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Falling from the ice, Son of Neptune shall drown. Ella's prophecy always bothers Percy even Frank and Hazel told Percy that the prophecy is incomplete, but he knew that something is wrong.

Percy is going on a the date with his smart-ass girlfriend, Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena. Percy Jackson is a son of Poseidon and the Crowned Prince of the Sea. He cannot even waited to go on the ice along with his Wise Girl.

"Percy...Do you think this is a good idea?" Annabeth asked, looking quite concerned.

Percy shrugged.

"I just check the water temperature last night, it like negative thirty one." Percy said. "Beside the ice can't break when the water is super frozen when the temperature is negative thirty one."

Annabeth nodded slowly, but still look very uneasy. "I suppose that your right, Seaweed Brain."

Percy grabbed Annabeth's hand to bring her to the ice to skate.

"S-Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth yelled playfully.

Percy laughed.

"Fear not I, Percy Jackson the Crowned Prince of the Sea, will protect you!" Percy said dramatically.

Annabeth rolled her eyes, but smiled.

Suddenly the ice cracked and Percy realized right away and only a millisecond later Percy pushes Annabeth away from the ice. The ice shattered and Percy took one last look at Annabeth's expression and he said with his final words to Annabeth:

"Wise Girl." And then he fall from the ice.

"Percy!" Annabeth screamed and running over to the broken ice, but somehow the ice rebuilt themself fast after Percy fell.

Percy POV

I tried to reach the surface, but somehow the dark abyss of the sea pulling me down from reaching the surface. I noticed that Annabeth is pounding the ice with her bare hands, but it's won't break, it's seemed like the ice is made of steel. She seems telling me something...That I cannot read.

Hey...I'm the son of a Poseidon, I cannot drown...

Dad...Poseidon...Please...Answer me...I pried to my father, but their is no answer.

I see...So, it's my destiny to drown into the bottom of lifeless sea? I thought and slowly losing my conscious.

I begin to drowning into the bottom of sea, I kept drowning further and further into the abyss until it threatens to swallow me whole.

Dad...Mom...Paul...Wise Girl...Everyone...Thanks you for everything...I left my final thought before my last breath.

I take my last breath with a small smile on my face until my body drowned and slowly drifted away into the bottom of the ocean.

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