"Where have you been?" I ask with concern lacing my voice. "It is none of your concern, love." He retorted. "Love? What am I? Keep in mind Nik that I am not just any other girl that you bed, I am your wife!" I spat. "And I deserve to know where you've been as it concerns me as well. You may not just come home at whatever hour you please! And smelling like another common whore!" I yelled.

"Do not bother me! And do not call Tatia a whore! She is the love of my life!" He spat. "The love of your life that is currently toying with both you and your brother!" I retorted in disgust. "You only have yourself to blame for that! If you had not been born, I would not have to marry you! And Tatia would surely have chosen me!" He yelled and slammed the door to our hut shut while furiously walking out, to Tatia, I suppose.

As he walked away, I fell to the ground, sobbing. "Why, why, WHY?!" My sobs started getting louder. "Why him, why HER?" I screamed, the tears pouring like a waterfall streaming. Why must Niklaus, my Nikky, fall for Tatia? Every man here have fallen for her. I knew that she was beautiful, extraordinarily so. But Niklaus, MY Niklaus, I cannot bare it.

He promised me, he would love me, ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I scoffed at the thought of that, 'Always and Forever' my arse. It had only been two years to our marriage and already he had bedded others. And I think I have had enough of it. I plan on leaving tonight. I cannot bare the humiliation and pain any further. If he wants me gone, than me gone is what he shall get.