Chapter 3: The rundown.

D-structs was sitting outside his cave, then he saw a blast of Agnes's sneezing fusion shoot into the air far in the distance.

D-structs: "So, the fusion virus that Moneybags created has actually worked."

Then he looked down at Abraham Van helsing who had finally returned from his long walk from hero headquarters.

Abraham van helsing: "Yep, (turns his butt towards D-structs) I've got ze toasted tushy to prove it."

He revealed that the clothes around his butt had gotten completely burnt from when Agnes had sneezed a blast of fusion at his butt. Just then, Syndrome, Blayde and moneybags came up to them.

Moneybags: "Commander D-structs…...if I may ask, how come you never told me what that dart was gonna do to that girl?"

D-structs: "Because i'm not the one who made that thing!"

Blayde and Moneybags just looked at each other with annoyed looks on their faces.

Blayde: "Do at least have a way that this little twit will stay effected?"

D-structs: "I know a place where the heroes will search for their counter virus, we must go there and secure it, so that the heroes will not be able to save their little friend."

Syndrome: "I've programmed my gauntlet to have a tracking system for anything and anyplace, now we should have no problem getting to that lab before those peterfiles do."

D-structs: "Excellent, we should be leaving for it shortly….And where's Splitter!?"

Blayde: "Ugh, no doubt that sawback punk is still on his little solo supply run."

D-structs: "Never mind, we won't be needing him on this mission anyway.(turns towards Syndrome) Syndrome, gather up a few of your little island soldiers."

Syndrome: "Gotcha."

After Syndrome ran inside D-structs' cave, D-structs started evilly chuckling. Then Blayde, van helsing, and moneybags couldn't help but laugh along with him.

Meanwhile, Edith and Dash were walking along a wide path leading past a bunch of tall rocks. Even though they had gotten that far, they were still having a hard time getting along.

Edith: "Look dash. I know you have super-speedy powers, but you can't always rub it in!"

Dash: "Oh, you're just jealous that you don't even have any super powers!"

Edith: "Hey! At least I don't show off my skills too much, unlike someone!"

Dash gasped in horror at this, he didn't show off his speed that much…...did he?

Dash: "Why I oughtta…..

Edith: "Look Dash, neither of us are gonna find that counter virus if we keep arguing like this."

Dash: "Yeah, I guess-

Dash was cut off when he thought he heard the distant sound of a tiny pebble getting stepped on. Edith heard it too, and they both quietly surveyed the area.

Dash: "I think someone is nearby."

Edith: "who do you think it is?"

Dash carefully eyed the area in front of him, he also kept his listening ears on while he searched. Even though he couldn't hear anything anymore, he could still tell that there was someone nearby.

Dash: "I don't know for sure, but I think he's hiding right…..(points at a large rock) There!"

At that exact moment, Splitter panically emerged from behind the large rock that Dash had pointed at. They even saw him carrying a small bucket by the end of his tail, it must've been his supply bucket.

Edith: "I got him!"(starts running after Splitter)

Dash: "Hey, leave this battle to the superheroes!"(follows Edith)

As Edith was running after Splitter, Dash ran past her with his super speed.

As Splitter looked over his shoulder, he could see that Dash was gaining on him. So as Dash got close enough, he tried swinging his tail at his feet to trip him. But Dash dodged it by jumping over it while doing a couple front flips, then he continued running after him once he hit the ground again.

Dash: "Hey sawguy, pull over!"

Splitter just growled over his shoulder, then he sped ahead.

But out of nowhere, he dropped down through a big hole in the ground. Dash stopped right in front of the hole, then he peered down into the hole.

Dash: "I'm not going down there, I guess he got away."

But the moment he turned around, Edith was still running up to him. Edith couldn't stop in time, so she accidentally crashed right into him sending them both tumbling down into the tunnel.

To their surprise, they seemed to be sliding down an underground spiral slide. While Edith was riding on Dash's back, Dash's butt was painfully sliding against the surface of the slide as they slid down it.

As they continued sliding, Dash's arm accidentally hit a button against the wall. The second after they disappeared further down the slide, a large boulder got dropped down from above the slide. And soon enough, the boulder started rolling down the slide a good distance behind Edith and Dash.

Finally, Edith and Dash had tumbled to the bottom of the slide. As they got up, they both felt slightly out of shape.

Dash:(rubbing his butt) "Oooh, I think I got a huge rug-burn on each of my butt cheeks."

Edith: "Ugh, whatever."

At that moment, Splitter appeared between them and the bottom of the slide (but closer to the slide) readying his saws.

Splitter: "Playground is closed kiddos!"

Edith and Dash both braced for battle. But before any of them could attack, they all heard a faint rumbling noise.

As Splitter nervously looked over his shoulder again, the large boulder was rolling directly at him and smashed right into him. Edith and Dash quickly jumped out of the way, and Splitter and the boulder smashed into the back wall. The boulder had hit the wall so hard, that the boulder had gotten a few cracks in it.

Dash: "Ooh, that's gotta hurt."

Suddenly, the boulder fell to the ground in pieces. It revealed that the boulder had smashed Splitter into the wall so hard, that the back wall showed a few cracks in it. Splitter then fell to the ground, and he soon fell unconscious.

Edith and Dash slowly stepped up to Splitter, then Edith lightly tapped the front of her foot against the side of Splitter's head.

Edith: "I-Is he dead?"

Dash: "I don't think so, but he won't stay knocked out for long."

Then as Edith turned to her right, she spotted the bucket that Splitter had been carrying. Edith walked over to the bucket, and she found some round and slightly spiky object inside.

Edith: "The spark extractor?"

Dash: "But I thought bumblebee told us that Megatron destroyed it."

Edith: "He must have made a replica of it somehow."

After they stared at the spark extractor with confused looks for a few minutes, they looked back at Splitter who was still lying unconscious on the ground in front of the back wall.

Dash: "Well, at least we have our own prisoner."

As Edith nodded in agreement, they looked towards Splitter again while wondering what to do with him.

To be continued.