"You know that was very stupid of you," Hermione said as she sat next to Harry and Ron during breakfast.

Ron frowned, "Hey we saved your life, the least you could do is-"

"I'm not talking to you," Hermione said, "Am I?"

"Why yo-"

"It's okay Ron," Harry said as he stared at Hermione, "I get the feeling she wants to talk to me about something, do you mind going to class ahead of me Ron?"

"Uh, sure," Ron said as he looked at Harry in confusion and left the table. Harry waited until he was out of earshot and then turned back to Hermione.

"I never pegged you for the type to cry over something like that Princess," Harry said, "I thought that you weren't easily fazed by petty taunts?"

"Yes well at the end of the day I'm still a child," Hermione said, "And what your friend said really got to me."

"Well if you keep up your ice queen act, he's never going to like you," Harry said, "And you aren't going to make friends with anyone here."

"I'm not worried about what he or anyone else at this school thinks about me," Hermione said, "Making friends isn't important as everything else."


"Yes, really." Hermione frowned, "Speaking of important things, do you still have the pendant?"

"Yeah, it's right here." Harry said as he pulled the pendant out of hammerspace, "I hid it so that Quirrell wouldn't try to steal it."

"Great," Hermione said, "Now we just need to find the other two pendants, find the master sword, and then slay Gannon."

"Technically, wouldn't he be Gannondorf?" Harry asked, "He isn't in his beast form."

"They're both the same person so I don't think it matters." Hermione said as she pulled out a map, "I sensed that the closest pendant is in the 'Forbidden Forest', but its signal is very faint."

"How about that, the one place we've been told not to go is where the next pendant is," Harry said as he got up from the Gryffindor Table, "Alright I'll head over there, grab the pendant and-"

"I'm coming with you."

"What? No, you're not." Harry said, "It's too dangerous for you to go with me, you could get hurt."

Hermione sighed and vanished in a cloud of smoke, causing Harry to cough. As the smoke faded, he saw that standing in Hermione's place was a much younger version of Sheik.

"Did you forget that I spent 7 years as a ninja fighting off Gannon's forces?" Sheik asked.

"Did you forget the fact that Gannondorf captured you as soon as you turned back to normal?" Harry countered, "Did you forget about the time when Cole ripped out your soul, or when Vaati turned you into stone, or when Gannondorf possessed you?"

"This time It's different," Sheik protested, "I know what to expect, and I can help you."

"Besides, if I don't go with you, you'll wander around the forest for days." Sheik said, "Everyone will notice that you're gone, and Gannon will get suspicious."

….He had a good point.

"Fine you can come with me," Harry said, "Just...leave the fighting to me, okay?"




Vernon Dursley found himself feeling rather empty, but he had no idea as to why he felt that way. The freak was gone, which was a good thing in his book, but something just nagged at him and he couldn't figure out what it was.

"Hey Dad," Dudley said as he closed the front door behind him, "Is Mom out again?"

"Yes," Vernon said, "She's been going out ever since the freak left."

"Maybe she's going to see that Yuga guy?" Dudley said, "She seemed to really like him..."

Dudley's eyes watered as he came to a sudden realization, "Is Mom going to leave us?!"


Dudley backed away in fright, and Vernon couldn't help but shake in rage. He'd finally gotten rid of the freak, Dudley was doing well in school, he got a promotion at his job...so why was Petunia spending all her time with that clownish freak!

"Dudley, I want you to stay here while I'm gone," Vernon said as he grabbed his jacket and his car keys, "Don't do anything stupid."

"Where are you going Dad?"

"I'm going to that freak's studio," Vernon said, "I'm going to stop this...thing from getting any worse."

He stormed out of the house and jumped into his car before he sped off towards the highway. Vernon gained about four tickets on his way to the freak's studio, but he couldn't care less. Eventually he reached the studio and parked near the side of the building. For some strange reason, all the lights were off in the studio, yet Vernon could feel something heavy in the air. A thick aura threatened to choke him as he stumbled over to the Studio's entrance.

"Hey freak!" Vernon shouted as he pounded on the door, "I want my wife to come with me, she's never going to come here again!"

Vernon stumbled as the door suddenly opened, sending him crashing to the ground. The door slammed shut behind him, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't open the door.

"Hey what the hell is this?!" Vernon shouted as he tugged at the door.

"I'm so glad that you could join us you brute." Vernon heard a voice say, and suddenly the lights to the studio flipped on. The clownish freak was sitting in a chair, admiring one of his stupid paintings, "You were just the man I was looking for."

"What are you talking about?" Vernon asked, as he stomped over to the freak. He picked the freak up by the scruff of his clothing, "Where's my wife?"

"Ah, she's a bit stiff at the moment," The freak said, "But I'd like to show you the masterpiece I made."

Vernon blinked as the freak held up the painting of his wife. The painting seemed to be lifelike, and it perfectly captured Petunia's likeness.

"There's just something I need to add to freshen up my masterpiece," The freak smirked, and suddenly Vernon found himself floating in the air. He looked down to see that the freak had pulled out a scepter and was using it to keep him in the air.

"Y-you, you're a freak just like the boy!" Vernon shouted.

"What an astonishing observation," the freak said, "Truly it's a relief that there's only one of you walking on this earth."

"Hey I-"

"I tire of your whining," the freak said, "I suppose it would be much better if I turned you into something useful."

Suddenly, Vernon felt a sharp pain and all he could see was red, the laughter of the freak was the last thing he heard as his consciousness faded...




"Here we are," Sheik said as the two of them reached the dungeon, "The pendant's in there, are you ready Harry?"

Harry nodded, and the two entered the Forbidden Forest's dungeon...