Chapter 2: Sneezing virus

The heroes took Agnes to the medical center, and Agnes had just regained consciousness.

Everyone was really worried about what happened to Agnes. Gru, Lucy, Ty, Revit, skya, ton ton, and Dozer had just returned from a supply run, Ferdinand and Guapo had returned from scout patrol. And once they all heard about what happened to Agnes, they were worried and came right away.

Ratchet was looking over Agnes by scanning her body. The beam that he scanned Agnes with stayed red when it repeatedly went over her whole body.

Lucy: "How is she doc?"

Ratchet: "She seems to have gotten shot with a dart containing a substance that causes some kind of fusion virus."

Dozer: "Uhh, fusion virus? How could something to do with fusion be a virus?"

Agnes: "Uhh...Ahh...AHH…."

As Agnes finished her sneeze at that moment, a big light blue electric fusion blast shot out of her nostrils.

It was strong enough to blast right through the wall and right into Abraham van helsing's backside who was still walking back to base.

Abraham van helsing's backside was now streaming with black smoke, and he was jumping away as fast as he could down the flat lands.

Abraham van helsing: "YYYAAA,YAA,YAA,YAA,YAA,YAA,YAA,YAA!"

Spyro and Buddy were looking out the wall hole that the fusion blast had made, and they were both shocked and impressed at the same time.

Buddy thunderstruck: "Holy mud buckets!"

Then Agnes sneezed a few more fusion blasts. One almost hit ton ton and Dozer, but they reversed out of the way just in time.

A few more blasts almost hit buddy and Darnell, but they scattered back and forth and were able to dodge each blast.

Mavis also dodged a few of the sneezing blasts, but she was able to block the last one by blasting a bit of blue mist from her palm.

When it was all over, everyone was slightly exhausted. Then they shockingly turned to face Agnes who was tiredly rubbing her nose in guilt.

Ton ton: "Dude, that was radical."

Violet: "Would it be radical if it almost killed us!?"

Revit went over to the controls of teletran 1 with the dart being strapped by his tail. Then he stuck the dart into a circular valve, and teletran one scanned its substance.

Right after Ty, Margo, and Mavis Walked over by Revit, the screen showed what caused Agnes to have that strange power.

Revit: "It would seem that the fluids in this dart gave Agnes a virus that allows her to sneeze electronic fusions from her nostrilic systems."

Margo: "Is there a cure for something like this?"

Revit: "I think so, I'll bring it up."

Revit immediately went to typing on the keyboard, then it showed a glass canister of some sort.

The glass part at the middle was completely round like a sphere, and it had some glowing green gel inside of it. It had a bronze lid on each side with a yellow and black striped strip going around each of them.

Revit: "This is the counter virus for Agnes's fusion problem, it could be our only hope."

Edith: "Okay, so should we make a batch of that stuff?"

Revit: "unfortunately, we don't have the ingredients to make it, and I don't really know where else they could have them."

Everyone in the room thought for a moment, then Gru's face lit up.

Gru: Hey, I remember having an old lab in de canyons not too far from here. Maybe we could check there."

Just then, Agnes sneezed another fusion blast towards Gru and Lucy forcing them to duck quickly.

Lucy: "I'm thinking we better find it soon if we wanna save our daughter."

After Lucy had spoken, Ratchet looked at the stats on his scanner and grew a worried look on his face.

Ratchet: "You're right there Lucy, because if your daughter doesn't get that counter virus by sundown…."

Ty: "Why, what'll happen?"

Ratchet: "...she'll not only destroy the base, but herself as well!"

Everyone in the room gasped in shock and horror.

Margo was so scared for her sister, that her eyes started filling with tears. Then she immediately hugged violet tightly while Lucy did the same to Gru. Then Agnes sneezed another fusion blast at the camera.


Edith and dash were sent to go out and get the counter virus and bring it back to Agnes. But they still weren't getting along very well, even when they were already walking through the cliff lands.

Edith: "I don't even see why we had to go together."

Dash: "Probably because they wanted me to keep picking on you for how slow you are."

Edith: "Hey! Just because I'm not nearly as fast as you, it doesn't mean you'll be the first one to the counter virus!"

Dash: "I can beat you to it, and you know it!"

Edith: "Worst topic you mentioned All morning!"

Edith and dash stared at each other so angrily that a graphic image of 2 lightning bolts in their representing colors swirling against each other emerged between their foreheads.(Edith: pink, Dash: red)

Ty and Spyro had been listening to their major argument through a speaker in teletran 1's console.

Spyro: "Major bummer for those kids, am I right?"

Ty then turned towards bumblebee who was welding a section of the wall he was facing.

Ty: "Hey bee, was it really a good idea sending those 2 out together?"

Bumblebee: "Now that I think about it, no. But I just hope that their arguments don't get in the way of helping Agnes here."

He pointed over to Agnes who was tied to the floor with wires tightly lassoed to her wrists and ankles. Then she sneezed another fusion blast….directly through the roof.

Agnes: "Sorry!"

Bumblebee: "gesundheit."

To be continued.