16 year old Harry Potter sat on his bed thinking about the death of his godfather Sirius Black something just didnt add up but he couldn't quite figure it out what was missing lately he had been hearing a voice that sounded like sirius telling him to free him closing his eyes he got back into a medaition stance and delved back into his mind the Battle at the ministry once more shown to him.

but it wasn't the battle he was interested in looking closer he saw Sirius disarm the elder Malfoy that's when he focused on Bellatrix just as she shouted the killing curse he heard it the voice was distorted almost like the memory had been tampered with cocerntrating he broke through and instead of the spell he thought he heard it came out as Stupefy a bolt of red instead of green shot Sirius in the chest and he was forced threw the veil but that wasn't all he saw.

Harry's eyes shot open Sirius was Alive the 16 year old wizard shot off the bed grabbing his wand he went around the room packing everything into his truck he sat back down and waited for hedwig to return. while he did that he grabbed his quill and parchment and quickly wrote a letter

To Remus Lupin

Moony you might not believe me but i have reason to believe that Sirius is alive i need you to meet me outside of Grimmuld place so we can go to Gringotts to confirm my suspicion

yours truly


sealing the letter he waited for another 2 hours before Hedwig showed up he immediately noticed that she had a letter attached to her taking it off he unsealed the letter and started reading

Dear Mr Potter

you are hereby requested to attend an appointment at Gringotts at your earliest convenience to go over matters of the Potter Estate.


Potter Family Account Manager Gringotts

that's perfect Harry thought writing another letter this one addressed to Gringotts he wrote

Account Manager Ripblade

i will be able to attend the appointment tomorrow i will be bringing along a family friend one Remus John Lupin hoping you are well

Harry James Potter.

tying both letters to Hedwig he watched as his bird flew off into the night.