Donna, Bailey, Samantha, Sydney, Payton, and Emma were on their way to a magical store near Sesame Street. "Now," she said, "Nat says that we need to check out the new toy line to promote the fashion company, "The Solo Stars"

"Kind of funny that it has your last name in it," Emma said.

Inside, there were numerous toys. One of a kind dolls were on shelves, trains were choo-choosing around the place, trikes and bikes were stacked up, waiting to be sold. Then out of the blue, a mysterious elderly man came in. He was, "Mr. Edward Magorium". "Welcome to my Emporium."

"I know you," Bailey said, "You were an old friend of my grandpa, Og Murrow"

"And your his grandkid, "Bailey," Mr. M said, "The one who hulas."

"And the biggest fan of-" Bailey replied.

"-Donalie Solo" they both shouted at the same time.

"I remember you from when I was a kid," Donna replied, "That's where I get most of my childhood toys. Including my Out of This World Rainbow Monkey."

They heard someone playing Clair De Lune on the piano. By the toy instruments, they saw a woman with really short hair, "That's one of our most loyal employees, "Molly Mahoney" Mr. M explained, "She plays the piano here every now and again to brighten up the place.

Donna looked closely at Molly and noticed that she looked like her great-grandmother when she was alive.

"We've been having a little trouble lately without finances, nobody is coming to my store anymore." Mr. M explained, "I've been running this place since 1830 on Sesame Street."

Everyone, but Donna was shocked to see that Mr. M was nearly 200 years old, "But," Samantha said, "How is that possible."

Mr. M looked with a smiled and said, "I'm magic. I was once part of the warlock council. My special power is that I can make toys magical."

"About this financial troubles," Emma said, "We heard you're doing a new toy line called, "The Solo Stars"

Mr. M showed the girls the toys they have. They were 6 teenage girls that look kind of familiar. "They look like us," Sydney said.

"That's because they are you in doll form." Mr. M smiled, "Word got out about your little mishaps in Rosewood, PA. You girls are a smash hit on the east coast."

Then he looks to Molly, "I know we're in debt," he said to his most loyal employee, "But I want to give you a little something."

He gives her a wooden box called "The Congreve Cube" he said that it will guide her to a new life and adventure if she has faith in it.

Molly didn't know what he meant.