers pinned."

Crass as his words were, they seemed to do the trick.

"Alright." The pony-tailed girl conceded reluctantly. "But please, be more careful, especially you, Midoriya…"

With that, and one last, concerned look, she turned and began leading the others back towards the entrance, away from all the action.

Unfortunately, the whole exchange took too long, as it allowed Shigaraki the time to scramble around on all fours as he desperately looked for the hand that had covered his face.

"Father, father, father, I'm sorry, father…" He kept on mumbling as he searched frantically, acting rather mentally disturbed to anyone paying attention, until he found the morbid item and once again pressed it against his face, sighing as if such a gruesome thing could actually be soothing. Then, acting calm once again, though it was not fooling anyone, smoke still billowing from his ruined shirt and burned torso, the villain turned to glare venomously at Izuku and Katsuki.

"I'm going to enjoy making you two suffer." He growled hatefully. "Noumu! What are you waiting for?! Get up and crush them!"

Having regenerated its missing limb during all this, the inhuman creature immediately got up from its comically slumped position and turned, roaring at the duo as it made to swing a fist at them…

…Only to suddenly find itself frozen in place as a wave of ice came crashing into it from the side and surrounding it in thick layers, leaving only the head exposed.

"Sorry I'm late." Todoroki announced his arrival in his usual passive, cold tone as he approached the scene, going to stand next to Shoji with a nod of acknowledgement to those present.

"Eh, gud goin', Frosty boy." Izuku chuckled as he spared the scarred teen an amused look, which then turned again to Shigaraki. "Dis really ain't yer day, Facepalmy git."

The villain, in the process of assessing this new development, went very still, only the occasional twitch betraying the rage that was close to reaching the boiling point. Slowly, the villain brought his hands to his neck and began scratching at it, going at it faster and faster in time with the increasingly louder growl of frustration.

"…Are you fucking kidding me?" He hissed has the skin around his throat turned red and raw under the assault. "How can the party I brought along be this damn incompetent?! Sure, most of them were just cheap, disposable mooks, but to be so utterly incapable of getting rid of a bunch of snot-nosed brats!? Brats that should've been shitting their pants and crying for mercy instead of being such op secret mini-bosses? …Doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense, DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!"

"Say, Katsu." Izuku commented, after a few moments of bearing witness to the breakdown. "Dis git'z goin' kinda crazy, ain'he?"

The sudden, innocent question, earned him a brief, disbelieving stare from the explosive teen, which quickly turned back to his trademark glaring scowl.

"No fucking shit, Deku." The ashen blond growled, his tone heavy with a sentiment of 'are you fucking stupid? What am I saying, of course you are'.

"Ah, gud. I wuz wonderin' if it wuz just me finkin' dat. Ya guys fink so too, roigt?" The armored teen casually inquired, turning his gaze towards Todoroki and Shoji. Caught off-guard by the sudden question, the taciturn duo blinked in unison, before giving a single, uncertain nod in reply.

"Wot'bout you'ze guys-"

"You know what, fuck this, I'm rage quitting." The villain growled. "Noumu! Get out of there and free Kurogiri!"

To Todoroki's surprise, the ice encasing the creature shook and cracked as it broke free, going about it with so little regard for its own safety that the horrific sound of rending flesh filled the air as chunks of its body remained stuck to the frosty prison, skin and muscle peeling away and regenerating with gruesome swiftness.

Before it could act on the command however, Izuku took aim at Shigaraki and fired, the Noumu once again ignoring all orders to place itself between the attack and the villain.

"JUST HOW MANY ROUNDS DID YOU PACK IN THAT THING?!" The hand-covered villain bellowed in frustrated rage, over the roaring machine gun, from behind his convenient cover. "ARE YOU RUNNING AN INFINITE AMMO CHEAT CODE OR WHAT?!"

"OI, AIN'T NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH DAKKA, YA FACEPALMY GIT!" Izuku retorted with conviction, for dakka was serious business. Unfortunately, and as much as he would have wished otherwise, Izuku did not, in fact, have infinite dakka. And even without the data screens of his lost helmet to show him, he knew that his dakka reserves were not gonna last much longer, and with it gone he'd loose the leverage to keep birdbrain from going after the others.

Thus considering his options, and with much reluctance…

"I fink it'z about time we'z finished dis." He stated sourly, not really happy with the conclusion.

"If you have any ideas to get past that fucking regeneration, you shitty nerd, I am all ears." Katsuki grunted, smart enough to come to much the same conclusion that this needed to end fast.

