Harry knew that he was...different from his relatives. It was a fact that they made sure was very clear to him from the day he had been able to walk and talk. He didn't think they same way they did, he didn't act in the same way they would, and he didn't look the same as them. It made them uneasy, having to raise someone like him, and he guessed that was why they had kept him in the cupboard, with all the cobwebs and dust. He was unnecessary baggage to them, something they only kept because it was necessary, not because it was something they wanted.

The Dursley's made an effort to influence how everyone else in Privet Drive saw him. They spread rumors about his 'deformities' and his 'slacker' behavior. They made sure to let neighbors know about how awful his parents had been. Whenever his Aunt came over for the holiday's, she would make sure to shower Dudley in praise, and insult Harry's parents at the first chance she would get. When he was younger, he had gotten upset about how unfair his situation was, but as he grew older, he learned to just block it out.

Dudley had also made sure to spread rumors about him once they had started going to school together, and he had organized a little group to go 'Harry hunting'. Today, Harry had thought Dudley would be chasing after, so he had hidden in one of his spots behind the school, and eventually Dudley showed up, along with two younger students. It looked like he had decided to skip on his usual Harry Hunt of the day in exchange for bullying the younger students into giving him their money.

"Alright you little punks, give us the money." Dudley smirked as he cracked his knuckles, "Otherwise we'll beat you up and take it from you anyway."

"H-hey you don't have to be so mean," One of the students said as they reached into their pocket, "Here we'll give you the money, so just-"

"Are you serious Colin?!" The other student said, "You're just going to fold and hand your money over?!"

"W-well we don't really have a choice Talo," The student, whose name was Colin apparently, said, "He's going to hurt us if we-"

"SO?!" Talo shouted, "Look Colin, if we let this pig win, he'll never leave us alone!"

"What did you call me?!" Dudley shouted, his face turning a bright shade of red.

"T-talo, I think you should take back what you said-"

"You heard me pig!" Talo shouted as he brushed past Colin, "Lose some weight, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously with a gut that large?!"

Dudley smiled, but his eyes were filled with rage.

"Well then, I suppose I should show you why people take me seriously." Dudley said before he slammed his fist into Talo's gut, sending the boy crashing to the ground.

"T-talo!" Colin tried to get to his friend, but Piers held him back.

"You know if you had just given me your money, this wouldn't have happened," Dudley said as he picked the wheezing Talo off the ground. He propped the boy against the wall of the school. "Oh, well I guess a beating will teach you a lesson you won't forget."

Dudley cocked his fist back and-

"Stop!" Harry shouted as he ran out from his hiding spot. As soon as the words left his mouth, all eyes focused on him.

"Oh look, it's the long-eared freak," Dudley sneered, "So that's where you were hiding, are you going to stand up for these little punks?"

"Of course I am!" Harry shouted, "I'm not about to let you hurt them because you want money!"

"Heh, you know maybe we should've gone Harry hunting after all guys," Dudley said to his group, before he turned to Harry, "Oh well, I guess we'll beat the freak up first, then we'll get those little punks."

"Yeah!" Dudley's group shouted.

"Well what are you waiting for? Go get him!"

"Yeah, let's beat the freak up!" Piers shouted as he led the charge, holding a large stick in his hand Harry sighed, he'd wanted Dudley to attack him first, but if this was how he wanted things to go... Harry took the practice sword he had put in his sports bag.

First, I will teach you the Horizontal strike, and then I will teach you about the vertical slice! Hold your sword out like so...

Piers was the first to reach Harry, and the boy prepared to strike Harry. Harry waited until the perfect moment and swung his wooden sword to parry Piers's stick, causing the boy to stumble backwards.

Next, I will teach you how to follow up a parry with an attack!

Harry thrust his wooden sword forward, jabbing Piers in the stomach. The boy collapsed to the ground as the other boys continued to charge at Harry. Harry held his sword behind him and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

And finally I will teach you the spin attack, this is a technique passed down from the most royal of knights...now build your strength up...

Time seemed to slow down for Harry as he blotted out everything that wasn't necessary for this technique, the one thing that mattered was building up energy and focusing on his enemies. Harry furrowed his brow as his energy reached a tipping point...

And release!

Harry let out a shout as he spun around like a whirlwind, his wooden sword struck all ten of the other boys who had tried to attack him. They flew backwards and collapsed on the ground in a heap, moaning and clutching the areas of their bodies that had been struck by Harry's sword.

"Well Dudley?" Harry asked as he pointed his sword at his cousin, "Care to try your luck?"

"Y-you, h-how did you..." Dudley took a step back in fright, "Y-you must have done some freakish to yourself, I-I'm telling mom and dad!"

Dudley turned around and ran away in fright. Harry sighed and put his sword back in his bag, "Guess all that training paid off Master Orca..." Harry muttered under his breath. He then walked over to Colin and Talon who had watched the whole fight unfold.

"Hey, are you two alright?" Harry asked.

"Y-yeah..." Colin said, "Thank you for sticking up for us!"

"You don't have to thank me," Harry said, "I just did what anybody else would have done."

"Sure, but you just charged in and beat em' all up like it was nothing!" Talon said, "You were so cool!"

"What's your name?" Colin asked Harry.

"My name? Well depending on who you ask, either Harry or freak," Harry said, "But I prefer to go by Link."