This story begins a month after the Blood of Olympus (so it ignores Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo) and eight months before The Phantom Menace begins.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or Star Wars. Done for fun.

Chapter 1: I Make a Stupid Wish

This all started with me making a wish. Most people can ignore the cliché saying "Be careful what you wish for," but when you're the demigod son of Poseidon, and annoying Greek gods enjoy messing with your life for entertainment, your wishes might actually come true.

I was having a rough year. But that's what happens when your immortal aunt kidnaps you, puts you to sleep for four months, takes all your memories, and then sends you across the world to battle Giants, only for you to return just in time to protect your home from monsters and stop the evil primordial earth goddess Gaea. Though truthfully, this had been a tough year for all the demigods. We were all slowly recovering after losing many good friends in the war. Everyone was doing their best to honor the fallen and work for a better future. Some of the Roman demigods had stayed to help the Greeks rebuild Camp Half-Blood and within a few weeks all the cabins were repaired. You've got to love that Roman engineering. It was nice to see the two sides working together and trying to mend centuries of conflict. I knew it wouldn't happen over-night, but hopefully, the new exchange program between the Greek Camp Half-Blood and the Roman Camp Jupiter would be a success.

By the end of summer, campers had resumed their usual activities of climbing the lava rock wall, flying pegasi, playing capture the flag, and singing campfire songs, but I was ready to leave. I was tired of all the stares, of the hushed silence that followed me around like a shadow. Only members of the Argo II treated me like normal and of course Clarisse still called me "punk" whenever she could. Everyone else gawked at me like I was some kind of alien. Chiron, my mentor, the immortal trainer of heroes, and the camp's activity director, said the other campers meant it as a sign of respect and thought I was a living legend, the new Hercules so to speak. However, I hated it. I did not deserve their hero worship. I had let Leo die and failed to save so many others, not to mention that small, dark part of me that had enjoyed choking the poison goddess Akhyls on her own poison and tears in Tartarus. Plus, Hercules was such a jerk. I hoped I would never be like that. But finally, I was going to get a well-deserved break because today for the first time in eight months, I would be going home to my mom and Paul. My girlfriend Annabeth and I had decided to spend our last year of high school together in New York before heading to New Rome for college. I grabbed my packed bag including the emergency demigod essentials (non-perishable foods, cannister of nectar, squares of ambrosia, lots of drachmas to stay in touch with my Roman and Greek friends) and headed to the Athena cabin.

I knocked on the door of the silvery cabin, and I swear, the owl over the door glared at me with its onyx eyes as if to remind me that Athena was watching and did not approve. As usual, I didn't hear anything since children of Athena always seemed much too busy to ever answer their door, so I stepped inside. "Hello? Ready to go?" I called.

I got a "Hmm, that's nice" as a reply which is Annabeth's default response whenever she's too engrossed in something to bother with an actual reply. Annabeth was working on Daedalus' Laptop 2.0. Daedalus' original laptop was lost in Tartarus, but like any smart girl, my Wise Girl had backed everything up on a special external hard drive including the original schematics. By the end of summer, she and members of the Hephaestus cabin were able to build a replacement.

Making sure to stay out of judo-flipping range, I grabbed a pillow from a nearby bunk and threw it at Annabeth's head. She whirled around just in time and caught it before it hit her. Then, she charged at me. I put my arms up to protect my head from the onslaught of pillow swings and laughed as I retreated until I fell on the bed behind me. Annabeth jumped on top and continued to whack me until I said, "Okay, okay, I surrender."

"That's what I thought, Seaweed Brain." She bent over and kissed me.

I smiled up at her as she pulled away. "Ready to go, Wise Girl?"

"I just need to pack up the laptop. I was helping Jason design the new temples for the minor gods." For those of you who don't know, my girlfriend is an amazing architect. She even redesigned Olympus after it was trashed during the second Titan war. I waited till she gathered her things, and we headed to the camp boarder where Argus, the camp's many-eyed security guard, was waiting for us with the camp van at Thaila's tree. I paused at the tree and glanced back at the camp. For some reason, I got a feeling that it would be a long time before I saw it again. I shook my head and told myself, snap out of the doom and gloom, Percy. The good guys won, and you will have a nice peaceful break and can visit camp on the weekends. What could go wrong? Yeah, after five years in the Greek world, I should have known better than to even think that question.