"Oh, dontcha worry, I haz a kunnin' plan." The armored boy replied with a grin, which, while he'd never admit it, sent a shiver down the ashen blond's spine…

With a series of clicks and a hissing noise, the shimmering, transparent field that surrounded his body faded, the lower half of the contraption strapped to the mega armor's back popping open and dropping what appear to be a car battery, if one marred the several, green glowing cracks and little sparks of green electricity. In a surprising display of flexibility for a suit so bulky, the boy managed to swing his clawed arm back and catch it before it hit the ground.

"Oi, Frosty!" He called out loudly, causing the red-and-white-haired boy to glance his way. "When I stop shootin', do dah ice fing again. Put a spike thru itz gut!"

Raising a confused eyebrow at the odd request, the second recommended student of the class nonetheless complied. As soon as the machine gun fell silent, another wave of ice surged forward, one that was smaller, more focused and less indiscriminate. Shigaraki promptly dove out of the way with a loud curse, while the Noumu turned to face the incoming attack just as a massive spear of ice jutted out of the pavement right in front of it at an angle, impaling the creature right through the gut with such force it was lifted off the ground.

For a few moments, the Noumu stared dumbly down as its blood begun dripping down the icy construct. Then, with a surprising show of initiative, it struck at the spike with a hammer blow, shattering it into pieces as its feet hit ground again, leaving a gaping but swiftly closing hole in its torso for all to see.

"Dat'll do." Izuku grunted. "Errybody clear out! WAAAAAAAAAGH!"

Bellowing his war cry, the boy charged, rushing towards the Noumu, crossing the distance between them with deceiving swiftness. And before anyone could figure out what was he thinking, the boy shoved his clawed hand into the hole in the monster's gut just as it was closing, effectively trapping himself as the regenerating flesh grew around it.

"Noumu!" Shigaraki called out, eyes wide in disbelief. "What are you doing?! KILL THE BRAT!"

To the alarm of all the students watching, the monster obeyed, raising its arms with the clear intent to crush the armored boy just as it had the ice before. Some, like Todoroki and Katsuki, even scrambled to do anything to stop it, crackles of fire and misty frost billowing from their hands…

…And meanwhile, Izuku just stared up into the soulless eyes of the monstrous villain before him, a downright nasty grin on his face.


He clenched his claw as tight as he could, earning a satisfying crack.

And the Noumu froze. Slowly, uncomprehendingly the beast looked down at the arm sticking out of its torso, to notice the odd, green glow that was beginning to shine there.

A glow that grew and grew in intensity until the entire body of the creature was radiating green light from within. With a groan that somehow sounded both confused, pained and nauseated, the Noumu's head and arms' started rolling backwards in and oddly stiff, twitchy manner. To the confusion of everyone watching, the creature's gut began bulging and distending…

Katsuki, having the unfortunate distinction of being closest to the scene, was quick to recognize the signs.

"TAKE FUCKING COVER!" He yelled in uncharacteristic alarm, about turning and dashing away. Shigaraki looked at him go in confusion, while Todoroki and Shoji, being further behind, recognized the abnormality in the abrasive teen's reaction and swiftly took several steps backwards. Momo, Tsuyu and the others carrying the injured Aizawa, at this point at the far end of the plaza by the base of the crater Izuku had left behind at the stairs, looked back upon the scene at the words.

They saw the Noumu turned into a literal, bulging sphere, as if someone had somehow inflated the creature like a balloon…

…Until, much like a balloon, it burst, unleashing a flash of blinding green light which forced everyone to look away. From within the creature an orb of translucent green light extended outwards, slamming into both Izuku and the flabbergasted Shigaraki and sending them flying as it grew, while the shockwave that followed knocked the other three nearby students to the ground.

Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the odd energy faded, leaving behind a gaping, smoking crater that occupied roughly a fourth of the plaza.

Tentatively, Momo opened her eyes, witnessing the scene in complete and utter shock…


A voice close to her right called out triumphantly, drawing her attention and that of those besides her to the figure haphazardly getting up from where he had crashed to the ground. Honestly, it was a wonder how he could even be standing at all.

His already dented armor looked like it was seconds away from falling apart, his power claw reduced to a charred stump that the pony-tailed girl could've almost sworn she saw his actual, blackened fingers poking out from, and his entire front was quite literally dyed crimson in blood.

And yet despite all this, despite how battered and beaten he looked, despite how it seemed that a slight breeze would be enough to topple him over, Midoriya was still staring at the devastation he had just wrought with a wide, triumphant grin.

"Regenahrate dat, ya birdbrain git!"

