Chapter 4: The abandoned laboratory.

Deep inside a large underground tunnel leading towards the abandoned laboratory, D-structs was leading his team to secure the lab before the heroes could. Following behind him were Syndrome, Blayde, Moneybags, Abraham Van Helsing, and about 15 of Syndrome's guards from Nomanisan island, and they were all ready for whatever came their way.

Soon enough, they made it to the entrance of the laboratory. While D-structs, Syndrome, and Van helsing stood against the walls on each side of the entrance, D-structs gave a hand signal to tell the others to stay back until he said otherwise. D-structs took a peek inside the room, he could see a few large machines, a couple shelves filled with beakers of scientific liquids, and a grabber hanging from the ceiling. For some strange reason, there was a lit panel in the very back of the room.

When Syndrome came up closer to D-structs, D-structs looked down at him.

D-structs: "Syndrome, you may lead."

Syndrome: "Oh my gosh, thank you sir!"

As Syndrome quickly (and happily) marched into the room, Van Helsing was completely dumbfounded.

Abraham Van helsing: "Commander D-structs, why was I not chosen?

D-structs: "Because Van helsing, when expecting booby traps..….….

Suddenly from inside the lab, a set of mashers came out of nowhere and squashed Syndrome on each of his sides. When they got set back, Syndrome slowly fell to the ground as he was now as flat as a pancake. The other villains peeked inside, and they thought that looked very painful.

D-structs: "Always send a boob in first."

Abraham Van Helsing looked towards the back wall of the room and at the lit panel, then he got an idea. He pointed his electric bazooka at the panel, then he shot it with a light purple electric lightning bolt. The panel exploded to smithereens, and the mashers steadily moved back into the shadows.

Abraham Van helsing: "There, good as new."

Blayde: "Uhh, shouldn't you just say all clear?"

Abraham Van helsing: "Oh shut it!

D-structs: "Enough! Save your bickering, it's time for us to secure this laboratory."

At that moment, Syndrome weakly raised his head a little bit while a few stars and blue birds spun around his head.

Syndrome:(dizzily) "Mommy, may I have some fudge?"

Meanwhile in a tunnel much farther away from the laboratory, Edith and Dash were dragging Splitter through the underground tunnels. But even until now, they were still not getting along with each other.

Dash:(grunts in effort) "Man, I don't see why we even need a prisoner in the first place."

Edith: "Because when he eventually wakes up, we'll get him to tell us how to cure my sister's fusion flu."

Dash: "Wait a second, how would you know 1 of the villains would have a cure for Agnes!?"

Edith: "Some of them just attacked our base, duh!"

Suddenly, Dash dropped the part of Splitter he was pulling him by forcing Edith to drop her part too. When Edith saw the cranky look on Dash's face, she knew that she was in for trouble.

Dash: "Alright, that's it! I know we just got attacked, I'm not blind!"

Edith: "If you were so smart, you would've been protecting Agnes and kept that dart from hitting her!"

Dash: "Well at least unlike you, I don't waste my time digging through trash in sewers!"

But while they were arguing, they had absolutely no idea that Splitter was regaining consciousness.

Edith: "Oh yeah, well a sewer smells better than your breath bronto brain!"

Dash: "You'll get used to it when I rip your useless head off!"

At that moment, Splitter had fully regained his consciousness. When Edith and Dash quickly turned towards him, he was buzzing his saws like mad and ready for battle.

Splitter: "Time to die children!"

Edith and dash: "SHUT UP!"

The moment they said "up," they both (at the exact same time) threw a punch at Splitter's face. Splitter suddenly felt extremely dizzy, then he literally slumped down unconscious again. Edith and Dash stared at him for a few seconds, then they just rolled their eyes.

Dash: "Just forget we had this fight, let's continue on our way."

Meanwhile back in the lab, D-structs and his squad of villains were wandering across the whole laboratory. D-structs had also done a slight change of plans, he decided to have his group find the ingredients for a few replicas of Moneybags's dart so they could affect the rest of the heroes.