We asked Argus to drop us off at one of those cute little towns between camp and New York City. Annabeth and I had a great, romantic afternoon together. We had lunch at a nice little Italian restaurant, looked at all the shops in the town, walked around a marina, and relaxed at the local park. Even though I couldn't wait to see my mom again, Annabeth and I had decided that we needed an afternoon for just the two of us, something we hadn't done since that lunch in Rome before Annabeth's solo death quest. Also, I was a little worried about telling my mom what happened. I tried to give her the Spark Notes version of my quests and downplay the dangerous stuff. But she would always get this really sad look in her eyes, and I hated that I was the reason it was there. I didn't even know how I would bring up Tartarus, "So my girlfriend fell into the eternal pit of damnation, and I decided to be a gentleman and jump in after her," didn't seem to cut it. As we left the park heading to catch the train to Manhattan, I put my arm around Annabeth and kissed her cheek. "I'm so glad we could do this before we got busy with parents, and school, and random monster attacks."

"Jeez, Seaweed Brain are you trying to jinx us. You know better than to say the 'M' word out loud when we are having a perfect afternoon together," she replied with a smile and leaned into me. "But I'm glad too." Then, she got this mischievous glint in her eye, "Especially since this is your last day of freedom. I've already got a detailed tutoring plan that will have you working harder than Sisyphus to get you caught up and through your SAT's." I groaned. You would think that defeating Titans and Giants would exempt you from standardized testing for the admission at the College of New Rome, but there are few things that Romans love more than standardization.

Suddenly, I got a prickly feeling at the back of my neck. I immediately dove to the ground, dragging Annabeth with me. WHIIIIISH! Something flew over our heads. We rolled in opposite directions to create two targets instead of one. As I got up and uncapped my ballpoint pen, Annabeth put on her magical Yankees cap and disappeared. Once uncapped, my seemingly ordinary ballpoint pen became my three-foot-long celestial bronze sword Riptide. I raised it just in time to parry three more spikes that were speeding right for my head, coming from a nearby cluster of trees. I had a weird sense of déjà vu. Whatever monster I was facing, I knew I had fought it before. I just had to remember.

Annabeth and I had fought together so many times that we knew what each other would do. By putting on her invisibility hat, Annabeth had entered stealth mode which meant I got to distract the beasty with my charm and sharp sword. "Here monster, monster, come out and play," I taunted.

A voice replied, "So the rumors are true, you have gotten cocky, and you will be that much easier to defeat. Perseus Jackson, we meet again."

"Uh-oh" As soon as the monster said my last name with his heavy French accent, I had a flash back to Westover Hall over two years ago, and I knew I was facing Dr. Thorn, aka the manticore, one of the few monsters that I had faced but didn't actually defeat.

Dr. Thorn stepped out of the shadows, his one brown eye and one glowing blue eye starring me down. While he slowly stalked toward me, he sneered, "Once again, I was denied glory. Gaea released me from Tartarus to lead her forces at the Strait of Corinth. But of course, you heroes chose the other way, so I was forced to make my way from Greece to America. Just so I could kill you. And I thought heroes were supposed to be brave."

I knew what he was talking about. As we were trying to get to Athens to stop Gaea from rising, the crew of the Argo II had to decide whether to take the direct route through the Strait of Corinth or the long route around the Peloponnese. After we found out that passing through the Strait of Corinth would be impossible due to Gaea's forces, we went the long route. "Wow, you crossed a whole ocean just to kill me! I feel honored. I guess you can jump up a few spots in the very long list of Beings Who Want to Kill Percy."

Dr. Thorn growled and continued to advance. "You have no hunters or wine gods to save you this time, Perseus Jackson, and once I have killed you, the strongest hero of the age, I will finally be feared and admired."

I got really ticked off after hearing that. I hated that monsters somehow thought that if they defeated me, it would elevate their status somehow. Like, was there a monster league score board somewhere that kept track of monster points? If so, I wondered if I could bet on it because hands down the Chimera should definitely be winning. Dr. Thorn shifted to his true form. His hands changed to orange paws with enormous claws. His body became a huge lion, and he launched another volley of missiles from his scorpion tail.