As the words registered, Momo, blinked, realizing with a glance around the area that the villain in question was nowhere to be found… And damn near shrieked in terror when something landed right in from of her with a wet splat, something that turned the terror into horrified disgust when she realized it was Noumu's head. Not helped by the fact that all around the crater fell its arm, its legs, what might have been its spleen, and other assorted viscera…

Mineta and Sato lost their lunch. She couldn't really fault them for the reaction…

At that point, Bakugou, Todoroki and Shoji also got up, the former looking around in what seemed to be resigned annoyance while the latter two looked as surprised as she felt.

Then she noticed with some alarm that the misty villain was no longer in the multi-armed boy's grip.

"Tomura Shigaraki!"

Rather he popped into existence right next to his apparent superior, who was currently writhing in pain on the ground as he grasped his shoulder, probably a result of his rough tumble and landing.

"Ffffuuuuuuuccccckkk…" He groaned, brushing aside the misty form's attempt to help him up as he did it himself, and surveyed the scene with an expression of almost blank incomprehension, before his gaze fell on Midoriya. "…No way. No way in hell. We had it all planned out, we had the perfect All Might counter prepared. And a snot-nosed little shit like you took the Noumu down?! Hax, I call hax. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING, YOU DIRTY HAX CHEATER!"

"Oh, now you'ze just bein' a poor sport," Midoriya retorted disapprovingly, staring back at the villain with a genuinely disappointed expression, like an adult lecturing a petulant child. "Not me fault yer so called "Anti-All Moigt" git wasn't up tah snuff. Dun go blamin' me fer not preparin' gud enuff."

"RAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" The villain roared in sheer, unadulterated hatred at the retort. "KUROGIRI! WE ARE NOT LEAVING WITH THAT BRAT ALIVE!"

The misty villain did not seem too enthused with his superior's blind rage, but with commendable wisdom and patience he did not speak against it, and understanding the unspoken implications of the command, opened a small portal in front the gruesomely masked villain's uninjured arm.

Alarm shot through the students when they noticed another small portal opening in front of Midoriya's face, and Shigaraki's hand closed in, the teen too beaten and unsteady to move or avoid the approaching peril.

Bakugou charged at the villains, Todoroki made to throw another wave of ice, Tsuyu's tongue shot out in an attempt to pull Midoriya out of the way, but even as they tried, they knew they would not make it on time…

…And then the doors of the dome blasted inwards, smoke and debris flying everywhere and drawing everyone's attention to the ruined entrance. And through the dust cloud, the imposing figure of All Might came walking in.

"It's all right now." The number 1 hero said his customary catchphrase, and for once, as this was the first time that, as far as any of the students could remember, the symbol of peace looked positively enraged, the words came across as chilling rather than reassuring… "For I am here."

"…Are you fucking kidding me?!" Shigaraki cried out in frustrated outrage. "Now that we've wiped is when he decides to show up?! What kind of bullshit-"

Alas, amidst all his shock and anger and frustration at how all of his plans fell through in a most spectacular manner, the gruesomely-masked villain overlooked one tiny yet ever so crucial detail.

That being that he left his hand within Izuku's limited range of movement.


"-YYEEAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!" The villain's ramblings were cut off as he screamed in agony, pulling his hand back out of the portal and clutching it close to his chest, staring wide-eyed at the index and middle fingers that were now missing a joint each.

The green-haired boy spat the missing phalanges to the ground, once again drawing the villain's attention. Then, with a deliberate, taunting slowness, his red eyes firmly locked with Shigaraki's own, he rose his armored foot.

"Don't you fucking dare-!"

Blank-faced, much like a cat that had been caught in the act but carried on regardless, Midoriya brought it stomping down, to a sickening crunching noise.


His mad ramblings were cut short as Kurogiri apparently decided that it was finally time to just cut their losses and leave, a cloud of purplish black mist enveloping the duo. But just before they vanished completely…

"Bye, Facepalmy git! Dun be a stranger now!" Midoriya called out cheerfully, his wide grin growing just a tad cheeky.


And with that, the two villains were gone, leaving their unconscious and incapacitated underlings to their fate, and silence fell over the USJ, many of the students allowing themselves a sigh of relief as they realized the ordeal was over.

"So!" Midoriya suddenly broke the silence. "Dat wuz fun, right? Ya fink rescue lessons' always gun be like dis?"

Every student within earshot except for Bakugou stared at him like they just now came to the realization that he was completely out of his mind. The ashen blond in question and All Might merely facepalmed in resignation.


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