I decided to try a new way of updating- using shorter blurbs and glimpses into the AU over long oneshot style things. We'll see how that goes. XD


General Studies was amazing. It was challenging. The course adapted to his mind, the teachers were willing to work with him, and Izuku was having a good time.

He woke up every morning and Chizome helped to put him through his paces, he got to go to school where he had friends, and was thriving.

Which- yeah, he didn't have many friends, but it was still more than he was used to. Shinsou was amazing.

It was also a shock to learn the school had kept his Quirkless status under wraps. The media hadn't gotten a hold of it, none of his classmates knew he didn't have a quirk, and the teachers who did know were treating him fairly. His classmates were under the impression his deduction skills were his quirk.

Izuku had learned from his last experience. If his classmates wanted to think he had a quirk, he'd let them. He never confirmed or denied that it was true after all. He just put his all into his course work. He wanted into the Hero Course.

Did he believe in Heroes?

Not...not the way he had. Not the way he used to. But having a hero license would allow him access to support items, allow him to create a base of operations for others and himself. It would allow him to fight back legally. Would give him a way to fight the system from inside.

Once he had explained his views to Shinsou, the purple haired boy had sworn to help. He'd lived the system after all- knew what 'villainous quirks' and those who had them were treated like. That he would be able to become a hero and help those like him, help true heroes shine in the system, help to rework it from the inside beside Midoriya?

Shinsou didn't hesitate.

They would change the world, and do it together.

It helped that Chizome and his Mom were willing to help him be that change.

Sure, he was walking a fine line, being introduced to Chizome's contacts, and building his own, but...it would be worth it.

It would all be worth it, if he could change the world the way he was planning. If he could give those like him, and like Shinsou- those called 'useless' and 'villains in the making' for their lack of quirks or the inclination society believed a quirk had….

He was so tired of...all of it. How stagnant and still the world seemed to be in regards to quirks.

The way the world preached Heroes and Villains, how they limited how and when and who could use their quirks...how they viewed quirks in regards to people.

What was the point?

Somebody with a quirk was going to have that quirk the rest of their lives. Outlawing the use of them was like...like outlawing black hair. It wasn't going to change that people were born with black hair.

The laws should have been updated decades ago, when they realized that quirks weren't just a random thing, but a spreading evolution of humans. Eighty percent of the world's population had these extra abilities. Why didn't the laws reflect that?

It wasn't that Izuku didn't want laws in place to prevent abusing a quirk, but just- kids should be getting classes on using their quirks, what was okay and not okay to do with them, should be able to play and enjoy them, It wasn't something that should be hidden away.

More than that though, Izuku wanted-needed- the laws to change in regards to Quirk Discrimination and the Quirkless.

He'd lived with that bias, and the harm it could cause for years, and having met Shinsou-kun? He'd been witnessing the negative half of the discrimination up close. Kacchan had been the opposite problem, showing what favoring a quirk over others could- would- do to the mind of a child.

If he had to cause enough of a stir- by becoming famous, or planting the ideas into the up and coming heroes to have that happen then he would.

If he had to follow Stain and his mother into the Underworld and reach out to those like them, build a safe place and network of those like them? He would.

Most of the Quirkless were discriminated against or pushed so hard they ended up in the Underworld. Those that escaped that fate were lucky and few in number compared to the rest. Those with 'villain' quirks faced the same problems.

Most often they banded together in the bad parts of town.

Izuku was willing and able to get to them, accepted among them with Shinsou, because he- they were like them. That he had succeeded in getting into UA, Japan's largest most influential high school?

Well Izuku wasn't the only one that wanted to see change in the world. Those who shared his line of thinking, those who saw what he did, they would surely support him.