I knocked them away with my sword and charged. I had improved a lot in the last two years from training at camp and, you know, all of the near-death experiences. He was too strong to meet head on, so at the last second, I ducked under his extended fore claw and slashed Riptide at his stomach, quickly rolling away. At the same time, an invisible Annabeth must have hopped on his back and sliced her drakon bone sword across his neck because he roared and bucked throwing Annabeth to the ground. Her cap came off in the fall, and she hit the ground with a loud thunk, visible and dazed. Quick as a strike of lightning, the manticore's tail came down towards her. She barely rolled away, and the spikes grazed her shoulder. The tail was coming for a second attack while Annabeth struggled to scramble away. "No!" I leapt forward and slashed through the tail as it passed over the manticore's head. The manticore howled in pain and clumsily lunged at me with his claws. I brought Riptide up to block, followed by a quick side step and spin move. I was too close for him to use his claws now and quickly stabbed him straight through his side. He cried out, "Jackson you will …," and he proofed into monster dust before he could finish his threat.

I ran to Annabeth who was slowly standing up. "Annabeth, are you okay? Did he get you with the poison spike?"

She gave me a weak smile. "I'm okay Percy, just a small scratch, but it does burn."

I frowned at her. "You know, I'm the Seaweed Brain of this relationship. I'm the one who is supposed to do stupidly reckless things like jumping on a manticore's back, not you."

"Well, I had so much fun doing it the first time, I just had to do it again, and besides it's good to give you a taste of your own medicine every once in a while. Now you know how I feel when you're stupidly reckless all the time, Seaweed Brain."

"At least there were no cliffs for you to fall off of this time. Let me see your shoulder." It was just a scrape with a little bit of blood. I grabbed some bandages from my backpack and handed Annabeth my canister of nectar. She sipped a little from it to combat the effects of the poison running through her veins, but she was careful not to drink too much and spontaneously combust. I quickly cleaned out the cut and wrapped it up. "We were lucky. It could have been a lot worse," I said. Annabeth just squeezed my hand while we gathered up our stuff and headed to the train station though we had missed our train and would have to wait an hour.

I started ranting as we walked. "Ga! I'm so sick and tired of this. I mean is it too hard to ask for one afternoon without getting attacked. Monsters hunting me down just for the chance to kill the 'famous' Percy Jackson. For once, I wish we could live in a world where no one knows us, where we could be normal, where I could just be your boyfriend and not worried about attracting danger to the ones I love."

Annabeth pulled on my arm to stop me and brought her hands up to cup my face. She looked me right in the eye and said, "Seaweed Brain, there's nothing we can't handle as long as we are together." And then she kissed me. It was one of those deep kisses that instantly made me feel better and where I couldn't help but close my eyes.

The next thing I knew, we were surrounded by a glowing green vortex. I heard a cackle and then, "For the respect you have showed me and the other minor gods after the Titan war and for your sacrifices to defeat Gaea, I will grant your wish Perseus Jackson. For I am Nemesis, and I always pay my debts, good or evil."

Now, I may not be the smartest demigod, but one thing I knew very well was Murphy's Law. When Annabeth first explained it to me years ago, she said, "Murphy's Law is basically your life, Percy. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong." So, when a deity granted me a wish, it couldn't have been a friendly goddess like Tyche, the goddess of fortune and luck. No, it had to be Nemesis, goddess of vengeance, retribution, balance, and justice. Before I could say, "I'm only joking! It's really okay! You don't need to trouble yourself." Everything went black.

Nemesis cackled to herself. She paid a debt, taught a demigod a very important lesson, and who knew maybe in that other world he and the daughter of Athena would find some peace, at least for a time. Although the dimension she sent them to was far past the reach of the Greek gods, she had a special connection to it: powerful beings seeking revenge for a thousand years whereas the other side hoped for balance.

While the Jedi's definition of balance may be a little different than hers, she did understand the importance of returning the source of their power to its natural state without the contamination of what they called the dark side but what she knew was the power and influence of an ancient and powerful being from her world. However, the old foolish monks had become static and arrogant. With the help of the demigods, perhaps the Jedi could achieve their balance and defeat the looming darkness, but the Order would need to change their ways and accept the heroes. Otherwise, the Jedi would face her version of balance no matter the source of the dark side. Knowing how the willful son of Poseidon felt about arrogant beings who tried to control everything, she liked her chances. Either way, it was a win-win for her, balance or revenge.