While D-structs was watching everyone do their stuff, Moneybags came up beside him so they could talk.

Moneybags: "Commander D-structs, if I may ask. Since we've already affected 1 of the heroes, why come back to the place where the formula of that said dart came from?"

D-structs: "Because if your sneezing virus actually worked, it might also affect all the other heroes as well. So we're gonna search this lab for the ingredients, and soon all the heroes will be no more."

Blayde was over by a table against the wall, she was looking through all the tools and beakers that were filling up the table's surface. Out of just a little frustration, she used her long horns to destructively sweep all the equipment off the table. Abraham Van Helsing saw this happen, and he started getting a little cranky.

Abraham Van helsing: "Hey be careful, that's very delicate equipment!"

Blayde: "Oh be quiet Van helsing, you can't tell me what to-

D-structs: "Enough, Just hurry and find the virus!"

Over at another large desk, Syndrome was fiddling with some sort of machine that was able to mix a few scientific liquids all into 1 item. Suddenly, a small door at the front of the machine slowly opened with a bit of steam spilling out of it.

Syndrome: "Hey, I think I got it!"

When the mist cleared, it revealed an unusual looking canister. The glass part in the middle was round like a sphere, and it had some sort of glowing green gel inside of it. It had a bronze lid on each side with a yellow and black striped strip going around each of them.

D-structs: "The virus?"

Syndrome picked up the canister and took a closer look at it, but he sighed in disappointment.

Syndrome: "No, it's the counter virus. It's probably what they're after…..I'll destroy it!"

D-structs: "No!"

After that sudden outburst, every villain in the lab stared confused and dumbfounded at D-structs.

Blayde: "Have you hit your head on something?"

D-structs then grabbed the counter virus from Syndrome with his tail-claw.

D-structs: "it's not that…..I just have a better idea."(chuckles evilly)

Meanwhile back at hero headquarters, Bumblebee was standing in front of a whole mob of heroes. The heroes in this mob were Arcee, Bulkhead, Lucy, Margo, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Buddy, Darnell, Valiante, Bones, Tigress, Viper, Mantis, Monkey, Ty, Revit, Ton Ton, Dozer, Spyro, and Stealth elf.

Bumblebee: "I know we've sent Edith and Dash out there to find a counter virus, but we can't wait any longer. We have to get to that laboratory before the villains do, for the sake of Agnes's life."

Most of the heroes in the group agreed, they were all worried for Agnes.(mostly Lucy, Margo, Elastigirl, Violet,Viper, and Stealth elf). But suddenly, Agnes came weakly walking out through the front gates of the base.

Agnes: "Wait, I'm coming too."

Lucy: "Woah honey, aren't you too under the weather?"

Stealth elf: "Yeah, your sneeze blasts have caused enough damage already."

Agnes: "If I'm gonna cause more damage, I might as well….do it on villain turf."

Agnes was about to weakly fall on her front, but Margo and Bumblebee quickly came by her side. Margo held her stay up by having Agnes's left arm rest on her right shoulder, Margo even felt Agnes's forehead which felt pretty hot.

Margo: "I really wish we could let you come along, but your life fluids are dangerously low."

Bumblebee: "You better stay behind for a little bit and eat some of these beans, it'll keep your energy up."

Agnes: "Good Idea."

Bumblebee was right, quite a lot of the bean vines were still growing around the front yard of the base. With that, Bumblebee transformed into his muscle car form as Margo, Buddy, Darnell, and Stealth elf climbed inside. Bulkhead transformed into his monster truck form, then Lucy, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Violet climbed inside. Spyro flew off ahead, and everyone else ran off to find their way to the abandoned laboratory.

Agnes looked out at the huge field of bean vines, she started thinking this was gonna take a while. She clutched a bean from the closest vine, then she took a huge bite of it. After a few seconds of chewing, it actually tasted pretty good.

Agnes: "Mmmm."

After finishing the first bean, she ate another bean from another vine. Then another, and another, and another, and another. As she continued eating the beans, she started feeling just a little better.

To be continued.