Remus leaned forward Manager Ripblade why is it that Harry is only able to claim the Heirship to the house of Black.

because Mr Lupin, the Current Lord Black is still alive while the Prophet may say he his dead that is not the case.

Harry turned to him i told you that last night Remus that he was alive, Remus nodded his head, yes but i needed to confirm it how is he alive though we all saw him get hit with the curse not to mention fall through the death veil.

Harry shook his head Fortunately we saw wrong the spell that Bellatrix used was a simple stunner Sirius isn't dead.

Remus looked thoughtful, but what about the Veil then, if i may interuppt Said Ripblade, the Veil you are talking about is nothing more then a Stasis Chamber, i don't know exactly when you Wizards decided it was a death veil but it just merely puts someone in stasis its a prison of sorts one that people can't escape from due to the pure fact that once in side everyone falls unconscious.

Remus looked shellshocked, but then how are we supposed to free Sirius, the goblin shrugged i don't know, but if there is a way then there is someone that would know. .

Harry Leaned forward, who would know the Goblin gave a toothy grin, Nicholas Flamel,

Harry was confused, Flamel, but he died four years ago, At least according To Dumbledore, well then Dumbledore lied because Lord Flamel is still alive and as the Co Creator of the Veil he would be the only one able to tell you how to free Lord Black, if there is such a way.

Harry nodded his head, thank you for time Ripblade but i must leave i have a letter that needs writing.

of course, there is one more thing you should know those Rings act as a portkey if you tap the Potter one and Say Manor you'll be transported to Potter Manor and if you say Castle you will be transported to Potter Castle, the same for the Black one.

Harry nodded his head once more thank you, Remus grab hold, the older man placed his hand on Harry's shoulder as he tapped his ring and said Potter Manor, Harry immediately felt the hook like sensation behind his Navel and the next thing he knew he was being deposited on his arse on the stone floor of the Manor wincing in pain he got up and shot remus a filthy look as the older man just continued laughing.

Walking into the study he started penning the letter .

To Lord Nicholas Flamel

i Apologize for this unexpected letter Lord Flamel but it recently came to my attention that you helped create the Stasis Chamber later named the Death Veil, unfortunately a couple weeks ago during a battle with some Death Eaters in the Department Of Mysteries my Godfather Lord Black fell into the veil i am writing to you now to see if there is any way that can bring him back, awaiting your Answer

Harry James Potter

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter

Heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black.

just as he was about to head of to see if the Place had an Owlery, he had a great idea, Dobby a few seconds and then *Pop* Harry Potter sir calls for Dobby, Harry smiled at the excited elf yes i need you to find and deliver this letter to Nicholas Flamel, can you do that,

Dobby can be doing this for Harry Potter sir, taking the letter the elf popped away, Harry smiled fondly before he had another idea, clearing his throat be called out softly, Potter Elves to me immediately over 100 cracks could be heard, it is Master Harry has returned, blinking in surprise, Harry spoke which one of you is in charge for the Manor, immediately two house elves stepped forward,

I is Blinky Master Harry i be head Elf for the Manor, and i is Sasha i be the head elf for the Castle.

Harry nodded, and asked the question he had been thinking of, Blinky Sasha do either of you know if my Parents had any Portraits made. theysa did master Harry but the Portraits are currently in the Potter Vault as Master James and Mistress Lily died before the portraits could be sent to them.

Harry turned around and wrote another letter

Account Manager Ripblade Gringotts London Branch.

I am sending one of my House elves with permission to Enter the Potter vault to retrieve my Parents portraits.

Harry Potter

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble house of Potter

Heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House Of Black.

Harry gave the letter to Blinky, go to Gringotts and show this letter to my account manager, the Elf nodded and left with a small pop, fifteen minutes later there was two small Pops as both Dobby and Blinky returned from there tasks, Taking the letter from dobby he unsealed it and read

To Lord Potter

first of all i would like to thank you for your bravery in saving my stone,

secondly, i did indeed hear about the Battle for the Prophecy, and the subsequent, ''Death" of Your godfather.

luckily there is indeed a way for Mr Black to return from beyond the Veil, enclosed in the envolope you shall find a totem attached to a string if you place it around your neck you shall be able to enter the Stasis World and free your Godfather.

If you show this letter to the Unspeakables at the Ministry then they shall allow you to Enter.

good luck.


Nicholas Flamel

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Flamel.

Harry reached into the envolope and smiled in relief as he pulled the totem out, placing it around his neck he looked at Blinky place the Portraits in the Lords Study for now i have something i need to do, Blinky nodded and popped Away,

Harry walked into the Library, Remus i shall be back I'm heading to the Ministry to free Sirius, immediately the older man jumped up I'm coming with you, Harry smiled, alright lets go we have kept him waiting long enough.

Time skip fifteen minutes later

Harry Potter and Remus Lupin walked down the Hallway to the Department of Mysteries knocking on the door it was answered, a tall man stepped out and in a rough voice asked them who they were, Harry grabbed the letter i am Lord Harry James Potter and i have received permission from Lord Flamel to enter the Veil,

the man snorted, Flamel has no Authority to allow anyone entry, leave boy before i make you, Harry stood straight his shoulders sqaured,

as the Co-Creater of the Stasis Veil later renamed the Death Veil Lord Nicholas Flamel can grant permission to anyone to enter it, Permission i have been granted to free my godfather, i have come too far to stop now you will either move or you will be moved.

the unspeakable nodded very well just needed to be sure but as a precaution let me see the letter, Harry nodded and handed it over, alls in order follow me Lord Potter, Harry just walked straight past him and entered the room where the Veil was, Lord Potter wait, Harry just ignored the man and Continued walking, double checking that the totem was still on his neck he took a small breath and stepped inside.

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