Chapter 1: The poison dart.

It was a bright sunny day, and there were a bunch of tall bean plants growing in the front yard of the heroes headquarters.

Edith and Dash were trimming the weeds because both of them thought they were annoying. It was a sweat breaking job, but someone had to do it. They each had to use a weed hacker to cut through the weeds, this was turning out to be too much work for Edith.

Edith: "Phew, what's it gonna take with these bean plants? Their way too thick."

While Edith continued chopping, dash zigzagged across multiple weedy areas. And he didn't even break a sweat.

Dash: "Come on Edith, this job isn't that bad. We might be able to cook up some of these beans when we're done."

As he lowered his top half down to pick up some of the beans, Edith suddenly got a slight view of his backside. Looking at her katana sword that she had laying on the ground, she started getting an idea.

Edith: "hmm, Maybe you'll get your beans sooner than you think."

She put down her weed hacker, picked up her sword, and held it down by a loose bean like a golf club.

Edith: "FOUR!"

Then Edith whacked the bean towards dash, and the bean shot against his butt causing him to fall on his front. Edith just couldn't help laughing.

Edith: "Ha-ha-ha-ha, gotcha!"

But Edith gasped in shock when she saw dash slowly get back on his feet in anger.

Dash: "Why you little….."

Suddenly, dash pounced onto Edith and the 2 kids wrestled with each other in a dust cloud with a few bean vines getting mixed with it.

Bumblebee, Agnes, valiante, bones, Machina, buddy thunderstruck, and Darnell were nearby studying the energy on the rabble rouser. Agnes and valiante could hear Edith and dash fight from where they were standing and got slightly annoyed.

Agnes: "Those 2 have been getting into fights a lot lately. That's the 3 one this week."

Valiante: "No worries kid, they'll make up sometime."

Darnell suddenly jumped out from the driver seat of the rabble rouser.

Darnell: "Okay, the inside controls seem to be in good shape."

Bumblebee: "Sounds great Darnell."

Valiante: "Alright, what's next?"

Darnell: "We Just have to test it's booster, just need someone to hit the boomer."

Bones: "Oh, I'll do it….what's a boomer?

Darnell:(sigh) "Did none of you read the rousers instruction manual I gave you?"

Buddy, valiante, and bones thought back to the last time they used the instruction manual.


[We see valiante, bones, and buddy thunderstruck in a room with a paper shredder. Buddy is shredding the instruction manual to the rabble rouser while valiante and bones are cheering him on.]

Valiante and bones: "Shred, shred, shred, shred, shred!(continues on)"

Buddy thunderstruck: "How does it handle so much paper?"

(End of Flashback)

Buddy thunderstruck: "Uhh, it's on my to do list."

Darnell:(face palms himself) "Never mind, I got it."

While Darnell climbed back into the rabble rouser to press the boomer, violet was watching them from the security camera connected to teletran 1. Monkey, Margo, Spyro, and jet vac were in the same room with her stacking some energon cubes.

Jet vac: "Phew, last one. Never knew these cubes would be so heavy."

Spyro: "How heavy did you think these cubes would be JV?"

Jet vac:(sarcastically) "I appreciate the enthusiasm."

Violet: "Knock it off you 2, at least we have the energon now."

Meanwhile, what the heroes didn't know was that a group of villains were hiding behind a big and tall rock nearby. The villains were Moneybags, Blayde, Abraham van helsing, and a few vehicon troopers.

Abraham van helsing: "Okay, so what is this so called plan you had Mr. moneybags?"

Moneybags: "Well, I have something I absolutely couldn't wait to try out."

Then moneybags pulled out a rectangular black case that was about 2 ½ feet wide. Then he opened it and pulled out a dart sniper with bright blue outlining. Finally, he dug into his side pocket and pulled out something that amazed Abraham.

It was a dark purple dart that was about twice as wide as a pencil. It had a red and yellow blended stripe going all the way around the middle, and red wings at the back. It also had a lime green tip at the front and a matching death symbol on the side.

Moneybags: "This dart is absolutely poisonous! D-structs never told me what it does, but that's why we're testing it."

Blayde: "But which of those losers are we gonna test it on?"

Moneybags: "I'm the one using it, so I shall decide which of those nincompoops will take the big hit."

Abraham van helsing: "marvelous,(turns to Blayde and the vehicons) you guys come with me."

So Blayde, van helsing, and the vehicons softly jogged towards the base to make their move. They were gonna distract the heroes while moneybags makes his move with the dart.

Inside the base, Mavis just flew into the room in her bat form and poofed into her human form in a blue glowing mist.

Mavis: "Sorry I'm late, did I miss my chance to help out?"

