Word Count: 579
Summary: Where is that song from?
Disclaimer: I don't own Crossing Jordan or the characters.

The music is playing softly on the background, as everyone walks around. No one knew from where the music was coming from, and after so long, no one cared. It was always the same song, on repeat, for at least the last hour.

When the blue-eyed detective appeared for the first time that day – which was surprising since he basically seemed to live there – he heard the song and started humming it. Once he entered Trace, he got in detective-mode and stopped. But the song was stuck on his mind for the rest of the day, and he kept trying to know from where he knew it from, but he got nowhere.

Later, when his shift was over and he could finally go home and sleep, he decided to go to the morgue to see if he could figure out what was the song. He was going back to the scene of the crime, like one would do.

He appeared there and with less background noise, the song seemed louder, and with the silence of the morgue, the only thing heard was the soft song, one he was still to find out which was.

He started to walk around the morgue trying to find the source, but the noise was even from every corner of the floor, which seemed weird to him. It has been an hour since he got there, and he was nowhere near the name of the song. He could see Lily looking at him from time to time, but she would say nothing, and he would do the same. He was a man with a mission.

He started to yawn, and feeling his eyes getting heavier, so he just went straight to Jordan's office and laid down on the couch. She just stared at him as he did so, but said nothing. It was a recurring thing, him just getting to her office and lying down on her couch.

Jordan smiled as her husband slept in his weird position – like he always sleeps on the couches. The song kept playing as she worked on her pile of paperwork.

On Garrett's office, the song was playing along with his humming. He saw the young detective walking from one side to the other trying to find the source of the sound like he had done when he first started hearing it. But as the time went on, the song stopped being a distraction to him, and just another background noise. Living in the city for so long made him almost immune to unknown noises.

Nigel and Bug were both in the kitchen with Lily – that got tired of looking at Woody walking from one corner to the other – and weren't even listening to the song anymore. They were listening to the news, trying to keep the song away from their ears. But it now felt like it the song was coming from their own ears, and not from somewhere outside. They felt like they were going nuts, but after working for so long with Jordan, they knew what it was to actually go crazy, and they were far from it.

The song didn't stop until a week later, when the power went down. Once the generators kicked in, the song didn't restart. The only person to notice it was Woody – that kept trying to find its source – but no one cared. Because it wasn't "important".

And Detective Hoyt never found out from where that song was from.

The End

Can someone write a CJ story please? I miss them, but I don't know what else to write. Maybe someone else has an idea they want to share? I know it's been ten years, but please!