Violet: "Not exactly Mavis, you can help us load the energon into the wag-"

Spyro:(points to teletran 1) "Vi, look!

Violet looked towards teletran 1, and she saw that the camera was pointing at Blayde, van helsing, and the vehicons heading this way.

Jet vac, who was just walking into the room, saw the screen as well. Then he grew a determined look on his face.

Jet vac: "I'll get Margo, monkey, and Spyro! Then we'll join you guys outside."

Violet: "Thanks Jet vac, com on Mavis!"

So outside, bones already noticed the squad of villains coming.

Bones: "Incoming!"

Bumblebee: "Edith, dash, were practically engaged here! would you kids mind giving a hand with these punks?"

Dash had Edith pinned down against the ground, and they were bracing arms against each other.

Edith: "Uhh, no can do there Bee, I'm kinda engaged myself."

Just then, Margo, violet, monkey, Spyro, and Jet vac came out to join the battle. Violet went over and pulled dash away from Edith.

Violet: "Guys, quit fighting and give us a hand here?"

So the battle was on

Valiante vs Blayde

Jet vac, Edith, and monkey vs Abraham van helsing

Violet and dash vs vehicon

Margo and Spyro vs vehicon

Mavis and bones vs vehicon

(If you're annoyed that there's more than one vehicon in this stats, that's not my problem.)

Valiante and Blayde dueled horns while pushing against each other.

Valiante: "Oh yeah, that's more like it!"

Blayde: "Oh yeah? I'm just getting started!"

As she shook valiante away from her, she lowered her blade and plowed into valiante at top speed.

Meanwhile, dash was running circles around one of the vehicons at top speed making him dizzy. As violet found the right time, she launched her force field energy discs at the vehicon blowing it to pieces. Violet just blew at her left hand that was steaming a little bit.

Abraham van helsing pulled out his monster hunting ray. Then he fired it shooting a purple glowing electric beam, but Jet vac sucked up the beam with his vacuum blaster.

After Edith jammed her katana sword in his ray, Monkey was able to jump up and throw a monkey kick at him sending him falling on his back. Abraham van helsing had fractured his leg along the way.

Buddy and Darnell were taking cover behind the rabble rouser because there was too much firepower for them to handle.

Buddy thunderstruck: "Darnell, to be honest, racing is way better than anything like this!"

Agnes was zigzagging across the yard trying to avoid the vehicons laser blasts. From behind the rock, Moneybags took his full attention on her and pulled an evil chuckle.

Moneybags:(chuckles evil-like) "come to Moneybags."

Then moneybags stood up onto a rock the size of a bean bag chair that was behind the bigger rocks. Then he positioned himself leaning against the rock, loaded the poison dart into his sniper, and held it into a shooting position.

He peeked through the aiming scope and aimed at the side of Agnes's neck.

Moneybags: "That's it…..steady."

Then he quickly pulled the trigger, and the poison dart shot at lightning speed directly into the side of Agnes's neck. Agnes wobbled dizzily, then she fell sideways on the ground knocking out cold.

Margo and violet: "Agnes!"

Darnell also saw what happened and gasped in shock. Then he poked his head out from behind the rabble rouser and saw Moneybags by the rocks.

Darnell: "Bumblebee, it's Moneybags!"

Bumblebee looked up to where Moneybags was. he could already tell that he shot Agnes because he was still holding his sniper.

Bumblebee: "Hey Black sheep! Have a shot of this!"

Bumblebee took out his arm blaster and took a shot at the rock Moneybags was hiding behind blowing it up. After Moneybags had finished taking cover from the rock explosion, he called to the others.

Moneybags: "Retreat fellow villains, retreat!"

Abraham van helsing got up and limped away from the area. Blayde was also able to get away after she was finished with valiante.

So Blayde and van helsing followed Moneybags away from the base. But van helsing was not able to keep up since he had to limp.

Abraham van helsing: "Wait up you swines!"

Meanwhile, bumblebee, Margo, violet, valiante, and Darnell ran over to Agnes who was laying flat unconscious on the ground with the dart in her neck. Violet tried lightly shaking her while tapping the side of her head to wake her up, but to no avail.

Violet: "Come on-come on, stay with us Agnes!"

Bumblebee, Margo, and valiante were pretty much the ones with the most worry. Just then, Edith, dash, and Spyro quickly came over to see what was going on.

Spyro: "Oh my gosh, is she okay?"

Margo: "I...I don't know."

Bumblebee: "Come on, we gotta get her to the medical bay, fast!"

Darnell: "Good Idea,(plucks the dart from Agnes's neck) I'll try and analyze this dart while we're at it."

So they quickly went inside the base to check over Agnes. Margo and violet carried Agnes inside, violet held her up by her top half, and Margo held up her legs.

To be continued.